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Dear Robert,

your recent repost of 30 Pisces led me to a bit of extra time to follow up the Dane Rudhyar link. Now I have a little piece or a huge piece of a very old jigsaw i have been putting together. So thankyou for that. Weird isn't it? i would have thought someone would have turned me on years ago to DR. I spent years in Naropa in Colorado, and years in tib buddhist locations. I even have a friend who is an astrologer. Just goes to show. It arrives at the exact right moment, if that's what we've asked for. So that's my work cut out for the enxt year.
Very ong winded way of sayng THANKS again. nd cheers.


Robert I re-read the articles that I had read before. I can understand them more this time around.I am going through some decision making processes and nothing is particularly weird, but the forks in the road aspect is driving me crazy. I truly do understand the long term effects of making a wise choice with honesty, openness, and willingness. Will the craziness let up even a little the next couple of months? I am almost humble enough to need new kneecaps right now. Thanks for the articles.


so true my spiritual/metaphysical buddy we have to learn to ride to surf the waves of the "grand irrationality" as you term it.... and such an apropos term! Coping seems to be the key...and finding or tuning into the various ways to do this.

is this a new energy we all must get used to? or, does it wind out and down @ some pt?

i feel it seem to leave or abate and then it seems to really rear up again. So, it can be hard to know the pattern it is taking.
or, is there a pattern? or, is this my "wishful"

thanx for answering.



ps- missed not seeing you in s.m.-- please let me know next time you are in ca.
also, looking forward to having u back on cosmic d. :-)


Hi Daryl - Glad you found the Rudhyar post. He was one of several major influences on my thinking some years ago, and gave me a global perspective across centuries I didn't have before reading his material. Definitely read "Occult Preparations for A New Age" and other works such as "The Planetarization of Consciousness," "The Sun is also a Star" and his original masterwork, "The Astrology of Personality." Even a used copy of "Paths to the Fire," long out of print, would blow your mind. He was a big fan of Blavatsky, firmly accepted the reality of the Theosophical Masters of the Wisdom, and had a primary focus on challenging us all to accept a more "cosmic" point of view and translate the Ageless Wisdom precepts into practical forms of living on Earth with each other within a global perspective. You are most definitely welcome. Congrats on finding a route to a much higher life and wider perspective.

Hi Mary - Often when a person reads my stuff a second or third time, many more realizations arise. It's the same with my taped chart sessions. I tend to communicate a lot of seed ideas that through reflection and direct experience a being can come to multiple integrated perspectives about what, when, how, and why. Stop worrying about the forks, and reference your heart while showing detachment, dispassion, and discrimination about what could be true in your future that would lead you to a better life. Craziness is a part of our lives these days on a constant basis, so it's crucial that we find the right orientation and relax into the process.

Hi Michele - Sorry you missed the talks in Santa Monica, since IMHO they were great. Thinking about putting part or all of one on this site if I can figure out the server thang. If all are wave forms, then surfing is a great metaphor! The Grand Irrationality will be with us on a more or less constant basis for many more years. We're still in the heart of it for years since it won't abate until about 2017 or so, with the septile giving way to the sextile, which we had from the 1940's through the mid-1990s. It seems to wax and wane in influence due to other planets stimulating it or not. Pt. 1 of the Spiritual Astrology articles lays some of this out in more detail. Next time in CA is mid-June. We can do Cosmic webcasting any time you want in April except the first, when I'll be celebrating my birthday.


Happy Birthday Robert! A true Fool who is not a fool, you help those of us who are trying to navigate the tightrope of spirituality vs materialism. Thank you for all that you do and may this year bring you more blessings!

A happy Holi to you on this Holy Saturday! Aum Namah Shivaya!


Hey Robert-

I made the audition, and got the role of 'Shane Mungit' in a play called "Take Me Out." Did I ever tell you that I studied method acting, theatre acting, acting for film in college?

It feels great to have decided and taken action with my lifes work. I have been asking myself why I am on this Earth for a long time. Even asked you on this site over and over again for two years. Eventually I realized I held the answers to my own questions.

I can act, it is the one thing I am truly good at.

I'm going to be in L.A. in the next six months doing work, I will look you up when I get there.

Love and Blessings,


Hi Sonja - Thanks for the birthday greetings and your kind words from "the Divine Fool." Will definitely accept blessings that can benefit us all one way and another.

Hi Don - Congrats on scoring the part. I knew you had done some acting study, and it seems like it's paying off. I'll be back in LA in mid June, so hopefully we can connect then.


Robert, the notion that the majority of those spiritually intuned to some semblance of these changing times are actually zombified epicureans and lay-abouts is ratcheting greater and greater coherence within my observations of the current times. For about 2-3 years now, i've been actively searching, engaging, and be-moaning these interlopers who emit the frequency of "Indigo", "Evolver", "Agent of Change" but who are in fact no more than Lotus Landlubbers obsessed with their preferece, deference, and denial...

Irrational describes my irritation and final lack of patience for such a dilitante of obsequiousness.



Hi Damien - While many are indeed asleep or living comfortably numb, we do live in exciting times! I have found that it's good to have times of comfort and some stability, since the call to transformation occurs all too quickly. And we find from ancient sources that irritation is one of the final fetters preventing liberation, since being bound to reaction to any external thing is an illusion. Find generosity of Spirit and good humor regarding the illusory masques that egos wear, and open your heart to those who are truly spiritual and don't play the kinds of games that irritate you. We've all had times of "preference, deference, and denial." These helped me to know what and when to prefer, defer, deny, and accept. And of course, there are "spiritual windowshoppers." While we cannot change another, we can certainly not be aggravated by them.

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