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Hi, Robert. I'm considering a career change and kind of afraid.
I've been told that all of the crap that I've been going through
lately (I'm 29 years and currently going through my Saturn Return)
is a result of a lot of my fears. What do you think? I'm curious
as to what careers you think would be best for me so I can see
if I'm on the right track.

Sun Pisces 12
Moon Pisces 1
Mercury Pisces 1
Venus Capricorn 11
Mars Aquarius 12
Jupiter Leo 5
Saturn Virgo 7
Uranus Scorpio 8
Neptune Sagittarius 10
Pluto Libra 7
North Node Virgo 7
Pisces Rising
Midheaven Sag. 10
Ceres Pisces 12
Pallas Aquarius 12
Vesta Pisces 12
Juno Pisces 1
Chiron Taurus 2


Hi Robert,, I believe we are all here learning and Karma helps us do this. I was filling my head with much of this mind thought yesterday.And woke up with
"I know nothing about nothing"(realising the rollercoaster ride of questions folding back onto themselves).I remembered turning to a response in my Tao book and today it has kept me content in my constant searching."fate is a constantly fluid set of limitations created by the interaction of our descisions and our opportunities" hopefuly I am in touch with my higher self at descision times, even so if my human nature makes the wrong descision I will still learn, I think we must all learn not to beat ourselves up about what seems foolish as it could lead us unsuspectedly to higher places. We really don't know. It's good to follow the flutter in the heart yet the higher mind must be consistant with this, showing sensibilities to get on in Karma land so then the heart will know it's path.
Thanking you again as you give us cultivation of optimism in a challenging world. Aum Shanti Felita.



i do not understand the popular connotation of karma anymore.

as long as action is the right action then there is no need to fear karma.

for right action refer buddha's four way truth and eight fold path




The thing with karma from whatever point you look at it, is that all answers so far are still incomplete. What we humans still are missing is our ability to see "the bigger picture", universal-wise that is.

I think we all agree (at least all the readers here) on the little karma as Robert so wonderfully describes. In our deepest of hearts we all know when we are acting against our own existance. Most of the time it is a matter of emotions that get in the way. Out of guilt, shame, feelings of defeat we deny to look at the consequences of our actions (and thoughts for that matter).
Doubt plays another very active role in the little karma. For how often do we find ourselves not being sure of the next step to take. This all due to the massive amount of authority we consequently (are taught to) give to external powers that be.

Now then the Big Karma in my opinion is still a concept we're trying to uncover. For the time being (which may be for the duration of half a century) nothing on this path of self and human discovery should be taken as a dogma. Every investigation of the esoteric nature asks for a humble student. The adventure of an alchemist is mostly a lone path, with stopovers now and again where one encounters other seekers and is able to share notes, experiences and questions. Aquariuspapers is such a stopover.

Herein lies - for me - the amazing value. Listening to Roberts discoveries whereas he uses the tool of astrology so masterfully while combining it with many other wisdoms. Using all the information and wisdom shared here, it allows me to go deep within and feel what resonates for this time being, for this moment in my evolution.
Then combining it with all the wisdom I've gathered along this path I've choosen to travel. And then once more take the next step into the unknown, for my path is unique and never before walked. Absolutely unable to see the big picture, however able enough to trust the inklings knowing that another light will appear further down the road, knowing I'll stumble upon another piece of the puzzle that'll guide me further along.

And as this is my life's story, it happens to be everybody's story as well - at the same time, yet none of these are identical. And with that the only remaining guarantee of truth seems that we - as a human species - still have not uncovered, let alone excercised the power of universal vision, overview and foresight. We simply have no clue as to the universal design, the real Mccoy! Big Karma is still in the league of educated and wise guessing.

I believe when humanity reaches the world were we'll live without fear and self-doubts, live from our authentic potential and being able to accept a world in which every little bit and piece - including humans are allowed to exist and co-create we'll be a giant step closer to uncovering the Big Karma answer.

So best we can do - when it comes to understanding BIg Karma - is walk on further down our own authentic and self choosen paths with the tools that resonate and keep on asking, feeling and comparing notes.
That's why I so enjoy coming over here at Aquarius and listening to ya'all, it's soothing for my soul and strengthening my life's muscles!



Hi Mari - I can't really do in depth comments on life altering situations in a comment stream. I hope you've read my article on the Saturn Return, since it may help you make sense of this time. It's no surprise to change careers at the Saturn return. I think fear is a dangerous disease, and cannot help you think clearly. With Sag rising and Jupiter in Leo, anything to do with children, teaching, travel, or dealing with foreigners or foreign lands is good. You would also do well in theater, or restoring antiques, or renovating others' property. Just be aware not to trust authorities unconditionally, since usually you'll find yourself on the other side of the argument.

Hi Felita - Karmas definitely teach us what to do and not to do. "Fate" is certainly fluid, in that we shape it by our response to our experiences. Even if we're not acting from our highest Self, still we have certain momentums that steer us in directions so we're not crashing against everything all the time. We do learn from wise and unwise decisions, and so you're right that we should not beat ourselves up for not being perfect in every decision. And yes, the heart is the crystal to success.

Hi Abacus - The popular notion of karma has little to do with karma. Right action shifts with circumstances, and even within circumstances, and of course, there's really no need to fear anything.

Hi Lisa - We can see many things, pleasant and unpleasant, once we get out of our own way and find radical compassion/dispassion about the object of sense perception. Little k karmas can also be in tune with our higher Self, in that everything we generate has some effect and can lead us to places of realization. It's just a matter of whether we wind up there through pleasurable or painful experiences. You've hit on a major issue concerning doubt, which is corrosive and useless. We are told it is one of the 10 major fetters preventing liberation. The trick is to move beyond the "belief-doubt" paradigm into pure knowledge. Then we neither believe nor doubt, but simply know.

It's true that no one has ever walked our walk. While we derive inspiration from others on similar Ray paths, ultimately we create the footprints we seek to follow. Still, we can catch glimpses of a much bigger picture, even if it's the moment of transfiguration where we find a crucifixion awaiting us. Sometimes knowing the bigger picture could actually create a negative reaction in the ego, since it always dies to a greater Self. So yes, you're right in that when we learn to live without fear, doubt, and the other human fetters, we will start seeing and knowing things unimaginable to most of humanity today. Glad you find this place "soothing for my soul and strengthening my life's muscles!" May it be so for all who find their way to this cantina.


robert - circumstances and karma :-)


Hi abacus - They really do a dance, don't they?;-) They are excellent teachers to show us realities around "dependent origination" of whatever phenomena arises for our perception and understanding. This way we can understand to some degree why a given circumstance has arisen and position ourselves accordingly. Of course, many times non-action to a cause is the only "right action" there is. In some circumstances and with some people, least resonance and interaction between the two is the best action there is.


Hey there, i dont know what to believe in anymore, my luck or "kharma" has pooped on me my whole life, its been a long time since i could remember a good thing that happened to me, i wont go into circumstances but these last few years (im 38)ive been looking up in the sky a lot asking what did i do to deserve this life and im waiting for a bus to come finish it. I think ive always tried to do the right thing and i treat people how i would expect to be treated, i help people in bad situations, ive given money to homeless people, ive helped people on the side of the road etc. I try to remain positive but im growing weaker and weaker trying to see the positive of every situation i encounter. Anyhow im not about to rant, i just wanna know how or what i should do to turn my life around and be happy rather than hate myself inside and my life. Thanks for listening.


Hi steve - Sometimes when things seem "good" or "bad" it's a signal that we get clear about what works and what doesn't work so we can do our Being differently. I have known many with difficult karmas (I am a poster child for difficulty!) and it's important to remember that this life was set up last time around, and by what we do, feel, and think this time we create a better karma for the future. Do not drain yourself unnecessarily. We must grow strong and clear so we can be of true service to others. Perhaps not "hating" yourself is a good place to begin to antidote unhelpful patterns. We can turn our lives around in many ways instantaneously if we re-program the creature to accept that we are Loving, Wise, Intelligent Eternals learning how to navigate the human experience with grace, style, good will, and radical compassion. Start with "The Game of Life" by Florence Shinn, setting aside all assumptions re: language, and take those teachings to heart. Your life will begin to turn around pdq. There are other texts and practices as well, but that's beyond this comment stream.


hi myname is saguira and my zodiac sign goes by gemini water element,and quetion is are year ahead will be my bad luck? i was born on 08-june-1973.

thank you.

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