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Yes, this is something to be noted. Thank you.


Althought I am not an American citizen, I'm extremely concerned over these issues.
If the fundamental principals of democracy are diliberatly trampled upon for whatever reason the very foundation of our social liberation is threatened.
I don't think it should be acceptable under any circumstances other than for criminal behavior for a government in any country to dictate principals based solely on someone not liking another country or person or religion or ethnic background. This action contradicts the very prinipals the united states, canada, europe and other countries are now fighting for. If this is the case what in the world are our soldiers fighting for in other countries. Perhaps they should be back home fighting for our own liberties and for our own democracy.

kid mercury

this needs to be noted, and i particularly appreciate it since i did not hear about this elsewhere -- so you at least informed one person. don't let the haters get you down. i look forward to seeing more posts on stuff you think is important, astrological or otherwise.


I agree. It *is* extremely important that people hear about things like this.

In a way it does relate to astrology. Astrology affords us insight into trends and understanding. What if "they" decided to erase astrological columns in the same way? Wasn't there quite a bit of discussion leading up to 2001 about the Saturn/Pluto opposition and what it might mean? What about the upcoming Saturn/Uranus opposition coinciding with the election this year? Maybe we should stop this discussing and just trust them to do what is best, after all?


betty ann

Heads up people...this is the NWO. Start doing some serious reading and praying. I can't say much now...will try to send more when I'm not at work.


Hi Robert, In Australia we do not actually have a Bill of Rights.On 20th Sept,2007 our last government passed a bill introducing a Communications Legislation Ammendment.NSW Civil liberties webpage on internet censorship.
Also communications legislation ammendment at htpp://

It is the police commisioner that can actually block websites now in this country, protection they say! They sneak it all in.Scary that the present U.S government has such underhanded power in the world.
Basically our rights are still less restricted here yet things are changing. Good Wishes to all that expose the freedom repressors. Felita


Hi Robert, it's great that you are using to site to inform people about what is really going on. Thanks also to Felita - although I'm another Aussie I didn't know about that legislation. The police are getting way too much power in this country. Democracy certainly means some strange things these days! As Felita says - Good Wishes to all that expose the freedom repressors. - Sue


Hi Robert, I was happy to see a shout out to "truthout", a site I count on for information other than astrology. Mahalo, Shaun


I would like to point out that in America Democracy was an ideal when forming our constitution but what we ended up with is a Republic. Freedom of speech was an ideal, but contrary to rights it was considered a privilege held by those who did not use their freedom of speech to betray their country. Our country over all has changed its values from family, and valuing people, in a short jump from the 70's through the 90's to valuing material things at all costs and valuing nothing that is living or breathing such as nature and people. The values of the American way have always been a bit commercial but never before to this extent. I believe our constitution has been sold to the highest bidder, and that there is no particular race or gender of people that is favored. We have achieved equality by downgrading the value of all human life. America has almost 300 years of existance but has the self control of an adolescent boy in a room full of hot cars and cool chicks.


Hi all - Yes, this is important for all kinds of reasons, especially in a country where astrology is pretty much banned from the media except "for entertainment purposes only," as the disclaimer goes. We are seeing both the subtle and obvious erosion of our autonomy, our ability to conduct our business as we choose as long as it hurts no one, and even our ability to connect via this international medium. The powers that be do not like the inconvenient truth that free people freely associating might just realize the system is controlled by bloviating windbags emitting noxious gasses that are mind-and-Soul numbing. Many of our cherished "rights" are now under assault, and almost anyone who thinks the authoritarian system needs replacing is considered a potential threat. When the criminals make and enforce the laws, then we're all under duress. Funny how the bloggers elsewhere didn't seem to pick up on this story, which directly affects them. And of course, hating the system doesn't get any of us anywhere. But perseverance and determination to play it over the long haul will ultimately win out over the present greedy, short-sighted power mongers who preside over the erosion of our lives and rights. The more we are informed about the mischief makers, the more we share what we know with others, the less isolated we are. To address one comment, while no particular gender or race are favored, actually the money class is the favored class. The business class is the favored class. Those who are well connected are the favored class. The rest of us are just disposable. And the analogy of America being a teenager who loves hot cars is apt. I tend to describe it that way, along with it being addicted to running up credit card debt to the maxlimit to impress the "hot chicks" of the world who seem to resemble oil sheiks and Chinese bankers.


It's like the government is playing a game to see how angry they can make me. :(


Hi Robert,

I have no words to describe how serious the media consolidation and subsequent strategy of reducing the free flow of information, specially over the internet is negatively impacting our lives and our capacity to take the right decisions.

According to the Pentagon says the internet needs to be dealt with as if it were an enemy "weapons system".

Read more here:

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