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Dear Robert,

Happy Vernal Equinox!

Christine E

Hi Robert,

Looks like Aries is coming early this year...guess you guys just couldn't wait to get the show on the road :)

Christine E

Hi Robert,

Sorry for the double post...but on a more serious note I had a question about thought-forms. Are these forms something that we concentrate on for a long time or just the fleeting thoughts that run through our minds? I know that when I am frustrated or angry I can sometimes have some pretty dark thoughts running through my head and now I am starting to feel guilty for that as well because I feel like I am creating negative thought forms. People talk about controlling thoughts and feelings...but I have trouble with that. I can and do control my words and actions the majority of the time but thoughts and feelings are harder. But isn't repression of these things dangerous too (like the old Seinfeld "Serenity now...insanity later" bit)? Is it best to just let these momentary dark thoughts and feelings pass with awareness and the intent to heal their root cause and let them go? Or is this all going down on my permanent Akashic Record no matter what I do? :) It was hard enough to learn to control words and actions...the thoughts thing just wears me out. Can you tell I've had a rough week?



Hi Christine - All thoughts are thoughtforms. The intensity and frequency determine how "real" they become set in form. Dark thoughts are thoughtforms that teach us to take note and antidote whatever dysfunction motivates those unhelpful thoughts. The book "Thought Forms" by Annie Besant is a great work to know more about shape, color, motive, texture and so forth in both negative and positive thoughts.

That's why being mindful of our speech is paramount in monitoring "the issues of our heart." Speech is the medium, or mantras that make our thoughtforms more substantial, giving thoughts vibratory expression. However, giving ourselves a hard time or beating ourselves up for not "being perfect" are not helpful thoughtforms either. Sometimes gentle compassion and good humor in understanding just how human we are is the only approach we need in dealing with our inconsistencies in expressing our more evolved self.

Guilt is useless except as a marker for how to turn on a dime toward more productive thoughts, feelings, and actions. Repressing thoughts is only useful to break idle habits, but ultimately we need to confront the deeper issues that give rise to unhelpful thoughts. That's why detachment, dispassion, discrimination, not taking things personally, not making assumptions, and remembering that "the best way to combat evil is to make progress in the good" are good things to remember while dealing with what needs antidoting. Very good practice to observe the momentary dark thoughts as having arisen but affirming them having no substantial reality or effect and dissolving them as they are observed. Akashic memory only exists as the frequencies exist. Shift the frequency and much negative potential becomes past actual having no echoes that will manifest in the future. We are never stuck repeating what is no longer real in our hologram, except to learn forms whereby we may serve others who suffer those same problems. Then our personal experience allows us to become part of "the corrective force of Nature Herself."

Christine E

Thanks Robert, for that thoughtful and thorough reply. I really appreciate your clarification of this for me!


Welcome Fire-warmth and Fullmoon-light! Longer sunny days and charming 11th house dreams and wishes. This is a classically wonder filled day... I'm taking the dogs to the beach because they just love to celebrate life. A smile to everyone I see...


Hi Robert and others. I woke up yesterday morning and cancelled some appointments ,left the mundane chores and went down the coast to visit a friend .ended up playing hopscotch and playing on the swings at the park, ran along the beach fast with a 4 year old, enjoyed the autumn skys, perfect day, felt aware, blissful and content with the universe(as such). Thought of Tibet and the Dalai Lama felt for them and meditated on beautiful pink and mauve light filling the Earth. Decided I would buy a piano, write songs and sing. Came home and read above essay "next dozen hours important in terms of thought form building" I also printed out an application for course at "centre for Sacred Studies" emailed to me. Bizarre day! I was looked after it seems and once again I STAND QUITE DAZED TODAY IN GRATITUDE. Thanking you Robert for your brilliant Light of understanding. Aum Shanti Felita.


Hi Robert,

Your posting is particularly spot-on for us here in the Netherlands. Just threw a chart for the Equinox and it had 30 Pisces on the Ascendant. How's that for synchronicity! So we've got a Stellium in twelve and the Sun right on the Ascendant. The Pluto/Mars opposition lies on the MC/IC axis.

It seems we are going to reverberate intensely with the celestial influences. Hopefully for a better future!

All the best,



Dear Robert, I acted quite spontaneously in the above post.When in discovery of those last degrees in Pisces, I recognised the fragmented mutable effect,my natal Jupiter Sagg in the 7th house saw this as a broad generalisation of the feeling of the future,Pisces was at the end of my 10th house and expressed my deepest aspirations. Realistically I know the boundaries of my own life. Still! The mind thought luckily was bright, spontaneous and magical.
I wish this for everyone here. Happy Easter. Enjoy your chocolate. Aum Shanti Felita


Hi Christine - Sure. It gave me a chance to offer others a larger point of view on something widely misunderstood due to distortions around guilt and the power of our free will to take initiatives in different directions than the past.

Hi Jan - Beautiful Equinox! I took a beach walk in Malibu at sunset.

Hi Felita - It's been a freeing time for me. The beach is regenerating, and this time the 1000 mile drive I just did was tiring, but also liberating. The Tibet uprising is offering our world the chance to transcend indifference and hypocrisy. Our thought forms make a difference over time in ways we don't suspect when we first shape them. Concentration, then meditation, then contemplation. Aum Namah Shivaya.

Hi Dirk - So Amsterdam can particularly focus images that could come true in the future during this quarter as well as the entire Solar year. Dreamtime in Amsterdam sounds like a good gathering to hold regularly. Perhaps it's time for Amsterdam to take the lead in future-visioning Europe.


Hi Robert,

These last days have been looking at the potential meaning of novel planetoids in the solar system, like Sedna, Eris/Xena, Ixion, Quaoar, Varuna, Orcus, the centaurs like Chiron and even the four asteroids Ceres, Vesta, Juno and Pallas. In some cases, I couldnt yet seen something so clear but in others, such as Sedna, Eris or Quaoar their influences and effects seem as striking as those of Neptune or Pluto.
Its a whole new area for learning and contemplating.
See for some of my insights


Hi Popplagid - The problem with exploring the more obscure elements of astrology is in determining their relative importance. While some of the "influences" you are investigating are no doubt of some considerable significance, there are others that are not exactly ready for prime time. That's why as a professional I confine myself to a thousand significant factors.


I should have read this sooner. I was having a very hard day on this day.


Hi Si - Sorry you were having a hard time. I'm sure by checking out the archives you'll find other articles that may help you feel better and more inspired.

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