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in my life, i believe that one of my karmas is the continuous struggle with security, (monetary, emotional, physical), and being solitary and separate from people (physically/emotionally), which has been prevalent pattern in my life since i was about 6.

i feel that theres a yin-yang type of relationship that i have come to know the world in and that goes beyond words. its as if i don't know how to explain how "this" works but i know how it does. i can't quite make out all the words to describe the true context of this situation of life as it were.

Knowing that the 12th house is the champion of positive transformations and having at least 3 approx. placed planets under that cloud i like to believe that my karma has been 2 fold, and on going. Just from knowing what i know about astrology and planetary placement has always indicated my karma in life. How over time it proves itself evident is a wonder.

sometimes i would like to think that karma strips you of things that are necessary in order to test your ability to grow.


Dear Robert!
Though I can't read your articles so often and regalarly as earlier:( I continue admiring your style,combining depth and hidden healing humour!
Really, managing one's own karma
needs its understanding and competent deeds:). More than that, multidimentionalism of its translation and interpretation is the core of great expectations. The multilevel set of competences insists on getting our authentic semantic gist.
Of this 4D symbolic math model:):):)


Karma seems to be playing out in politics and in private. It seems predictable, but I wouldn't place any monetary bets!


Dear Robert , Its funny how we can think of everything we have done and every choice we have made leads us to where we are in the present, and if we are happy this seems good and if we aren't happy then these choices seem bad ,although we are still connected to circumstances and other's Karmas as well. If's,But's and Therefore's of the past only show us the obstacles to our seperation and sufferings and should not be clinged to as there recognition and form are changing as we grow to the future.I can see lot's in my chart that has been told to me as heavy past life Karma,and I struggle as I want to grow,many in this world live in anquish and despair,war torn countries,diseased,and famished and I say what is my small woe as I struggle against seemingly meaningless stress. As I know the absolute consumation of love spread constantly and consciously around the world is what we must do. This is my faith.The good cause will yeild the good result.
Just ducked home for lunch.Been sitting in class. They where talking about hygeine, I was thinking about Karma. Have a beautiful day world. Thanking you kindly Robert for just being you. REAL! Aum Shanti Felita

Eme Kah

I have been reading you for a while and enjoying your articles greatly.

It's fortuitous that you write about this bc just last night I was wondering about this. I have a t-square that involves Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, the Moon, Pluto AND my North Node. Venus is the apex of the t-square. All of my life, relationships have been extremely painful and self-destructive. When my relationships end, I ALWAYS have to start at square one: ie, move, get a new job, etc. All right so I finally went to therapy.

Currently I am in a relationship that means a lot to me. It looks like these horrible issues still come up. I'm working EXTREMELY hard at these things and I'm making some head way but it's affecting my relationship nevertheless. So here's my question: I understand the point you make that often the things one wants are not what one is here on earth for. Here's the thing, though: I can't seem to get away from needing to have a love relationship and yet, sometimes I think that this extremely difficult t-square makes it nearly impossible for me to have what I most ache for in the entire world. I know this is going to sound extremely childish and petulant but: why does it seem like the universe sets up a need in you if you're not meant to have it? Was it bc I was such a horrible person in a past life?

My other question is: How does one go about letting go of such a deep yearning? I mean, if I'm not meant to have a deep relationship with someone, how do I at least disconnect the need so that it causes me less pain and so that I can go on to accomplish my real life mission? Your thoughts are very much appreciated.


Thanks for this Robert! This speaks to my struggle with Saturn transiting my 2nd. It could be said that I'm dealing with karma from having excessive material relationships. But on the other hand, did I openly invite these people into my life to become loan sharks??!!! This has become more about "protecting" what I have. And I've got another year to go. Although the Mars part of me would love to "rise up" and sling Pluto like a rag doll. Somehow I know justice is coming. And I may not have to lift a finger(!). Timing is everything......

Cathy M.

Hi, Robert -
Once again, you have come up with a rich and thoughtful article... I've wondered a lot about karma, and I'm still torn about accepting it as either fact or as something to work on... let me ask a question that to me seems to be a core one: if karma is in a way "payment" for past poor behavior, either in past lives or this one, and yet -- as we have learned -- most of us act harshly because we have endured early traumas or been taught wrong, then the "karma" incured in past lives would seem to be due to acting-out that was based on trauma in that life, and therefore shouldn't need punishment?? The whole cycle seems to be set up based on the idea that we can in fact consciously choose how we act, which I will accept to be true once we get to about 14-15 or so, but not before... I know they say the age of reason is 7, but honestly I don't know any 7 year olds who understand either their own motivations nor the real consequences... heck, most 50 year olds I know of seem to have some deficiencies there!;-} So I have a hard time accepting that we are all being made to "pay" for actions taken when we didn't know the full consequences... it seems either harsh or misguided. But then, as you know, I'm in a period of enduring major "consequences" that I don't understand my part in... so that certainly biases my POV. :-}
Thanks again for giving me something to think about.



I am posting this comment as a follow-up to Felita's words above. My friend and I struggle with the same dilemma. We both have a sincere longing to be with a partner. We will not settle for anything less than what our hearts need just to be with someone. We both believe that we are here as individuals that need to evolve and obtain higher spiritual learning, but we both also believe that all are put here to find love. It is a natural human need. Felita's questions hit close to home, and I am curious as to how you will answer. I have a good full life - not without its struggles, but there is an emptiness inside. How does one remove the longing if it is not in our destiny?


I am a native of karma i am an aquarius with an aries rising.And the way things work out on my be half i am either somebody's karma or they are my karma.My son is a libra which is one of my karma's.The other part of my karma is scorpio and leo.They are my karma life lesson's my mother is a leo born in leo my dad is a scorpio and my sister is a leo and my boyfriend is a scorpio and his best friend is a leo.I am surrounded by my karma.But i never noticed until i started getting into astrology that these people were my karma.But i did not learn until i had this situation with my man and his friend.Taurus is suppose to show me how to control my rebelion a replace it with traditional values and scorpio is here to show me how to not be scared of an in depth relationship and leo is suppose to show me how to love in a close intimate way.And i have learned all this just from the situation we all went through together.It finally ended in december but it just came back for one more round on saturday.But i learned one thing from all this when someone interfers with a karma life lesson the outcome ain't pretty.But like the one comment said karma shapes the way of your life.Because i am 100% diffrent now then iwas before this took place.But i have alot of love for all my karma's cause it's deeper then the ocean it self.I just wish they would see it the same way i do.I really love your website i always follow it i feel it helps me get by what i am going through.Don't ever give always stay believing.


dear Eme Kah, it isn't that the universe sets up a need in you for something you can't have. You alone are responsible. Your soul has a plan, even if it seems unbearable. There are several possible reasons for this condition. You may have denied love to others in the past and now you crave it. You chose to come in as a passionate and affectionate person. Now you know what it feels like. Or it is a repeat, you were lonely, perhaps bitter before and are still working it out. Maybe you ran away or committed suicide. Maybe you treated someone badly before and now you need to find out what it's like to desperately want love. I know a lot about this condition. I'm lonely too, and I've been badly treated several times over in this life. I have Venus conjunct Pluto in the 7th house. Anyway, with Uranus and Jupiter involved, maybe you jump in too quickly. Try going celibate for awhile, and work on platonic relationships. ACCEPT the situation, then atone by being a good friend to others with no expectations. And of course, forgive the guys you had a bad time with. I could go on and on... With that North node, actually, you could make great progress. Good luck, my dear. It WILL get better. :)


The friendship aspect is even more complicated since I've been undermined in subtle and humiliating ways by women who felt threatened. The North node clue is a bit more encouraging.

Thanks for your words, Valerie.


Dear Eme, I'm sure you must have people around you who care. It's just that you are in a discovery phase at this time. You are taking it all very personally. Please don't be discouraged. I'm alone and even I know something good is ahead of me. There will be new chapters to come and there will be love, and friends too. Put yourself out in the world and do stuff. It will happen. Spring is coming and there is beauty all around. Have faith in yourself as well as in humanity. Namaste........ :)


Thank you, Valerie. You are very kind and I appreciate your words once again. You are right that I take everything very personally. That just shows you where I live and how I'm perpetuating the stuff I was raised to believe. This is what I think is the real meaning of my t-square. I also have a natal Saturn/Sun square.

Thanks. And, Valerie, I want to send you much love.


Hi robyn - A generic human karma is to overcome the need to struggle with life, while opening the heart and mind to its ongoing unfolding mystery with infinite compassion for ourselves and others. Also to discipline the mind, feelings, and behaviors so we're generating good effects down the road and transmuting old unfortunate patterns left over from past times and lives. The world is "yin-yang" in terms of its pulses. Actually, yes, 12th house planets offer much power behind the scenes to transmute personal and global karmas. I have seen that karma only denies us what we don't need in the moment. Saturn rules both karma and time itself, so time and karma are totally linked in that sense, along with patience, maturity, self-discipline, knowing boundaries, and other such Saturn arenas of influence. And of course, once we learn how to transmute unfortunate karmas in a given area, then we are called by life to assist others also dealing with such karmas. Such is life.

Hi Svetlana - Thanks for checking in. It's true there are many elements of karma to be explored, since it's a very complex thing, both personal and impersonal. It definitely tests our authenticity on many levels and dimensions!

Hi Mary - Karma plays out in every arena every moment, which is why it's a good thing to be able to demonstrate reasonable self-control of our lower natures! And of course, sometimes karma at work is more obvious than other times.

Hi Felita - It's true that we often cling to obsolete notions of good and bad, when it all serves to bring forth Self realization and ways to live so we can be free from suffering. If we knew how quickly we could change patterns, there would be a lot less confusion, doubt, and superstition in our world. Patience and perseverance are the rewards of embracing karma rather than playing games with it.

Hi Eme - I also have a T-square involving Moon, Venus, and Pluto. At times it was very difficult, and still can be given circumstances and people's generic OCD tendencies thanks to the Grand Irrationality. However, I learned over time which relationship patterns not to perpetuate, and how to visualize better relations while not getting seduced by the old dysfunctional patterns. We ALL have "the urge to merge," due to our Eternal Self knowing we have a Twin Flame out there somewhere in space and time. You can have exactly your heart's desire, if you're clear and it's true for you.

The T-square does NOT prevent a good relationship, but it will test you until you recognize what are good relationships and what are not good ones. The Universe sets nothing up apart from what you ARE. It's not necessarily about past lives, though these do condition what presents itself here. Our job is to learn to welcome the good while rejecting the bad, and to do that until there are no more "bad" manifestations showing up.

For example, while I tend not to attract crazy people much any more, occasionally one wanders across my radar screen and then it's a test for me to practice detachment, dispassion, and discrimination while not "feeding the troll." As for letting go of such deep yearning, detachment is a good thing to cultivate since it cuts the root of many unfortunate sources of human suffering. We all have Scorpio somewhere, and this is where we encounter deep yearnings that seemingly cannot be filled, at least in this world. We all have to learn how to manage that energy. And it seems that you've been undermined so you could learn to spot those patterns and refuse them. And of course I deleted what you wanted.

Hi Stevo - Saturn in the 2nd shows the need for mature discipline around resources, gathering what you need to do your higher function. Take the long view, and throw off the chains.

Hi Cathy M. - It is both fact and something to work on. Karma is not necessarily a payback, but is just the pattern of what must be understood and transmuted according to our higher intention. Some karmas result from our actions, others from our inactions, and others from the actions we accepted from others, fortunate or unfortunate. We may not necessarily suffer because we did something, but because we did not stop that pattern. When we stop it in this lifetime, then depending on the depth of the realization and repolarization, we may not ever have to suffer in that way again. Karma is not punishment, but pattern. Change the pattern, and you'll change how you experience past, present, and future effects to causes we may or may not ever understand. Some karmas fall under the heading of "go and sin no more," and they fade away remarkably fast.

Hi Cheryll - There is no destiny except to be born where and when you were, and the timing on choices. The rest is free will. We can always find relationship, but the trick is to learn which are truly fulfilling and which lead to suffering. The longing will be with us humans forever - we have to learn to manage it so it doesn't seduce our desires to tempt us to behave in ways that lead our lives into a ditch.

Hi Angel - Everyone is "a native of karma." And we all work out our own and others' in some interesting ways. We all are others' karma and they ours, since life works out through interactions. Everyone who has ever symbolized your Saturn has been an aspect of your karma. All the fixed sign energies you mention challenge your detachment and dispassion, and your willingness to become a friend and servant of a higher ideal. And thanks for saying my site helps you.

Hi Valerie - Your advice to Eme is good, since it's true that sometimes what we're denied can stem from all kinds of reasons that may have nothing to do with us hurting another, but rather denying certain behaviors in ourselves. Certainly he must have incarnated to feel such longing, or it wouldn't be so. In any case, it's all grist for the mill of our Soul. As I noted in my comment to him, my own T-square hasn't been easy but I've learned to play to the higher manifestations of Moon opposed Pluto and Venus square Pluto rather than continue what I was born with. You gave some very good advice when you stated "ACCEPT the situation, then atone by being a good friend to others with no expectations." Also, "There will be new chapters to come and there will be love, and friends too. Put yourself out in the world and do stuff." Often our willingness to DO something brings remarkable and great results we never could have anticipated before we tried.


Hi Robert. Do not understand "rather than playing games with it" I am not taking this personally just curious about statement.I certainly take it all seriously,too much at times. Thanking you Aum Namah Shivaya. Felita


Hi Felita - Many in our world trifle with things, in Rumi's immortal words "spiritual windowshoppers, who idly ask, 'How much is that?' Oh, I'm just looking. They handle a hundred items and put them down, shadows with no capital. What is spent is love, and two eyes wet with weeping." These are karmic autobots, who never learn from experience. These play with life experiences without comprehension, without passion, without love, without ever really feeling much other than a constructed facade of rationalizations so they don't have to take their evolutionary task seriously. Those who "play with karma" go through a thousand failures and successes and never get the point of the larger "game of life," which has its own rules of "sportsmanship." Those who trifle with karma never seem to realize that love is everything and this is NOT a dress rehearsal. That's all I meant.


Thanks Robert, I feel much better now! I try to have good intentions. Also I like your other replies- plenty of food for thought. The quote from Rumi is interesting. This particular stream has been an exciting ride. Blessings to everyone. :)

 Isabel Nobre

Dea Robert,

This is, indeed, a very important theme - and one that really "combines" well with the endeavour of undertanding the "dance of energies" through Astrology, as well as using Astrology as a tool for Self Discovery...

In my life, I can see Karma at work in many ways and different levels... Personal karma, family (and here the charts of the different familly members can reveal interesting patterns and "complexes" in the psychological sense of the word) and also I can corroborate the virtue of trying to BE GOOD NOW. We all, of course, carry a ripe Karma from a long past... But NOW is the time to consider, look around in awe at this complex world web we live in, and try to "send out" the best possible kind of Energy we may be able to.

It is as the example of the glass half empty or half full - renewing the way we look at ourselves and our circumstances can trigger a happier, though realistic, life.

On the other hand, Astrology can really be a wonderful tool on the way to Wisdom. And I congratulate you on the quality of your site, which is so good in every aspect, and also in this specific one: the type of articles you publish here give people a true appraisal of the depth of what can be considered as a "Spiritual Astrology".

All the best, see you soon,



Thank you so very much for your words, Robert. I'm especially overcome with the fact that you have the same t-square that I do, albeit in different signs. I haven't met anyone else with it; it's so serendipitous that I'll interpret it as meaning that I'm on the right path. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question and for giving me hope and also for deleting my previous erroneous cognition. Overnight I read The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and, that book too has helped tremendously.

Much love,


Hi Valerie - Sure. I believe 99% of "success" in life is showing up with a persistently good attitude. Doesn't mean everything is likable, but we must train our view not to go into unhelpful places, of if they do, how to quickly reorient. "Spiritual Windowshoppers" was always one of my favorite poems of the Ecstatic Master. And life's a wild ride, isn't it?

Hi Isabel - Yes, since NOW is all there is, an attitude of "being good now" is a great exercise in mindfulness. Very helpful for training the perceptions not to go where they shouldn't. Karma is a very mysterious thing, especially given the dance between views of how much choice there actually is in certain situations. While there is much I don't like in some behaviors, I always marvel at how different things could be with a little positive imagination. Astrology offers some amazing insights into family dynamics, between and across generations. That's a whole field of study in itself. And of course, thanks for your kind words of praise for the work, as I do consider myself a "Spiritual Astrologer." Aum Namah Shivaya and Aum Mani Padme Hum.

Hi Eme - Sure. I know "up close and personal" just how difficult that configuration is, which caused me a lot of headache and heartbreak when younger. Fixed squares are never easy to deal with, since they represent intransigent energies. But, as per the symbol of the 4 Holy Creatures of Ezekiel, when we master the Fixed signs we can master and perfect the Great Work. I'm just happy that I paid enough attention to the personal follies and misfires in my life that I can pass on some insights to others. The void sign is the problem and the solution to the gear grinds of the squares trying to release the awarenesses of the opposition.

I find we often fall into difficulty as a result of ignorance so we can learn techniques how to antidote those difficulties in ourselves and others in the future. "The Four Agreements" is a great work, basic principles that when practiced give a whole new look on life. For those readers not familiar with the work, I wholeheartedly recommend reading it. It's worth it. (FYI, the 4 are: 1) Be impeccable with your word. 2) Don't take anything personally. 3) Don't make assumptions. 4) Always do your best.)

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