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Hi Robert, I celebrate my Solar Return in about 7 hours. I feel positive compared to this time last year, thanks to you.

Best regards


I am a Pisces (born March 12) with the sun, moon and mercury in my 12th house and Aries rising. I, too, have been sick every month this year (which is unusual for me) and everyone around me seem to be having bad luck! I feel things very deeply and am sensitive to other's, but am usually upbeat and have a positive outlook on life. Can you tell me if the rest of the year looks brighter?


you've said the right things, and they've spoken to me.

"its about knowing how and when to wait in calm confidence and being willing to face things as they really are."


Hello again! I just left a forlorn post on the 30 pisces message. sigh. but spring has sprung so life goes on! I noticed this full moon is conjunct my natal jupiter at 2 libra. My jupiter is in the 8th and is the apex of a kite/grand fire trine combo (mc/sun/chiron)... Uranus is next door at 1 libra. Do you have any suggestions on the best use of this energy or how it might manifest? thank you again for your sage advice...


Hi Robert, I have been reading on this site for a long while; as well you know your spiritual gifts are not only insightful, but so exquisite; praise to your generous heart in sharing them so freely. I don't wish to take up too much of your time, but for a long while, I have been in a stuck position. I hope soon to manifest a new vocation, one that feels to be destiny calling, but there is still much that is not clarified. If you would be willing to shed light on this...I am a Leo sun ( born 3:01 pm August 20, 1954
in Newton, Ma. ), Sag. Asc., with Merc./Leo Mars/Sag. Venus/Libra Jupiter/Cancer Saturn/Scorpio Moon/Taurus..and of course, the outer planets you would already know. I would so appreciate your guidance. thankyou! lisbeth

Christine E

Hi Robert,

Thanks for this posting...tomorrow is my birthday so I am extra excited for this full moon!
Peace & Joy


Hi Robert.

My life has experienced a radical change and renewal in just two weeks.
Just awaiting for what's next in the middle of the nowhere.
This Full Moon occurs in my 11th house.
Does this house placement suggest something?, in a simple way -I know there can be thousands of readings-.


Jim Damodara Scott

Thank you for this clarification. Intuitively I felt a strong astrological significance of this Good Friday falling on full moon, and found you by searching Google. I used to subscribe to, which used to provide daily astrological, personal time forecasts for each day, but unfortunately it has stopped operating, and I miss it at times like this.


Hi Robert - I need to rbing some clarity in my personal affairs with someone and I would like to address it the sooner the better. Is it a good day today for this? is it a good time to clear it all up? I read it is a Grand Cross and I feel it through my skin. It is overwhelming for me to leave it as it is, because I do feel coerced somewhat by this tension, and it would not be me if i don't address it once and for all. what a heavy day. Should I wait for tomorrow or next week, because things piled up in my head and need to be sorted out with that particular person. Thankyou

Your Enchanted Gardener

8:47 AM
March 21, 08

Welcome to Spring 2008 Every Body!
Thanks to Robert and all for lifting my spirit with all this great information.
I did some excerpts on the Plant Your Dream Your Enchanted Gardener
in Robert's Artist...column to the right of this page to see!

The Garden is filled with fragrance this morning here in San Diego.
The orange tree is full of blossoms, and the Camillias and nectarine trees
are have their say.

What an incredible weekend with the Full Moon, Purim energy, Easter energies
and Spring Equinox!!! Purim is about getting so intoxicated with Life that
we cannot tell up from down. Good Friday is about moving the obstacles out
of the way and coming into Life. I will be on the internet radio tonight
from the Universal Temple of Higher Consciousness and will refer to some
of the insights from Robert. See link on the Plant Your Dream Blog, 9-11

Your Enchanted Gardener,


Hi Aditya - May the next year bring even greater blessings and positive movement in your life. Even if the Cardinal T/Cross is active, you can find peace and security in multiple realms and do quite well.

Hi Deborah - Your comment inspires me to repost an important article on what you're noting. Look for it in the near future. The future is as bright as we choose to see the light and not the darkness, without being fooled. Difficulties help us overcome old patterns and generate new ones, while fulfilling old karmas so we don't perpetuate them. Jupiter should give ample opportunities to you this year if you're willing to take responsibility to work and generate self-organized behaviors.

Hi robyn - Glad to be of service.

Hi aa - Your Jupiter should acquire a more balanced perfect form expanding your originality and unique genius the next several weeks, revealing a larger process of your own perfection. Renew, regenerate, get a larger view of the interconnections of the process of rhythmic manifestation and dis-integration leading to the next process of perfection.

Hi lisbeth - Thanks for your kind words. You should already be seeing opportunities "at a distance" but readily available. You were done with the old as of last August/September, and since then been learning or relearning what your long range goals really are, figuring out who your allies are, and recently started movement forward. Jupiter will benefit you this year if you get a plan, and by Summer you should be doing just fine. This is the fulfillment of an old vision, and you'll turn to deeper things and a more appealing ideal as of September with a practical understanding of how to engineer it.

Hi Christine - Happy Birthday and Solar Return! Mine's coming soon! You'll get a much wider, more elevated view this year, and succeed in keeping a lot of things going that will be rewarding on multiple levels.

Hi Henry - Your life is going through radical changes lately as a result of ending whatever ended last Summer. You've been finding more your unique expression. Of course the house placement matters; Sun in the 5th is good, and the T into your 8th should boost magnetism for you to capture what you need. Follow through while Mars advances upward, since you begin a way bigger cycle of activity once it hits your Sun and moves into Leo in May-June.

Hi Jim - You're welcome. Welcome to the cantina. This site offers what it can re: what's happening and what we can do to make the best of the tides of time. Please check back in regularly, since I post on all kinds of things.

Hi Larissa - Having been on the road, I couldn't answer you about whether yesterday was good for x, y, or z. I believe you need to be dispassionate and detached regarding anything that seems overwhelming in any given moment, since being overwhelmed is not a good mental or emotional state from which to make important decisions. Start with not giving that person so much power to put you into this state of indecision.

Hi Leslie - Glad I could lift your Spirits, and thanks for the link over at your site. LA was in full bloom, and I have no doubt that San Diego is awesome this time of year, having lived in Encinitas for a couple of years. Keep spreading the light/life, enchanted gardener! The Earth will eventually be restored to its natural beauty once we wake up and do what we must in this "winter of the 21st century" so that life spouts anew in Spring beginning 2025. Until then, we must prepare the ground, get good seeds planted or ready to plant, and keep the weeds from taking over.


Hi Robert,
Thanks for your response and confirmation that i am heading in the right direction, i.e., it's been very hard to implement a plan for myself ( although i am ), when the people on the other end of my life-fulfilling dream, at a distance, are not responding..very busy or afraid to trust? Though I do have an opportunity to move to Fla..visit, work, and regroup, for a feeling of renewal I sorely need. Yet, gifts from spirit have been realigning my path ever since i met someone immensely special, in Nov. '05. An experience where inner vision opens up and delivers an incredible vista of possibility that cannot be denied. So I believe my challenge is a matter of perfecting my own magnetism, that should come from a stable plan; it will be so refreshing when practical benefits begin to show! Again, thankyou so much for your response. Wishing you a wonderful Easter! lisbeth


Hi Robert - THANK YOU!!! Gosh, I needed to hear this so much! I guess my scoprio moon overpowers me, boils... You are wise. and I am naive at times, as much as I am intelligent at work, I am so naive in personal matters so I act on my feelings. I just realized that I have given this person way too much power out of my generocity, I guess. I wish I could have gotten this message earlier, but I am cool now. Thank you.


Hello Robert and family. We had a very sweet Full Moon Group at our home Friday Night. It was very special, as it was the tenth anniversary of our full moon group here in South Dakota. We initiated this group on the full moon of Aries-Libra in 1998. As always, the first article in the packet that I prepare every month for the group readings is by Robert. I just wish he could be here sometimes when my friends read about some aspect and then look at me and say "What does it mean?" (grin)
It seems that the transition into the new age is definitely upon us. I am so glad that better days are ahead. Our glass is half full, not half empty. We also continue to send up prayers for the people of Tibet. Thank you again Robert for your insightful articles that you so freely share. And happy Aries natural new year.


Hi Robert. Did anyone else experience much fatigue just prior to & after the full moon? Saturday I cocooned the entire day just sleeping & watching movies. By Sunday, I started to move about. I'm just really curious.
Libra sun, mercury, venus, mars, neptune & scorpio rising & scorpio moon.

Blessings to you, Robert


Hi lisbeth - Sure. Sometimes people just can't respond for whatever reasons. Other times it's just not the right time. Many are moving now, reorienting for a new long range work. Sometimes practical benefits can only show as a result of our embrace of the unknown, along with patience and perseverance. Thanks for the good wishes.

Hi Larissa - Sometimes it's good to have a buddy to check in with so we don't get too far out on a limb we don't need to be on to begin with. We're all inexperienced in some ways, wise in others. That's why together we're definitely more aware and capable than any of us are separately.

Hi dcu - Great that the Full Moon gatherings continue. I remember the ones in Austin many years ago, so have no doubt that whatever is going on in the Black Hills is also a very good thing. And of course, I'm glad my words can provide guidance and hopefully some inspiration to those who gather in the name of the Earth and all our relations. If I'm ever in the 'hood, I'll definitely check in.....

Hi Bettyann - I'm probably not a good barometer here, since I just got off the road on Friday after 1000 miles in 28 hours and spent all day Saturday resting, which is natural after a lot of miles of hard road.


Thanks again for all the light you give and your words of encouragement.

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