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I honestly think HAARP is becoming a rule.
Here in Spain,it doesn't rain anymore. A full year withous rain. Strange aeroplanes chemtrailing clouds everyday.
Who knows?.
The only thing I know is what I've experienced: heavy rains that it seems they're gone nowadays.
Sunny winter. Sunny spring.
I miss rain. We need water.

Something is changing. Or BEING CHANGED. No doubt.



I saw this story too and thought the same thing about the Ring of Fire. I have noticed since a December earthquake in Paso Robles a few years ago, there has been major consistent activity in the ROF. Like clockwork, a moderate to large earthquake would happen in Japan or Korea merely days or week after an earthquake would happen in the Northwest U.S. area. Vice versa. It's like a terrestrial game of telephone, as the signal/message goes around. The most unnerving/interesting part about the new data from the Oregon swarm is that even the scientists are baffled. No question, I agree, something is brewing.

Is there a connection to the Chinese element of 'earth', as we are in an Earth (Rat) year? Could this mean more powerful earthquakes? Much like the last two years, when fires were prevalent, especially in California, and the Chinese element was Fire.


Hello I share and appreciate your concern regarding the growing # of quakes/volcanos worldwide I am an earth sensitive and am quite aware of the potential danger to the population. Trying to get the scientific community to listen is not always easy. There are many people in the world like myself. We all have different symptoms before quakes & volcanoes.
I wanted really to let you know there is an underwater Volcano off the coast of Oregon in fact that area goes through some interesting patterns of seismic activity. I included one link but the info is out there on the web. Documented scientific evidence there are underwater volcanos in that area. Click on the link to see for yourself read it all. Also there is one under Mexico which USGS has been monitoring for a while now. So be prepared is right. Thanks for bringing up a very important subject. Blessings Sara


Hi Henry - Adapting to changing rain patterns may be one of the most important things to deal with in the future, since it results in areas where things don't grow anymore. Even now whole areas of North America are having major problems with a lack of water, or an imbalance where there are flood/drought cycles, also not a good thing.

Hi Danielle - Yes, it is like some weird form of tectonic telephone. I would think that Fire years bring forth more fire (and did!), so it's reasonable to assume the focus is going to be more on the Earth itself this year and next, and then Metal, which is said to "destroy Earth," though I would rather look at it that Earth gives its substance to create Metal.

Hi Sara - Yes, I discovered I could feel small quakes in LA that others never felt, so some are truly more "Earth sensitive" probably depending on sign emphases. The news report states there are no volcanoes in that area. After researching it, it seems that there was a report of one 300 miles west of Cannon Beach, Ore in 1998, and of course there are massive numbers of vents all over that part of the seabed, but I could find no volcanoes in the part of the ocean where the recent earthquakes happened. At the USGS site I read that all volcanic activity in that part of the world is in the Cascades, which are inland. I knew about the one under Mexico DF, and that's definitely a disaster waiting to happen. If there's a link to somewhere that targets where an Oregon offshore volcano is, please post it.


Here are a few references. Guess the jury is technically out on this underwater Volcano?? Not sure all the evidence is pointing that there is indeed a submarine volcano there. I feel that there is. Just my unoffical opinion. More studies need to be done to have the exact scientific evidence. Meanwhile just an awareness check. Now they are saying that the Mexican underwater volcano does not pose as large a threat??
At any rate being prepared is a good thing. Blessings Sara


Hi Robert ... I lived in San Francisco for 21 years and was there when the big quake his in '89. My understanding is that smaller quakes, even in cluster form, serve to release pressure that might otherwise turn into a big quake. How do you feel about this?



Hi Robert. Have been observing this site for awhile concerning Volcanic activity, as it is connected and all interwoven on the earth. htpp://

Also, Had a dream when I was 20 and same dream at 41(seems like Saturn transit) Tidal wave. Did some research in 2002 and found this.....htpp://

I did not write earlier on this as I considered it was possibly fear inducing, recognising that caution in this extreme world is necessary and its o.k to warn others. I decided I must! I have had dreams like this before, that have occured, i.e earth changes.Amazing to see in a dream, even if a little scary!

We must all follow our hearts and our wisdoms I think!


Aloha Robert,

I was just commenting to a friend today that there are on-going significant shifts occurring this year, as there have been many volcanic eruptions lately. I currently live on Maui and Kilauea on the Big Island is quite active right now. I am getting a strong feeling that there will be a big eruption from her very soon. There was also an eruption in Columbia a couple of days ago. Seems like Earth Mama's changes are a signal to us all to open our hearts and follow Her guidance!


Rober I live in Japan, and have for the last ten years or so, and earthquakes do not seem as frequent, but there a lot of small ones, so here we experience them on a regular basis, but people always talk about the big one they are expecting, cause experts believe we are way overdue, the one they had in 1923 that just raped the whole place, Tokyo had so many fires as a result cause it happened just around lunch time, and there were so many people with fires, i noticed that Indonesia is having so much seismic activity...... in the past couple of years even since the last big one that made stunami waves all the way to Sri Lanka, one of my friends was on the first day of opening his guesthouse in a place that is on the ocean there, and when he opened his doors, the stunami from that earthquake hit, and destroyed what he had built (with his own hands and money for the past few years) everything....


I was wondering if I could ask a question? Venus transit what does that mean? say in reference to global, planetary influences. Blessings Sara


Hi Sara - Thanks for the links. Whether the news is in fact telling us what we need to know, or just repeating the party line of governments that don't want us to know something's up, we all need to stay informed as much as possible to take care of ourselves over the next few thousand days. As for a Venus transit, it could have 10,000 manifestations. I know of no research that links Venus to Earth changes, though of course there may be a correlation.

Hi donna - Well, one school of thought says that every small quake assists in relieving the pressure in beneficial ways. Of course, it could also be said that any slippage merely rearranges the deck chairs as the boat steams toward the icebergs. I believe that plate tectonics is a very complex field, and that all the plates are connected in ways we don't understand. Some slippages may indeed reduce pressure in some zones, but they could also aggravate pressure in other zones. We do know that volcanic eruptions do actually reduce internal pressures, but the jury's out on whether some quakes reduce or increase the likelihood of other quakes.

Hi Felita - Thanks for the link. Actually, if your dreams occurred 21 years apart, it's combining Saturn and Uranus cycles. You could have been picking up on past, present, or future occurrences, since that's the way dreams work. And while I'm not into alarming anyone who comes here, the reality is that we ALL are going to go through some major changes over the next few years, some more than others. That's why it's time to prepare, with foresight and courage, and find our allies with whom we will build for the future.

Mahalo Rhya - The big island is a good indicator of things to come. I have friends on Maui, so you may have allies there as things continue to shake, rattle, and roll. And opening our hearts to the Great Mother is always a good thing! Please report back to us if anything major occurs out there.

Hi Micheline - Japan is also one of the major players in the Earth changes occurring. We are told there probably will be a major event (or three!) in the future, so stay alert and prepared. Make sure you have enough water, food, candles, batteries, and so forth, since once a big quake hits, there will be long lines to get even basic things. I know from personal experience in LA! Mostly fires are not as much a problem as they used to be due to changes in building codes, but unfortunately there are still a large number of buildings in Japan composed primarily of wood. And yes, Indonesia is still highly active, as are huge sections of the South Pacific. And I'm truly sorry your friend lost his home.

Anthony Holdsworth

As a Chinese Astrologer I thought it worth mentioning that it looks like there will be increasing earthquake activity over the next few years.This year of Yang Earth Rat(Water Element - which is Yang with Yin 'root') is indicating that the actual Earth is having it's foundations weakened particularly in watery places - ie. under oceans etc. Hope this might help understanding rather than be scaremongering.


Hi Robert,

As I write this, an Earthquake was reported in the Midwest not far from my home. As usual, I slept through it.

I think I will move to LA.

Interesting, the two months I spent in SF, I never felt a quake.





Hi all - Chicago and the heartland just got hit with a 5.2 that is on the New Madrid faultline. Oh boy....

Hi Tony - Please, by all means keep checking in and offering what you can. This is not doom and glooming - this is offering people a heads up so we may get prepared for something that may or may not be happening not that far down the road. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on the Chinese Astrological perspective.

Hi Helen - Just read about it. Wow. Hang in there, and learn how to surf the waves!

Chickie Farella

Your Highness,

Believe it or not my sister in Chicago just called me with news of an earthquake this morning in Salem, (southern) Illinois. It was a 5.2 that Chicagoans felt the shake rattle and roll!

So here I am getting ready to possibly move back to care for my mother and to escape the near future Southern Cal desert quake!

How does the song go? NO WHERE TO RUN NO WHERE TO HIDE!


That was an helpful comment Tony. Glad I live in the DRY So Cal desert. My ears have been bothering me bit for two days. Thinking there might be another larger quake soon. Inevitable these days. At any rate I am restocking my earthquake kit. Gordon Michael Scallion has an interesting future map of the US and the World in his book Notes from the Cosmos. He really helped with my earth sensitivity. I do a 7 min meditation with my head facing North making sure none of my limbs are crossed and visualize white light entering the souls of my feet and exiting out the top of my head that helps to clear any energy blocks. I would suffer tremendous jaw & ear pain & migraines.Prior to quakes.
Now it is much easier. I still get a symptom before a quake but it is milder and it serves as a warning and I guess that is the purpose of being an earth sensitive. Now if I could only say where the Quakes were going to occur that would truly be a miracle. I have read that there are some people who can use there ears as sort of an antenna ( sometimes we hear buzzing sounds) and try to work out what direction the vibrations of the earth are coming from and that sort of gives them a hint as to the direction the next quake might be centered at. I have been through many quakes and would take a quake over a tornado anyday.Agh
Blessings Sara


Hi Chickie - Maybe they'll make you Official Earthquake Warden up there, given our familiarity with the drill! Just keep your distance from the Sears Tower....

Hi Sara - Earthquakes are definitely associated with "changes of pressure," so ears could be a very accurate diagnostic tool. I saw Scallion's map years ago and can't completely agree with it due to certain geologic realities, but some of it is certainly possible. Glad your quake symptoms still don't cause you unnecessary pain, since the gift is certainly a blessing for advance warning. I suspect "where and when" are about to become "many places off and on." As for quakes vs tornadoes, having been in the immediate vicinity of both, I don't like either of them. Nor hurricanes. While quakes strike fast and things tumble quickly, tornadoes and hurricanes have an ominous sense about them as they approach, and you never quite know which way to go along with others also trying to get away. The superstorms now increasing in frequency and intensity globally are certainly making life interesting (and panicking the insurance industry!) How we adapt will lead to new technologies, new approaches to how we prepare for and deal with disasters, and new understandings of energy redirection.


Hi Robert,am glad you posted this as i have been reluctant to bring this subject up. I moved inland away from the coast for this very reason...lately have felt the many quakes in the pacific region...Vanuatu, Tonga and New Zealand especially....prepare and be aware. I saw a documentary on the Cascade region where a tsunami hit as a result of an earthquake in Japan! The earth is changing more rapidly than we think...check the information on the Gulf Stream and the effects of the fresh water diluting the salt water which would turn off this important temperature regulator and plunge Europe into an ice age as has happened before.Giverny


Hi giverny - Well, though I'm not one to be an alarmist, I also don't believe in sticking my head in the sand when the ground is shaking. We have some things coming which we all need to prepare for, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. There have been more quakes in the Pacific than usual, and yes, we have truly messed up the Gulf Stream and the heat/cold exchange mechanism in the oceans which WILL lead to severe consequences down the road. That's why this year and next we must prepare, find allies, get ready to move through the transition, and definitely overcome fear and help to antidote the general hysteria about the coming changes. This is the time to find sane frames of reference, given the mass illusions around everything from evil aliens in the White House to a global conspiracy to make us all unhealthy and/or wipe out 90% of the human race. And yes, I do understand something about the NWO, chemtrails, UFOs and so forth. I just don't think obsessing about what could be happening (but just as equally may not be happening) is as useful as preparing for the times to come. We cannot fight the beast, but we can join together in love, wisdom, and intelligent cooperation.


Dear Robert and Co!
This topic is actually from top ten scale,and on the world scale...
One day one of the participants of the Forum(Guest book)on the russian religious-philosophical -astrological site wrote about his dream.A "strange" couple came over to him,a man and a woman dressed in skinlike silver and golden clothes.He wondered what kind of material it was -they demonstarated him unusual properties of such material and added that everything is made of, and even gave them the names,which resembled familiar words,being read inversely.
I added/commented:) that the words soil and soul are very much alike,that the word soil in my native Belarusian language sounds glebe,which in its turn means a piece of land near the church(or smth like that) and poetical attitude to land in English. So, you see,Mother Earth(whose Day Eartlings celebrate on April 22) keeps a lot of puzzles for us to solve and riddles to guess,or read(if we recollect the primary,ethymological meaning of this widely used word). The code to them seems to be preserved in\by the human language:"In the BeGinning there IS a Word"...


Hi Svetlana - Wow - What an image! We are told there are other materials and life forms that will present themselves to us in the coming era. Some of this was already offered to humanity, but our paranoid government insists on keeping it locked up and persecuting those who bring forth such things. There are books with pictures and testimony of this, but again, government censorship and news blackouts seem to be the current rule. "Soil" and "Soul" is an interesting etymological similarity.


When I laid to rest on my waterbed, 2nd floor in Los Angeles county years ago, it was not the earth's rumbling that alerted me, it was when it stopped. The big snap would follow. Ride the waves. Love, wisdom, and cooperative intelligence, yes.


Oh my the old trickster is definitely back. Don't know how I got here, but I immediately went out to the news to read about this quake epidemic. Whew! It ain't happening. Details, details. I'm missing them. Why is this site making me laugh more and more as the wisdom shared aids the opening of my consciousness? Must be laughing cat syndrome.


Hi caliban - Yes, cats who laugh are most mysterious wonder workers. I've learned from at least two who knew how to smile, a rare thing indeed. When we find the equipoise of a cat, we know we're well on the way to "enlightenment."

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