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Hi Robert,

I have Lilith at the bottom of my chart in Aries. Eight years ago i put an end to my native home life and took my family East for a career opportunity. That was the beginning of disaster! (didn't know about the lilith back then) Had to end a marriage and then 9-11 was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Is Lilith fate? Am I fated to also sell my family land? Or am i just the black sheep, or a dark lady, or what? Is there anything positive here? I feel like the death star, and this makes me feel like i can't reach out to help people. What work line? What might be your input on that? thanks, kpd


Dear Robert, I don't want to ask too much of you, but I'm getting in line. I have felt the urge to make a job change for a long time but have NO idea what. And I can't afford to go back to school right now. I work for a newspaper and it's interesting but obscure in the world. Not famous or glamourous. The industry is in upheaval and many people are getting laid off. I'm not interested in web design. I have a lot of graphic experience, but truthfully, I'm tired of the technology battle. I have Sun, Moon, Jupiter in 5th Cancer on the cusp of the 6th, with Mercury and Uranus in 6th. (6/29/54 Aqu. rising) I have Scorpio 29 on the MC, which is interesting but I haven't had any inclination to any Scorpio type professions. So far. Pluto is with Venus in my 7th Leo. Okay, I have a lot of assorted issues going on in my life. (You know, with that Pluto on Mars thing.) I haven't been laid off yet. But I have no idea want I want to do- except of course, paint, draw, study astrology, blah blah. You know how that is. I'm in middle age and have already raised my children. I'm ready for something but don't want to sit here waiting for the axe to fall. I've been meditating, looking for signs, leadings and so forth. Nothing. Maybe I'm supposed to be in a holding pattern for a while, I'm not sure. Being a Cancer I've always had trouble making the first move. Any suggestions?
Much obliged my friend....


PS!! Not that I'm looking for famous or glamorous... just something fulfilling and helpful to mankind... V.


Hi kathy - There is much debate about the influence of Lilith. I tend not to give it much thought, since there are plenty of other factors that explain what comes down in a life. I'm sure your marriage ended at times indicated by other planets. And we cannot take 9-11 personally, since that was global karma precipitated by neocons who used it to consolidate their fascist intentions. As for "fate," there are only two things fated: a)to be born where and when you were to your parents, and b)the timing on your choices. Everything else is free will where we learn to steer our boat skillfully or not. This is what often determines outcomes more than things "beyond our control." You can sell your land or not. That's your decision to make based in circumstances and factors arising from prior causes and choices. There is plenty that can positively manifest in our lives if we "get out of our own way," and surrender to the movement into our natural highest path to fulfillment. Whatever must be accepted or renounced must be wholehearted embraced if we are to move into our natural health, wealth, love, and perfect self expression. That usually means smashing the plates in our subconsciousness that jam our gears in the outer world. As for line of work, even a low paying temp gig could land you in training to produce and direct television, so open to possibilities and don't start pulling on your tomato plants because they're not growing fast enough. Find the right thread, and it could lead you into something great if you're diligent and patient. We each have a unique song to sing and skill to offer our world where we will be compensated and appreciated. That's part of the quest for meaning and significance as sentient beings. Embrace the quest, suspend your judgment of what you believe it should look like, and regard it all as an experiment in Truth.

Hi Valerie - You may be helped by things I just said in the comment above this one. You don't need to go back to school to learn skills needed in our world. You may need something not technologically oriented, or this may be an opportunity to get over being tired of whatever and accept the timing on your process of evolving into your true effectiveness. Sometimes we have to wait for conditions to catch up to what we're ready to do. Other times, it's best to find a bridge gig that will feed our wallets while we're getting with a program we haven't yet realized will take us into safe harbor. Strong 5th house emphasis could yield benefits through theater, children, sports, and other 5th house areas. With Scorpio MC, yes, that sign and your Mars influences point the way to your natural profession. In some charts, it would show as success in energy industries; in other charts, someone who restores antiquities or neglected things, or even someone who makes a career in recycling! Take your time, feed your Soul with activities that make you feel strong and confident, and give thanks that you can do something for money as well as something for love without the whip of necessity driving your boat. That seems to be the best of both worlds. Keep meditating and welcoming Spirit to send you the perfect bridge thing to learn and do which could make you money down the road, and relax a little. Impatience or discontent with timing can only frustrate the process. You may be helped by contemplating the teachings of Florence Scovel Shinn or Louise Hay. Also remember that what will be needed by humanity in a thousand days may not occur to you until the timing is right. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."


Thank you!! I know there is a reason for everything, including waiting. The holding pattern isn't entirely intolerable, I just have this urge to anticipate change before it hits me unawares. I really appreciate your comments. And yes, I am reading the wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn just about every day. Namaste :)


Dear Robert,
I have never posted before but feel compelled.I have been struggling with depression for a long time and feel lost and without purpose.I really dont know how to get my life together.I have saturn on my ascendant at 16'Leo forming a grand trine with moon conj chiron in aries and nep conj ven in sag with moon opp pluto in libra forming a kite.Also asc is square merc,mars,uranus conj sun in scorpio 4th hse and n.node exactly conj IC at 3' scorpio.I have undergone major transformations in last ten years and was originally to study law but have also been very drawn to music and theatre but due to various problems have never been able to get on track.Please Help!


Hi Roo - Welcome to "non-lurker" status. Sorry that you're struggling with depression. I assume that's been diagnosed? If not, it may not be depression, but it could be sorrow you don't know how to process and move into a more productive emotional space. Again, I just don't know, since it's your particular situation. You've had a Saturn return where you should have seen what works and what doesn't work for you, and now be living some elements of what you want to do rather than what others told you that you should want or do. I would think that purification and concentration exercises could help, as would meditation and maybe even changing your diet. You may also need practices to detach from getting lost in unhelpful emotional states. You're a fairly high strung genius who needs to learn how to get various parts of your inner and outer reality cooperating with each other, and take steps to find that which you can enjoy without putting more and more pressure on yourself for what is or is not happening according to what you desire. Learn to be as for things as you can be against them, unblock your heart wisdom, maybe practice something like Yoga so you can release whatever is being "depressed," and remember that there is a ton of generic sorrow in the air right now. Sorrow is a much different feeling than depression.


Dear Robert,
Thank you so much for actually replying!I didnt think you really would as you are clearly extremely busy.The accuracy and clarity of your comments is refreshing and inspiring.I do indeed have a deep feeling of sorrow that is always present despite what may be on the surface and not knowing what to do about it has led me to keep it hidden.I have a lot of Spirit energy and difficulty channelling it but All will be revealed im sure!I will attempt to put your advice to good use.Thank you again for caring enough to reply, I also hope to be as active in informing and aiding others in good time.

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