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i've heard people say that it's better to get married while the moon is waxing to full, not waning. thoughts?


Hi dottie - Waxing/waning Moon has less importance than getting the various chart rulers in harmony at a time when it's good to launch a collective adventure. Lunar astrology has importance in some things, but less in others.


Hi Robert, I am trying to find out the time of birth for one man so that you can create a comp chart for us. But again, he is a Capricorn Sun, Taurus moon (good for me)?, since I am a Scorpio Moon, but what bothers me is his Venus is in Aquarius, prerry detached, ha? I am Venus in Taurus. Can you please tell me briefly is this a good union? we are good friends now so far. HIs Mars is i Sag, mine is in Aries. Thank you very much.

Larissa (Aries sun, Scorpio Moon, Taurus Venus & Aries Mars & Jup) Thank you!!


Hi Larissa - Well, with your Moons where they are I can say you can definitely each hold your own with each other! Suns in square can be good for each other, Venus in square usually shows different likes and dislikes, including forms of affection given and received. Friendship is always a good thing, since we should not be intimate with those who are not our friends. Your Moon is probably good with his Sun, as is his Moon with your Venus and your Mars with his Venus, generally speaking.


Robert, could you help me sort out some features in a case study that seem ambivalent to my analysis? In a synastric with both partner's MO on the other's SNode (one exact, one wide); his SU on her ASC, her SU in his 4th; her SA exact on his DSC, his SA in her 10th; a composite chart with the nodes exact on the horizon, NNode rising; composite SA applying widely from the 8th to a 9th SU; JU outside orb of opposition in the 2nd; MO/PL applying to the horizon from the 1st just shy of out of sign MA/UR trailing, also in first....

I had some experience with an 8th house composite SA that give me pause, make me want to expect the worse, but at the same time I would think it possible in a constructive case example for same to provide ground and form for 8th house matters (rather than fear and reserve about getting involved and resistance to sharing assets and life-changing experiences... besides SA has to be _somewhere_ right?)....

My question continues with her SA on his DSC, I mean, she could give form to his partnership needs or be experienced as a burden he resists... especially since this is an Aries SA that she is only now withdrawing from projective function (SA in Aries have deep issues with identity and assertion and often import same thru other forces, that both enable where they feel impotent and restrict where they feel guilt and fear, I find)....

Basic complementarity between these two is there.

I know SA in relatedness can make us feel pause before getting involved in important relationships that are quite significant to us. And that serious partnerships usually involve aspects to personal planets or the angles. Your thoughts please...


Hi Windsor - Well, you've offered a lot of technical material, and so it is helpful to focus our search on specifics. A couple of points for those not familiar with interpersonal astrology. One common trap in chart comparisons is that since there's so much info, what does it all mean, relatively speaking? The 2 main components in chart comparison are Synastry, or how one function works in the other's life, and Composite, which is what the 2 energies make together.

8th house Saturn in any chart shows a strong need to learn how to relate to others, jointly and individually. It could show as a great legacy, or repressions around desires. Yes, it could be fear, or it also could show long term lessons re: maturity and wisdom concerning 8th house matters. Yes, Saturn has to be somewhere, usually exactly where we need to learn to overcome fear in all its forms.

Your assessment of the potential of Saturn on Dsc is accurate. Perhaps Saturn in Aries on the Dsc over time can bring forth autonomy and self reliance in each. Saturn in Aries can show some fear around an autonomous identity that is self initiating. But it's also the power of spontaneous generation of authentic self in pioneering ways out of direct experience. You're also correct that all "serious partnerships" involve tight contacts to planets or angles across the charts. It's easily shown in the comparisons of the charts of children and their parents, and of course those we form relationships with, since if there were no significant contacts we would have no significant relationship to their hologram.


Thanks Robert, that feedback was helpful. I have SU conjunct DC and a completely unaspected MO so little wonder I've felt drawn to study composites and synastry. I like to examine composites alone, with transits and the composite viz individual natals. Fascinating, yummy stuff. Well... ha! ... to me it is ...

BTW, I totally appreciate and admire how much you dialogue with your readers and I'm real glad to have found your site.


Hi Robert - big thank you!!!


Hi Windsor - You're welcome. Glad you're into contributing as part of this community. We're a pretty gentle, open bunch here from all over the world with a wide background in all kinds of skills and professions. With your Sun on the Dsc, your light comes from examining equal relationships of all sorts, and you can illuminate others as well, helping them integrate in the interpersonal realm.

Hi Larissa - You're most welcome, of course.



ME- 6/19/78

HIM - 10/08/76


Astrology Novice

Hello Robert
Can you please explain to me the concept of 2nd marriage having to do with the 9th house in the chart? What is the connection between the 9th house & the 2nd marriage? Does it have anything to do with 'derived houses'? Appreciate it.


Hello Robert,
I was wondering if you could give me a bit of insight into my marriage with a Scorpio Sun/Gemini Moon/Cancer rising man. I'm a Sagittarius Sun/Cancer Moon/Pisces rising female and for about a year now my husband and I have been going through some difficult times in our marriage. We married very young and have been married for two and a half years now. It seems as though we never understand each other anymore and we're constantly arguing about everything. Our relationship has gotten incredibly serious and heavy-toned with no more periods of fun or excitement. He's always telling me I'm too sensitive and I've always known I can indeed be a sensitive individual (cancer moon, heh), but at times I feel like he can be a very distant and detached person who is never willing to admit he could be wrong in a situation. Anyway, could it really be that I'm just a wimp or should he be trying to fix issues with himself?

Thank you so much for your time.


Hi Venus - "Best of friends" is always good for starting and maintaining a long term relationship. "Being sure" is a function of time in that we can never know what another will choose along the way, or what changes we'll go through. But we can resolve to be honest and honorable each day we're together, cutting as much slack as possible and being as understanding as we can be. Remember that it takes two to make a relationship work, and his relationship with his children and their mom is an important factor. His daughters could become your best friends depending on how young or old they are. Teens are often jealous, hormonal, and manipulative, while very young girls can be wonderful if there's no mischief making from the ex and you're clear that you're not replacing mom. At least you're both through your Saturn return. I note that you're both Full Moon people, which is interesting. Your aspects could combine quite favorably, though your mutual Leo/Scorpio energies would have to be worked through from time to time so that you both don't fall into rigid patterns that lead to difficulty.

Hi Astrology Novice - I'm not sure where or when the various secondary house meanings were established, but yes, the first marriage (and all equal relationships) are ruled by the 7th house, the second marriage by the 9th, the third by the 11th and so forth, just as the first sibling (regardless of who actually came first in the family) is ruled by the 3rd, the second sibling is the 5th, the third is the 7th and so forth. Derived houses are more along the line of reasoning that follows: our 8th house, being the 2nd from the 7th, shows the partner's values, our 3rd house, being the 9th from the 7th, shows their philosophy, and so forth. The values of the second marriage would be our 10th, the future of the third marriage would be our 7th (9th from the 11th), and so on. As you can see, it's not exactly the same, though derived houses are dependent on which house we start with to fix the focus of what is called "the significator." The planets ruling the various houses and what house they're in are extremely important in this type of analysis.

Hi Jackie - It's very hard for me to offer significant info on compatibility in a comment stream. Just too many variables, some astrological, some psychological, some very, very human. When not functioning at its best, Scorpio can be a contentious sign, and Cancer tends to take things too personally. Your combination of signs could make for a good relationship, but only if he learns what he likes rather than focusing on dislikes, and you stop letting others drain you needlessly. With Moon in Cancer, you love a settled home; with Moon in Gemini, he's much more restless than you. As for him calling you "sensitive," this is definitely a case of the pot calling the kettle black. With Cancer rising and Sun in Scorpio, he's EXTREMELY sensitive. Enough said. I think you need to play to your Sun in Sag illumination and power. Sun in Sag needs a liberating vision, humor, play, freedom, adventure, and all the other Sag things. Find security in caring for yourself, finding safe spaces where you can grow into a greater knowledge. You may need advanced schooling in some skill that could help you flower in the public arena. You could become a very well known public figure (despite your desire for privacy!) And of course he needs to work out his issues, since we all need to own our part in any relationship. But he has to do it on his own initiative, without bouncing off what you are or are not doing. And if there is no friendship and no activities creating happy experiences so there are no happy memories or future affinities being generated, well, connect the dots.....


Your absolutely right about being "for sure". I've learned through much difficulty, heartache, and pain that nothing in life is ever for certain. But... Change. People come in our lives for so many reasons, and our Emotions sometimes get in the way of letting go when we must!...
I also found it interesting that we are Full Moon births, and YES thank heavens we are through the Saturn Return!!! But Saturn has been weighing heavy on my Mars, and its no easier!! (Sometimes I stare up at the sky, and ask for a break!! Dear Mr. Saturn, Mr. Pluto, and Mr. Mars please give a break!!!) Smile...
I'm gonna read more about our Leo/Scorpio energies. But his daughters are 7 and 8, their mother left them with him...
Well... I've decided to take my time though, too many inner and outer changes still taking place with me. I'll just keep enjoying our friendship and see where it goes!!
Thanks again Robert,
Peace & Blessings to you.




Hi Robert, regarding my previous message: thank you for your response. But somehow I try to feel detached and can't. Sorry. I think his Venus in Aquarius is so aloof, although as attractive as it seems to most, it is very stressful to me, since I wish closer contact. Otherwise, the man has such soothing effect on me. My possessiveness of desire to be together in the given moment and his detached attitude is confusing to me, yet he need to be in control. (Cap sun, Taurus moon he is). I am Aries, Scorpio moon). Everythng for him is friendship, but i need more and sooner). Thank you.


Hi Robert,

I was wondering if you could provide your perspective and insight into a marriage contracted on January 5, 2008. From eyeballing the planetary placements of that day it appears to be a very unfortunate date for initiating a new life journey, due to numerous harsh aspects (within a 2-3 degree orb) between various planets. The moon and venus both square saturn and uranus, though the uranus aspect has a slightly wider orb. Mars is retrograde and opposes Pluto, Saturn too is retrograde, and Pluto holds a wide conjuction with moon and venus.

My take on this particular wedding chart is that the marriage will quickly prove to be highly destructive due to constant criticism, lack of love, power struggles, etc. dominating. I would even hazard to guess that it probably will and should end quickly (unless the individuals involved are truly masochistic).

What is your opinion with respect to the aspects of this chart and the future of this marriage.


Hi Venus - Well, the gift of uncertainty is that it teaches us to take nothing for granted. And sometimes, due to free will, people who once were our best friends can fall under the spell of a delusion, or a lizard, or a karmic trial, and become strangers in a New York minute. The planets that traditionally show difficulties are the very ones that teach us Grace, Dominion, and Purifications so we may embrace God-As-Transformer. As for the girls, they're at the perfect age to need an adult female mentor, so circumstantially you could be on really solid ground. They still have several years before the hormones kick in, so enjoy them while you can!;-) Glad you are in a position to enjoy/cultivate the dance, since it to quote the last line of "Casablanca," "....this could be the start of a beautiful friendship...."

Hi Larissa - You may be longing for something that can only be fulfilled in a certain way and a certain time by a certain person, and so it may be time for you to chill out a little. It would be good for you to practice detachment anyway, since it will help you not get attached to whatever brings turmoil. And you must learn to cultivate the friendship or you'll continue to be tossed and turned by the natural twists and turns of relationships that makes one happy or sad. No one should give their power to another to precipitate happiness or sadness that lasts one moment longer than it takes to detach from the source of such inner instability. Cultivate your highest Self, and eventually you'll find yourself looking at someone who could be a friend and much more.

Hi Debra - This is more complex than can be addressed in a comment stream. I don't know the Ascendant of the chart, I don't know the natal or progressed factors of the participants, and so should not generalize about something so crucial to two or more lives. A marriage chart with difficult aspects that mirror one or both people can show very positively if they have transmuted that aspect in their individual lives. While I personally would not get married with a Moon/Venus square Saturn with Mars RX, others could find that's a good time for them to learn what they need to from the relationship to turn away from heaviness, criticisms, and repressed energies. Also, don't underestimate the favorable factors in the chart for 5 Jan 08 such as Sun sextile Uranus and Jupiter trine Saturn, the latter harmonizing Saturn that could release favorably through Moon/Venus which I believe are strengthened by Neptune. Also remember that separating aspects show things in the past, so even though Mars is opposed Pluto, it shows past stuff, not future stuff. It may be retriggered from time to time by transits, but it's waning in influence, not waxing. Saturn RX is probably one of the best retrogrades, especially dispositing and trining Jupiter. The wide conjunctions with Pluto shows the woman is a truth seeker on a Spiritual quest, also not necessarily a bad thing, since she probably has Pluto prominent in her natal chart. And of course, in the final analysis, I just don't know enough about the natal and progressed factors to hazard any legit assessment. And if they're not "Twin Flames," then sooner or later this life or another they'll go their separate ways.


Thank you Robert. Trust me, i am working on it, as difficult as it is. You have no idea how i would like to switch moon scorpio moon for anything else in the world. it is some punishment.



Thank you for your prompt reply and feedback.

I do not know the actual time of the Jan 5, 2008 wedding or the bride's birth date but the groom's DOB is Sept 8, 1960 (time unknown).

Since March 2007, Uranus has been transiting direct and retrograde in exact (and up to 2 degree orb) opposition to the groom's sun degree. Given this and the recent eclipses on the Virgo/Pisces axis since 2006, a change in relationship(s) status was definitely in order. The marriage itself was, however, very possibly entered into impulsively without proper consideration for long term consequences.

Though the groom is highly intelligent and naturally cautious for the most part, he does possesses a T square natally between mercury, mars and jupiter. How it manifests in his life is he often assumes too much, tending to miss crucial facts at critical times, and therefore jumps to faulty decisions and/or conclusions from time to time.

Given his solar chart and the very difficult transits he has been living through for the past number of years (particularly Pluto), my thoughts are that this marriage was not actually in his best interests for long term happiness. The planetary placements of Jan 5, 2008 would seem to reinforce that, even with the few positive aspects existing on that date.

I think, given the transits, the decision made was probably premature and should have been put off until after Pluto completed its transit in Sagittarius. The reasoning being, he was still in the final stages of subconsciously processing information, reflecting, winding down and wrapping up the latest chapter of his life.

With Pluto's entrance into Capricorn at the end of January 2008, he is/was slated for new beginnings in his love life, with much happier relationships transpiring. Now, however, due to the marriage of Jan 5, 2008, it would seem he has actually chained himself to the past with all its difficult relationship challenges, rather than releasing them and moving forward into more positive and harmonious relationships.

What are your views given the information provided above?


Hi Larissa - You're welcome. Perhaps you need to work with the depth of your Moon, and transmute the negatives through mindfulness practices. There is NO planetary position that doesn't yield power and goodness when transmuted.

Hi Debra - Much of what you say could be true, though of course it's not good to speculate about motives, what-ifs, and so forth. Again, if this analysis is an academic exercise it's too much to discuss in a comment stream, and if it's a personal thing it would be unethical for me to discuss it.


Yes, Robert, I will. And I also will avoid people with Venus in Aquarius, for good, those folks act to attract and then can't handle it or suddenly change the course. They hurt people. If someone is aloof - why won't they just stay where they are and try not to act to attract others, if they have no emotions at all.


Thanks Robert.

The analysis made was purely academic though the groom is known to me professionally, hence the observations with respect to his behaviour.


Hello Robert,

I have a dilemma. I have met & fallen in love (not something I take lightly or for granted) with a man in the space of 5 weeks. He is younger than me by 11 years, he recently separated from his wife & has a young daughter. We are quite different yet share similar loves.
This has all the hallmarks of "big mistake" written on it yet I am compelled to see it through to whatever conclusion it comes to. My fears & anxieties rear it's many heads & as a result I test my new man. For the most part I am aware & own my behaviour.
My fear is that our "love" is highly idealised & simply an illusion, that I am his guide in this time of adjustment & finding himself.
I appreciate the ethics of not looking at someones chart without their permission.... however, could you please look to the boundaries of that?
Him - 31/12/76 Adelaide, Australia
Me - 25/7/65 Adelaide, Australia.

Thanks Robert.


“He recently separated from his wife & has a young daughter”

Ms. Jules he needs time to heal, be still and trust your intuition. I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t enjoy the shared moments together but don’t push for too much more. While you want to be in love, to share your intimate feelings, he needs time alone to himself. Good Luck!


Hi Jules - Well, I'm always wary of "falling in love," since I'd rather cultivate a friendship so that if there is to be intimacy, it's with a friend rather than someone who is not a friend. In this case, how "separated" is the other person? What 81 told you is probably sane advice, given the uncertainties of the other person's motives, emotional weaknesses and strengths, and the timing of the separation. "Recent" means one thing if 9 months or a year; it means something else if it's been 3 to 6 weeks, if you know what I mean. Some wounds are more raw than others, and you certainly don't want to subject your own tender feelings to the chaos of someone else's emotional turmoil if it's there. Also keep in mind that (I assume) you met while Mars was opposition Jupiter, which can lead to oppositions or awarenesses, depending on how each handles their part of the oppositional energies. Much can be seen in the chart for the time you met each other. He's 31, which is a crisis year anyway. Things should become much clearer in his life between June and August, so be patient, be a friend, be a man of wisdom and strength, and do not fear, since if it's true you cannot lose it, and if it's not, you cannot hold on to it. And of course, to echo 81, Best of Luck, since we usually don't know ahead of time when true love will come to stay.


Hello Robert

In the spirit of partnership regardless of romance, marriage/business, How would one interpret a composite chiron at 27 sag in the 7th house and a progressed composite chiron at 26 sagitarius 5th house. And where does the galactic center figure in?

many thanks for insights on this.



Hi gg - I tend not to use prog house positions. Falling in the 7th it could mean a healing into the Higher Self through the pair taking a Sag approach to partnerships and equalness in relationships. The GC will manifest in the equal interactions that open the pair to galactic perspectives. I would probably look more to the rulers of the individual and paired 7th houses to figure out what drives the interactions. Also, it matters if a different sign is on the 7th than the Chiron position. Many other factors as well, but that's not for this stream.


Hi Robert

Can you tell me how I can recognise twin flames in 2 charts please?




Thanks Robert. I have done a synastry chart for the two people I mentioned and it is excellent in terms of a marriage. However I`m not sure how to look for that elusive twin flame factor.


Hi Ria - It is better not to glamorize relationships with any baggage of titles or assumptions. Cultivate the friendship and Eternal factors will become clear. Even the most compatible of charts will crash on rocks if they are not friends. Even severe synastry conflict between charts can be used to further Eternal good. EVERYTHING depends on the friendship.


Hello Robert,

I've been an avid reader of your site for a couple of years now. Of course, it would be THIS topic that would motivate me to actually brave making a comment.

I've been in a 5-year relationship with a beautiful, conflicted man who, after 15-year marraige and divorce (5 1/2 years ago), is really quite afraid of letting himself completely love again. It's been a really challenging five years. My guides tell me he is my husband. But so much of what is happening on this plane is making me question that. (sorry guides!).

Could you take a look at our compatibility, please? and any additional wisdom?

He: January 9, 1960 (Brooklyn, NY)
Me: March 26, 1972 (Mackenzie (or Georgetown), Guyana).

thank you, Robert.


Hi Faith - What you want would require a private session, since there's just too much to go into in a comment stream, plus I doubt you'd want me to discuss such things in a public space. That said, he's had a decent amount of time to resolve old inner business from the past relationship if he did his psychological work. Issues of "letting oneself completely love again" can be clarified quickly as well. What I told Ria above also applies here. Either you two have a friendship or you don't. Either you can be yourself with the other or you cannot. Either you are good to and for each other or you're not. And where there is genuine love and friendship, respect and affection, then you have a winner!


Hello Robert,
This is Jackie. You replied to my comment almost two years ago in April of 08' and I just wanted to thank you for your advice. The Scorpio man and I split up a year ago and it's been wonderful! haha But, of course, I wish him the best in everything.
I happened to be dabbling online looking over astrological forums and 'randomly' pounced onto my own entry on this website. I never realized you wrote me back.
Anyway, thanks for your help and that would definitely be grand if ever I were to be put in the public eye. ;) Perhaps, my music career will take off!

Thank you so much again for caring.


Hi Jackie - Sure. That's the advantage of checking in here from time to time. Just never know what you might find!!


Hi Robert,
This question is more about family planning and synastry. We want to have a second child, and I noticed that (if I get pregnat around the next few months) by the time the baby would be born, saturn in libra will be either in conjunction with my moon or with my son's sun.

I didn't plan my first pregnancy according to planetary positions and we all have a rather positive synastry, but this really caught my attention and I feel the Sat-Sun conjunction would be more constructive than a Sat-moon, not only for each one but for the family dynamic. Of course, the baby will be born when is the right time, beyond any careful panning, and that is alright. Still...I'm curious.

I am Pisces sun/ Libra moon (7°)/ Virgo rising, my husband is Sag sun/ Taurus moon/ Capricorn rising and our son is Libra sun (12°)/ Leo moon/ Virgo rising.

I'd really love to hear your thought about it! Thank you


Hi Robert I'm planning to get married some time during the next year or two and really liked your take on how to "marry" the three charts together( that of marriage itself and of both the partners)... Do you do potential marriage charts for people to see when a good date n time would be, and if you do how much are they and how do I get the info to you?

confused aries

hi,can u provide me sum insight into his very confusing relationship sort of thing tht i want with this guy,my sun and mercury fall in his 12 house an his sun and mercury fall in my 7 house.We also have very strong pluto connections(his pluto opp my sun 0.56 orb and my pluto opp his sun 1.25 orb) apart form pluto ,we have a strong neptune connection with my neptune opp his venus .our personal planets are not tht closely linked apart.we have met online and live in diff cities,so face to face connection is very restricted and this all has ended up confusing me :-( .my gut feeling says tht he will end up hurting me ,wht shall i do ?

confused aries

plz plz say sumthing :-)


Hi Confused - I'm on the road. This is more than I can answer right now AND you haven't given me anything of substance to work with. You will feel hurt if he's not into it. Cultivate the friendship! Then you'll know.

confused aries

thanks for u r reply and i did try the friendship but the danger was tht i was getting more and more involved and he seemed to be just the usual :-(.anyway our dob information is mine -9 april 1982 11:03 PM.jullundur (India) and his 19 june 1980 3:05 am chandigarh,india.Btw have a nice trip :-)

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