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Happy Birthday, Robert!

So well put the above, entirely resonant. Thank you.

The transpersonal, of course, involves the eruptions of events such as 21st-century warfare. Unlike before, everyone alive is truly implicated, even though to begin with, we did not initiate it.

It would seem that the Net generation is finding difficulty dealing with the flood of images and 'information' - and seem to act as if 'reality/realties' are not screened. Baudrillard...

It is a bit worrisome to see the changing of consciousness that way barely within the span of a generation - 17 years of the Net and all kinds of electronic screens, in addition to the projected screen of Plato's cave. The man/butterfly dream/awakeness Daoist challenge continues to apply.

Teachers have taught, yourself as well, that there are times when we can only be gentle presences - never has any consciousness been changed if the owner was not ready, or willing. We pray for ourselves and the world.

Renewal in everyday things can continue. And we can be a boon or a hindrance to all that.

Might you have a future article on the shift of the world axis to the Aquarius-Leo nodes? I am Aquarius Rising, with my North Node in Aquarius.



I'm currently finding myself at the short-end of people's tempers relating to resources sharing. People are either infuriated, perplexed, wary, blissed out or envious of me. I'm putting this into my report!! Anyways, i'm currently without a permanent home and am constantly contemplating whether my existence in this realm has any purpose or validity that comes from MY energy strata, knowledge, and values system. Not that which is karmically echoed into the minds of those who think they KNOW me. The me that is present, not past.

This Pluto in Capricorn year is turning out to be very destabilizing.

Aye, yai, yai.

Michael St.Clair

Dear Robert

been studying your perception of things for a while now. It is excellent and I am glad we are not so alone in what we are SEEING.

As a Krishnamurti student and more mundane type seer astrologer I come to similar conlusions and wanted simply to thank you for your persistent work and for your vision. And A Happy Solar Return!!

My view on the TIBET issue... I feel the ancient masters have perhaps done some things not quite right. If it was to be replayed, well, next time, the lesson is i guess, we must hold the safe places on earth, whatever the cost?

I see an ET element in it, Tibet magis were found dead in Berlin in 1945 etc, and there was probably a UK Royal (Reptilian) crown agreement with China to invade Tibet, and we now see the consequences 60 years later. Something like that? Where are the Nordic ETs when we need them? They dont get involved on earth anylonger until better times in 2020... thats my summary...

The Andromedans say; "We originally created this whole reality." Not sure. I have many questions... I answered in my two books to some of my own questions, but I have more questions...

Respectful Regards to you Robert
OM Mani Padme Hung

- Michael


All that above said, above being said, said so said...I will fing myself in foreign lands.


what does it mean when you can't get a certain person out of your head even though there's no other reason for them to be there other than ... the same old, stagnant, reason of longing...

what planet is the lord of the mental unrequited, lustful addictions in relationships?


Hi Robert,am wondering what the meaning of important planets to be activated on one s SR birthday? As it is ,I spend mine at the hospital,been very ill.....Hope to get more clarification on this subject please...
Thank you


It's almost like we are related. My theme these past twenty years or so is "Do the next, right, indicated thing" and it has served me well. Whether I want to or not, I just do it because it's what needs to be done. It has relieved me of selfishness, it has shown me that I am bigger than my own petty desires, it has brought me more compassion and it has made me more gracious. I did not want to leave the Virgin Islands for Los Angeles, but my Mom needed me. I was there almost 7 years and sometimes I cried at night, with my passport under my pillow... but as I look back on that chapter, I am glad I did the "right, indicated thing"... God bless your blog, Robert.

 Isabel Nobre

Dear Robert,

This is an amazing and excelent article, and it somehow feels so FAMILIAR to what we feel and practice already in our lifes!

In our study group, I read the article yesterday (directly into Portuguese) and all the group felt so akin to what you expound.

If only there will be a critical mass of people living these truths... Sometimes one does feel as if two different "sorts" of Humanity are still sharing the space: one of these kinds is open to change and going with the flow, the other is still resisting and sometimes turning their fear and ambitions into agressiveness..

Anyway, congratulations for the article!



Hi sook - Yes, ALL of us will be involved in the rebuilding of the Earth's support systems, whether evolved or not, part of the cause or totally dedicated to the solution. The problem with too many images and too much information is that humans tend to shut down when overloaded, and just assume that "whatever is whatever" which obviously doesn't help discrimination between the real and the unreal. Evolution is accelerating, and we're somewhat in the position of many species which will disappear if we don't learn how to manage the ecosystem. Not that humanity will vanish, but many will have to adapt in short time under less than ideal conditions. Those who do not adapt will leave. Some of those who do adapt will leave. Many of those who adapt will be here to help the rebuilding. Being a gentle presence is the only way to live amidst the cacophony. Will try to do something on the Nodes' positions in the future.

Hi Damien - Well, some of what you describe can be attributed to the recent Sun square Mars. I had a "permanent home" once upon a time, then didn't have a "permanent home" for over 12 years, and now seem to have a "permanent home" once again. Our existence absolutely has purpose and validity, but we must find it, since no one else can recognize it. And we must first realize, then apply what we know, before we get really clear about what our purpose is and is not. AND! Sometimes our purpose changes due to local conditions as part of our larger dharma. It exists apart from what others think, or even what we think. Since we don't really know ourselves, how could any other? As for instability, to quote myself, "flexibility is a virtue in an age in transition." And sometimes foreign lands can be found a mile away, as well as a thousand.

Hi Michael - Your own site is interesting, and one of the few I've found that realizes the importance of the Emerald Tablets. We are definitely on similar vectors in many ways. I do not feel the Masters did anything wrong. The Tibetan diaspora corresponds to the activation of the Global Brain, since they are a race of telepaths (some more evolved than others, of course) and their spread throughout the world parallels the spread of the Internet. Also, what has happened there was inevitable (and obviously foretold), since the ancient records had to be moved and decentralized, which they were in the 50s, if we are to accept some of what Rudhyar postulated in "Occult Preparations for a New Age," an amazing work in itself.

Yes, we are building community, both local and global, and finding our way to each other via the web and whatever "spiritual" practices we do that join us with others of like minds and hearts. I tend not to play to a desire thought form that our friends from outer space will "rescue us," since ultimately that puts pressure on the Prime Directive in unhealthy ways. Nor do I believe in evil ETs, only because we have plenty of evil in our own world generated by delusional humans gone over the top egoically. Much of what has been asserted about the "good v evil ETs" is a rehashing of the Genesis myth, which we must shatter if humanity is to move beyond obsolete and barbaric ways of relating to Earth and each other. We were blessed at "the beginning of time" by the Lords of the Flame from Venus, the Kumaras, who gave infant humanity the gift of enlightenment. Too bad we are regarded as juvenile delinquents by the more evolved consciousnesses of our Solar system and galaxy. You can find out the straight story by checking out "The Secret Doctrine," the source material for all we know of such ancient matters, recent books notwithstanding.

I believe the 4 mile long by 1 mile wide "mothership," along with the smaller ones recently seen by hundreds over a part of redneck Texas south of Ft. Worth was a good sign. But for the most part our paranoid control freak culture would rather shoot at them than welcome them. 2020 marks the beginning of the end of the "winter of the 21st century," with 2012 the midpoint. By 2025 we'll all be in a better place, even if the suffering of many will be extreme between now and then. The work will be one of restoring homeostasis between the biosphere and all its creatures.

Hi Robyn - Sometimes there nothing to do but move on into new ideas and perceptions and feelings so the old habits and their memories die a gradual but much needed death. The more we struggle with certain things, the more strength we give them. If you long for someone, detach from the form and explore what in that image you desire. You can certainly find the embodiment of that desire in other forms, and when you do, you can thank that old form for yielding new forms more appropriate to you. I would think a combo of Venus and Saturn "rules" anything associated with "unrequited, lustful addictions in relationships?" Though strictly speaking Mars rules "lust," Venus rules our vanities and what we believe we like, and Saturn rules the chains that keep us in unfulfilling habits and attachments.

Hi ann - Sorry to hear you're ill. Could be a sign to take care of yourself better than you have. As an aside, since we all have Aries energies somewhere in our charts, Aries tends not to note such things until we just cannot do what we were doing. My SR clearly indicates my next year is a time for rest, rebuilding, regenerating, and gathering my medicine preparing for things to come in 2009. Heal what you must, and take time to enjoy your aliveness.

Hi Jan - Well, you probably wouldn't love this site like you do unless we were related somehow! Yes, whether we want to or not, sometimes we just have to gird our loins and do what we must. Even that approach shatters selfishness, since by doing what we don't necessarily want to do we learn detachment from our desires and learn focus on the momentary and long term dictates of dharma (whether we understand it at the time or not). Since "the moving finger writes, and having writ, moves on" it's always better to take the time to care for our loved ones in the moment, since they may or may not be there the next time we look around. And blessings to you, my dear.

Hi Isabel - Glad the article could find a receptive audience in your group. It articulates some key points we all must master as we move through this impermanent reality. Not everything is possible for us, though many things are if we can just find the right point of view. And you touch on an important point in the evolution of our planet. It has been said in "The Magic of Space" that in the next larger era (which I believe is coming about 35,000 years from now, though of course I could be wrong) that the Earth will no longer be composed of chemical substance, but will evolve into a 7-frequency entity where astral substance will be the most dense plane of existence. At that time humanity will have split into two "humanities," those more evolved, those less evolved, and all working together to bring about a more harmonious reality as the entire system evolves on what I term "the path of return."

We are past the densest point in evolution, and all that we are troubled by at present are the aftershocks of mismanagement, misunderstanding, and fear based beings clinging to "the heresy of separateness," as the Tibetan has termed it. So you're right that there are in fact two humanities now moving on different evolutionary vectors. While some will be culled and find themselves on different evolutionary schemes (on whatever planetary frequency they find themselves) others more of the nature of our gentle Earth will continue here to be assisted by evolved humanity to restore their divine state of consciousness.

 Isabel Nobre


I see we are both very inspired by HPB!

All the best in this our common endeavour to DO OUR UTMOST in this Quest...



Hi Isabel - Enjoy today's reposting of something I wrote a while ago about that most remarkable woman of the past 2000 years.


The prison of life and the bondage of grief
are one and the same
Before the onset of death,
how can man expect to be free of grief?

dear brother! you r always helping us ... very good article my friend :)

whatever touches us personaly it tend to bring change and we are running out of that instaned we need to explore and move a few step to evolve and feel the change .... change is always here for good but we dont take chance of it!




You always have exactly what I am supposed to read at a certain time or is it that I know that there is something I need to hear and know I'll find it here. Either way, the synchronicity, doesn't cease to amaze me. It happens very often. Thank you so much and may this new cycle bring you all that you seek and deserve. I am sending you lots of grateful positive energy. Much respect and admiration. -Eric


Hi AceStar - Brilliant verse. And truer than true, if my experience is any measure. As I've written, "The price of love is grief." Since one of us must leave before the other, the one who is left grieves to honor the love that was shared. The blessing is that both can learn to love unconditionally as a result of the loss. The one in the body can learn unconditional love despite the lack of the form of the beloved. The one out of the body IS Divine Love Itself, unencumbered by the 5 senses and the mind. You're right that we need to sit with the moment and go deeper amidst the changes. Then we shall know the Friend.

Hi Eric - Thanks for your kind words. Perhaps your subconscious knows it can find what it needs here, and so when I post, your inner knowing leads you back to the cantina. Remember that we're all more connected than most suspect. And I'm truly glad my words resonate with what you need to read. Hear here!


Hi Robert,

I've been reading here for about a year and had to finally de-lurk and say hello! I truly value the work you do and appreciate your efforts. Best wishes to you and yours and Happy (slightly belated) Birthday!


Timothy 05/11/59 11:56 am Warren, Ohio


Hi Timothy - Thanks for checking in with greetings. With your birthday, you're going to do very well this year and next. You're hitting the Double Climacteric this year, so say goodbye to speculations and distill wisdom from your life experiences up to now. If it works, it's true for you. If it doesn't, it isn't. Display your stabilizing gentle power in the public realm.


Bravo- another timely and fantastic bit of wisdom for all of us seekers out here in Earth School, thank you. Hope you had a fab Solar Return/Birthday!


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