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Terms of Viewing/Using Material Published or Sold on This Site

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The problem is that none of the scientists can explain why the ice caps on Mars are melting. What has our atmosphere to do with that phenomenon? We have had a very cold spring this year and the data on world temperature shows the world cooled off last year. The problem with science is that most of the theories are simply that - theory. I personally believe the atmospheric changes are more to do with where the solar system is currently strolling through the galaxy. The Mayan long cycle puts us ever closer to the galactic center and that may be putting more energy on the entire solar system - but I am not a scientist and don't know. One drawing I saw visually depicted the galactic center as a flat line with the solar system on a curving line that flows up and down in motion over time. The solar system is a speck compared to the vast galaxy. While there is nothing wrong with trying to clean up the planet to make the food and water more safe, I don't think it will matter one bit when it is time for the planet to flop on its side to rebalance itself, or blow itself up with earthquakes to release pressure. This whole business of climate change seems like another way for big business to make a lot of money. Everything is regulated - for what? Who benefits?? Now even the damn tires will be federally regulated because someone had a flat tire. Good grief! When will it end? When we are completely bankrupt. You can take almost any government policy (policing) and trace it back to someone's lawsuit or some businessman's scheme to make money off the backs of taxpayers the world over. People everywhere have been using the toilet for millions of years, and consuming food, and burning fires, and mountains have spewed lava. This fear mongering has got to stop before the idiot elitists decide to kill off half the world's population "to save the planet" for themselves!


I wish I could get past the suspicion that the concerns for the earth's atmosphere is driven by merchants who feel they can't get their hands on enough product to sell. I wish I could get past the idea that the only changes that are going to occur with the earth are a large part of adaptation of the species and that the earth or natures response to a massive itch. Humans have always thought that because they are made in the image of God that they should do Godly things. In this case I think the best thing people can hope to do is hunker down and be prepared to pay through the nose for these massive changes. A good way to stop part of the madness would be to outlaw the war in the middle east. That should save a few gallons of fossil fuel and cool things off a bit.


Hi Pat - Well, I'm not sure we know enough to equate what's going on with two bodies that are between 50 and 100 million miles apart at any given moment, though I am willing to accept there is much going on with the Sun that is not easily explained by our limited measuring devices. Some Springs on Earth have been very cold, others much warmer than usual, especially north of the Arctic Circle and south of the Antarctic Circle. Don't know of any data that show the world cooled last year. Everything I've read indicates exactly the opposite except for certain local areas. It's fairly well established that the Arctic Sea no longer completely ices over where it used to, and the satellite photos clearly indicate the Larsen and Ross Ice Shelves in Antarctica are perilously thin, jeopardizing the glaciers just behind them. This is definitely happening at least partially because of excess Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere.

There may also be a Solar Systemic or even Galactic influence, but I'll go with what we can concretely measure right now, such as the amount of slippage each year of the Greenland ice cap. It has been accelerating radically in recent years if a lot of measurements are to be believed. The Mayan long cycle isn't putting "us" closer to anything. The movement of the Earth relative to the Sun relative to the Galactic Center is what's putting us in line with that cluster of black holes.

Actually, I believe that EVERYTHING we do or don't do matters to All-That-Is. It may or may not "make a difference" regarding the Earth's inevitable changes, but doing nothing is not an option if we want to live a sustainable reality. While Earthquakes have been happening since the beginning, we do have choices how to handle such disasters, separately and together. Big business will always try to take advantage of all it can. But they very well could be the engines of change that can redirect some of the momentum away from the brink of self-extinction. So what if they make money if we can reduce the carbon imprint which is impacting the environment in major ways? While I agree the entire concept of profit without conscience is a lousy way to run a world, perhaps what's coming is a much needed wakeup call so we can begin to structure a long term sustainable reality.

Hi Mary - Of course they're trying to profit as much as possible off everything. And yes, the Earth does have more than one itch to scratch which will impact its life forms in dramatic ways. We're actually all learning that we all hang together or else we most assuredly will all hang separately, to quote Dr. Franklin. I agree that outlawing war everywhere would be a good place to start, along with widespread implementation of HHO (water car) and new battery technologies, going all out Solar and Wind technology, and at night shutting off the lights and ACs of the biggest buildings all over the world. However, as Saint George the Beatle put it, "But it's gonna take money, A whole lot of spending money. It's gonna take plenty of money, To do it right, child. It's gonna take time, A whole lot of precious time. It's gonna take patience and time, To do it, to do it, to do it, to do it, to do it, To do it right!"


Hi Robert.. definitely true what u had written in this interesting article..we must do something definitely as our world is getting tremendously bizarre with the freak weather and etc.Despite warning by scientist all over the world decades ago on global warming,none of the government seems to listen enough and yes,its about time that we all took some serious actions on this matter..
Anyway,I had been trying again and again on the paypal,yet it just stated there,payment couldnt be made for now....and this is really boggling my mind too as I really want to get a reading from you....Is that mean that I just cant get any reading till a better time? :) as it is,I ve been using my credit card directly in the internet,i just dont understand how come with paypal I couldnt..anyway,have a wonderful week ahead my dearest Robert..


Hi ann - Sorry you're having such problems with paypal. I've had several recent payments from clients and donations from supporters of the site, so I know it works. There must be an answer on your end somewhere, since it's still working fine from my end. Why don't you email paypal and find out why it's not taking your card? I'll bet it gets solved PDQ.


HI, I can not remember when I rode in a car last. Maybe once this past year. I only use the public transportation (very rarely take a bus if I even do) and I ride my bike everywhere. But I know, that this is not ENOUGH. I use plastic, everything is wrapped in plastic. All the things I use, use machines to make them and they use oil.....The list goes on. We are caught in a loop. Someone, needs take out that pair of scissors and cut the loop and stop this madness.

Thats what I think. Maybe thats a bit severe.


HI, Robert thanks for this I just joined and posted the website on myfacebook as well...I am getting inspired to do another charity event. I think I will do it for them perhaps somehow. Once I find the time to get in touch with thme and see how they develop their ideas more. I will start planning and looking at some ideas. It would be a music event to raise funds for them and spread awareness.
I just got a bloody wild idea. Ooohhh....the wheels are turning. I wonder how much it would cost to make an international commerical and get commerical time. I could raise money to make a very short and powerful commercial. OOOOHHHHHH if you did it right it could be very powerful


Hi Robert, thank you for posting this very important article and thank you also for answering as you did to the comments of Pat and Mary. We are all, unfortunately, dependent on money coming in, so what is wrong with making money on sustainable products and green energy. That is far, far better than raking in the profits from having everyone dependent on big oil. This is not a conspiracy by Mr. Hansen and Al Gore but misinformation by the oil, car, and energy cartels who do not want us to understand that there is truly free energy to be had.
What makes me really sad is that "we" knew all this would happen in the seventies but were ridiculed as wanting to lead the world back into the stone age. Had we been successful in leading people to a sustainable life style then, we would not be in such a bad situation now. Even in 2000 we still could have steered the world from the brink of disaster. Now we have 2-3 years left to completely change the thinking and behavior of billions of people and that is not going to happen. Now we are truly on the steep incline back to the stone age and it is precisely because we were systematically kept from building a sustainable life style and free energy systems.


Hi Robert and others, this is important in regards to climate change. An Australian Enviromnmentalist who is quite concerned. Professor Tim Flannery said "radical action has to be taken because of the extremely high speed with which climate change is happening" His solution "to pump sulphur into atmosphere in order to repel Sun's rays...Solar dimming". The sky would be purple!
Intersesting information


First this climate change hype is first and utmost, good for the planet Earth. People are moving altogether towards more sustainable and simple ways of living, which is far better for everyone.
Then as 2012 approaches, it seems everything is just converging and accelerating. Science is exponential, computers are as well, technology is the same, free spirituality, alternative medicines, new world inspiring ideas, climate change, geological phenomena.. I dont now, but it seems there seems to be happening something that Terence McKenna long ago was referrering to.
Maybe the world will continue, evolution is for sure to continue, we will be here in 2013 and there is an ongoing leap in evolutionary matters. Maybe as you frequently state the world is going to change dramatically in a period of years, and then calmly rebirth to something new, where I strongly think, that the spiritual world and the physical world will be far far closer, the possible meaning of so-called ascension that so much new age speaks about.
Furthermore, in my dreams (which humbly, show a fair degree of accuracy) point to this kind of future scenario (but not forgetting the future is not written in stone!).
I commonly dream of a more sustainable high tech future, more evolved but more simple, with less people around, different climate, and with lots of people living in spiritual self-sufficient communities in rural landscapes, whereas in cities flying devices abound, computurized buildings, aboundant plant greenhouses, somewhere in between 2050 and 2070, but always with dreams of much social and climatic upheavel until 2020. Then I have fantastic dreams in year 2500 when everything seems very suntle, mystical and magical, if this is solely my imagination I will put my efforts in co-creating all of this here then!



I mean no disrespect to anyone, but when I responded to Robert it was regarding the idea of global warming and the profiteers, and the question - Is it real? I am an organic gardener and sell at a farm market near my home. It is surprising the things people say to me when I try to sell them a tomato plant, like "No thanks,I buy tomatoes at the grocery." What I think is that when all the truck drivers stop moving supplies, people will be forced into either self-sufficiency, or they will become criminals and steal from people like me who grow and preserve food. Few people really respect farmers and/or people like me who grow and preserve whole foods. I even have organic tobacco. An old farmer told me that in the old days they picked off the tobacco worms every morning but now the fields are only sprayed once and it kills the worms all season - woe to you smokers is what I say. My son's room-mate switched to the organic indian tobacco and now only smokes 2 cigarettes a day - 1 at noon and 1 in the evening. I have an abundance of wildlife and pollinators on my small 5 acre plot and it is a wonder to behold on a dry summer day, to observe their hard work. My mother taught me that it was better to raise enough food for everyone, including the homeless, friends, relatives, and little critters that survive on my spot of the land. Most of the people I observe, aside from other gardener friends, are squeamish about bugs and such and will hit the RAID can as soon as they see one. They will complain to a store manager and even SUE if there is anything wrong with a purchase. I have to pay insurance for some of the stuff I sell, because Americans as a whole, are a litigious bunch out for blood. You don't have to have a lot of money for someone to try to take it away from you. We've all seen videos of what happens when food is scarce. The same people who won't eat food from Wal-mart, won't tolerate a bug in the yard or in their homes. They spend too much on cars, computers, furniture and clothing too. It takes 80 million barrels of oil a day to make all the plastics and oil products we use (google this and see for yourself) - most of your clothing is oil-based polyester.

For me the alarm bells are ringing because there are enough "elites" in government and business to cause the widespread famine, food shortages, and disease with intention to kill off large numbers of population groups and 'save' the planet for themselves. Google this and see what you find - "ebola" and "Prince Philip" for one. Aids is another that was likey man-made to reduce the population in Africa. Now we see people eating mud pies in India and the people in Haiti are starving. Why? Their climates support crop production so how can this be? This week it is being reported that in South Africa the immigrants are being tortured and murdered. Why? Africa must have the richest resources in the world, but who controls the resources? Things are not what they seem at all. The questions about global warming on the other planets are not being answered. I found an interesting article about this with a reference to a NASA scientist who said it was weird what was going on in the universe but they are not allowed to talk about it. ????? If I can find the link I'll write again. My spouse and in laws are Native American. They have long said that the circle of life is closing, meaning it is ready to start over. But what does that mean? In the stories passed down through the generations, they were told that the sun always rose in the west and then one day when they woke up the sun rose in the east and since then it has risen in the east. In the early 80s we were heavily involved in the work of bone desecration - native remains stored in universities were gradually returned to the people for proper burial. That is another of the prophecies that has come to pass. The prophecy said that when the people were all reburied the circle of life would come to a close. The indians didn't understand the prophecy because the people were already buried - but this was before the anthropologists decided to dig up their bones and ransack their graves. The bones have all been returned to the people.


Hi Micheline - Everything has been made dependent on oil, and yet we could shift everything within a few years if we wanted to. Right now it's so expensive it is driving change, and that's why the greed heads are going full tilt boogie for the gelt. Sometimes "charity events" actually serve to raise awareness which long term is a very good thing since it ultimately recruits people who care about making a better world. I did dozens of events for UNICEF, worked for Seva Foundation, Save the Children, Austin for Africa, and a bunch of other causes years ago. While raising money is always a good thing, I found that targeting specific needs gives people something tangible to focus on, like river blindness in Africa, or corneal transplants and fixing cleft palates in children in India, etc. An international commercial is good, since you may be able to get some funding from Al Gore's charity. However, make sure you target the cablecast source well, since advertising is a black hole. If it's well done enough, putting it on YouTube gets more notice quicker.

Hi Nicole - Given the way the world works, I believe that the change will be relatively gradual in some respects, very dramatic in others. It's more a process of educating people who are taking things for granted regarding the banks, insurance, energy, food and so forth that there are other equally valid and sustainable ways to live our lives, individually and collectively. Yes, energy is free. Tesla knew that, and was killed for his troubles. But I believe it's so far gone right now globally that everyone knows we must move on beyond oil and coal. And of course, nuke anything is bad for everything and everyone given the alternatives. Yes, many of us knew and tried our best in the 70s, and were in fact ridiculed for our efforts. Think Ronald Reagan tearing the solar panels Jimmy Carter installed off the White House. "They" were in our face, and didn't give a tinker's dam what anyone else thought. RR created the seed bed for the proliferation of Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Abrams, and the rest of the bad seed that have ruined our country and a good part of our world. And you're right, now there's precious little time, fewer resources, and much, much more destruction. But free energy is a reality, as is the global awareness among millions that there's got to be a better way. So now we're building for the future, and for all time.

Hi Felita - Not sure pumping sulfur into the air is a good thing, since it will destabilize other elements of our biosphere. That's the problem with quick fixes. We just don't know about the unintended consequences of such things.

Hi popp - Yes, all the focus on new ways to live has to have a better effect than not talking about it, and yes, things are converging and accelerating to fail safe, after which we'll be doing our thing much differently than in the past, regardless of the politicians. They tend to follow when people awaken to action!! The private sector drives the engines of change, and the governments try to take credit after the fact. I believe we have some great technologies that once implemented, will show us the way beyond what has been a disastrous experiment in human greed run rampant. Chaos must challenge old systems before new systems can grow. Your dreams somewhat mirror those of others. Future generations will be living in a much greener world where things work together rather than competing for the ability to destroy. Humanity is definitely on the path of return, and it's just a matter of time before the dinosaurs all die off.

Hi Pat - We cannot be distracted by what seems to be. We can only participate with others who share our vision and dreams. Those who remain addicted to Raid and oil will suffer. Those who join together with their neighbors will not be looted by desperate people. It helps to have a decent plot of land and not be stuck in the cities.

As for legal problems, yes, anyone can sue anyone in the US, but the suits can also be thrown out PDQ if there are no damages, which have to be proved by the plaintiff. So it's really not that expensive or complicated to dismiss frivolous lawsuits. I also have read the elites are striving for population control (they always have!) and are using a variety of means to achieve that end. I figure it's important to pick our battles, since we can waste our lives fighting the beast, or build for the future with like minded Souls.

I know that in previous times the Sun rose in the West and set in the East. It is a common record among the ancient peoples around the world. Velikovsky was ridiculed for his research in that area. Oh well. I'm sure we shall see it again, whether in this lifetime or another. But it doesn't mean we ALL are doomed to suffer. Many will outlast and outlive the chaos and prosper anew. We are the midwives and midhusbands of a new world a-borning. Not everyone will be farmers, though many will. And given the nature of our path of return, this Dwapara Yuga is already demonstrating the remembrance of the electromagnetic nature of Creation.

Not that far down the road we'll find ways to replenish the topsoil using electricity conducted and transformed through the Earth Herself within the larger magnetic field of the Solar System. All things we know are forms of Solar force in various frequencies of density. There are miracles and wonder to come in the midst of the changes, and not all is lost. In fact, our collective future is very bright, and we're participating in the healing of the larger field by our actions, thoughts, and feelings generated right now when the "tension of opposites" is resolving and healing the "heresy of separateness."


My dearest Robert,thank you,I will do as you suggested..its not that they did accept my credit card as I ve tried using it for other purchases and succeeded...hmmm..anyway,hope to find a solution to this soon...thank you



What a nice response and a blessing too!

Thank you, Pat.


Hi Robert. I also do not agree with the method, just amazed at the absurd ideas brought on by the desperation out there to fix the problem that they should have looked at 20yrs ago, purple sky seemed cool!


Hi Robert. Hey it's like me again! busy and busy!
concerning energy descent, peak oil and global warming.....another
provides some solutions to forging into a self substaining world. I am personally considering a big move to a transition town in mountains 200km inland from coast. Now, there is a song title, anyone?
"Transition town"...
Have a happy,sunny day


Robert - I haven't read or commented for a long time. But I am worried about this little village in which I live, in southwest Ohio. I read the columns in the past about the great changes we are going through. And here locally we are seeing a stand being taken by a group of people who do not mean well for the local area. I live across the street from Antioch College, which historically was always identified with the peace movement or social change - maybe too much so or irresponsibly/sloppily so. But now the conservatives of the area appear to be determined to force us to become a defense-sector village - without public participation or comment (in fact, they filed a SLAPP suit against the Village for even trying to openly discuss their plans). I know Pluto in Capricorn is all about that order trying to fight to keep its control over things, and another world trying to be born - but it is very painful to be right on the edge or in the middle of the people working to destroy. I'm sorry. I don't just see them as profiteers any more. They're more ruthless than that. They want no challenge to their power and control - which does not bode well for people like me and my husband. Thanks for your site and its discussions.


I almost forgot. I have 3 planets in 2nd house Capricorn (Sun, Moon, Mercury) and Sag rising (of course). So I guess these transits are hitting me particularly in a sensitive spot (husband is Sun in Capricorn also, don't know ascendant). Ego crucifixion is what it does feel like some days, as I too, not just Antioch College, have believed in some things that seem to be repeatedly defeated in my day-to-day life by more powerful others. Only the visit of 2 Tibetan lamas 2 weeks ago, and my mother's 90th birthday in Indiana last weekend (with visitors attending from LA to NY, including my sister, a student of various spiritual paths) lightened the load.


wrote this at 9.45 tonight . Freaked myself out. I wonder why constantly, It seems relevent in a bizarre way.Looked at a chart for that time,4* Aquarius rising,too much happening in it, knew best not to analyse , not at this moment I think!

We are empowered by the light of Glory
Bowing down to humility
Among many men faces fall down to sob
All people renouncing impoverished minds
Seal the honour in the sacrifice given
for the Golden ones.
Heart fed minds evolving

seriously felt serious for some hours before, but content and centered...feel I am sharing something weird at times. Aum Namah shivaya


Hi Pat and Robert,

its really happy to see you in the same wavelenght.
i am also willingly to become a farmer; its taking time and time since we are hardworking towards joining the necessary money to buy a small property; we are still in our mid twenties and sometimes it feels really deep to decide to go into these ventures of self-reliance
anyway, I am reading about organic and biodynamic farming, ecology and new energies, and meanwhile we grow only in our small urban balconies. But last year I was growing about a 100 species of medicine herbs, flowers and food, solely in containers!
I am now doing this and by 2010 when big crisis strikes, I plan to make the move, at least we are trying to diligently following our intuition, but you know how life is unpredictable; i am one that believes that by 2012 spiritual realms will be closer, but we will remain here although much will be in change and cleansing. and, Pat, although not there, but still here in present moment, I am already feeling the circle closing and reopening, at least in my deep inner self and life.
feel free to share more privately to my email popplagid at yahoo dot com


By the way Robert, which forms of free natural energy are you aware of?
I have read lightly of tesla energy devices and other static electricity or permanent-magnet based devices. But since I do not have much skill in electronics I never attempted that. Maybe something that someone here can give a try, who knows! Besides that there are the other conventional renewable energies


Hello Popplagid:

I am 57 but grew up on a farm. I am happy to hear about so many people trying to become self-sufficient. You can learn a lot by going to farm markets and asking questions of the vendors. They all love to talk about what they do and how they do it. The master gardener classes are great too - look at your state website to learn more. Their interests are all different - some like herbs, wildflowers, woodlands, orchards, vineyards, flower gardening or vegetable gardening or even gardening for bees and butterflies. It's so interesting.

I think that many preachers are teaching "the Christ Mind" in services now, without direct reference to the source of the teaching, Course in Miracles. There is great comfort in knowing that we are ONE BODY in Christ. In fact, when Jesus said "This is my body" at the last supper, he was talking about US. We are one with him and he is one with God, therefore we are one with God. The heresy of separateness is being healed very slowly but surely, as Robert said. It is easy to get angry and forget that basic tenet - we are all one - even the bad guys are one with us (use your own definition of bad guy and try to forgive him or her). I come from a Christian background but my family is Native American with belief in the progression of the soul, which makes sense to me. I enjoy Robert's teaching on Buddha.


Robert and Pat, speaking again in global change, social revolutions of agriculture and economy models, climate and spiritual change and the coming T-squares in 2010 and 2020:

Please have a look at my latest analysis of coming T-squares from 2010 to 2020, and what may bring, as compring to the degrees and signs that were aspected in past 250 years:

2010 will look like 1960s, 1810s and 1760s, possibly bringing idealistic and religious change, earth changes, some famine and issues from the environment
2020 will look like 1930s, 1850s and 1770s, finally bringing of a so-needed abrupt global revolution


I will look at your blog - it sounds very interesting. In the 60s and early 70s many of us felt that resources would disappear and that we would need to know how to be self-sufficient. Magazines like Mother Earth News provided a lot of good information, and they still do. Many gardeners and farmers still write in to the magazine and share their success and failure stories.

The thing about joining with a group of gardeners is that regardless of your personal beliefs and/or life, you will meet many people who will help you on your path to self-sufficiency. One may have free garden space, another may teach you how to build a windmill, another will teach you how to keep bees, and so on. You build a network of people from all ages and abilities and beliefs, so you will have resources within your own community. The 60s saw