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dear Robert! we all know how busy you r but we must admit u r already helping us in several ways also clearing things in comment stream :)
your wisdom is enough to keep me coming back for more to learn and grow :)
take care my good friend

good luck


Thank you! I love to listen to you ... your depth, integrity, understanding & desire to do the right thing warm my heart & are inspiring ... posting this "Brief Note..." certainly demonstrates that & more. I sense many others feel the same ... no one is alone ... we're allone. May you continue to be guided by love & light.


Thank you for the clarification... I don't expect a reply if you are terribly busy, unless I specifically ask something. Sometimes I just like to contribute my experiences as examples to compare notes. Thanks for caring! :)


Greetings Dear Robert... Thank you for being you and so happy that you are keeping well..... how are you weathering the lightening bolts lately? They do open things up to a full bloom :)... I have weathered my second Saturn return so far...... it's been a trip! And there is more to come. Patience is everything.......... With Love, Diana }----* (PS>> I have a question for you... have you read the book "Global Conspiracy..." by David Icke?)

IOI O HIM Lord Mage Richard Apollo Morlokk IOI

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Hello my relatives. Please allow me to jump in here while Brother Robert is catching his breath for a brief moment. My wife and I met at a spiritual gathering in the Black Hills of South Dakota in the summer of 1996. At the time I was living in Austin, Texas. I had been part of the group of friends including Sir Robert who had met in Austin in the mid-70's around the University of Texas. We studied astrology, kabballah, I-Ching, and a little old fat lady from Russia whose initials were H.P.B. Guess who taught the astrology? In the summers we helped out at Willie Nelson's Picnics. Then our group went to seed in the early 80's, and Robert moved out to the City of Angels. I was still in Austin into the 90's. Then I was invited to come to the Black Hills of South Dakota to attend some American Indian Ceremony. I met my wife there and moved up to the Black Hills in 1997. She and I quickly got involved in this special annual event called "Spiritual Unity of Tribes-Gathering of Eagles."
We have been involved with it ever since then. This year we finally got up a website. Please check it out at

There is so much going on this year. Our Gathering will be at the base of Bear Butte, which is one of the most sacred sites in North America. Any meaningful reconciliation between cultures and peoples must have a spiritual basis and be rooted in mutual respect. No matter where you live you can participate in this great work. Just remember that everyone truly is your relative. It's not just a phrase. Plese join us in our intentions and prayers to heal these old wounds of seperateness. Anyone who is able to physically come join us is more than welcome. There is no fee.

Unity is our Goal. Now is the Time.


Dear Robert,

I invite you to consider that you are offering us all important translations from the heart of the cosmos, and we can all find solutions to our more personal trials and woes as time and room permits - sometimes from you, but often from other sources or, of course, Source.

We are here to share, not increase, your load. So.... breathe and relax, there is room for all of this unfolding, and there is room for you to have your life, so that you are nourished to do what brings you your deepest joy.

Thanks for all that you do, and all that you are.



Hi AceStar - I know. That's why I keep the comment stream open. Sometimes I just run out of time and things avalanche.

Hi Linda - I figured I should let people know why I don't have much time to answer comments at this present time.

Hi Valerie - I can usually tell from what someone writes where they're coming from. And I do love it when people share their experiences and insights, as long as they're marginally on topic (and even sometimes when they're not, but good comments anyway!) ;-) I just needed to remind people that it's getting to a maxlimit in terms of the quantity of requests for analysis is now seriously eating into the article composition.

Hi Diana - Just barely keeping ahead of the wave. As for bolts, my personal electrification jolted me big about two weeks ago and compels me to rethink a BUNCH of stuff. The T-square was a bear! I'm still not sure about Plan B, but it may already be in motion. I emailed you a few weeks ago but didn't hear back. I assume you're doing okay yourself? And no, I haven't read the book, but I went to his site and he's had an amazing journey himself. Good man.

Hi Mage Richard - Well...

Hi dcu - These gatherings of the people are creating wave forms beneficial to all. I also saw that Rapid City is under snow. Strange days indeed.

Hi kathy - I do what I can, though for decades it has seemed off and on that sometimes the work jams my ability to do other things. Presently I am being forced to rearrange how I use my time. I suspect my deepest joy will come forth naturally after we're on the other side of the great destabilization, the heresy of separateness is smashed for the eon, and the rebuilding of the unified field is set in motion. Right now the astral atmosphere is very polluted and under great pressure and my Jupiter in Pisces is aware of things that really are sorrowful in the collective consciousness. And both life and the beat goes on and on and on.....


Good morning Robert,

Just remember, you are free, and you are in the sea, and you serve by serving your highest joy - even if/while others suffer. We are all working it out, and many of us with so much aid from you. Yes, man, keep on groovin'!

We are all way overdue for a REAL summer of love. xxo, k


Hi Robert,

Again, what T-square?

I been busy myself, Mars in the 10th.

I feel that I have put a lot behind me and it is a great feeling!




Hi Kathy - Yes, I am free, and doing what I do best and enjoy with all my heart, so I am truly a blessed man. As an aside, the Flamin' Groovies were a great group! And yes, remembering the first Summer of Love in 1967, we are overdue in a big way. "And there's not much love to go 'round, can't you see this is a land of confusion?" Time for a global awakening to "love, love, love"...

Hi Helen - It is a liberating feeling when you know what's done is done and there's nothing else to do but go forward. Still, it's human to feel some poignancy at saying goodbye to what was or could have been. Mars in my 12th has put me through feelings like that, though I am looking forward to it entering Leo at long last. Time to flame on!


Hi Robert,

Many thanks for your considerate response to all of your readers. The depth and insight of your article reveal just how very busy you must be. Know that I, for one, am amazed and thankful for even a few brief words. Thanks again!



You do great work!! I have to have my daily fix of your information. I like you best, there are others out there, but I like you best, it is because I feel your spirit comes across in your writing, and you have a very beautiful spirit!!, you offer more insightful information, more informative information and your information has more depth to it!!!! Enjoy depth!! Your work is a gift you give to us all. I have noticed lately that more and more people are looking to the stars these days and seeking out those like you that have the ability to tranlate them. I do channeling,(an ability that demands constant attention and honeing, as it easy for your reception to get clouded) helping those pass over, spirit releasement, and alternative health practices. In my profession, I believe the healer should always be working on themselves, and this one does, in order to be a better channel of assistance to others. With these types of pracitices, like yours, one draws many like minded persons to them and also many persons that are desperate for what you have to offer them, HELP. People looking for answers and help, and I am no different, I look to others for help too. Which brings us back to--WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, AND WE ARE ALL CONCECTED, AS EVERYTHING IN THIS UNIVERSE IS CONNECTED. We are all individuals, BUT WE ARE ALL HAVING/LIVING A HUMAN EXPERIENCE. A quote: "There's a ripple-effect in all that we do...what you do, touches me; what I do, touches you, and what we all do touches all other species on this planet, and touches the planet." I send Light and Love to you!!!! Thank you for you!!!You radiate allot of "Light" energy!! No reply necessary--just take a deep breath! relax, enjoy being you!!!!! and keep on keepin' on!
Deb in OKC


Hi Fortune - Thanks for your praise.

Hi Deb - Glad you like the site so much. Also glad we have such an able community here. Will definitely take a breath from time to time. Looking forward to Summer.

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