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Hi Robert, Just came home from a friends house, wrote this on scrap paper at new moon taurus at the time Cap 29* Asc , had left it there , just read it, curiously that synchronised awareness of quickening, hey!

Mind ever existant in detachment
Wandering Alone
Questioned independence
Dependent on response
While holding strong with extended awareness
Seemingly empty
Profoudly full
Time quickening expectancy.

I had to post this now as for the timing!
Now I will renew my consideration on your post . Thanking you kindly for the constancy of your sharing. Aum Shanti Felita


Very interesting times... for every hard turn there seems to be a soft chair to rest on. You had told me to note what occurs May 14 (my Aq-Mars opp. Mars) yet that same day my Sag-Venus trines Sun. I am intuitively feeling that light can stand next to the shadows, for the sole reason of choice. That free will can turn on a dime, and awareness is everything. IT can be enlightenment... You provide me a wealth of meditation topics, muchas gracias!


my dearest Robert, I had heard from a reliable source that is going to myanmar to help out,that a very odd thing had happened where this particular typhoon had struck against normality,which is it normally moved from east to west,this one had move from west to east...furthermore,my friend had mention that the disaster are worst then tsunami in Aceh.At the same time,now,the activity of minor eruption in Krakatau are more,we had 1300 small eruptions there yesterday....the world are getting ready for a new and better era ... loving lights always...ann


hi dear Robert! beautiful post again ... wanted to post this lovely poem by Hafiz and found this article today hope it goes well with it :)


We are the guardians of His Beauty

We are the protectors
Of the Sun.

There is only one reason
We have followed God into this world:

To encourage laughter, freedom, dance
And love.

Let a noble cry inside of you speak to me

Don't just sit there on the moon tonight
Doing nothing -

Help unfurl my heart into the Friend's Mind,
Help, Old Man, to heal my wounded wings!"

We are the companions of His Beauty
We are the guardians
Of Truth.

Every man, plant and creature in Existence,
Every woman, child, vein and note
Is a servant of our Beloved -

A harbinger of joy,
The harbinger of

Hafiz - "The Subject Tonight is Love" - Daniel Ladinsky


Hi all - profound words all. Your comments give me much to meditate on as well. And chaos is always a prelude to a new order based on a higher Love unable to enter the locked doors of past fears and biases.


Robert, I am experiencing a transiting Pluto making a square to my 1º Libra Mars, in seventh house. I am now commited in a relationship, which is stable but I am feeling strong sexual atractions when I go in street, transports, etc, by other people. I wonder why now that I am settle in a good and harmonious relationship I am feeling my sex desires pulled so strongly to the other people. I ask myself if I should continue to attempt to transform what I feel in my current relationship ( which is al fine except for the loss of spark) or blast everything and ahead in the good Pluto manner.
I feel that somewhat I am seeking and looking more to the water or fiery side of other people's bodies, as my current mate is mostly a earth influence/energy.

Sorry for being out-topic!


New world order (song)

(this is a political commentary and not a desire)

New world order
Banking system
Single currency
One world government
Absolute corruption

Some people say
This is unity
As I say goodbye
To my privacy

No more tribes
No more disharmony
Can we make those
Boundaries disssapear
Or will they just
Be less Visable

Who's that murderer
Of my freedom
Who's that Assassin
Can you catch him.......

signed Micheline


Hi Popplagid - This comment got directed into the spam file due to certain key words. I only found it on Saturday. Usually we feel these kinds of strong attractions to unknown people when we are unfulfilled on deep inner levels. With the Pluto square, be exceptionally careful in your choices. Even if you know what you have isn't working, then deal with that, rather than thoughtlessly embrace a stranger who is not your friend. True intimacy is hard to find and cultivate.

Hi Micheline - Good lyrics. May we all live to see the end of the current totalitarian models and realize a true unity of life in all its known and unknown forms.


Thanks a lot Robert,
I have meditate and share this with my mate. And I also saw the value of true intimacy is very high. Raw Mars energy is harsh and I guess Pluto is now for the first time attempting to refine and tune my s*xual energy into a more "correct" expression. I assume that the temp feeling I had its one leading cause of conflits and breaking of relationships, but I guess its better to embrace troubleship in intimacy than to run away to something else and exciting. Maybe its just a transcendence of Mars working here, from a s*x-seeker to a heart-warrior.
I am rather in the middle of this transit. This happens quite often when transiting mars, sun or mercury aspect the pluto square as happened last week, triggering the transit. But I end more calm and transformed after it. Thanks again Robert. I ommitted now certain key words to try to pass your spam filter :-)


Hi popp - Yes, you figured out the word(s) that will direct any comment with that into the spam file. There are others, due to the massive amount of excrement spammers dump on this site every day. Ugh. At least my readers are spared (though my spam file does get massive within even a week!)

Mars is definitely involved when we're transmuting 2nd chakra energies into something appropriate to our function. Glad you can see you end up calm and transformed, since your direct experience is the best yardstick for targeting ways to bring the lower self into line with the Higher Self.

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