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wow, just the kind of nugget best before bed. thanks. :)



Posted by: Damien | June 19, 2008 at 12:21 AM


To the person who left an ad - I had to depublish it since it hadn't been cleared with me first. Sorry, but please read the guidelines for commenting.


hello there, I have a question for you concerning the galactic plane which is suggested to have a link toward the year 2012. I was wondering though, were are we on the galactic plane today?
much thanks


Hi Robert - I was on a cruise in January of this year and we stopped in Cozumel, Mexico. we visited Mayan ruins. Interesting genes they had. Culture came from Asia, allegedly. Mayan genes can be determined by a small purple spot at the end of baby's spinal cord. No one else has those, but Mayans. Unknown knowledge they possessed,coming from nowhere. They made a horoscope chart for me, hard to read, need to understand, but it is interesting.


Hi Robert,

that was a very interesting and very long stream.

Thank you so much for your clear and precise language, especially regarding what you so aptly call "churchianity". You are not mincing words. Now that's something everyone who is falling for all these self-proclaimed born-agains and so-called "Christians" should think about. Pushing for Armageddon by destabilizing the Middle East so that they as the "righteous ones" enter in the afterlife? Rather the Beast trying to pull the wool over everyone's eyes and to drain everything that is good and sweet from this gentle Earth, as you call it, to further their fascist policies. As you say: "God is ONLY merciful and beneficent", now take that!!

There is so much garbage and misinformation and pure lack of scrutiny (aka mental laziness) on the web, the news and in "New Age" that it is very refreshing to find someone who uses their brain and education, connects the dots in a meaningful way and who refuses to sink into lala.

If we want to survive this upheaval we on our beautiful little speck of dust in the Universe are going through right now - and for a long time to come - we have to use everything that is at our disposal in a discerning, mindful and compassionate manner as you are showing in what you call your "classroom". And concerning the "Mayan Calendar - dreamspell", once I understood that it is dismissing the fact that there is a leap day added every four years, this concept couldn't hold any water and was certainly not something Elders devised who knew the exact length of the Venusian year. Lala!

Thanks again for your great and beautiful work!

Love and Peace



Hello Larissa..... Your post is very interesting to me, as I was born with a small red spot at the base of the spine, and so was my daughter..... this small 'birthmark' disappeared with time. I had never heard this in regard to the Mayan genetics.... hmmm. I am Scottish and Native American, so perhaps it is a Sioux or Cherokee trait also? Now my curiosity is up, and I'll check this out somehow....... ;)

Love, Diana } ----*


Hi Diana - Mayan's genes spread in different areas. People migrate. As a culture they are gone, it remains as legend, but some people carry genes. I am sure you have those genes. It is rare. Mayans were super intelligent people, who invented and built with precise enginering mind, but without books or means. You are right, those marks at the base of spinal cord, according to the stories I heard in Mexico, disappear, but freshly visible at birth and at young age. I will also get more info for you from other sources, such as genetics, I have books on it. If I find anything fascinating, I will post it here for you.


Hello Diana again - One Man wrote: //While on a Mexican trip to the Yucatan I was shown by my Mayan host a deep purple spot which appears on the lower back near the buttocks of the Mayas. He stated it is a genetic birthmark on pure Mayan people and is called the “Mongolian spot.” According to my host, the same genetic marker spot appears on Mongols.Asia.

Mary Hoppe

What I have been instructed is that the Mayan Calendar will turn a new 'page' (cycle) to a new element this time it will be aether. This cycle will last for the next 26,000 years and go through all the cycles as in the past.
When we look at it as we did for the new millennium of 2000 - 2001 - life will go on with whatever changes come about. Humanity will go on...
Thank you for the opportunity to post my take ... Mary Hope


Dear Robert,

Am seeing a lot of reference to "new age", "born again Christian", and so on, but I have thought that your astrology was more of the nature of spiritual esoteric. As I haven't read all the streams you've referred to, I can only imagine... and rely on the belief in our natural intelligence concerning dangerous catch phrases that change commentary to an entirely other discourse.

I personally think the most interesting history of humanity concerns the history of our spiritual evolution, at the heart of all the "outer" distractions of the events unfolding; when getting to the heart of what anything is, it's quicker to get to the understanding required for the resolution, as an example. I have believed that your articles tend to ring that bell astrologically, at least, but perhaps only because of my own individual background.

However, No matter one's outer beliefs, and I'm apologize but mine do not include "born again" nor "new age" and the like, but no matter what our individual, or group belief systems may contain, there is I believe personally, a greater integration of all truths, and these are referenced as "universal truths" usually, including in astrology. So I believe that you understand. This involves "old age" topics, throughout the history of humanity.

The year you focused on,2012 year, I've already considered very significant, and is why I read your astrological perspective. I'd already known about the Mayan year, and your article enlightened me. My point of additional "steps" was because of other dates in historical esoteric documents, as referenced in my comments. So I have been thinking from your article on the Mayan year, that both 2012 AND 2036 to possibly look at astrologically, and there is at least another year--but now I won't discuss further.

I have provided you privately, my specific home page, as I believe this source was missed. For some time I have not worked the site, post-9/11 actually. Today in the chaos of politics and world events threatening the free world--Al Qaeda continues virtually silent, but as a terrible undercurrent, as explained in the recent offical Senate Report of their activities on the internet. (I can provide the url to that resource if you need it.)

Finally, the ancient mythological stories from many different parts of the world, whether "religious" or "tribal" or otherwise, all unrelated to each other in time and space on the planet where they could not directly influence each other, contain striking parallels of the same universal truths told simply in the ancient power of parable, or allegory.

Astrology as an esoteric resource, an art of connectedness in some of the same universal themes, is why I appreciate your work.

Many blessings, looooonnnnng!


Hi guys,

Nice to see so many wonderful posts here... I especially liked Nicole's post.
I am interested in learning more about Mayans and related stuff. Do you guys have any sort of group any where on the internet? I would like to be in touch with u guys. ABout me: I am an Indian (Asian-indian), and I love to learn all the various religions of this world.

([email protected])

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Terms of Viewing/Using Material Published or Sold on This Site

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