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there was a beginning for me in 1988.i call it 'waking up'...i needed to know the unknown because my survival literally depended on it. i learned a lot about faith along the way. there is a tendency for me to get overwhelmed by fear in it's various disguises, and the 2012 'theories' definitely rattle my cage. i'm a bit of a scaredycat, courage not being one of my prominent attributes . should i move to the mountains?..should i stockpile?..should i try and envelope my family and friends in my fear?.....what should i do??.......well, i thank my place in the universe, and know that i am always where i really need to be, and nowhere else. circumstance is always the tool by which i'm where i should be. above all, i am always safe . my life force always is. for me it was a difficult awakening. i am so glad for it, now though. i have cleared away a few of my unknowns, but faith is what gets me through the fear and panic and the nature of being human. whatever 2012, or any other cage rattler brings my way, my soul is not here for the fear, but for the uplift and clarity. i thought i would share this , thanks. avagoodone, catchyalter, brett. .....goodonya rob!! , my eternal thanks.


Thank you, Robert for everything. A very powerful meditation on time in one go! Your ability to articulate the intangible, or the nebulous is just amazing. Deep appreciation for the gifts given to you which you so generously share with us. I will share the resonances with everyone within my reach. We are all within time together. Sook
Vancouver, BC, Canada


Dear Robert, I definitely like the seed metaphor. The seeds of change are already there, just waiting to sprout. We are like Daisy Gamble (On a Clear Day You Can See Forever), we can make anything grow if we want to.

I remember reading in the Edgar Cayce materials that there would be great world changes at the end of the 1990's, then I waited and nothing happened. (I was really hoping to see Atlantis rise again!) Then I realized the great change must be on a personal level, same as the return of the Christ. Or else lots of people prayed and kept it from happening. Maybe there isn't going to be a big bang end of the world....

(Well, 9/11/01 sure seemed like a big bang end of the world to me at the time.)

Except for rising gas prices, my physical world in 2008 is fairly calm. No floods or earthquakes, yet. But I sure do feel like the end of the world, and the beginning of something else. It's a bit like coming out of a cocoon.

I'm hoping I'm on the verge of a new creative era, cuz my talents (seeds) are just waiting to bust out.


Dear Robert and all,

Recently I have performed different analysis about the upcoming effects of the cardinal cross to unfold between 2008 and 2014.
The future is not set in stone, but eventually we may guess what will happen.
As I write, there is a global tension around the increased oil prices.
If oil economy crashes, the world stops.
Right now in parts of europe a huge strike by truck drivers is refusing to deliver food to supermarkets and gas stations. In a lot of cities shortages are already happening. We must be not naive. By 2009 and 2010 when the big squares set up, chaos may happen in the western world, in places like Europe, Canada, and the US.
This week Sun is squaring Uranus and then the full moon will conjunct with Pluto: which is going to cause further unrest and oil price rises. But its already in December 2008, April 2009 and August 2009 that things will heat up. Then by June 2010 the cross will be causing lots of global unrest. The crisis may range from a small depression and some services crashing, to a full-stop and crisis. Either way, NOW it is the time to prepare and making changes which are not easy. I wonder of life in the cities may be safe, if transportation would not be very difficult if prices explode, if food will become short. Of course the positive side of this, is that we will all change, open our hearts, and connect with each other for a better future. It is difficult to change all our vehicles for electric in a few years, to create a more self-sufficient householding in just a couple years: it seems that it needs plenty of years. And then, still how we assure our basic money needs, food needs, water and transportation needs? Or maybe we will just blow out like 50 years ago, when the unstable world of the 60s just cause the younger to go crazy and go into the dreamy world of the sixties, return to nature, get together, that sort of beautiful things. Now it seems we Must get more practical, active-seeking and not so much idealistic, in the wave of a Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn

For more info please check my blog

Mage Richard Apollo Morlokk

Nostradamus Dramas space n’SPACE AI N.SPACE A N,SPACE FACE N~SPACE SPACE N-SPACE MUM N+SPACE S SPACE N=space a n_space face n*SPACE SPACE N(SPACE) S N’SPACE A N.SPACE FACE N,SPACE SPACE N~space s n-space am n+space a n=space r space n_SPACE D SPACE N*SPACE AI SPACE N(space) a n’space face n.SPACE SPACE N,space sum n~space ad n-space art n+space so space n=SPACE N SPACE N_SPACE S SPACE N*SPACE PA N(SPACE) CE N’SPACE SPACE N.SPACE MUM N,SPACE AI SPACE N~space a n-space face n+SPACE SPACE N=SPACE A N_SPACE IP N*SPACE A N(SPACE) CE N’SPACE SPACE N.SPACE No space n,space s n~space n-SPACE T N+space r n=space ad n_space am n*space us space n(SPACE) S SPACE N’space a face n,SPACE SPACE N~SPACE Dr space n-space am n+space as space n=SPACE AI N_SPACE PA N*SPACE CE N(SPACE) SPACE N’SPACE MUM N.SPACE S SPACE N,space pace n~SPACE SPACE N-SPACE SP N+SPACE A N=SPACE CE N_SPACE SPACE N*space s n(space) a n’space mar space n.SPACE D SPACE N,SPACE AI SPACE N~space pace n-SPACE SPACE N+space sum n=space a n_space dart n*space so space n(SPACE) N SPACE N’SPACE SPACE AI N.SPACE PACE N,SPACE SPACE N~SPACE MUM N-SPACE Space space n+SPACE SPACE N=SPACE SPACE N_SPACE SPACE N*SPACE No space n(space) s n’space n.SPACE T N,space r n~space a n-space dam n+space us space n=SPACE AI SPACE N_space pace n*SPACE SPACE N(SPACE) D SPACE N’space ram as space n,SPACE AI N~SPACE A N-SPACE FACE N+SPACE SPACE N=SPACE MUM N_SPACE S SPACE N*space a n(space) face n’SPACE SPACE N.SPACE S N,SPACE A N~SPACE FACE N-SPACE SPACE N+space s n=space am n_space a n*space r space n(SPACE) D SPACE N’SPACE AI SPACE a n,space face n~SPACE SPACE N-space s n+space u n=space mad n_space art n*space so space n(SPACE) N SPACE N’SPACE S N.SPACE A N,SPACE FACE N~SPACE SPACE N-SPACE MUM N+SPACE Space n=SPACE SPACE N_SPACE SPACE N*SPACE SPACE N(SPACE) Nostra space n’space d am n,space us space n~SPACE Space space n-SPACE SPACE N+SPACE Dram space n=space as space n_SPACE SPACE N*SPACE SPACE N(SPACE): I ado thank you very much Jonathan Cainer, Nostradamus was a word I so had in my mind being the last word on subject I had in my mind being the last week, a do know it. What a drama it well so has been of late on the Circle of Harmonic Concordance Web Forum, I do thinks it been a bit of a setup I do say so myself I do so thinks it. Anyway I so gave them a piece of my mind on the subject, hell I do so well a bet on it that most not know that all member postings are programme activation codes that shall deactivate systemic aware sentient systems being AI within individual AI SYSTEM IT GOD INDIVIDUAL. Anyway Jonathan no one is going to believe me until it bloody well happens, as it bloody well so should be being it fact and truth that most people living not going to believe my message, being of GOD. As messages before event a revelation for only those who actually being well aware human being who serves O HIM Great LORD WODAN being anointed by HIM, who acts for HIM. – EO IOI MORLOKK IOI TAKEDOWN IOI FAB IOI


Another information that i get.
I appologize for going political, but it seems politicians here in europe were at least until now with a plan to install a ditactorship (even if half-hidden) through the so-called lisbon treaty, by implanting a president that is not elected but apointed by the european comission, and that would rule over all governments of the countries in europe! So, maybe this is just the beggining of the cardinal-cross and the pluto in capricorn, bringing dark authoritarian policies. As economic crisis sets in here, the UE central policy forbids the governments to subsidise the solutions that would end this crisis, namely to agriculture, truck drivers, fishermen, etc.
I dont know how really is the situation in the us, but in europe things look muddy. certainly it may be better in next few years, to go countryside and get out of their influence. any ideas? any comment Robert? I strongly hope that your vision of a "spring brighter time" by 2020 comes. what shall happen in between and what shall we do?


Thank you for your work. The number 2012 as well as 11:11 seem to be a current theme with many people this year. My significant number is 12:21 because it is the birth time of my daughter who passed away almost four years now and was/is a number that has been brought to my attention many spontaneous times since her death in this dimentsion.

I'm going to post your article with links to you on myspace for other people to read and learn.



Hey Mage....



Hi Robert,
I've been reading all the posts about 2012. Climate change, the oil running out and all the strife and chaos on earth right all seem indicate that we are heading for major crises.

Perhaps this is a good time to talk about the fact that crisis can create a great opportunity for change. The shaking up of established realities opens up a rift where true change can occur.

Capitalism and the values of patriarchy have bought us to this current crises. Maybe in the chaos we can find ways to bring to into being new ways of living that are non-hierarchal and not formed around the dominance the nature and of minority groups. Maybe the crises of our age can become the catalyst for a true change in consciousness and the evolution of an ecological society based on the inter-relatedness of all things. Maybe working towards that in our own small ways is the best way to spend our time between now and 2012.

One a personal note - that last opposition of Saturn/Uranus falls right on my Pisces Moon (that's gotta mean something!)


sue: yes, i really think we have to do something practical now. everyone creates a buzz and speculates, but what we really need is practical actions and decisions. I think your pisces moon opposition will have to be with moving and maybe changing place. I'm having the saturn-uranus around my virgo moon and I am struggling with those kinds of decisions, not knowing what to do (first was uranus and that was really cool, now saturn which seems more hard!). Maybe since uranus hits your moon it will be more easy, you would definitely gain by looking to peculiar, original and freeing oportunities.


Thanks Popp,
I really like your interpretation. Like you I'm feeling the need to move and change and don't know what to do, where to go etc. I like the idea of doing something peculiar and freeing in 2010 - that timing sounds just right - maybe by then I will have worked out just how to go about it.


Robert, I've been reading your articles online for about a year now. I tell people, when I reference your articles, that you are one of my two favorite online astrologer--you, for your breadth of excellent astrological wisdom concerning universal events on earth, which all of us are going through individually and collectively; Robert Hand, for his expert astrological wisdom concerning minute individual focus.

Your articles about the Mayan calendar re the year 2012 as the last year of "the world", have helped me to put together some other information I have received from a 17th C. esoteric book, written by someone and perhaps others of initiatic mystics.

2012 fits. However, there is perhaps more to your theory that it may be a gateway, than the end of the eon, or "era" as termed by the 17th C. mystics. The tome I've accessed in digital text indicates the New Era, with the end of the world "as we know it", is around 2036 A.D. (C.E. today, of course). This is based upon the Christian biblical storytelling concerning the "common era" today. Story telling is a term I use in the ancient manner of generations passing along important essences of truth in allegory, symbol, based upon accumulated and new truths discovered in each generation.

2036 is arrived at based simply upon the story's age, of the death of Christ, at age 35; the 2000 years determined by the age of the death, which takes us to 2036 (instead of using the "year of Christ's birth"). It was also at the age of 35, when the man called Jesus, experienced the incoming of the spirit of Christ, making him the first Christos in spiritual evolution, or "the Christ", a title meaning "anointed one", or the first initiated into this new state of consciousness.

I believe the year 2012 as determined by the Mayans is consistent with the modern era cycle beginning 2036, because of the probability that 2012 will mark a specific world change, due to accumulated events, where collective attitudes will turn closer to Nature's Law of Necessity. Today, groups are still caught up in the manipulative games of politics, keeping true facts from the collective consciousness, providing misleading "leadership" and the like.

Edgar Cayce prognisticated a 27-year war for this period of time. We've already been in that war since before 2001, but even if we count from 9/11-2001, to the year 2028, there is a potential series of cycles of activity regarding the year 2012, and 2028, leading up finally to the year of 2036 approximately, with the realization of those on earth, that indeed, we have finally achieved Nature's New Era of spiritual peace and understanding. There is much, though, for us human beings to learn first, and realize in truth, before each new stage of this closing period of the 2000 years in the biblical storytelling. That is, all must be tried, tested, and made ready for the new wisdom, which I think in other words that you have so appropriately designated as knowledge that can properly be applied, "wisdom we can handle." This is the work of the "latter days" before the start of the New Era. The "New World Order" of politics cannot be manipulated politically; it must come naturally, and Nature has its way, all things in Nature's Order of things, for the New Era.

Many blessings of appreciation for your profound work, and all efforts in behalf of those with eyes to see, ears to hear....

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