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Your Highness,

What if the eclispe conjuncts part fortune and mercury? What are the orbs?




Hi Robert.
I somehow feel very different after the eclipse, It was conj my sun Leo./3rd house.
I was fortunate I think as I was giving yoga nidra to 9 people and was engrossed in the silence in the group for the whole duration. Sapphire Blue light.
We where all quite moved somehow. Very Aquarian, Higher octave Love, maybe.

Third house, a shift in type of Leo communication.
Feel quieter and more serene. Will continue to flow.

Aum Shanti Felita

Glad your back Robert!.


I was Totally wrong....That was last night. I will wait now. A good example of some confusion on cusp of my 3rd house happening now. Sorry! Assumptions..
I will look at that mmmmmm.
Still we reveal ourselves to ourselves daily it seems.

Aum Shanti Felita.


I don't know how to find the eclipse in my chart. Can someone tell me? I have Leo in my 11th house. Sun in the 7th house and moon in the 5th. ???

Thank you,


hi robert, this is my fourth blog on your site(thankyou), and i usually leave personal affirmations, but...this morning around 10a.m.-11a.m. brisbane time, i felt tingles of a very youthful energetic energies of extreme anticipation, and almost joyfulness, and it has continued all day, right up to now. i'm not expecting anything, and there's nothing special happening in my life. yet this very aware and persistent energy pervades me. it's almost like i'm 15 waiting for my train set to arrive. i'm serious. i'm very switched on, and plowed through my daily tasks with ease. i'm not loosing the plot am i?.....though these days that's sort of a redundant question! :)) i'm not asking for anything(2sept'61), at all(sydney), i just thought(5.25am)i'd mention it....are solar eclipses 'sposed to attract this?...(the feb eclipse was scarily emotionally helpfully work relatedly tumultuous).. now this very strong wind has just sprung up, howling away...a beautifully eerie sound to fall asleep to in winter...i'm going to re-read a few of your articles, 'cause the facts will seep through the cracks eventually! cheers to you all, thx robert!!!....avagoodone, brett



You won't actually SEE an eclipse in your chart. However if you know that Leo is in your 11th house, tha eclipse will affect what that house stands for and also if you have planets in that house. The eclipse is at 9/10 degrees.


Photos of the eclipse


Hi Robert,

What orb do you use for a conjunction of the eclipse to a planet? I have Uranus at 6 Leo 56, and the Sun / Moon would have crossed (energized) this planet during the week, so the influence would be separating. Is the eclipse conjunct my Uranus? I've always used a 1 degree orb, but was curious if you use a greater orb, and if so, do you feel it applies to both a separating and applying conjuction?

I experienced a lot of energy with this eclipse, and some personal shifting.


wolfy with eyes

Hi Robert
I have just found that I have my South Node conjunct (exactly) to the degree of this solar eclipse in Leo...please comment on the interpretation the next months..(my south node is leo in the 3rd, and North node Aquarius in the 9th...I am a Gemini rising, Aries sun (Aries in the 11th House)
thanks! I have a feeling that this is something rather, large?

wolfy with eyes


Hi Robert....My above posts are laughable. I do not expect a response to it, Just curious to the re-visiting of Aug 1989 Eclipse.
Oct '89 my life obliterated so I cannot see a happy familiarity with that Leo eclipse.

I am organising asap for a reading I think!

Thanking you for all your knowledge and constant understandings.

Aum Shanti Felita.


Thank you Chickie for responding to my question. I appreciate it very much!

Peace, love, light...and hugs!


Hi Chickie - It will bring relief through an end to old perceptions and interpretations, and should bring new joys and well being by shutting down old modes of these. The orb for the lights, and really any lunation, is 7-8 degrees or larger, depending on whether it's the same sign or different. Prego!

Hi Felita - Well, we should all feel somewhat differently after any eclipse. And of course, a sense of humor is always good! Also, don't expect an exact rerun of post 1989 events, since you're a different being now than then.

Hi Joanne - You have it in the 11th if your cusp is less than 10 Leo. You have it in the 10th if your cusp is greater than 10 Leo.

Hi Brett - Leo could definitely be described as "tingles of a very youthful energetic energies of extreme anticipation." This eclipse will help many of us know we have made it through the night. Some eclipses have a much different effect, but this one should be a good one over the long run for all of us. You're welcome, and definitely I am having a good one!

Hi dcu - Thanx for the photos.

Hi Viki - I always use wide orbs for the lights, since they are so powerful. At least 7-8 degrees, regardless of if they're forming or separating, since the former shows things to come and the latter things already experienced. The eclipse is most definitely conjunct your Uranus, showing your genius and inventiveness will come forth in new ways.

Hi wolfy - You'll be letting go of an old line of least resistance in your perceptions and communications. You could also be getting a form of relief regarding your environment and/or neighbors. Definitely expect a new set of pleasures and a new form of self expression to be showing up fairly soon. And you're in for a great 2009!


When planets go retrograde I understand that we feel the effects before it happens. Is this the same with eclipses?

wolfy with eyes

thanks Robert for this interpretation...please tell me just why this conjunction makes for a great 2009...just curious and trying to learn this great art form a little

wolfy with too many eyes


Hi Autumn - Well, what you say is not exactly the way it works. We don't really feel RX effects "beforehand" unless it's RX'ing over a span it's already RX'd over before, which usually happens only with the outer invisibles. We do experience the RX span differently than we experienced it when it first transited those degrees in direct motion. So we experience the effect first when direct, second when RX, and third when it goes over the span direct again. So we experience it one way, then from another angle, then from a synthesized view. Eclipses are entirely different, and no, we do not begin to experience them until after the event, even though there may be signs and signals as a result of other planetary indicators.

Hi wolfy - Because the eclipse will shut down old SN tendencies, opening the gates to a very favorable Jupiter set of aspects with your Sun and Moon while on your NN. Great year for new lines of long term development which will be productive AND you'll understand with clarity. We Aries with Moon in Air signs should do great in 2009!

wolfy eyes

hi Robert
With 2009 looking pretty nifty here, in October 2009 Saturn goes into Libra which is the start of my second Saturn how do these mix together? Does the second return look pretty, ah, smooth?
wolfee eyes


Hi Wolfy - Will post much more on Saturn in Libra in the future. Until then, prepare, since Virgo sets the patterns that come forth in Libra.


Hi Robert - I am in Russia, finalizing the sale of my mom's house. It seems hard to say good-bye to the old house, but seems like it is time. I have been here since mid July, Had the most wonderful rest at one of the local health resorts, now, trying to sell the house. Business and pleasure combined. This year, I swear, I am not sure what comes first, taking care of business or personal stuff. I seem to become more detached from what makes no sense. Esp after August 1, something have happened top me - I feel lighter and less dependent on my previously described feelings and attachments/obsessions. Something did set me free. feels good. I miss reading your site. I don't know if it is a good time to sell mom's house, but seems that it is. Things fall inpot my hands, people come with offers I accept. Hope all is well with you. If you can give me some advice, please say, because I need it. Thank you.


Hi Larissa - Glad you're getting closure on old business, since creating space will lead to new dances with destiny. Business and pleasure each in their own time leads us to feel fulfilled in both realms. The August 1 eclipse is liberating all of us to feel relief that some things are finally over for good. I would think it is a good time to sell, given the favorable aspects to Jupiter by the Virgo planets, though of course some days and offers are better than others. Still, do what you know you must do, since new horizons beckon.


Hi Robert - thank you so much for inspiration! I needed it! Seems that things need to be done and done now. Feels good. I already feel that a large space is creating itself for new things to come!! My heart is free, i was juts walking down here to check my emails and was telling myself that my heart is free from nonsense. This year I feel less attached to the old, and more open to changes, even if I didn't plan them, they seem to find me. Also just several days ago I met with 2 people who were so important in my life 20 years ago! They run into me by very strange circumstances. Some sort of reconnection. Strange. I spent 3 weeks of fabulous time at the health resort here, serene place, with lots of fun and very kind people, so honest and kind, it is refreshing, and I fixed my health a bit also, and feel incredibly refreshed. Thank you again.


Hi Larissa - You're most welcome. Once we learn how and when to let go, life becomes more fluid. Glad your heart is freed from at least some tendencies that only made it struggle. Reconnections are definitely in the air for me and many I know, with favorable vibes (at least, so far!);-)


Hi Robert - This August 1 Solar Eclipse - I was thnking that it would eclipse a man from my life, the one I had in mind, however it was not what I really wanted. I did not have many manifestations of our friendhsip being ruined but it was stressful recently due to life's conflicts. Now it still seems to hang on, still here. I felt letting go temporarily, but it is hard and feels it is not over. I don't know.


Hi Robert - you said that it is a good time to sell, given the favorable aspects to Jupiter by the Virgo planets. How long this period will last? I would like to sell mom's house prior to October, if possible. Any periods of time are better than others? I am managing the situation from here with the responsible party i left for this task over there,in Russia. I wonder of I should lower the price to expedite the sale because i need these money to buy my own place here while prices are unbelievably down. Thank you.


Hi Larissa - Remember that you cannot lose what is truly yours, and should not attach to that which is not true for you however that may be. The recent Solar Eclipse is actually a very fortunate eclipse, due to the aspects. As for selling houses, that is a complex aspect of astrology horary analysis, and has very definite rules for such things. All I can do here is offer a glimpse of the general weather. Of course there are better and worse times for buying and selling involving the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, the ruler of your 4th, when you listed it, and a ton of other factors. I would not rush into anything. Unless you are overpriced in Russia, I don't know why you would lower the price so quickly after listing the house, since if you do, people will assume you will keep lowering it. I find that strategy decreases the likelihood of it selling quickly.


Hi Robert - thank you. Yes, no reason to rushb to sell. I always rush in everything, I don't know why.

Also, why this 8/1 eclipse was fortunate? In what ways? Thank you.


Hi Larissa - Aspects and degrees.




Hi Demetrius - It shows that you're in a year of radical change, of self-revelation, loss and gain. Do whatever you need to do in order to fulfill the vision of late 2007-early 2008, and go for a more natural creativity. You went through major shifts in 2005-2006 which will determine the course of your life for a long time. You'll hit a major fork in the road of your destiny late this year and/or early next year. Stay balanced during the new things emerging the last 3 days of Sept and the first 3 days of Oct, take the initiative, and be responsible, since what's happening is directly related to something coming in late December.


Hi Robert.

I've noticed that in 2009 (22th July)there is a Solar Eclipse the exact day of my birthday.

Can we really expect good things of this, and discart bad ones?. I know this polarization is somehow simple, have a Solar Revolution with the Sun eclipsed sounds heavy.

Thanks, teacher.


Hi Henry - Given the odds, eclipses usually do fall conjunct a planet in a sign every so often. The Eclipse falling on your Sun will show in several ways. The obvious is that it definitely ends major parts of your old light/life, shutting down some responses so that new lights can be seen. It marks a year where you must get closure on whatever it touches, and prepare for a transition into something new that will fill the void left by the eclipse.

Since you're a good student of the craft, I'll offer a few more hints, and you get to extrapolate meaning from the following examples. In no particular order: It's a New Moon on your Sun, which yields several interpretations. Also, in the SR, the rulers of your Cancer/Leo areas are stimulating the natal ruler of your Leo, with SR New Moon degree modifying your Solar inclination. You'll start seeing how your particular symbol or light fits into a larger sequence or field. Another factor is that all the planets in the SR are in the same aspect to your Sun as they are to the Eclipse. It would show that the SR aspects, including the Eclipse in the Grand Irrationality with Mars in the Gemini zone and Jupiter and Chiron conjunct Neptune, will be major forces for you to deal with in terms of structuring your life. Favorable Mercury is very good. Big things are coming in April-May 2009.



Thanks a lot Robert by your specific and focused answer.


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