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Hi Robert, talking about the aspects of good and evil, is there an indicator or aspect in a chart that shows where (geographically speaking) an individual would move to best thrive and grow? I know people, I'm sure everyone does, who have moved to another geographical location and thrive or change for the worse. Thanks - Vahana


I enjoyed the article very much. Very good advice. I don't think of any chart as good or evil. When I first started studying astrology I was taught that you should have some difficult aspects along with the lucky ones. Otherwise you would have a lethargic, boring and self indulgent life with no soul growth. It's pretty simple really. I tell people not to worry about the squares and stuff, they are what makes life interesting. They are challenges, not hardships.

Besides, it's the free will that counts. A person is not evil, only selfish. Recently I looked up a guy I know with a lot of legal money problems. He's got his foot inside the jailhouse door. He is handsome, charming and always gets what he wants. If not, he has a tantrum. He has ties to the underworld and deals drugs. He has squares, a grand cross and a grand trine (a lucky, protective influence). A Gemini with moon rising in Pisces. The grand trine (includes the moon) always saves his ass. He's like a teflon don. It's very interesting and you could call the chart "evil." Of course, he could repent and do some good in the world... if he was inclined, but right now he is not. It takes my breath away. But it also serves to show how we are all on different paths and cannot judge others, hmm.

I'll let you chew on that a bit.

Thanks for the great article. Namaste!

Brian Story

I loved your use of the term "missing the mark" I was taught that "sin" is originally an archery term, if one missed the mark he sinned left or sinned right of it..he would then repent, from the french re pence (sic?) meaning to rethink, so if we missed the mark we can rethink and try to do it right...namaste..thanks for the great posts..


Hi Vahana - Well, I am of the opinion that regardless of location, we always have the choice 24/7 to be "good" or "evil." Yes, some places are better to thrive and grow, but I don't believe in a fixed locale, since what we need at 17 is different than what we need at 40. There are certain cities that were good in the 60s, but no longer. Same with the 80s and into 2008. Some places are great at certain times for certain people, but not for others. This is the element of locational astrology not addressed by popular astrology, which usually uses astro-cartography (which I believe is flawed as an approach for philosophical reasons) as a justification for telling you that you need to go to the Ural Mountains if you want to prosper.;-) Seeing how our chart relates to the chart of a city, state, or country is a better approach IMHO.

Hi Valerie - Of course, you're right in that no chart is purely "good" or "evil," including Stalin or Hitler. They were misguided humans who yielded to the "dark side." I have found that "favorable" aspects can create as many problems as "difficult" aspects, depending on how we're using the planetary material. Challenges do give us the opportunity to bring forth our better qualities and thus change patterns. And of course, regardless of what is true for another, we must judge what is appropriate for our own evolutionary pattern in the NOW, so at times we must judge lest we be drawn into unfortunate habits.

Hi Brian - That's exactly why I used that term. "Sin" is indeed an archery term. We need to strip it of its religious lumber and restore it to its original meaning. I have nyet problema "rethinking" or "repenting" a missing of the mark so that I can be/live more "accurately" in the future. And of course you're most welcome.


Hi Robert...fascinating...i have just got into empty house study and unaspected planets in the chart....have been searching your archives for related subject matter...could you direct me as i could not find i believe that this gives a lot of insight into the karma in ones chart....and trying to understand the machinations of some difficult help my daughter understand her own father and not go into the fear based hate that she has been you say let go with compassionate indifference....this brings me to ideas of Gurdjeff and that of 'Soulbuilding'...or in some cases soul some may choose....great thought provoking daughter would benefit from reading this...and heal...giverny


Hi giverny - I haven't written much about empty houses, and I've never found an unaspected planet in any of the thousands of charts I've seen. There may not be the Ptolemaic aspects (aka the usual suspects) but there are always "minor" aspects which exert major influences each in their appointed time. Usually a "stand alone" planet exerts its own function unrelated to the other planetary functions, though of course it has a dispositor by which it is affected, unless it is its own dispositor. By all means cut the root of fear and hatred, since they are useless responses to anything. Even anger is not helpful after its proverbial 15 minutes since it usually goes toxic. If your daughter can find solace and/or understanding from this article, then it's a very good thing.


In question to both your response to Giverny's questions posed relative to this article and your recent series three part series on the eclipses, I am curious Robert do you feel that "free will" of the individual must eventually give way to the will of the Universe and if so, at what point? Especially when the "free will" of the individual so negatively impacts all those around by not making choices? And the Universe appears so specifically aligned as to directly impact said individual to make choices?

Thank you yet again for another plate of food for thought...


Hi BritLitChik - The free will of the individual must become the expression of the Divine Will. Until then the free will of a being may generate as much suffering as happiness. The point where we can learn to transcend the ego-will is the point of Self-realization that the separate self is an illusion and the Eternal Nature is the only real thing imaginable to the mind. The rest comes from direct experience of the Higher Planes. I've actually written a fair amount concerning some of what you say, but you may have to go gold mining in the archives.

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