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I find your columns challenging because I don't have much of an academic astrological background. However, you are so articulate that even the things I don't understand are a pleasure to read.

My birthday is today -- August 13 -- and I was born in 1963, in Waterbury, CT, at 7:45pm.

I've had a wild ride this eclipse season. First the man I loved realized he loved me (Feb eclipse), then I was engaged to him (through the beginning of June), then my fiance turned out to be an alcoholic. I think he only half knew -- I've had no experience at all with addiction. However, he was nasty in his first attempt at withdrawal (so I left). He's an Aries, also 1963.

I feel a little bit like a rag doll being shaken vigorously (although not dropped exactly). I'm not really sure how this all effects me going forward because I have a hard time following your signs in degrees being effected by this or that.

Any insight?

Kind regards,


Hello Robert,

In response to your words...

"Those with an Ascendant or planets between 8-16 of Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces, and Taurus"

this applies to my natal
moon/mars/mercury (Cap-9th H)
uranus/pluto (Vir-5th H)
true node (Can-3rd H)
neptune (Sco-7th H)
chiron (Pis-11th H)

With regard to the eclipses this month my
4th H(Leo) from the eclipse on 8/1
10th H(Aqu) for the upcoming one on 8/16
Saturn is the dispositor of the chart and is natal in Aqu but in the 9th H.
Sun (7th H)- Sag (Jup influence from 8/16 eclipse)
Asc (1st H) - Tau (Earth influence from 8/16 eclipse)

Would you please take a moment to comment on my curiousity about how this might evolve? Despite knowing about the houses and their life references, it seems as if almost every area of my life is about to go off the deep end into uncharted territory.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,


Correction, so sorry about the confusion...please see the accurate planet house positions below (I was reading the house cusp sign):

moon/mars/mercury (Cap-8th H)
uranus/pluto (Vir-4th H)
true node (Can-2rd H)
neptune (Sco-6th H)
chiron (Pis-11th H)



Hi Robert, you did a reading for me back in January of this year. I've had an ongoing aspect of Pluto that is Squaring both my moon at 28 Virgo and my Saturn at 28 Pisces. The eclipse on Aug 1st hit me exactly on the cusp of my ninth house of Leo, my sun at 25 Leo. Saturn is traversing my ninth house as well. I feel as though I was hit with an ultimatum from the universe of "get it together or else". Since Aug 1st my unconscious has been erupting like a volcano (I did start back into therapy - but switched healers from female to male, brand new guides) and I feel like I am flowing in a river of synchronicities, both awake and asleep, seeing my external reality reflecting the internal like a giant mirror with no turning away allowed (the scene in Clockwork Orange comes to mind). Needless to say , it's been intense, peeling the scab off old, old wounds that I've been living with my entire life. I have been very blessed, however, in the spiritual support I have been receiving while making this passage. I'm just concerned about this weekend coming up - do I need to start looking for the nearest padded cell? With Love and Light, Josie


"I'll discuss more about how to antidote the negative aspects in this eclipse tomorrow."

Thank you Robert! While my sun is 6 Capricorn and my Asc is 12 Taurus i do indeed have Mars at 25 Leo and Venus at 22 Scorpio so an antidote my might come in handy!


Good grief...can I really be this scatter-brained? Chi - Pis/10th H...


hi robert i love your articles... hmmm Annette inspired me as I fell in love with a girl i hardly knew with the febuary eclipse. i was born march 19, 1981 in west hills, ca. zero degrees to the the sun and 10 degrees ascendant to the moon. She was born zero degrees to the moon and 10 ascendant to the sun (i wonder if that has anything to do with it?). after a bombshell in the end of may i haven't talked to her since. since then insane spiritual energies way more than usual until it mostly stopped for me at the last solar eclipse august first. josie inspires me as in between that time visions and dreams of painful memories night after night and day after day for months, never happened to me before and crazy synchronicities all over the place. if nothing else i'm letting y'all know your not alone, this has been the strangest year of my life. My question, what is up with this year?


Hi Annette - Glad you find pleasure in what you read here. I do try to make them intelligible for everyone, which is somewhat daunting! Happy Birthday and Solar Return. Glad you found love, though regret that it didn't turn out as you would have liked. Aries can shoot first and aim later, and usually get over things quickly if there's any dream left at all. He's a Water Rabbit in the Chinese system (like you) and you both really love home and family and closeness. I suspect you'll go forward regardless of whether you two get back together or not. For Leo, the show must go on!

You're maturing very quickly due to several astrological factors. With Saturn on your Mercury for the next year, return to the student state. Study, read, write, do mental-verbal self disciplines and train your mind to focus on objective facts, discriminating what fits where and why. Many things will be squeezed out of your life when transiting Saturn makes a Yod, or Finger of God, with your natal Jupiter and Saturn from November through next March. This will help you focus your higher wisdom in a form of your Divine purpose. With Saturn square your Moon, your self knowledge is your strength, even if your feelings get heavy. Use humor and largeness of vision to correct gloomy tendencies.

Hi Irth - What you want far exceeds a comment stream. Jupiter and Saturn will assist positive growth in your Earth and Water planets, the houses they're in, and the houses they rule. The eclipses will affect the houses they fall in by ending some things. You should get some relief through the transfigurations. We're ALL moving into uncharted territory as a result of past eclipse effects freeing us from a "narrow destiny" and the Grand Irrationality creating a very weird collective field.

Hi Josie - Wondered what happened and if you made the move you intended. Pluto is still squaring your Moon, showing impending final decisions building since 2006. I would think the past Solar eclipse is showing you a greater truth and future that will provide relief. Glad you're releasing so much subconscious material, since you don't want to carry that forward one moment longer than you need to. No turning away because consciousness is a one way street. We only become more aware, even if only that which we are unaware of. Glad you're healing old wounds, since that provides strength born of direct experience. This weekend will help you continue over the next several months to build a bigger, altruistic, dispassionate view while continuing to make your life freer and happier. Dispassion leads to compassion, always a good view to cultivate. And Saturn continues at the top of your chart, showing long term flowers coming as a result of cultivating your inner garden.

Hi Donna - Your Mars will be empowered, your Venus will learn to like more than it dislikes, Jupiter and Saturn continue to stabilize your self image, and the Grand Irrationality approaches your Sun. And I trust that yesterday's article gave you food for thought and tools to use. Transiting Saturn will help your Venus for many months to come, so make it your friend and use its energies wisely!

Hi George - Sun at 1 degree Aries shows Pluto purifications front and center helping you transform into a "more perfect" form. If you're saying her Moon was on your Sun and her Sun on your Asc, then that's an extremely strong attraction. But this is a situation where chemistry may not be enough if one of the two is on a different spiritual path or on some sort of different wave of how the planets are functioning properly or not. I have many articles in the archives where I speak about what's going on this year as a whole, this year as part of the march toward 2012 and beyond, and this part of the year as it relates to a bigger picture, including the Grand Irrationality which is providing constant pressure on us all and has for quite some time.


Robert - with the Grand Irrationality approaching my sun how do i guard against poor decisions and bad behavior? I really do not want to be weird! Hell I'm just starting to reap the rewards for working my ass off for the past two years.


Hello Robert,

I understand the magnitude of a full chart commentary so I fully appreciate this guidance you have provided regarding the eclipses.

Many blessings upon you and yours.



Robert, Thank you for your interpretation of what's going on in my life. Not sure if you mean that Aries are pretty unreliable in their feeling states or whether just this one is in his. I hope it's not a general statement, ultimately for their sakes more than for those with whom they interact.

Thank you to others who responded to me, particularly because your echoes definitely make me feel less alone. It's a weird time.

Robert, your radio program was wonderful. You remind me of things I already know but in ways that feel like the lights are going on in a space that's become a bit dim. It's hard to keep track of the bigger map as one struggles through small tunnels and narrow roads. Lately, the dexterity required to avoid crashing into walls or going off the road entirely has put me in a bad habit of not looking up enough at the sky.

I particularly liked your comment about planets in a chart representing people who come and go as lessons are learned or experiences are completed. Wonderful.

The show will certainly go on -- Leos are not the only ones, I suspect, who know that. But I miss my Aries love. I hope he comes back.

Blessings to you through this rather challenging period.


Thank you, Robert, for your comments on my current situation. I'm not sure if you mean Aries who shoot first, think later, and get over things quickly is an unfortunate necessity (for Aries, ultimately I think, more than those with whom they interact) or just in the case of my particular Aries. I know I haven't learned all I can from him, but getting him on the wagon might be all he needed from me. I hope he comes back, but I might just have been (as you say) paying some energy forward. He's welcome to it, of course, whether he comes back or not.

Thank you, too, to those who responded to my post. Definitely feel less alone. Very kind.

Robert, your insights feel like flood lights in a dim room -- you remind me of things I know but somehow forgot while navigating the very narrow alleys and lanes of this last eclipse season. Attempting to avoid crashing into walls or going off the road entirely has put me in the very bad habit of looking at the sky.


Robert, I forgot to thank you for your insight - Thank you! Very kind of you. And also please disregard my above inquiry about the Grand Irrationality - I'll do my homework and search this site.
Thank you also for the radio link - amazing and helpful insight that I very much appreciate.


Thanks a lot Robert, I may just schedule a reading with you, I'm sure I could learn a lot. next time I'm in Santa Monica!
this has def been a year of growth for me! the equinox's feel like a build up of energy, the solar eclipses like a shut down, but the last lunar eclipse this year brought more energy to me, I wonder about today! oh by the way, the attraction with this girl was unbelievable like nothing I experienced, time changed! If I see her again I'll bring her to! :)


Hi Robert,
My birth information is 11/19/1970 at 6:04PM in East Ely, NV.
my husband's information is 1/17/1969 at 1:22AM in San Francisco, CA
I am currently involved in divorce mediation meetings with my soon to be ex-husband. We both felt the lunar eclipse in our energy field yesterday, and had to lay down for a nap (very unusual). My main concern is about the equity of our home. He signed the paperwork and the house is in his name, but he remembers that he asked me to sign it. (there was urgency to get the papers faxed quickly, as there were house bidding wars, and my main concern was that we got the first bid.) On a mental, emotional and spiritual level the house has always been half mine. On paper, legally, it is in his name. We only have 2 mediations left (in Mill Valley, CA), August 20th and August 27th, and then we are hoping to have an agreement of divorce settlement. Will the Grand Irrationality help or hinder? I am expecting to move to OK, near family, and I have been advised spiritually that I will have much more success there. What can I do to help ensure a good financial outcome while maintaining the greatest good for all involved in my divorce?
Blessings, Amy


I have a strange feeling like the other shoe is going to drop.


I met my boyfriend on the february 08 eclipse (which fell on my birthday) and six months later he broke up with me on Aug. 1st the second solar eclipse of the year...the day after the lunar eclipse (16th) I discovered he was cheating on me...this astrological stuff is amazing! but it makes me feel sad and like I have no control or free will, since this happened unexpectedly...and it seems unreversible...


Hi Robert,
First time I've read your column, but it's fascinating and rings true. I have a question for you.

Very simply, my boyfriend (a Leo) and myself, (an Aquarius) broke up in the weeks leading up to the eclipse. We were both desperate for a transformation of ourselves and our relationship, but this is ridiculous! On the night of the eclipse I realized I needed to let him go in order to have any chance of reuniting with him. I would like to know if this is a foolhardy supposition. I am certainly letting go now- with a vow to have zero contact over the next month or so, but in my heart I love him so much. I believe he loves me also, but the situation at present is untenable. Are eclipse break-ups forever? I realize that there are bigger forces at work in my life now, than who I am with, but this is something I can't give up on easily. I'm very stubborn.


Hi Donna - By learning how to maintain balance, common sense, and a sense of humor. Reap the rewards and learn to dance on the beach.

Hi Irth - Well, there are countless variables in any given interpretation.

Hi Annette - It's not that Aries are unreliable, since my tribe is great at keeping its word IF we give it. We are more than our Sun signs. Glad I could remember to remind people that planets are people. Good thing to remember.

Hi George - I'll see you in Santa Monica!

Hi Amy - What you ask is waaaay beyond the scope of a comment stream. The Grand Irrationality could have a thousand manifestations, but you should practice the virtues regardless.

Hi Jilly - Well, sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. Been there myself.

Hi Clara - Sorry you've been through a bad time, but that creates the space for better things and people to present themselves. And truly, it's ALL free will except the timing.

Hi Kelsta - If he's not your twin flame, then you were bound to break up in this life or another. If he is your twin flame then you'll reunite at the right time in the right way. Keep your heart open to the greater lessons of self-discovery and eventually many of your present concerns will clear up.


Thank you Robert. Your kindness truly humbles me.


Thank you for your response Robert. Your advice is of the best kind.

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