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J. Sue

Great and wonderful lessons, Robert. This was just what I needed to hear today. Thank you.


Robert - I cannot believe how timely this is...I have been thinking as much, most of this day today. Not quite so eloquently, as thoughts tend more to race than to prose, but an affirmation it was. Thank you.


Thank you Robert, for the fine review (and additional enlightenment!)It's good to be reminded that there is nothing greater than the God within. Rock on... :)


Bless you Robert. I could not have asked for better answers to the questions I've been pondering. I'm continuing to listen to the tape you made for me in December. You explained very well that most of my family and friends don't understand me and that bit of understanding from you has helped me be patient with them. With all the activity in Cancer and Virgo, I can feel the changes swirling like misty colors around me. Instead of resisting them, I hope to yield to the higher function.




Hi Robert, yes, I have pluto/mars/uranus respectively at 16/14/14 degrees in virgo, and venus in scorpio at 14 d, jupiter in taurus at 18d, and neptune in scorpio at 18 d... does this count!!! My pluto/mars/uranus all reside in the second house. My venus and neptune are in the fourth house, my venus conjuncts my ic and opposes my jupiter in the tenth house which is conjunct my mc.
I know lately I have been very interested in getting at the bottom of understanding my own karmic debts, how to dissolve them and how to become the most divine that I can be a s human being.


Thank you, Robert. Can't throw the baby out with the baggage, but what to do with the baggage? Thank you, again, for this wise reminder.

Sue Moon

(I'm re-posting from Back in the Saddle with your permission-thank you) I've held back because I truly appreciate how much you give to all of us and don't want to be a bother. That said, I have Mars at 9 Leo, Pluto 14 Leo, Saturn 20 Leo in the 7th House, with Venus 6, Mercury 18 and Midheaven 19 Scorpio, any insight for this eclipse is over the top appreciated.
Bless you


When all else fails and when confidence in oneself is low one can also surrender to God. It is not surrendering to Karma or Destiny and it is not being weak or negative. We are human and we will fail ourselves some of the times. We will also be subject to the ills of the world, evildoers. It is part of life. And sometimes we are unable to fight, not clear in our mind, for any reason we just do not wish to take control/charge. We are not alone, we must always remember that and we will receive the help we need. Always believe that.


Hi Robert. Very insightful and accurate feeling and thought on this subject. We are all what we think; in essence, the first spark of a thought is capable of creating a positive or negative outcome. Though the hand that we are dealt-- going in-- can be rather difficult, it need not remain this way. It's what we do with the hand that matters in the long run. No one has it easy, whether throughout the early stages of life or in later ones. So, blessings to everyone (myself included) in our paths of greatness- we are ALL great, and limitations are only set-off by what we are "taught" to be. If we all only knew what we actually are, we'd be unstoppable.


Robert - I agree wholeheartedly with your words on this subject. I, along with most, have taken on my trials and tribulations throughout my lifetime. . .and more to go. It is just a part of life. Unfortunately, no matter how positive our thoughts run and how strong our faith, there are periods where it seems only the "bad" comes to us. This has been the case for me. Out of nine planets (including Chiron at 22 degrees Pisces), 5 of them are middle decan earth/water - and my moon sits at 15 degrees Pisces. So, I am very curious about the "favorable journey" you speak of in a few weeks. I would love to see my life take on more of the sweet goodness, and I believe I have already seen the first signs of this coming. So, I am very curious - astrologically speaking - as to what and when will promote/support this "favorable journey." I have been enjoying your site for a couple of years now, and I have gained much knowledge and insight from your wisdom. Thank you!


Robert, beautiful article and I'm featuring it today. Come on over to my new site and let me know what you think!


Thank you Robert. Just received confirmation from you as well. Have been reading Napolean Hill too and it matches with what I have felt all along. Though my problem is or was negative people all around me. I know now that it was me all along. I also know the power of my thoughts. I feel that human beings should evove into the next step and this could be achieved if all the children of the world were taught the above principles.

Best regards

Isabel Nobre

Dear Robert,

It's been some time, as work overrides leisure time these months... Better times will come and I appreciate duly what you say about "magnetizing" positively and thus bringing about needed change!

Your artucles have exactly the right spiritual approach and that is why, eventhough I cannot come and comment all the time, I never cease to find a neverending field on interest and inspiration with you! Bless you for your good work.

These are times of perpetual change, but, strangely enough, as if we had always at least part of the "script" - is it merely our intuition? Or are we getting hints from astrology and other sources as well?

With six planets in Aquarius, Uranus in Leo and Pluto in Virgo in my Natal horoscope, plus a Moon in early Taurus, I can exactly feel many of the phenomena you explain happenning in my chart (or should I say "within me and around me"?!).

I am curious about the new Moon of the 16th, as it will happen close to several planets of mine. I take it that, with Moon close to Neptune, notwithstanding the potential for confusion and flooding, inspiration will also be of the matter, and WRITING might be inspirational then, right?

Well, sorry for the long comment.

All the best,



Hi J. Sue - You bet. Seemed like it was in the air, so figured a post would offer something to many.

Hi BritLitChik - Well, sometimes I get lucky!;-) You're welcome.

Hi Valerie - Am rocking on at least one time for Ringo, as it was once sung.... And yes, there is nothing greater than "All-That-Is."

Hi Sandy - Over time, I have no doubt there will be a greater understanding on the part of all concerned. Yielding to the higher way usually results in great effects that make us feel much better over time.

Hi Micheline - Yes, it counts! The Earth signs predominating this year will give you lots of grist for your mill of Soul, and since your Virgo planets are in the heart of the Grand Irrationality, no doubt destiny is on the move for you in major ways.

Hi s - Sort through what baggage is useful, and discard the rest!;-)

Hi Sue Moon - Already answered you over there.

Hi abacus - Surrendering to the Divine Wisdom is always a useful thing to do. And of course, if there's nothing to be done, then not doing anything may be the best plan of non-action. Whether to act or not act is always the primary consideration, especially when doubt or fear are present, since to operate from these usually brings problems. And yes, we always receive exactly the help best suited for our circumstances.

Hi Deb - Matter does indeed follow thought. Therefore what we think is of utmost importance in all that will follow, whether we "succeed" or "fail" in whatever. Even if we are in difficulty, our response can cultivate a skill for the future. And you're so right, in that NO ONE has it easy. Each gets the burden of their karmas to transmute into strengths and skills with which to serve humanity.

Hi Cheryll - Since you have so many planets in middle decan earth and water, this time should be one of fantastic building, growth, opportunity, and exteriorizing the strengths you've cultivated. Though Saturn is opposed your Moon, Jupiter is sextile, throwing favorable energies into mid-Cancer. Mars has already activated the process, and you can bet that by November things should be clear, harmonious, and cooking nicely indeed!

Hi Lynn - Checked it out a while ago, and think your new site looks great! Thanks for the cross post. I left a comment which I trust was appropriate.

Hi Aditya - Well, sometimes negative people just show us how not to be that way, and what to say to antidote the generic suffering of the ignorant. Sort of a reminder not to go certain places, and offer what we can to antidote those who are stuck in a rut.

Hi Isabel - You're welcome for the reminder. It's okay not to comment if it's time to absorb what you need and enjoy the ride through the cosmos. Thanks for your blessings. Intuition, astrology, and all of it together work as one larger harmony of indicators of how to attune to "All-That-Is." As it was once sung, "And the time will come when you see we're all one, and life flows on within you and without you....." Writing could be a very good thing, especially themes of collective need.


You said it wonderfully Robert. It is the most empowering and hopeful message because we have the power, we are our best teachers, one only needs to look within.
'Happiness is inevitable' says Yudhishtra in Peter Brook's adaptation of the Mahabharata, the ancient Indian epic.
I believe it is inevitable for each and every one of us.
Thank you for this affirmation!

Tarot Reading

Like a broom, sweep it all out of your life and into oblivion. (Edited due to violation of posting protocols)


Hi Tarot - You need to check with the proprietor before you post a commercial web site. If you want consideration, email me. Aum.


beautiful article dear Robert!
thanks my brother :)

Wish you good luck


Hi Lila - Well, a gentle reminder from time to time is the best confirmation that we in fact do have the Divine power to steer our lives in better directions! Happiness is inevitable, in that the mind will ultimately go in directions it believes will yield happiness. The trick is not to get attached to any given form of happiness, and embrace the joy of the Eternal NOW where our Soul resides. And of course, you're most welcome.

Hi Tarot again - I note you never came back nor did you contact me. That's why I have the policy I do.

Hi AceStar - Thanks. In an unstable world, we need gentle loving Beings to maintain the light of the Spirit. You are one of those Spirits. May you be well and shine the light of loving wisdom to your world, and may you receive grace and protection with every breath you take.


yes, we have as much power as a stone. we are like stones emitting energy. you are
acting as a stone when you wrote your article. so if you are saying in your pep talk don't use a stone, then they shouldn't use you either. i think stones are very helpful medicine to use in 3rd dimension to keep e.g., the heart chakra open. a stone can save your life if you have the wisdom to listen to your inner voice to go get the dang thing. right? always always raise yourself above the picture to realize, Robert, that you are a stone. thanks for all you say but don't godify yourself. let everyone choose for themselves.


Hi all - Again, from the top.....

Hi J Sue, and BritLitChik - You're most welcome.

Hi Valerie - Yes, when we realize our highest potential, miracles and wonder come forth.... Am rolling on quite nicely, thanks.

Hi Sandy - The tape will continue to yield insights every time you listen to it, so enjoy the journey! I figured in reprinting these, some could find merit in some of what is put forth.

Hi Micheline - You should have a great September in many respects as long as things are kept in a balanced perspective. This year has been major training and a prelude to when Jupiter moves through Pisces in 2010! I'm a big fan of welcoming the opportunities to chew up karmas and transmute the energies to good, since it prepares us for higher work.

Hi s - Perhaps examine why that baggage is there to begin with? That teaches us not to attach to inappropriate things, or appropriate things after they've outlived their purpose. Good for finding fluidity to counter ego fixations.

Hi Sue Moon - Remember Lunar Eclipses only last a few months. Your Leo is being illuminated so you can do it more expertly. By October much will be productively clear, and you'll get a much wider view that will show you your next flowers.

Hi abacus - Surrender is often the only sane thing to do! I don't see any separation between Karma and God, while Destiny is created as we shape our character at the intersections of "fate" and "free will." Sometimes we learn more from our failures than our successes, since they challenge our imagination. Yes, the world is what it is, and some we meet are tests to take the high road rather than respond in kind. When ego is dominant, then it will become frustrated from time to time. And yes, we are never separate from All-That-Is, and will attract exactly what we need as we open to our latent power of magnetic attraction.

Hi deb - "Thought" works on many levels. There are also other, higher bodies that bring forth the dualisms of thought. It is only through learned misunderstandings that thought forms go in unproductive directions. You're so right that NO ONE has it "easy." Even Saints and Sages have their trials to demonstrate their Godhead. And yes, truly if we knew our Divine Estate, we would never sweat the small stuff again!

Hi Cheryll - The more we learn how to deal with the white noise of life, the better we can serve suffering humanity when we are privileged to do so. The "bad" comes when the Lords of Karma allow us the circumstances to evolve more quickly by confronting the challenge to be our Higher Self. You're going to have an amazing opening next Spring. Glad you've been visiting the cantina for awhile and find it meritorious.

Hi Lynn - As I noted, I checked it out at the time. I hope your readers got a lot out of it.

Hi Aditya - Many find their way to the same well across the generations. Negative people are often crying for a more positive example, whether they know it or not, since it brings them into awareness. I agree that the children who come to wisdom will prove to be a blessing to their world.

Hi Isabel - Yes, the work has been thick and heavy for many! Magnetic attraction is one of those "cosmic laws" we must master if we are to become our Highest Self. Thanks for the blessing. Our intuition "reads" the script - hopefully our lower mind can interpret it correctly!;-) The timing on the changes is seen in the chart, while through all the changes we are challenged to bring forth latent powers, love, wisdom, intelligence, and serve suffering humanity however is appropriate. Jupiter is probably expanding your universe quicker than you thought, while Chiron is helping you heal into your Higher Self in many ways.

Hi Lila - We are truly capable of greater things than we've imagined. The trick is to focus on eternals rather than local things.

Hi Acestar - Blessings to you as well. May the turmoil be contained and lessened so you may pursue your evolution in peace and safety!

Hi Sheree - Uhhh. A stone cannot heal the sick and raise the dead. A stone cannot comfort a bereaved parent through wisdom and compassion. A stone cannot build a home for the homeless, nor serve in a soup line for those who hunger and thirst. The power is never in the object. Some of your assertions are curious. A stone cannot "keep the heart chakra open." Only we do that. Everyone chooses for themselves anyway, so I'm not sure what your point actually is....

discount coach

We don’t always get our hopes and dreams, and we don’t always get our own way.
But don’t give up hope, because you can make a difference one situation and one person at a time. Did you agree with me?

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