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Ariadne Green

As you say, the image or projection of our true soulmate can be projected onto almost anyone. Each time we believe this is the one despite the obvious contradictions. In my book, Divine Complement I talk about what I term "stand-ins", who are simply there to help us shed the patterns of our legacy pertaining to choosing a mate. I hope you will get a copy. Go to my website to read more about my book.
Bless you,


Hello Robert,
I was reading somewhere over internet, don't remember where, that if the sun/moon midpoint of one, conjoint to a progressed personal planet from others chart, it is a sign for Twin souls meeting. What do you think about this?
Thank you .


I wanted to share a beautiful news report with you, Robert, and the community here.

I have been enthralled by the story of an archaeologist, Zémaryalaï Tarzi, from Afghanistan, who has been on a lifelong search for a statue of a sleeping buddha under the ground near the Bamiyan Buddhas that were disfigured by the Taliban, falsely thinking that if they destroyed multicultural history, it would no longer exist.

Just last week, Tarzi and a team of French archaeologists found the sleeping buddha. If you google "Bamiyan," you can find the story.

When I first heard of Tarzi's story in the documentary, "'The Giant Buddha," I thought that this sleeping Buddha was a kind of vocational soulmate for him.
I have always thought that we have vocational, spiritual, and friend soulmates as well as romantic soulmates, and that we attract people in those areas of life in the same way as we do romantic soulmates.

Although many scoffed at the idea that it existed, after reading about it in the Chinese pilgrim Xuanzang's account, he was certain that it existed, and never gave up looking for it. He is nearing seventy now.

After all the heartache of witnessing the destruction of the Giant Buddhas and the wondrous Kabul Museum, how amazing for Dr. Tarzi to find his Sleeping Buddha! And for all of us, as this is a beautiful example of world heritage, revealing how all nations are layers of different cultures and peoples. They also found Bactrian and I believe Roman artifacts as well as Buddhist objects in this now mostly Muslim area.

I am going to read your article on Soulmates, and meditate on all the different soulmates - vocational, spiritual, kindred spirit friend, and romantic - in my life.

Thank you for this and all the wisdom you share.


Hi Ariadne - Well, usually projections are not true Soul Mate material, but rather unfulfilled images residing in subconsciousness, which is prone to seductions that can never truly fulfill. I have also found that there is an element of "The One" in each, but since they are humans with unfulfilled projections of their own, eventually there are competing images once the preliminary agreements are fulfilled. Some patterns indeed should be shed, while others need to be cherished and explored, since those are the patterns of our own archetype, which of course include what I have termed "the archetypal mate." Will check out the book when my life and schedule permits it.

Hi moon2lightshadow - If that were true, there would be more twin Souls together. Again, there are many Soul Mates but only one Twin Flame, your perfect "Divine Other." Many people we meet will have a planet that is near at least one of our midpoints. And it will happen with greater frequency to some than others, so I suspect what you read is pure speculation created with no foundation. Examples: Millions with Pluto at 18 Leo would have this connect to those with Sun at 18 Virgo and Moon at 18 Cancer and vise versa. Or Sun at 19 Virgo and Moon at 17 Cancer and vise versa. Or Sun at 30 Virgo and Moon at 6 Cancer and vise versa. Or Sun at 18 Libra and Moon at 18 Gemini and vise versa. Or Sun at 19 Taurus and Moon at 17 Scorpio and on and on through hundreds of combinations. This holds true for any Pluto, Neptune and Uranus position, which would also mean entire generations of people would be "twin Souls" with hundreds of combinations of Sun-Moon positions. Then if we factor in the other visible planets, it means that it's extremely likely that we'll meet many such beings in our life. Obviously not all of these are "twin Souls" for us.

Hi Mira - Great story, and one that demonstrates that yes, there are many ways our Soul expresses itself and finds a higher kind of "union" with an object of its Higher Love. As I maintain, we have many Soul Mates who help us realize and practice our Soul power, responses, potentials, and expressions throughout many lifetimes. Sometimes we attract them, and sometimes we are attracted by them, whether consciously or unconsciously. And of course you're most welcome.


i wanted to share my thoughts with you.. because you so kindly share your thoughts with us.

Terminal proclivity

Sunday, August 31, 2008 at 2:46am | Edit Note | Delete
Certain feelings rise and fall. I'm on detox so my mind kicks into overdrive and i write things.

What am i looking for that i can't find? What is it that i think i can get a hold of that will make me belong? Piece by piece, if i sit long enough to form a plot the picture will become clear. But what do i want... How do i get there? Where am i going if only my grave?

I'm hungry. I understand human nature so well. People are faintly predictable. But I'll fail the test due to faulty wiring. I'm just that disconnected.

In this interconnected world that we live, Nothing remains but narcissus and his pond. I am merely the reflecting pool. I'm skipping stones on the surface of a merely being. Someone else's ego always remains flat and one sided, yet brightly lit up like a christmas tree, beggin for attention. Look at me. I'm blinking.

When you look at the spectrum of light you see all the colors of the rainbow. I don't bother with the details. My vision became blurred when i was about 8. I don't see things the way everyone else does. There's always a contradiction right below the surface.

There are very few surprises that i can't see coming. Is it my undoing or just my salvation? A double edge sword. I feel soft. Some may find it alluring. In hindsight, its actually harder. I've been given this challenge to live through life in the best form i choose to exhibit. I'm formless among those who choose to talk about their existence in such a way, whereas to deter themselves. They refuse to take action without consulting the crowd, the audience, their affirmation. They look outward. Yet, we have all the answers inside. Why do we need to hear the Truth from someone else who has the same view point?

Appreciate the difficult climbs. We bitch our way up a mountain only to scream in joy at the top, with only our way back down to follow suit. A bad emotion leads its way out, only to be replaced with joy.

We live in infinite creation and the majority of people around me aren't looking at life as a challenge and relishing the thought. How do I get myself down from the mountain on to the next road... road of rocks and bushes, and unforeseen conditions that lie ahead.

Terminal proclivity.

Thank you for not being so easy, and so kind and so mundane.


Hello Robert,

Since your topic is on soul mates, I though I'd ask for your opinion on something I've been pondering for a long time. I met someone about a year ago who has touched me more deeply than anyone I have ever known before.

When we met a lot of our synastry aspects were activated by transits. Some of the most important aspects we have are his Venus/Mars conjunct my South node and my Asc conjunct his Sun.

At the time of our meeting, the transiting South node, Saturn, and Venus were all conjunct his natal Venus/Mars & my South node.

His progressed Venus was conjunct his natal Sun which also formed a conjunction to my ASC.

I was experiencing a nodal return and the transit North node was in conjunction to my Mars in Pisces which also rules my seventh house. Pisces rules my sixth house cusp - we met at work.

Since there was an eclipse to my Mars and his Venus (rules his fifth house) during the time we met, could this have any meaning as well?

Could you give any insight about these transits? I know that they are important, but I don't fully understand the purpose of our meeting since the South node (letting go) is so prominent for us.

I'd really appreciate any guidance. And I'm sorry if my descriptions seem a bit scattered.

Thanks so much for your time and providing us with an excellent source of astrological wisdom :)

take care


Hi robyn - Well, we do encode patterns. Being aware of them and choosing which to follow opens us to our power. Detoxing does bring up memories. We only catch glimpses of Dharma on our journey, since our bihemispheric brain cannot comprehend wholeness. We can experience it, but only to the point our brain doesn't intrude in the direct experience. We all go to the grave. It's how we live between then and now that determines EVERYTHING in this life and in future lives in whatever forms our Eternal Consciousness finds itself.

Desire is restless, but can never really know anything, including its own fulfillment. Don't know how you can "fail the test" if you're already aware of human nature and so have a choice as to how to act or react to circumstances. We all have a Venus. It's how we respond to its duality of "Wisdom v Folly" that determines if we're playing out a temporary narcissistic disorder or finding "right reflection." The duality of our reality is why contradictions exist.

Everyone's vision becomes blurred in childhood, and nobody sees anything the way everyone else does. We cannot even know how another sees anything. We may feel some of it through cultivating empathy, but that experience is not the same as seeing it through another's eyes. Impossible.

When we are in touch with subconsciousness we sense, or when we recognize our intuition we know, things to come. This is our "salvation" when we act correctly on our knowledge, or our "undoing" when we do not choose "right action." We often seek agreement from others so we can confirm what our 5 senses and mind have concluded. The problem is to be truly autonomous in our judgments while taking into account wise counsel. And I do agree that when we operate from unconsciousness there is a tendency to go into echo chambers so we can agree with our own uncertainty.

We learn to feel all the feelings so we can master being human. If we are thrown off our game by our own or another's unhelpful feelings we are of little use when the bigger tests of character arise. That you've decided to frame life "as a challenge and relishing the thought" shows you're already walking wherever the "road of rocks and bushes, and unforeseen conditions that lie ahead" will take you. Welcome to the pathless path, grasshopper.....

Hi allie - The transits to natal showed you each what you were learning from each other. SN contacts can show strong past life contacts, but usually show what we already know or need to release (demonstrate) of what we've cultivated at the NN. In your case you have nothing to learn from how his Venus/Mars functions. The Sun/Asc contact is very strong. P Venus conjunct Sun brings a form of Venus into the life. His progressed attraction is your physical self. When you met you were developing your Mars function, perhaps to be more intuitive regarding relationship issues. Eclipses shut things down. He represents the end of an old way of relating to others. There are 10,000 other ways what you describe works.


Robert - if time of birth is in question, how accurate is using noon as a "birthtime" to figure a birthchart especially if one is to review said chart in relation to the goings on of the here and now and relative to relationships? Incidentally, said person in question does have many of the characteristics represented by a chart of someone being born at or near noon on the date of birth in question, so the issue may be moot.




Hi BLC - I use sunrise charts, since in that is the potential for the day. Some use noon charts, but I never found them particularly accurate, since how many of us are truly living the "light of the noonday sun?" And of course, it's always possible to extrapolate traits from any given point in time, due to the sign positions and aspects being so powerful. That's why the art of rectification is practiced by so few.

wild horse running

Hola mi amigo,

I just stumbled upon some new understanding...this person that has shown up in my life is of course showing me parts of myself, that I don,t like to see. Up untill very recently, I would have let go/gotten rid of him etc....but just today I am understanding that if I push him away because the qualities he is showing me, I deny/dislike...I make those qualities more hidden/stronger within...vs new understanding of finding compassion for those qualities, allowing him expression of them...and freeing myself of those "percieved weaknesses".

Uranus most be at work...light bulbs are going on very rapidly lately...


Hi WHR - Sometimes another shows us what we're working on. Other times it's to show us what we must consciously refuse. Always keep in mind that "it only takes one fool to keep a thousand wise men busy." There are people I'll never have anything to do with again since there is no other lesson for me than to say no and walk the other direction. Many things to do, many people to dance with, many ideas to explore, many trails to hike, and once we learn a lesson, we don't have to keep doing it just because we have an emotional response. And beware of those who mistake your kindness and compassion for weakness. As a very old and wise friend occasionally counsels me, "Thus the superior man keeps the inferior man at a distance, not angrily but with reserve."

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