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This is a great article :)

Your insight and foresight is amazing ...

" However, as prelude to any new forms presenting themselves and being widely accepted, there must first be relative chaos and the dis-integration of old forms, since an old order is never open to a new order that can supersede it. "

- I think everyone really will agree that this is definately occurring in everyone's lives in the past few months, if not the last few years, that the signs of the DYING order or way of doing things is flailing about in resistance and death throes to the real change that will inevidently and permanently supersede it's previous existence. And all for the greater good I believe.

"We also are told that humanity must have reached a state of tension, of yearning for something new that will satisfy basic human needs that are not being addressed by the old systems."

And HERE, I would like to say most definately that those of the OLD systems who are in thier death throes and who are holding tightly to something that they refuse to even acknowledge is already dead - don't even recognize that that system may have nurtured them but it no longer works or feeds even the basic needs of the substantial others within the system as a whole and therefore must be replaced as the old system decays, withers and blessedly - Dies.

Change is never easy for anyone .. but it is blessedly the first and foremost tenet of Mother Nature. That .. and Timing. :)

A great read... safe journey's to you Robert on the road .. I will miss my daily fix for astrology for now but I look forward to your future articles ...
I too finally hit the road myself today - on my own.
As always ... to all

Blessings and Namaste



I feel this Mercury Retrograde going direct already for me...
Get ready to JUMP's time for this one to take
Flight with Joy. And these are the signs.

Blessings and Namaste


Hi there! this is the first time I have sent in a comment, but have truly enjoyed learning on your site and listening to your Awakenings program! I am very new to all of this but find that so much of the information resonates with me. I am a Cancer with Virgo rising and have gone through some incredible life change in the last year and a half it has been challenging but exhilarating at the same time. Now all seems dead and still as if "thats it,no where else to go." It's as if I've made these grand leaps and now Im waiting for the rest of life to catch up. My question is do a lot of the energies of late regarding change and "forks in the road of destiny" are they happening on a subconsious internal level and are still yet to manifest externally for many? I am trying to understand energy its effects and how and when to expect obvious change in certain areas of my life and the lives of loved ones. Thank you for your time!!


Hi Melody - This is truly the end and the beginning of our way of being in this world. The change is already upon us, and can be seen in the unerring pointer of one's personal existence. Those who hold on to the old have sand in their hands, and are squeezing as tight as they can. Enjoy the road as best you're able. I'll soon be off and home again.

Hi Steph - Welcome to posting. Glad you liked the radio interview and that this information is meaningful. Sometimes stillness is a prelude to life renewal, and you're gathering your medicine before taking up the new adventure. Saturn on your Sun is forcing you to examine how to conserve your energy as what's you've been doing up to now grinds to a halt. You could be waiting for life to catch up. The aspects go on within us and without us, and as we respond they manifest. Obvious change is an interaction of aspects, and may or may not be seen or understood by others. All energies work from within outward, so we only recognize as much as we know the other as well as the signs that change is happening.


you are right in ur article! we always need for more and search is always part of our lifes "Humanity" in Spiritual sense i took this in many ways!!!
i am discovering more when i read about what you and other say about Outer Planet the change they bring as a whole :)
thanks my friend :)


i so agree with what you write here...
i feel many of us are encoded to help usher in the "new order".... & like what melody wrote "there is a chaos" before the "new order"

i am glad that you are seeing the signs, signals & aspects that portend this beginning that we are in....the age of aquarius... somehow the aspects in astrology, ground & make what many of us are feeling & experiencing validated & more real :-)

i take it that the old structures that are being dismantled & worn down is reflected in the pluto in capricorn......

thanx for ALL your insight & esoteric knowledge here.

btw, getting emails on awakenings..
when is robert coming back on ?....
soon i hope


As a guy with rising in Aquarius 29º I tend to see very much the world as a reflexion of the archetype of my rising. Furthermore I have a tight Sun-Neptune in 11th house and Uranus in MC.
There is a clear difference between Pisces and Aquarius. Both are idealistic and both may deal with science, spiriruality, arts and humanitarian issues. But Aquarius is MENTAL and detached and Pisces goes right in the direction of emotions and is more of EMOTIONS. I see both energies as a great opportunity for world service and viewing the cosmic perspective of mankind.
I would say Pisces is great for artistic behaviour such as sculture, painting, cinema, theather, poetry, rituals of devotion and religion. Aquarius can surely keep those traits, as I do myself, but tends more for a mental imaginary of the collective reality and tries to find structural and humanitarian solutions, as I view the idealized view of Aquarius archetype). Therefore I dwell a lot into astrology, metaphysics, maths, science, humanitary ONGs, ecology, permaculture, self-sufficiency, some interest in crazy adventures, DIY... And yes, Pisces tends to be very social and mass-related, Aquarius may be much more an individualist, and at the same time believing in the brotherhood ideal and community lifestyle ("but hey, dont make take my freedom and way of thinking or else...")
This is of course my approach, I believe mankind may first reflect the more invidualist side of Aquarius and only then and gradually will the humanitarian solution of green living, new age, be your own self-expression, etc, will come later. I believe since 2010 transits continue issues of 1960s themes, these things will once more surface a little bit more.
I also think the Aquarius age will not not that crazy and revolutionary as it seems. Remember we had a Aquarius-Leo Pluto-Uranus opposition during the time of French revolution, a Aries conjuntion around 1850 and a Virgo-Libra conjuntion in the sixties. In the near centuries, these aspects will move to Pisces, Taurus and Libra: so look for more peace and introversio, themes of resources, nature, spirituality and cosmos, in the centuries ahead. But surely the next decades with Pluto transiting Aquarius the time will be at least rather radical.


Hi Robert..I enjoyed listening to you on awakenings and understand the importance of these frustrating times...I have been thrown yet another difficult challenge in my life on oct 16th and currently I am still reeling under the implications of it...this is a part of my past and Im trying to be unruffled and unfazed...I know that this is also the time to regain my power and let go of any old fear..just need some guidance on how to deal with these trying times.


Hi AceStar - We are definitely moving into a new era. Now we just have to get through the end of the old era with its useless warlike ways!

Hi Michele - Yes, as things break apart it's good to keep our eyes on the prize. We are moving into a new way of regarding all that is, and when enough have a new view, the old ways will be done forever. Pluto in Cap will bring radical change in governments and social structures. I see this dismantling and ending more as a function of the ongoing oppositions and squares to come than of any given planet in a sign. 1761-1778 was the last Pluto in Cap, and while it began the American revolution it wasn't until Pluto in Aquarius (through 1798) that the new world order of its time arose with our Constitution and the ascent of Napoleon, who did actually end the old European order, thus affecting Central and South America as well. We'll do a new Awakenings sometime in the next few months.

Hi Popp - Truly, we're all coming to a larger world view these past 2000 years and will continue for another 2000! We're still in Pisces due to the widespread belief in leaders and "saviors" instead of human synergy and collective altruism. And I look forward to the signs and signals you've mentioned as good key points to the emerging age.

Hi Sangeeta - Sorry you've been thrown another dilemma. There are probably keys to the solution in the session we did, but go ahead and email me with the details.


Hey Robert,
I emailed you my details a few days ago...would love to hear from you.

wayne callister

This is the 1st time i have visited.With all due respect it would be refreshing if astrologers and comments were eloquent in plain english, jargon within any discipline can be tedious ie., make a point and get to it. Dont write a paragraph when a sentence is adequate.Science and if Astrology is truly a science is definite not hazy. My comments are not meant to be rude but to reintroduce a point that the less you state a matter in general terms the better the information.General failure of this creates confusion.People who profess to have knowledge of conciousness and its purpose often complicate the simple and vice versa. It is also impotant to consider that even the divine is a colleague and not our master and 99.9% recurring of any person you meet on this planet.


Hi Wayne - Sorry you are not familiar with the craft, but this site is for professional and amateur astrologers, metaphysicians, as well as lay people. Thus I have to write on many levels at once. You will find that I do get to the heart of the matter, but as a matter of style I explain to others how I got there. So it's not hazy, but quite elaborate. Of course, the more you know about different paths to self realization, philosophy, symbology, and the various types of cycles we humans live through, the more all of this will make sense.


Robert, thanks for explaining why this site works for me. It's like an openness that keeps me moving forward in my process and understanding of astrology. However, I must confess I first began looking at astrology to nail things down. Probably the hardest thing for me to accept is that I'm in an open ended continuous process. I try to understand that others might be same. And that's about as nermal as I can get.

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