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Hi Robert,

I just read this article and thought that it was so well put together. Thank you for sharing the information. I do have a question about Obama's chart. I know, if elected, he would be the first president with Pluto in Virgo (like myself). Now that Saturn is in Virgo as well is that a dangerous combination?


hi, i skimmed, but have you seen Aaron Russos film America Freedom to Fascim yet ? And have you seen Zeitgest? I am wondering what you think of these documentaries? They are both very intense in different ways. I am Canadian and I thought it was very intersting. But I do not take everything I see as the truth. BECAUSE I need to experience or have feel real but there is a lot of it that is true. Sadly, I think Americans have been through so much and been really treated wrongly. Micheal Moore might be making his Sicko film a bti too dramatic but I know that there is some truth to it. Also, I feel we are not taking care of each other as humans and this happens not just on a global scale but on a smaller scael within communities because we are too busy getting all these things that we think we need or want. Our ipods our newer tvs our newer lives our better something.


Hi Terri - Glad you liked the post. Saturn brings duty and responsibility, and he's been in the midst of a Plutonic mess since September 2007. That's now done, but the present concern is Saturn so close to his Mars with Pluto opposed his Venus. Thank heaven Jupiter is on his Saturn and he's having a Jupiter return in January!

Hi Micheline - I met Aaron Russo years ago through a close friend when he was just creating a new political party, and found him belligerent and an extremist. That said, he did espouse some salient things we all need to contemplate. I saw the first part of Zeitgeist, and having studied ancient cultures and myths, found it fascinating and of course, accurate. I gather the second half is difficult from the responses I've heard from many. Americans are collectively like redneck juvenile delinquents who have just found out the keys of the car have been taken away and they can't afford the gas anyway. And now they're angry and panicked and want a way out as quickly as possible. They're willing to say or hear anything if someone will restore their previous profligate and irresponsible options.

I'm looking forward to "Sicko" since I know enough to know that the entire American health care system is busted and slanted toward the profiteers. We need national health, period. You're right that the dying system is not concerned with the common good, wealth, and well being. Interdependence is the bottom line in humanity's future on every level. That's what the new era is all about.


Thanks for this, Robert. I never understood the need for voting machines. What's wrong with old-fashioned pen and paper?


Thank you Robert for this excellent analysis. I voted today and felt very good about doing it. If your state allows early voting I would encourage everyone reading this to do it.
I predict a landslide much greater than the polls and pundits are now showing. I agree with you that the young people without land lines are not being represented in the current polling. Even here in South Dakota local Democratic activists are saying that Obama will have a much stronger showing than predicted, although McSame will probably carry the state.
On the surface one must see Obama as the Uranus and McSame as the Saturn. The opposition on election day would seem to indicate that it is a critical juncture in American political history. The current sextile/trine to the opposition by Mars seems fortuitous for the nation, and a good releif valve for all the pressure that is building. I know that you have spoken of the Saturn-Uranus opposition as a major factor in the "grand irrationality."
I am reminded of that wonderful sci-fi concept album by Paul Kantner in the 1970's-"Blows Against the Empire." He was truly ahead of his time. It's a fresh wind that blows against the Empire. Have you seen the stars tonight?
All My Relations. dcu


Hi Robert,
I have been watching with interest everything thats been going on in US around the elections - I live in Southern Australia coming into another summer of drought no doubt due to a eclipse. I hope Barack Obama becomes President - but in any case I suppose Pluto about to go into Capricorn will begin busting apart all the lame and decayed structures that have been built up over the years. I watched Zeitgeist (final edition) last week - looking forward to living in the Age of Aquarius even if it will be my next life.


Hello Robert,
I was wondering if you could comment on November 4th chart. I have been reading that its showing some danger of a stolen election. Can you comment in detail what is happening at that time frame?


Buenas dias Robert! I sent my paper absentee ballot and wish that everyone could vote on paper. The only hiccup I can see is that the "cheater fraud-meisters" will lessen the huge landslide of Obama votes, in hopes of diminishing his win margin. This is breathtaking to see voters stand in line for hours & hours. It's simply too big to be stolen. All the more reason for everyone to take the time, go out of their way to help others to the polls etc. The world needs social-humanity, and this is only a teeny-weenie first-step toward "people coming before corporations"... abrazos!


Oh my what the *&^% is going on?! This Scorpio new moon as been one of the most intense transits i've experienced in some while, i've had to use all of my strength not to completely lose it. Could it be Uranus/Saturn?


Hi HH72 - As the electorate grows in numbers, voting machines can make it easier and quicker to tabulate the ballots. It's not about the concept of electronic voting - it's about who owns the machines, and who counts the votes. Here in NM we did our early voting using a pen filling in bubbles in ballots, which was fine with me.

Hi dcu - Well, I figured I should make some sort of call about this election, since I do believe it's one of the most important in history. Definitely EVERYONE reading this should embrace early voting, both now and in the future. While I can see Obama as Uranus, I can also see him as Saturn, the voice of calm and steady deliberation with an eye to details, while Big John lurches erratically through delusions, a Uranus-in-Pisces thing if every there were one. Then again, Obama could represent both poles in the higher manifestation of the opposition, while McCain could represent both poles of the negative manifestation, since both are dealing with both energies. The Dixville Notch chart has Leo rising and Saturn in the first, which is one point of reasoning Barack could be the Leo with Saturn in the first energy. I'll be posting more on that chart as soon as I can write it up. The Sun will occupy the pressure valve release area in the election. This is truly the threshold of a new era, when much repair work will have to be done.

Hi Kristine - I wrote this article in this way so that people around the world who watch this spectacle with amazement might understand some of the dynamics of the process, as well as the history of how this came to be. In the final analysis, it's sad that the best that one of the parties has to offer is a man with advanced forgetfulness and multiple bouts of cancer who nominates a veep with zero qualifications, knowledge, or class.

Any nation needs both experience and vigor in a leader. While experienced, McCain is reckless, losing his faculties, and in no way has the stamina to lead this country for 4 years. The Presidency is a 24/7 job, and he just doesn't have the vigor for it (spoken as a man old enough to know the value of getting enough sleep!) I can barely keep up with my schedule - I could not imagine trying to run the US while dealing with its severe problems AND deal with what's coming down globally.

Hi Jean - Which chart? I use only the Dixville Notch chart, since that's the first place in the US to vote. And I will be composing something on that chart soon. And I don't need a chart to know that there is Republican monkey business going on regarding the votes, though the opposition could show that there is far more scrutiny than in past elections.

Hi Jan - Well, it would seem to me that if filling in bubbles with a number 2 pencil is good enough for the LSAT, GRE, and a lot of other important tests throughout the US, then it should be good enough for our voting system. And contradictory ballots could be hand inspected by a bipartisan committee to ensure that erasures are tabulated correctly. I do believe you're correct about lessening but not preventing what looks to be a landslide.

Hi Damien - If it relates to your experience, then look to the aspects made to planets in your chart. This New Moon is actually quite favorable in many ways, so it's not just the New Moon influence that has you up a proverbial tree, though it could be triggering some hot spots in your chart. So could Mars. While the Saturn-Uranus opposition could be a factor, there are probably other things at work as well. Look to the aspects being made to your planets, and frame the forms of the challenges and lessons in terms of the planetary dualities.


I want to address the "unspeakable". I hope everyone is holding protection for our leaders and their families. I am counting the days until the close of polls on election day and the results are overwhelmingly clear and uncontestable. Inauguration of the new president could be moved up to ASAP for me. There is still time for the outgoing administration to do damage.
So, my eyes are on the prize of handing over the administration to our new president. I envision our new leader healthy and whole, vibrant and supported by his family, standing in ceremony for his inauguration on January 20, 2009. We need him as our nation's leader, not as a symbol or martyr to be snatched away from us in chaos. Let us all see him in safety and health, envisioning his clarity of heart and hope, as he lead a nation in healing and balance.
Robert, have you looked at a chart for January 20?


Hi Inanna - Yes, I've looked at it. I may do an article on it in January. Overall, very productive chart, occurring just minutes after the inferior conjunction at 1 Aquarius, showing a presidency for the ages. I've read that many consider the Moon VOC, but it's not. It makes a tredecile with Venus just minutes after the inauguration, and then changes signs moving into a very favorable sextile with the Sun and Mercury then tredecile Uranus and quintile Saturn. That the Moon changes signs immediately after the inauguration will shift the country's direction fairly quickly. Of note is that it's a Bucket with Saturn in the 5th as a handle, and the Grand Earth Trine is very favorable. More to come in January.


Oye!! Well basically what happenned is that Saturn and Jupiter which have been trining and conjuncting my sun in Capricorn were helping, guiding, and steering me towards healthier living in body and mind over the past 5 months and this new moon in Scorpio did its Scorpionic best to completely overwhel that that sense of body-consciousness and had me smoking again for two days and just basically feeling that the end of my world was nigh. Was like I was a different person. Always happens too when the moon is in a water sign, such a powerful inference to just 'let go and let God' as they do but not in a healthy way.


Hi Damien - A perfect example of a "mid term" life exam, where you see what you have internalized and what is yet to be mastered! Cigarettes were the hardest thing I ever quit, so I commend you on your efforts. Don't give up! Keep focused on how much money you'll save, not to mention how much longer you'll live without the spectres of emphysema or cancer being high probabilities.

Carrie Ann

I haven't posted here for a long, long time. Thanks for the great poltical discussion. I am praying for a new beginning in America (sun rising) and a new beginning for me. I am Sag/Cancer rising/moon in Gemini.
I wish we could just install Barack as President on November 5th and send Bush and his cronies packing!

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