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hey robert,

thank you so much for being on awakenings.....everyone in the chatroom & that called in sooo appreciated your insight, wisdom & astrology readings
the phone lines/switchboard was many listeners & callers
you helped so many today....from callie to holland....
thanx for sharing your light

let's do it again

in light, peace & inner knowing


keep awake


Robert, I loved your radio interview and can totally relate to some of the events going on in my own life and others who fit the planetary timings and angles you discussed.

My question that I have had for a couple of years, but have a difficult time forumating into what I'm trying to ask is: I know and understand that astrology is significant when looking at planetary angles, and what their aspects and angles are in relation to natal, progressed, and even transiting planets. It also makes sense to me that the planetary aspects and degree have numerical meanings that amazingly coincide very well with events that can happen depending on those particular degree aspects,planets, and houses. For instance, the number nine has been associated with 9 months of jestation and growing, as the novile which happens to deal with the number 9. (I'm going by memory here, so I may have it,incorrect). A Novile has been determined to be related to events of learning, growing, wondering for a period of time. So, it all connects logically based on numbers and timed events relating to the numbers.

Okay, now here is the part I still don't really understand-if I were having a conversation with a scientist about astrology, and wanted to give him solid facts proving the theory behind astrological significance of planets effecting time and sometimes specific events when they transit or are progressed, what would I tell him that could be factual or soldly proven? Here is an example: Saturn is transiting my 7th house and also squaring my sun. I can tell him Saturn represents: rules, structure, and major change, because it is a slower moving planet, which somehow gives it more influence depending on it's degree angles with my natal and progressed planets. But, how did we determine that Saturn's influence represents: rules, structure, lessons etc?
That is the part that I have yet to understand.

I'm wondering when for example Saturn transits and squares my natal sun, does it mean Saturn the planet, has an energy or force literally affecting me because of where the sun is in my natal or progressed chart? How would we prove that? Or, is it based on thousands of generations building knowledge by discussing and then documenting events that occured when Saturn happened to be transiting and creating a 90 degree angle from the Sun, and a group of people at that specific time, dealt with some sort of structural change, a very big lesson, or whatever Saturn affects?

I know you have mentioned a million times that Astrology is all about timing specific influences or even possible events based on planets, angles, houses, rulng planets, progressed and transiting planets, etc.
This question is not to challenge Astrology, rather it is my breakthru point in understanding Astrology on a higher level.
Please help me to understand this important key in astrology. I love having "facts" so that I can explain it intelligently to others, who don't understand it at all, and proving it's amazing influence on all of our lives. Thanks!


Hi Michele - It was great! We'll definitely do it again, since quite a few wanted time to find out what's going on but couldn't get on the air. I do believe the world is awakening on every continent and we all have more allies than we suspect. This site, your work, and others' efforts are weaving a global web of Community.

Hi Lisa - Yes, novile series aspects do show either as things going into gestation or coming out of gestation. It may mean future delay or coming out of a past delay where the idea or whatever "cooked," or perhaps went into the "desert."

There have been many "proofs" offered for the validity of astrology over the years by many of us, and I have found that when a scientist is open minded, they get the concept of cycles immediately. When they are not, there is no proof they will accept. There were extensive statistical studies done by Michele Gauquelin connecting planetary position and profession that showed astonishing correlations, but were dismissed as anomalies without any investigation on the part of so-called "scientists." I have had scientists from several disciplines (biologists, quantum and other physicists, doctors, pharmacists, others) as clients and friends who wholeheartedly embraced the craft's validity in showing measurable cyclic "pulses" in how a thing develops. I've also known others, both scientists and non-scientists, who refused to accept even an idea that things have cycles. Many instantly "get" the Saturn return, both in terms of when it happens and what is examined. Others flee into justifications that anything can happen any time.

The correlations between planets and their areas of influence were given to infant humanity a very long time ago. When India, Egypt, Babylon, and Athens were young, astrology's origins were already lost in the mists of time. Though what we have today in the west is inherited from the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Persians even these civilizations and their myths and metaphors originated in earlier times. In the astrology that is now practiced in the West, everything works from the point of view "as above, so below," but we have gotten beyond the notion that the planets "cause" anything. There are specific correlations that when one thing is happening it can be associated with other things that are manifesting.

Much has been recorded over centuries, i.e., Saturn in certain angles to any given planets produces specific effects concerning the area of self that planet symbolizes. Whether it's an outer measurable "force" or simply a stage of inner development doesn't matter, since the two are simultaneously occurring. Which is the cause, and which the effect. If matter follows energy, then it would seem the angular relationships simply are when they are, and all forms of those relationships follow naturally in whatever arena (physical, emotional, mental) they manifest.

Science expects certain methodologies, and I've found they prove nothing, though they can disprove some things. That's why I basically reject the "scientific method" as it is defined today. Others have also found that methodology lacking in effectiveness. Rudhyar was of the opinion that we should NOT attempt to "prove" astrology in a scientific way, as it completely misses the point of a symbolic mathematical model for the unfoldment of all that is. That understanding of process is much more important than straitjacketing astrology into some statistically provable model. On a final note, perhaps the most thoughtful defense of astrology was written by Grant Lewi in "Astrology for the Millions." I usually first establish that they have studied it or have not. If they have not studied, then they need to study before having an opinion as to its validity. That way we have a common language so that we can examine what part of it does works or does not work according to the other's sense of things. Anyway, I hope some of this is thought provoking in ways that help.


I love what you had to say in this interview, but way too many people calling in. I wanted to hear more about your advice for everyone, rather than the personal information the callers wanted from you. Good job, Robert!


Hi Lisa - Thanks for your praise. I agree that the focus went from the larger issues affecting all to a very personal focus which I'm sure bored most listeners. It took me by surprise, since the earlier interview didn't do that at all. I will try to manage that type of stuff better next time.


hi robert,
just perusing your site getting a bit of the "robert wisdom" here :-)

btw, we have had a lot of positive feedback re: your being on awakenings & your work on a individual & collective level.
a lot of the listeners liked the callers calling in as they got to learn a bit more by example through witnessing other people questions & transitions...

keep shining your light & helping others gain the clarity & understanding to led them to more life enhancement & soul expression


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