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robert, thanks for the info on Saturn. I currently have Saturn conjunct my natal Pluto and Uranus at my mid-heaven and boy have I been feeling stuck, all the while the volcano is exploding inside. Whenever i try to move forward, or just try to take care of daily business, I am met with a concrete wall. The only thing that I keep falling back on is solitary inner work, and Thank the gods, I do have a retreat space right now. I feel as though all aspects of my life up until now (career, business, personal relationships, my home and personal belongings, spiritual practice, etc) are disappearing like the grains of sand on a sand mandala... which i guess is the truth of the matter all the time. Anyways, any encouraging words would be greatly appreciated, much love, Josie


Thank you Robert for your continuing lessons of the Path. Your work is greatly appreciated!
I am in the midst of my second Saturn return (DOB 6-2-51, 9:30 AM PST) and am re-examining all aspects of my life. As one who has Pluto and Transpluto in the first house of my natal chart, I am well aquainted with death and rebirth of self...This transit feels very deep and transcends the lower levels of being...much more powerful!
Love and light to you and yours,


Thanks for the lesson here work am dealing with an intimidating supervisor and have found new ways to deal with people like that instead of feeling hurt...and like magic when i changed my reaction he started being nice to me!!! ironically i am working for cirque du soleil and the theme of the show is the four elements and the blending and harmony between mankind and nature!!am loving all these saturnian lessons....welcome the teacher the teaching and we who are taught....brilliant and many thanks as always...giverny


Hi Josie - Well, you also have some very productive aspects to your Cancer and Scorpio planets that can help you learn to flow. Your MC degree is the volcano, so the exploding part is probably natural for you as your Saturn enters the 10th. Jupiter in Cap is helping you become more productive, and by next Summer you should be on the verge of living your genius. You now have 5 points of a Great Sextile going, throwing building energies to your NN in Taurus. Try to simplify while letting go of old stuck feelings (SN in Scorpio in 12th.) This is the natural time to end the old, and get ready for the new as the planets all roll across your Ascendant.

Hi Laura - You're most welcome. I was born just a few weeks before you, and have my Asc between my Pluto and Transpluto. For you, the sky's the limit on what you could accomplish. When Jupiter goes into Aquarius you'll see a new vision. Until then, strive for consolidation, closure, and clarity on what's done and what is yet to be done. All in all, a heavy time, but also one of maximum productivity.

Hi Giverny - Glad you're not allowing an intimidator to steal your energy. Sometimes when they recognize they cannot throw us off, then their subconscious stops trying to seduce them into bad behaviors and we see a restoration to sanity for however long or short a time. Even though I'm sure there are pressures, Cirque du Soleil must be a great place to work!! Class, culture, and play, expressed precisely in true artistry.


hi Robert! as i am Capricorn and Saturn my ruling planet my Natal Saturn conjunct exactly Jupiter in 11th House LIbra! i have read my Saturn part limit me and Jupiter on the other hand is more expanding how you see these two energies blends together as one and effect me?
thanks my friend

good luck


Hi Robert -

I'm so glad we had a chance to meet up when you were in New York! I hope you had a productive journey and a safe trip back at west. I do have one question for you: what is this idea of "transpluto" in the chart? I've never come across that term before reading this thread.



Hi Robert...precisely as you say....slipping back into bad behaviours is something we all have to conquer and i just try to feel compassion for those who find it harder to advance forward....while not being too forgiving of others bad behaviour as i have in the past...and yes Vivre le Cirque...wonderful place to work...and they have a wonderful ethic which i totally support.thanks again giverny


Thanks Robert for the glimpse of light - i do feel a great sense of freedom on the horizon and feel as though I am stepping through a threshold to a new world, that's pretty amazing! When i'm in the flow, like today, the messages are heard loud and clear all around me - there is no escaping them. what a magikal universe we live in! It's going through the "bands" of purification that can be rough - once on the other side though, it's like being sprinkled with fairy dust and being able to fly!


Hi Robert!
After reading your response to Laura(6-2-51), I wonder if a similar response would be for me with a birthday a week before (5-24-51- 3:30pm, Jersey City, NJ you've got my chart).....I hope so. Also in Saturn return mode and looking forward to a new vision. Thanks as always,


Hi AceStar - Your Saturn is strong since it is in the sign of its exaltation, showing its grounds for greatest growth. You learn a lot through all things Libra, and will be furthered through those things your entire life. Libra people will have a double influence in your life. Saturn holds Jupiter somewhat in check, while Jupiter teaches Saturn what possibilities for freedom and learning exist within Saturn's limits. The conjunction of these two planets shows one who could rise to great influence as an icon of a particular cultural value or archetype, and the house it's in shows the arena where it will work out.

Hi Matt - Really great to get to meet you finally and visit with you! Very productive, though with the usual sinus issues. Transpluto is a planet discovered by the Germans decades ago, with Landscheidt publishing an ephemeris in 1972. It's a standard computation on high level astrology programs. I have made numerous references to its meanings throughout quite a few articles in the archives related to the 21st century and Divine Mother energy. Enjoy exploring!

Hi giverny - Yes, as we stay focused and mindful in the NOW, we cannot be seduced by the thieves of the past and future. And of course, a good work ethic produces some great offspring for the future.

Hi Josie - It's really about recognizing when there's a need for change and then following through keeping a good attitude and sense of humor. You may want to email me.

Hi Jennifer - Well, ALL of us born around that vintage are experiencing Saturn's lessons in one form or another. Actually, yes, you and Laura are very similar in terms of planets in signs and even in aspect. The biggest difference is that your Saturn is RX and hers is direct. You'll also do very well as Jupiter trines your Saturn and then trines your Gemini and Libra planets and sextiles your Jupiter.


thanks my good friend!
so many thanks for such words :)

good luck


Thanks for the response! There is hope yet for the weary.Ha Ha! I guess one could say that we're all in this together! Looking forward to good stuff! What would be the difference in regard to Saturn being direct vs Retrograde in a Saturn Return.
Take care,


Hi AceStar - As you know, I believe you have a very strong role to play in your world once you get the proper forms of self expression. Best of luck to you as well.

Hi Jennifer - Well, I do try to remind people regularly that in fact we all are in this together. Not quite sure about your Saturn question, since there are many different possible combinations of what you describe. At various points in time during its return Saturn is either RX or direct, each bringing angles of experience that are related yet different.

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