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Wild Horse Running

after writing the last comment, I got slammed with information ref my Mother, who died of an auto-immune
disease. I had asked you about this a while ago, Pisces on the 6th house...diseases that are difficult
to diagnose. The dream showed my Mother in a hospital bed, me in the one next to her, and some of her
blood got sprayed on me. She died of course. What hit me this morning, was the internalization of
blame...the comment I made in another post about the scorpion stinging itself over and over....blaming
myself for everything.

Auto-immune diseases are the system attacking itself.....which over time would result if mentally
you had directed nothing but hate/blame inward.

I LOVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More and more light bulbs...


Hi WHR - Looks like you're putting all kinds of things together. You sound like a candidate for Louise Hay's book "You Can Heal Your Life." Bet you'll like it in ways you never believed you could, especially when you see how quickly things change once you begin applying the formulas there.


sooooo timely...this seems to be the theme now.....(once again) cleaning & clearing the emotional body...holographic imprinting or condition response patterns....

imagine, a bit of self (little self) control.... bravo robert...bravo :-)

there are 'aware' ways to frame & express our feelings and/or emotions

thanx for the weaving here...still diving in & catching up :-)

a ho

Wild Horse Running

yes...I have read that book...and I had back surgery at 25...lower...slipped my first disc
at 16....I realized a couple years ago, when I herniated another disc, in a long line of
them since my issues, not "backing myself up", and a relationship
that was not positive was the trigger, and I did not respond the way that I should have, so my
back gave way/in, just the way I did....and today, I know why
this prison has occured. Self-worth issues....and things are starting to shift, Im becoming
aware in the last couple of weeks, of power and control issues, and how it is time to strengthen
myself, face others and "stand up to bullies", instead of "escaping".
How stuck and powerful those old images have been has taken alot to get through to the
It is time to take the "harder road"....


Hi Robert...i can so relate to this post am helping my daughter to use this knowledge for the diabetes that she got 8 years ago after constantly being put down by her father and others in his family...she is standing up to the bullies as i had to also and her insulin requirements are dropping daily to the point that she does not need any some days!!!!You can heal your life!!
once you start applying the so proud of my and light to all...giverny

Wild Horse Running


A question has arisen. I am progressing slowly...I have realized my past escaping/passive
aggressive behaviors. As I read Alice Bailey's "Initiation Human and Solar'....I am somewhat
confused, you have mentioned "standing up to bullies"...and I have been having all kinds
of expierences with that. However today I am reading...
"The disciple must learn to be silent
in the face of evil"....and have had many dreams over the last couple of months ref not
fighting/argueing/instigating with others any more, etc. And very interestingly, I was
at the Dentist the other day, and "heard her talk down to her assistant, while working on
me". The next day I called and requested another dentist.

I wrote a couple of months ago, ref the negative energy of customers at work, and how
I was having to 'decide" how I would feel, and not let them pull me into their energy...
by not responding to their instigations/attempts at arguements, by giving them "sunshine',
when they gave me negativity...which is difficult, but it seems to help me rise above the
pull/addiction of needing to have the last word/be right/defend myself.

passive-aggressive/ ignoring/escaping/not being present/hearing it but
supressing it...and exploding later.......

or if I change my perspective
to detachment, which means I decide to be present, but not re-act, seeing the hidden/underlying
triggers/reasons for the behavior, and my past responses to that behavior....I gain more
energy/power..... in not fighting.

My POF sits at 13 Aries...."A Bomb which has failed to explode, is now safely hidden from
discovery" said a while ago, that this degree was one of changing ones perception....
all I am recieving is that I cannot tear others down, I must uplift, empower,...if I have
nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. ...Conflict cannot participate, unless
you are helping it to exist".....

Or is does it come down to empowering/standing up for yourself.....without resorting to attacking/instigating
with another?


Hi Michele - The sextiles and trines to the opposition are helping us all eliminate whatever is outmoded and get into productive sustainability. And yes, you might think that more would realize the virtues and rewards of self control, given there can be no true spiritual progress without some measure of self discipline. And the band played on....

Hi WHR - Perhaps this is the Scorpio virtue - going to the edge, going over the edge, crashing spectacularly, then resurrecting. Being utterly discontent with self, they destroy that which they are unhappy with until there is nothing left to do but admire that which cannot be destroyed.

Regarding the second comment, I believe what you are dealing with relates to the core teaching of the Bhagavad Gita, which is the true ultimate warrior's handbook. There are some battles we MUST fight, whether we want to or not. Even the Carpenter lost his cool with the bankers fleecing the people while selling them lies. There are many ways to interpret the wisdom of D.K. Being silent in the face of evil can mean many things, from biding one's time to "answering a fool according to his folly lest he be wise in his conceit." Often we must maintain silence in the face of genuine evil, since there is nothing a good person can say to mitigate that evil but evil has no problem hurting the good once it shows itself.

Detachment from kneejerk reactions to perceived evil is always a good thing. And from another ancient source we are told "the best way to fight evil is to make progress in the good." Again, though, due to the many contexts of evil, what is good depends on the circumstances. Should we remain silent when child abuse is in our face? Or spousal beating? Or cruelty to an animal? Certainly HPB was an advanced Soul, and one anecdotal tale speaks of when she was going through the Western US she saw a man beating a horse that refused to get up. She went over, knocked him to the ground, took his whip and began to beat him, demanding he get up and asking how it felt to be on the receiving end of his perfidy.

While it's good not to be drawn into unfortunate states of being, sending light while learning how and when not to take the bait, I still am firmly convinced that I must not allow my kindness and compassion to be taken for weakness, nor can I remain silent in the face of certain expressed forms of what I consider evil. If I cannot make a difference for myself or another, it's one thing. But if I can make a difference, then I must do my best if in my action I could fight effectively for truth and goodness. Martin Niemoller's famous dictum applies here to us all lest we allow Fascists of a modern stripe to believe they can get away with their evil. We just cannot afford to get entangled in anger, hatred, or the other harmful states of being.

It's good you've learned that exploding later doesn't help anything or anyone. Again, usually not taking the bait helps us gather our medicine. Actually, 13 Aries is one of realizing a new identity and overcoming old frustrations regarding how quickly any status quo will not change. I believe that conflict exists in any dualistic world, and it's our job to know when and how to fight, or withdraw. And it's always a good thing to stand up for oneself without resorting to attacks. But to bring it all back to the question of how to interpret DK's words, when confronting true evil it's good to remember the old Texas adage "Never try to teach a pig to sing. It'll just frustrate you and annoy the pig."

Hi Giverny - Very glad to hear your daughter's insulin requirements are dropping. That's very good news. (Now if only I could apply that to my cat's diabetes....) Yes, we CAN heal our life!

Wild Horse Running


Thank you...your answer gives me much to ponder on.
Im seeing a pattern, the old saying "When the student
is ready, the teacher appears"....yesterday after I posted I went to work, and 3 incidents
appeared, for me to put to practice.....speaking/setting boundaries/standing up to bullies.

And then the dream I had last night showed that I had made a new/right action choice.
Now I also have a clearer understanding about the passage speaking evil, and the dreams I had.
I am not to join evil in conversation....if others want to attack/ gossip/talk bad/down to/about
others, I can not...I am to speak positively in the face of negativity. This happened with
the dentist, I heard her mean comment to her asst, and then I spoke positively ref the asst.,
the dentist, then switched gears, giving the asst. a compliment. I called the office the next
day and told them I wanted a new dentist, and why.

Also, I can not talk badly to/gossip/instigate/ use sarcasm..I must speak positively...or say nothing.

Im glad I asked, your answer has given me many rewards!


Hi Robert....i have constantly pondered about how to apply this to cats...and have thought often about your cat and try to imagine the regime of diabetes and how it must be with you coping with that...but i have someone in mind to get advice from a brilliant healer and i will get back to you on that one...many loving pats to your cat...giverny


Hi WHR - Glad I can open some doors that help you get through to the other side.

Hi Giverny - By all means, if you can offer me anything that can help my ruler and teacher, pass it on. Just email me when you find whatever you find.

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