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Chili Pepper

Thank you for posting the chart.


Hi all - For those who want a great inside look at the process by which this inexperienced freshman Senator became the President, check out How He Did It from Newsweek. It provides all kinds of insider info about the timing and process on certain critical events and gives an indepth look at Barack Obama's personality. For ambitious astrologers who want to check it out, the timeline of events and decisions related to Obama's progressions and transits should prove a very valuable study.


Dear Robert
thank you so much for this insight into a remarkable and inspiring human being. Being a Pakistani Iam geographically, historically and in almost every way removed from the american story or Mr. Obama's story. But since his candidture was announced I have been audaciously hoping he would win and since his incredible election praying for a just such a man to rise on Pakistani soil. Your article reveals to me that My MC at 19 aquarius is Mr. Obama's ascendant and that his moon falls on my ascendant at 4 gemini. Amazing and gratifying. However,Im still looking for my vocation with that aquarius MC.

many thanks as ever,


hi Robert! beautiful Astro info on Barack Obama :)
thanks for the insight!

good luck brother


Thank you Robert - I pray that he can lead us out of the "empty times".


What a welcome read! I saw your article just after posting a brief astrological blog on Myspace that revolved around my interpretation of Obama's ascendant and how it brings "the energy of Aquarius" to all of his endeavors -- so perfect as we transition into the Age of Aquarius. I too focused on the Sabian symbology, which I found gratifying and reassuring. Of course, you are my guidestar as to how to probe and synthesize astrological information, so your column directly provided some new benchmarks as I launch deeper into my own astrological education and practice. Thank you, as always.


I am not so sure about everything being "bright", Robert.
Obama will have Neptune transiting its natal chart for a long while, which is not an easy transit I would guess for leadership. But, surely inspiring.
Of more concern, Uranus transiting the second house while Pluto opposes its natal Venus. This are signs of erosion, and not of safety in economic matters. The economic mess will still grow more and more in months ahead!

In 2009, the Saturn-Uranus opposition will also fall right in its Mars, while Saturn enters its eighth house, not an easy house, and I would wonder a warlike combination or some kind of agression or big pressure. This will get activated in 16.12.2008, 14.04.2009 and particularly by 14.08.2009 and 14.09.2009. But as he would have Jupiter and Uranus entering its second house, I would say he could at least uplift the economic and environmental situation.

At least the Neptune is very inspiring and together with the Saturn in eighth house and Uranus in second, all calling for a big transformation in economy, resources, ecology, environment, nature and all neptunian and emotional things of both Neptune and eight house: surely a sign of a spiritual revolution ahead. And also because Jupiter will very soon enter its first house: even in big challenges, he would feel uplifted.
I would say he could easily continue behind 2012, due to its Saturn approaching his MC sometime there.
And he has Pluto transiting 11th house: damn revolutionary and commune-like!

Interestingly I have 25º Aquarius rising, so Obama is kind of a spiritual mate for me :-)

Special Needs Mama

Beautiful post. Your insights helped me to understand why I felt such a deep connection to the man watching him speak--and why I also felt my son so patently next to me while I cried. Lovely.



As I have said before my knowledge on the subject of astrology is zero and yet for some reason, thinking has not dismissed it but rather retained a curiosity for.
Apart from that I really like the space you have created here.

Going to Barak's chart. Astrology has been classified as a science.
Now science follows certain laws - although that has changed drastically of late with the quantum laws flattening the Newtonian laws. But nevertheless science has certain criteria and then certain measures for assessing the validity of the argument of hypothesis.

So in the chart of Barak Omama am I seeing your interpretation of things in the order of significance that any other astrologer would see, or would it be unique to you.
Maybe to reword that - if I asked you and three other astrologers to pin point 6 facets of this chart that caught your attention - would they be the same, or would they be dependent on individual understanding and interpretation?



Great article, Robert. I've checking out his chart on the internet for awhile.

And hey Popp, I too have 8 deg. Aquarius rising and those were very useful comments! :)


Hello Robert,

I have a technical question for you: which software package do you use? And does it/can it show the complete septile and novile series (i.e., septile, biseptile, triseptile, novile, binovile, quadranovile)?



Hi aisha - I am sure that many in Pakistan are feeling somewhat relieved that the era of Republican authoritarianism is waning, even if there are still some very violent people around the world seeking power in destabilizing aggression. I would hope that across the entire world there will be a rising up of potentially great leaders who will build toward a world community based in peace and mutual respect rather than heavy handed repressions and violence. Your vocation will involve group work building for the future. You're no doubt a good manager, and should ascend fairly quickly to your professional stature when you've finally found your arena.

Hi AceStar - Thanks for your words. May you also use your Jupiter and Saturn to become great in your way in your country.

Hi Susana - Most "scientists" do not accept the craft as science, due to its lack of replicability. To me it is the study of symbolic mathematics and cycles of becoming with its own measurable phenomena and criteria for validity. Each astrologer has their own approach, just as with medicine and other disciplines. You probably won't find anyone else who approaches it just like me, since I have studied more traditional astrological techniques and observed how it works for longer than most, and have a gift for my own delineation techniques due to my formal background in advanced psychology and comparative spirituality. That is what the art of synthesis is all about. What one astrologer misses another catches, and each has their specialty.

We wouldn't expect a neurosurgeon to know much about oncology, nor a podiatrist to know matters of the ears, eyes, nose and throat. An expect in Constitutional law wouldn't have the same knowledge or approach to other areas, such as family law or torts. As for your final question, perhaps some would and others wouldn't, based on the level of expertise in natal delineation. And even if all 6 of us pointed out the Jupiter conjunct Saturn in the 12th as an important factor, it is likely that beyond the basics we would have very different ways of interpreting it. Some would use textbook meanings, others would use ancient interpretations, some could use fixed star analysis, others psychological astrology, and others spiritual approaches. Some might focus exclusively on aspects, others on signs and dispositors, and so on. Even those of us who use the Sabian Symbols will come up with varying ways of applying them to the same astrological factors.

Hi Layli - Glad you like this brief sketch. I'll elaborate more as the months go on. Also glad you're learning more about the craft through this site. Any good astrologer is a life long learner!

Hi Popp - Yes, with Neptune transiting the first he'll be an agent of the collective for quite a while, and the embodiment of a popular ideal. His leadership is solid with Sun in Leo in the 6th and Mars in the 8th in Virgo ruling his 10th house Scorpio. The Saturn opposition Uranus is a wide spread influence affecting everyone, and because he is the Prez he IS in a position to become the driving force to turn these to favorable manifestations. Uranus in 2nd can make for innovations in how to utilize resources creatively for greater good, and Pluto opposition Venus is no doubt helping him eliminate outmoded likes and people no longer able to embody his now evolved state in the world. It can also mean that he will be opposed by dishonest elements, but what progressive politician hasn't been?

This is where we must separate his personal influences from the force he embodies in the larger world. While the opposition of course shows things related to his personal economic matters, his influence will be more with collective economic matters. Yes, Saturn on his 8th house Mars shows the need for fiscal discipline in matters of collective wealth, but also brings crystalization (Saturn) to practical initiatives (Mars) to jump start jobs (Virgo). Your points measure the critical points of Mars, which of course can bring aggression to/from a being, but can also show dynamic strength of purpose well directed to accomplishing worthy goals quickly.

I find the transits of Mars in my own map to bring great things and positive developments due to it being very strong in my chart. Even difficult aspects to Pluto are historically good for me, due to Pluto being extremely favorable in my chart. Jupiter in his first could mean overreaching, but also that he embodies the vision of a greater ideal of world service and group work (Jupiter ruling his 11th in the first.) Pluto transiting the 11th can be the "seed sower" in a timeless sense.

Hi Special - Glad to hear from you. He offers us hope for the first time since we were young.

Hi Valerie - Yes, well, I figured it was time to offer a few key points to what he's about. There's a lot written, but a lot of it is highly speculative if not outright erroneous (due to wrong birth times, personal subjectivity and fear, etc.)

Hi Matt - Well, as I wrote in another stream, I use either Solar Fire or Matrix. Matrix is good software AND the people are much nicer people. Solar Fire is a good software but IMHO the people are severely lacking in grace, style, and integrity. The chart posted above is Solar Fire, but again, I prefer the people over at Matrix. SF acts like they're doing you a big favor just to answer the phone, and they've done some very nasty things to undercut their vendors in the past. The people who created it are supposedly fabulous folks, but their American license holders are obnoxious.


thanks! INSHALLAH :)

good luck my friend


If we take the 3 key words for the decan in which Obama's Sun, ascendant and moon are placed,

We get:
Sun= Leo from 10 to less than 20 degrees: Keyword: ''Reformation''
Ascendant Aquarius 10 to less than 20 degrees: Keyword: ''Inspiration''
Moon= Gemini 0 to less than 10 degrees: Keyword: ''Intuition''

So it could be read as Obama's destiny is to Reform society through inspired intution.

Most exciting!!!



Hi AceStar - God and 10,000 election watchdogs have indeed blessed us! It's better to dream of a better possibility than live with the chains of conscienceless men. And it's always good to outlive despots so we may serve Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.

Hi Pamela - Great keywords. Also: Expansive Heart Seeking Truth. Adaptable Idealism Exploring Many Views. Curiosity Playing With Engineering Perspectives. He is the light of the first, the package of the third, and the embodiment of the second.

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