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I'm in tears. So happy. Anything I could say to try to encompass the momentousness of this would be laughably puny.

I wish my dad were alive to see this.

Onwards, and upwards.


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Goodbye Mr. Bush the world is celebrating your descent!


I didnt stop crying all through Obama's speech...finally someone has infused the light of hope in every individual who watched him speak today...May God bless and protect him...this indeed is a new Earth.


I don't know.
I think there are powers behind every president.
And I think they are the same powers that were beyond Bush that are behind Obama.
I have just become so dam cynical and beyond hope.
So I am going to go back outside and bury my head in the sand, converse with the worms, and watch the individual grains glisten.


Change is here! Yay! (almost... waiting until January 20th) This is so great! Barack and crew do have a mess to straighten out, but this is so very good. The oppression from the last 8 years is lifting. And yes Robert, healing and rebuilding. We only need to affirm that this country can heal and rebuild.
Robert, thanks again for this wonderful site as this is part of our history too. Barack winning is also such a good leap for humanity getting beyond race, prejudices, and choosing the one who is most capable and gifted. Tonight we witnessed a turning point in our history. Very uplifting! :)

Dirk A. van Mulligen

A giant step for a man, a quantum leap for mankind!Congratulations Senator Obama and family, and above all, congratulations US and the World. I hope his deeds will match his words and wish him wisdom in his office.

A question to Robert regarding the worries some people have. What do you make of the coming full moon of december. Let's hope Obama's personal protection is in place at that time.

Best regards,



We're feeling the ripples of new hope here in the UK! What a relief. There's only one record I need to find and play now
"A change is gonna come" by Sam Cooke.
Says it all more eloquently than I ever could.


finally. . .we are the
change we want to be!

it's a good number for him.


Congratiolations to you all. I am from the Netherlands and I have watched all day and nigth this historic event in Holland. Also in the Netherlands it was historic, whith journalist in tears when the were broadcasting. Things will change with Obama,a great speaker and a real world brigder. This is what the world needs, times will change! Yes it can!!!


Congratulations! I think I heard a collective sigh of relief right around the world.


What a night ! :)
Congrats to America for using thier collective heads for once instead staying under the Bush spell of terror and being sheep. My 9 year old son's class was each asked in school yesterday to stand up and state who they would vote for. My son stood up and said that he gladly would vote for Mr. Obama but the constitution gave him the right to choose whoever he felt would be best so he chose Mickey Mouse! :) Hooray for the children who are being taught truth, individuality and the strength of freedom and democracy. :)LOL

And so this event heralds the permanent entrance of Pluto into Capricorn !!

Restructure .. restructure ..restructure .. and the economy of energies and the purifying of all things that will be kept and the releasing of all things truly useless.

Wow what a ride this is going to be. As you predicted sometime ago Robert to me .. as soon as November got here all things in my life would shift into HIGH gear after the last several YEARS of being in Rigor ... man oh man - you weren't kidding.

Though I did have a bizarre moment of dreaming last night about Barrack Obama and Nostradamus .. I am uncertain what to make of it yet ...

But I do feel the change .. yes siree .. indeedy! :)

Peace to all


As Molly Ivins would have said, Adios, Shrub. I just say it is about damned time. Love and light, Robert, from your friend in Texas.


i agree with susana : " think there are powers behind every president.
And I think they are the same powers that were beyond Bush that are behind Obama.
I have just become so dam cynical and beyond hope.
So I am going to go back outside and bury my head in the sand, converse with the worms, and watch the individual grains glisten."


I cried all night with true joy that as a nation we rose up just this one time to defeat our pettiness and acknowlege something more important than ourselves. Watching the throngs of people out in the streets as if we were celebrating the Millenium, it occurred to me that in a way we are: we have turned the tide of a long history of suppression. Surely the energy was so golden because souls like Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr, and Gandhi were out there in the crowd noting this one small step for man....


Although there are surely powers behind the throne that pull strings, it is also true that if enough of the masses rise up and claim their sovereignty that great shifts can happen. It was clearly a shift in the force. My wife and I also cried for joy. Will everything be perfect? No. Was a great blow struck against the Empire? You bet. Not because of who Obama is or what he will do, but because of who YOU are, and what you did last night. This is truly historic. Robert predicted 350 electoral votes, he got 349. Congratulations. dcu


At 51, most of my unforgettable American moments have been tragedies -- the assassinations of Kennedy, King, and Kennedy; the Challenger explosion; September 11 -- and times of struggle, for civil rights and women's rights and war. I can't think of another moment of such joy, relief and triumph of hope and optimism. It is a profound moment and an incredible day. I hope Obama continues on with that righteous wind at his back and that he and his beautiful family stay healthy and safe and happy.
Last night was my Venus return, with Mars on my Mars-Venus midpoint -- I guess I fell in love with America's possibilities again!


Hooray!! I was so jazzed last night when the numbers were coming in... I knew he would win, partly because he has a Jupiter return coming up and Saturn is on the rise above the Asc.-desc. axis his chart, and partly because of my gut feeling. I hope he maintains his ideals and gets good people working for him. Change is in the wind... :)






Considering that the 2000 election was illegally stolen, this can be considered a belated millennial celebration,IMHO. Personally I have felt "the sword of Damocles" hanging over my head during the horror of the last 8 years (I have Moon, Mars and Venus in Cancer, ouch!). We in the USA are still in deep doo-doo, but my "sword" is gone and I'm beginning to unstress, finally. Interesting someone mentioned Nostradamus- his predictions of three "antichrists" are very interesting, especially the third, who I believe we are about to be rid of very soon. OM SHANTI SHANTI OM NAMAH SHIVAYA OM SHANTI SHANTI

Wild Horse Running

Hi Robert,

Hope this link comes article by Ken Wilber, that showed up in my mail, the day
after the Historic Wonderful event, of Barack Obama becoming the 44th President Elect...talking
about truth, authenticity, and our responsibilities to speak our truth, in the face of fear.

The Demand of Authenticity
Over a decade ago, the renowned integral philosopher Ken Wilber made his first appearance in the pages of EnlightenNext magazine (formerly known as What Is Enlightenment?) with a passionate article titled "A Spirituality that Transforms." In its pages he delivered an evolutionary call to action that never ceases to inspire:

All of those for whom authentic transformation has deeply unseated their souls must, I believe, wrestle with the profound moral obligation to shout from the heart—perhaps quietly and gently, with tears of reluctance; perhaps with fierce fire and angry wisdom; perhaps with slow and careful analysis; perhaps by unshakable public example—but authenticity always and absolutely carries a demand and duty: you must speak out, to the best of your ability, and shake the spiritual tree, and shine your headlights into the eyes of the complacent. You must let that radical realization rumble through your veins and rattle those around you.

for the rest, go to the website.....

Blessings to all....

Wild Horse Running

"A spirituality that transforms"


hi Turtle island and thank you american peoples!!
(reading your comments, I too agree with susan, but hey! can you imaging waking up to the next four years with mc cain running from the white house?
good luck to Obama and blessing to Gaia. xx


Robert & Friends - I have been breathing the sighs of relief that we all have; but here we are, three days later, and the entire world continues to sigh with us. It's a fantastic reminder that the world does look to us for some sort of strength and guidance. A portion of America remains ignorant to that fact; let this be their light of understanding that we are America and work to bring ourselves and our children out of the "No Child Left Behind" era to one in which "All Children Look Ahead". We are part of a globe, a significant part of already integrated community...let's live that role and wear it proudly.

First order of business? Wipe the slate of terror, ignorance, abuse, fraud and corruption...and get back to the business of being Americans that a world can be proud to call theirs.

Peace to you all, and blessings to our new administration.


Hi all - The final tally is in fact 364 EV, showing I was very, very close to exact. And if all the facts be known, I suspect those states where the machines flipped thousands of votes would have brought the tally to 380 if we had a functioning system. With 3 Senate seats yet to be decided, the final there could reach the exact number I predicted, and the House has already come in with numbers I gave you a couple of weeks ago.

This is important since we now have a shot at slowing down and correcting many of the problems created by the gray men in the shadows who have controlled the system up to now. Yes, the suits still control the game, but the rules and assumptions of the game have changed due to the economic meltdown and recent government embrace of socialism in the US. These truly change the previous game for many years to come, since although the crony capitalists have been the shadow "world government" for decades if not centuries, in fact this is the moment of larger change now that Toto has pulled away the curtain exposing the banking "geniuses" to be utterly inept greedy short sighted fools and knaves.

This election and the revised "New Deal" proposals soon to come show America at the forward cusp of a changed set of assumptions among those who have up to now pulled the strings. That's reason enough to have high hopes and good feelings about this election. Aum Namah Shivaya.


First things first... YES to 44!!!!!!!!
In response to those who spoke about the "powers" behind the power, well, just remember there are powers behind them as well. The chain goes deep into the invisible realm. Our power comes not from looking downward and outward at our own mortal selves and the world we have created at this vibration, but rather upward and inward as we align with greater powers innate and Cosmic in the realization of new world at a higher vibration. Once humanity "gets" this, it's gonna be smooth sailing...


Hi all - A brilliant piece from the New Yorker "Letter from Washington: Battle Plans" called How Obama Won. A very revealing inside look at political strategy, message, branding, and how the candidate pursued the message that ultimately won him the Presidency. Very excellently done.

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