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This article is truly an awesome one. Nice inspiration. Thank you.


i always read you personal insights and find them very relative to what is going on in my head, in my life. i needed to read this.

Thank You.



You are an amazing wordsmith indeed and I applaud your creative discernment and wisdom in the face of the crumbling chaos. So much is converging and your writings always resonate like they intend to. To our co-creative and inspiring future. Be well and keep shining your Light brother.




Thanks and a deep pranam for this. Perfect timing as I go into my annual cycle of self-reflection and recalibration, post-Thanksgiving and through the winter to my birthday. This morning I meditated on the Kabbalistic 4 worlds and this post from you adds additional insights that will allow me to integrate this information into my life, evolution, and service.

J. Sue Gagliardi

A very helpful article, Robert! All of a sudden I found myself lost in the inbetween of past and future; you helped me over the line. Thanks, friend.



Thank you for sharing this with everyone.

I have been thinking about the recent entry of Pluto in Capricorn, as well. Trying to ponder what the message is, I think you say it very well. Thank you… Needed to hear it..

As I look outside to the southwest skies of this December 1st 2008 evening, I see a multiple conjunction of the new moon in Capricorn conjunction Venus and Jupiter, I wonder if its meant to herald Pluto’s entry into the sign of the sea goat, Capricorn? if so, it is papears to be beautiful and gives us hope.We all can transform, aspire and organize ourselves (despite our own egos and karma) to serve the better and highest good. Time to wake up?

Possibly, not be an easy pill to swallow. But the facts must be faced? Perhaps Pluto is bound to transform organized society, at the same time it to transform us to our very core of our beings as well? (Capricorn rules the human skeletal structure)

Blessings and light



there is a healing process, its never over as
Rambo said.... time is needed, perhaps a little
grace, perhaps a lot.... perhaps never happens...
the mind itself is a distraction really when it comes
to such...


Hi SB - Thanks. Just a little reminder of things to remember as we move from one generational influence into the next one.

Hi robyn - Glad to be able to post this at a time when it is useful. I thought it might be.

Hi Carson - Thanks for your kind words. "And we all shine on, like the Moon and the stars and the Sun...." Definitely am taking my own words to heart, given the swirl of major change that's in the air for us all.

Hi Layli - Yes, it's a good discipline to check one's mental patterns so we're not trapped in some bizarre house of mirrors echoing pasts that no longer exist except in dying perception. This article probably deals more with the process of moving higher mind formations into concrete creative expression than the higher states. Your meditation sounds like a great statement of purpose and consciously allowing your Higher Self to direct your ship of personality.

Hi Sue - Sure. Past and future seem to be constant traps of the monkey mind's restlessness. Been there more than a few times or I couldn't write articles like this. Glad you're reoriented in productive ways in this season of strangeness.

Hi Pamela - Will write more about Pluto in Capricorn in the future. There's a lot out there that is speculative, some that I absolutely don't agree with, while some of it seems spot on from a larger point of view, which is really all we can apply to Pluto, which is pretty far out. The triple conjunction has been beautiful the past few nights, hasn't it? We'll have a similar configuration around New Year's eve, with Mercury and Jupiter just above the horizon and Moon conjunct Venus just above them. This is definitely a time of awakening to both hard and better realities, depending on our circumstance. Pluto definitely brings transformation, and the Siderealists aside, we've already begun to see radical shifts in national and international affairs and how things are structured this past year. Now that we've done the dress rehearsal, it's time for the show!

Hi William - Some things are never "healed" except that we learn to live with the wound and find strength and integrity in claiming that experience. Time itself may seem to heal us, but I've found that we must cooperate with the process and do what it takes to come out of suffering into awareness. Life is painful, but we do not need to suffer one instant longer than necessary to do what it takes to antidote that unfortunate state of feeling. And while "the mind is the slayer of the real," it is also the tool by which we enter into higher realms once it's been properly trained.


brilliant observation relayed in words.

a good reminder of the 'isness' of this transition

om peace

blessings in light, peace & inner knowing


Robert, Lovely post. Strange, though, I feel not as though the past is fading but that a door has slammed and I'm through the looking glass. Everything feels unfamiliar -- things that felt comfortable before suddenly feel unknown.

It's very frightening. Trying to breathe.

Am I the only person feeling a slam rather than a (gentler) slow fade?


I last communicated when my 12th house pluto(on my ascendant) was transited by Saturn. I made it through and am feeling much better!! You stated that what does not kill me will make me!
May 29 1960 12:20 pm San Antonio Texas. I still have a LOT going on even though Saturn left the 12th. It is now conjunct my north node in the first house.
I have Pluto conjuncting natal Jupiter. Jupiter opp natal moon. Uranus on my South Node. Talk about change. As the sun and oher planets in Sag sit at the bottom of my chart, I can hardly get out of bed!!
What can I expect and what can I actually do??
Many Blessings


Hi Michele - There's a lot going on right on, so I am only reporting the news as I sense it.

Hi Annette - Different people have different responses to the pressure of modern transformational existence. The unfamiliar is a good sign that we're breaking on through to the other side. At this juncture I will only remind you and all who read these words to kill out fear at its root.

Hi Cindy - We all have a lot going on due to the evolutionary necessity upon the entire race! Saturn conjunct NN indicates a time to accept a rigor that is in fact your line of greatest evolutionary development. More than these brief remarks is beyond the scope of this comment stream.


Dear Robert,

Thank you for this beautiful and timely post. I've been ruminating over the meaning of Pluto in Cap for a while now. The other night I dreamt I was a passenger in a car with my brother and we were surrounded by tornados. I kept getting distracted by the tornados, staring into them deeply, but then so would my brother, the car would veer off the road, and we'd have to put our eyes back on the road again to correct our course. The message seemed to be: Don't get distracted by the fierce weather all around, keep your eyes on the road.

Your post nicely linked up my thoughts on Pluto in Cap, my dream, and present life situation. Thanks for that.

All the best,


Hi Brian - It would indeed seem that you and your bro are going to be navigating some storms, but if you stay focused you'll do okay. Having driven right next to a small tornado, they can be hypnotic and awesome, and it's best to be as far away from them as possible!

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