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Yes, Robert, the light at the end of a very long tunnel has finally arrived. The overwhelming emotion of joy and sense of transcendence permeated the global community when Obama won the election. And though it is true that we are in the transition phase of a long birth, there is an expression of unity now. And the deep devisions are now softened by our collective sigh...At last, we can begin anew! A new beginning at the dawn of a new age.


Robert -

I believe the Age is upon Us. And i remember reading back a ways, about when you thought that we thought that the Age of Aquarius had come to be.

I believe it has been stretching through the masses and has now come (into my life, it is felt and in many ways in many millions of people).

It is still stretching. It is unfolding upon us. Enlightenment. Through speech, through truth, through triumph, through the spirit that lives. My friend said the other day that she felt as though she had been let out of jail.

I live it and i see it. Its the most amazing feeling. I am happy to know love in its various forms and it is humble and there is laughter and even in the brief moment of subtle crankiness.. it is there to know.

Maybe i've come into my harmony with the world. I still see it within everything. There are those things that are being reduced to their common denominator. People that exist such as me, know the beauty in simplicity. Some don't know that beauty - but they have to learn. I think those are the one's who find it most difficult to live in this Age.

Is it the opposite of Aquarius, Leo that brings such qualities out? Leo such as sports, or art or the presidential elect... i don't know but it sure feels as though it might be the trigger.


Greetings Robert and all,
I was wondering what Barak's chart shows as a leader.
I mean it is all very well retrospectively to analyse and dissect a birth chart and plot what happened where and when.
But is it really possible to see afore.
I mean is astrology mainly a retrospective science because if not, if should be clear astrologically speaking what this man and his destiny is about and how it ties in with the destiny of America and the rest of the world.
I understand there has been some deliberation about this time of birth and the withheld birth certificates and was wondering what this difference could be.
Once again I love this site, always clear and refreshing and for that I say a big thank you.


I love this line: "Barack Obama may very well be the first prominent figure in a coming wave of true world leadership..." What this feels like to me is the opening of the door for the Uranus-Pluto generation to kick into high gear and do their soul-groupic work of healing-oriented management and holistic refinement of complex social systems and spiritualized restoration of Earth's ecology. I have long held that this generation (of which, I must confess, I am a member) is the last youth of the old age and the first elders of the new age. As such, we have a bridging role to play. Although clearly Barack falls just outside the Uranus aspect of this astrological configuration, he does have Pluto and Mars there (Mars being in his legacy house), making him feel like our standard-bearer and catalyst. Thus, your statement above strikes a chord. Ah, this optimism feels good!


Hi Laura - Yes, this is the first multicultural President the US has ever had. He is the first one that will enjoy a more universal respect from and identification with other world leaders. (How many could truly identify with Bush, his father, Reagan, Ford, Nixon, or any of the others?) It's truly the first time the world has again embraced the promise of America in many years. 9-11 got us sympathy which Dubya squandered in an orgy of violence and heavy handed authoritarianism, but it's been a long time since the rest of the world actually believed America was part of the world community rather than the bully on the block.

Hi Robyn - I believe (based in my computations) that we are still at the dying edge of the Age of Pisces, in the transition zone between the Great Ages, with true entry still to come just a few decades down the road. We will be firmly in the new era when we no longer look to saviors to deliver us from our folly, but instead live and work synergistically as one race, the human race, aware of our timeless spiritual estate and moving with the miracles upon us as we enter the Age of Electromagnetic Remembrance. And yes, we in America, and by extension the world, have truly been released from the dying hell of the George Bush dystopia. Now we just have to deal with the wreckage. Yes, Aquarius externalizes through Leo. As the new era manifests, we shall see the greater ideal of humanity externalized through forms of global culture, global knowledge, global awareness expressed creatively, playfully, dramatically. And isn't it interesting that the first true multicultural president is a Leo? The manifestation and promise of greater things to come!

Hi Susana - By now you've gotten to read the smallest gloss of a few mere parts of an astrological look at a chart. I'll answer your other question in that stream, but for now, I'll assert definitively that yes, we can know many things that will evolve, within the limits of free will. It is both retrospective and prospective, in that by knowing patterns we can know what will be and when. How an individual will respond is ever a product of the moment, but we can know by their inner makeup their tendencies of response, and we can know when that will be challenged as well as the forces at work, whether the being knows of them or not. I am VERY clear about his destiny to come, though there is much that cannot be written in this medium due to space and time considerations, plus other factors that limit what can and cannot be said about a president of the US, lest the TIA project come to take me to Bulgaria for interrogation. Given what I know from other non-astrological sources, as a long term political consultant and activist I can state this is not idle paranoia.

Hi Layli - He is truly the first of a generation that will inaugurate practical solutions to the prideful short-sighted ignorance of those presidents who preceded him. He still has to work within a very controlling system of suits with no good will toward each other, the people at large, or even the world we all live in. But he is a bridge between all that has been and all that is yet to come. We cannot say this was true of his predecessor, or his, or his, or his or any other for many decades.

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