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Hello Robert,

I'm not as concerned about 2012... it's 2010 that gives me the shakes! Especially late spring/early summer with all those Grand Cardinal Crosses in very late mutable and very early cardinal!



love true --we are the midwives..mid hubbies of all of this...we are co-creating this

i agree, this is so far expanded beyond most people's concepts & mental constructs so brings some paranoia & fear.

we have to transcend the constructed beliefs & race consciousness.

once again you hit the mark. :-)


i just try to avoid the news. i watch the weather in the morning so i know how to dress the kid for the bus. after that, i just turn on some music. ignorance is bliss (or is it really genius?)
thanks robert, for encouraging us all to keep taking the high road. i'm with you!
best, cheryl


dear Robert! best article so far really ... i'll be reading again and again :)
you said: If 2012 does actually mark a shift in existence, it will happen on any number of levels simultaneously which can be perceived in any number of ways (Wonderfull)
in the end i'll say only GOD knows whats he's doing and in the moment he is wonderfull amazing and doing best for us :) Ameen

good luck my friend



Thanks for taking the alarmist tone out of 2012. And, I agree with your point on nature. The universe is in constant motion, and I believe that 2012 is just a benchmark of what's already taking place. A lot of us "sensitive-types" have been discussing the major changes already happening. And, you are sooo right about the Divine Mother! She's looming large right now and expanding all the time. Even the sky has taken on a different color and frequency. Again...thank you so much for removing the fear-factor, as nature isn't anything to be afraid of, but, embraced.




Hi Matt - Yes, the Grand Crosses and T-squares will definitely liven things up. I'll be writing even more about these than I have already. At least you're in NY and not the West Coast.

Hi Michele - Right you are. Will contact you soon about a new interview.

Hi Cheryl - Well, I get my news from a variety of sources, mainly the Daily Show. ;-) I believe we need to tune in, if only to send productive thoughtforms to whatever catches our attention and interest.

Hi AceStar - God is really All-That-Is, so blessings be to all of us that will embrace the Eternal amidst the coming changes. Glad you like this article. Despite those who want me only to speak of astrology, I must from time to time deal with higher matters. Hang in there, my brother. Allah Akbar!

Hi SunDeevah - Sure. I'm not much into fear or alarmism, since the first is useless and dangerous and the second is so much glamor. We stand on the edge of a glorious Age of Remembrance. Unfortunately, most of what is being chattered right now is a lot of supposition and fear packaged glamorously so people can make money and be important. As for Divine Mother, Aum Namah Shivaya! When we merge inner and outer Nature then we will begin the path to Eternal Peace.




hey robert,

just let me know; as i know a lot of intense energy changes & downloads of info.

will be great to have you back on awakenings when you get a chance.
you lend light & insight in the changes & in understanding how to navigate for the transformation/s



dear Robert! what you written in this article i can't tell you what i felt its more Spiritual and deep in many ways :)
your true words of Wisdom my friend :)
take care

good luck


Hi, Robert I am with you on this one. I have a good feeling about this time. I do not get a bad feeling from it. I think things are going to improve in many ways sure there will always be challenges along the way. It is all on how you decide to handle things. No matter what these last few weeks have shown me. I have been almost always able to take a better path to communicating with those around me who are negative.
those who instigate fights i have found nice ways to deal with them instead of getting my back up and getting very intense and getting into an argument
i made the mistake yesterday of letting myself get frazzled with this one person who is a bit of a know it all and a torn in my side but i explained very
clearly that i was quite capable handling my life and my own affairs in Japan
without getting really angry about it and i apologized for any mistakes i made
really we need to just not get so stressed out all the time about all this stuff and try to let things roll off
thank for this post


I knew years ago about this coming money crisis, but it seems to be occurring years ahead of time. Pluto is punch-drunk with power. So, my dear friend, I think it's possible that the worst is happening now, and the future may brighten by 2012. You are a saavy dude!


lol (congitatin') haven't heard that verb before.


Hi Deb - Thanks! The best to you and all who visit here as well!!

Hi Michele - We'll set something up soon.

Hi AceStar - Glad it keeps on giving you new insights. I believe the entire world is being led back to true Spiritual existence and being freed from old fears and separateness.

Hi Micheline - In every challenge there are manifold opportunities, and in every opportunity there are manifold challenges. As long as we're here, now, then why not grow into a greater view and function than we've known before? The oppositions may be stressful from time to time, but they're also great for realizations!

Hi Jan - I'm actually surprised the bankers kept the shell game going as long as they did! I was expecting serious financial crises a while ago. This is the beginning of a restoration of sanity, but of course they're still spending like drunken sailors on shore leave! At least some of it should make its way to more sustainable industries and jobs.

Hi Damien - "Cogitate" means "To think hard, ponder, or meditate." Also, "To take careful thought or think carefully about; ponder."


ah from Cogito.


Thanks for this.
The fear and hype of destruction are overwhelming at the moment.
And yet by grace in this life form there is an increasing freedom from fear
and abidance in peace.
I do think energy is playing a beautiful game....
thanks for reminding us all of the other side of the coin.


Thank you for offering this perspective..I agree! I see a lot of exciting promise out there.

I also agree with the other person who spoke of 2010. Gives me the shakes too! Can you jump ahead and give us a glimpse? I'm on the east coast too.

Thanks as always and happy holidays,


Hi susana - Well,, hype sells better than the boring mundane reality that we're living a magical existence if we take an unusual view of our greater possibilities.

Hi Elizabeth - I've composed quite a few articles about the time period of 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 as well as the time beyond. They're in the archives. And of course I'll write more in 2009 about 2010.

Noelle Theard

do you mind if i repost this as a link on facebook with your credit and copyright info?


Hi Robert..."It's all an experiment in Truth, so why not try?"
A pioneering Spirit...Thankyou Robert, so positive and expansively true.
Aum, Love and Light to All...Felita


Hi Noelle - By all means, cross post this on Facebook with credits. I'm a member, but rarely have time to get on. But will hopefully be able to do more in 2009!

Hi Felita - Yes, sometimes it's best to view it ALL as an experiment. That way we can observe and learn rather than get too attached to an investment in what may be an illusion, or even a form of truth.


just re-reading....

so important for all of us; especially lightworkers to remember we are all part of the resonate field.... we are all in this together.

in light :-)

Julie Erhardt

Ok so what do I not know about with these Grand Cardinal Crosses & T-squares??? What are you talking about??? I have been reading about EVERY part of 2012 for the last 2 years, but now you have thrown a curve ball at me!! And I live in the West Coast!!! So whats up???


Hi Michele - We are learning we are less separate than we believe.

Hi Julie - Why don't you check out the numerous articles on what's coming in the archives to find out more?

Julie Erhardt

Can you give me a hint as to what month/year they might be in???

Thanking you in advance :)


Hi Julie - I've posted extensively about them. You can use the site google feature to find out a lot more, but for now, start with the article of October 30, 2006. That's a good place to begin.

Julie Erhardt

Thank you!

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