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Im very interested as to my nature coming out of this transit. Its going to be hitting my solar 1st and natal 8th houses, as well as squaring all of my Libra planets. I've been told by some that I may experience a death of some sort during the time. Shamanic, ego death is how many describe it. At other times I feel I will adopt a new name and radically transform my perceptions and views as to how one lives and what is important in one's environment. I'll be 42 by the time it moves to Aquarius, a seeming lifetime considering the speed with which this planet is transforming and evolving.


Um, it looks as if my comment has been deleted or it fell of the earth?!


Weird, maybe Uranus' fault. ;)


Libra/Scorpio cusp-born here, with my Saturn in Libra at 3°55'58.. & going through my Saturn Return. Not very well-versed in astrology but am most definitely aware of this serious purification process and am blatantly being faced with long-standing patterns that no longer serve me... whatever this is, is very very intense. Great articles -first time visiting this site.


I will comment about Pluto in Capricorn, Robert, not strickly-astrologically but pragmatically. I think the world has seen what is wrong: imbalance of economy, populations, resources, dependence in oil, old political models, lack of environmental considerations...

But now, what is right? How shall we put that ideals into reality?

Since Pluto entered Sagittarius (my sun sign and MC) I have radically admitted that our society was working in the wrong way. Everything moved by money and lack of space for each soul self-expression, purpose, mission...

Now this economy depression is a great opportunity to change, to act, to make moves. But it does not seem easy. Currently I am looking for a new job, having these moves in considerations, but the world seems to still function too much in the old ways. I try to find jobs with a healing approach to medicine, ecology, spirituality, herbalism, green building, arts, writing books, even astrology,... but at least in Europe, let's say it this way, these occupations although very good for the soul they seem scarce for the pocket wallet...

This week was a shattering in the way I would like to change my life. However it seems a huge challenge to push forward, to pioneer these new jobs and ways of living (in the good incoming Uranus in Aries energy).
The world is in a huge need for new inspiring ways of living (and radically different that a old way of thinking, being and doing)
Light and Love,


Beautiful Robert! grt insight into Pluto in Capricorn i was waiting for this .... you always write what i need to think and learn :)
i always look back into History and how Pluto transform the whole world when transiting through signs :)
Deep always attract you and makes you wonder ... same with me i am curious about Pluto how its effect us :)

thanks brother :)

good luck


I agree with Popplagid in everything.

Pragmatic soul-function for generating our true dharma and real opportunities in this "old-shaped" kind of ill-structured society need transformation.

I think it will be the Plutonian effect here, and it's really a hard task, for the subtle yet atomic effect of Pluto -deep waters- should be really meaningful eroding Capricorn hard stones, those that interfere in our dharma by means of old rigid social patterns when developing our true potentials facing an obsolete system of social expression.

Not to mention the economical system of "get indebted and you'll be secured" lie.


Pluto went through my 6th house like a cyclone and it is now entering my 7th house.
What I experienced from its transit was pure instability and a tearing down of what I had thought I had built or building.
And now it is transiting my natal venus which is at 06deg53 capricorn, I take it that I will feel its full force in 2010 or 2011?

Is this correct Robert? and how do you prepare for this transit?


Hi Damien - Well, there were posting issues within Typepad that got resolved. That's probably why your comment disappeared, then reappeared. I learned a long time ago that "I die daily" is the only sane way to live. Too much glamour in shamanic anything, but I'll go along with ego death, since only ego (and its components) die. I suspect you're already transforming in ways you don't yet understand, and 42 introduces an entirely new 7 year cycle.

Hi Melanie - Welcome to Professor Robert's cantina. You're not quite experiencing your Saturn return like you will later in 2009, but close enough for horseshoes as "they" say. Purification is happening due to Pluto square your Saturn, a major life period. There are quite a few articles in the archives which may be of use to use concerning the various Saturn cycles, as well as the generations Pluto is most affecting. That knowledge is unfortunately scattered among the many articles in the archives, but with creative site-googling, you may find some gems. By all means, keep checking in!

Hi Popplagid - Yes, this is the time for breakdown, breakthrough, and breaking out of old systems. These are the seeds of things to come, and much will be implemented as Mars transits Cap and Aquarius in the near future, with a whole new way of doing many things to come after Venus conjuncts Mars at 30 Pisces. Many new jobs will be sustained out of sheer necessity that we return to sanity and eschew the false "cures" of Big Pharma.

Hi AceStar - Glad I'm still in tune on a global level! I suspect that we shall not know the whole of the Plutonic effect on our times until we are on the other side! And of course, you're most welcome.

Hi Henry - This is truly a meeting place where many of like minds and hearts get to swap info and points of view that we all may become stronger and wiser. The current model is utterly inefficient to bring forth what will be necessities in the coming decades. "Debt is the means to wealth" is one of those illusions.

Hi Nicci - The transit of Pluto through the houses is a very long term set of lessons. Pluto certainly removes antiquated things, and its transit of a natal Venus takes away many people, things, likes, dislikes, and vanities. You're already feeling its power, regardless of how far it must go before conjuncting your Venus. One prepares by going to the core of one's being and eliminating over time all that is contrary to the Divine Will relative to the planetary forms that have pre-existed before then. Saying goodbye may be difficult, but not as hard as holding onto a whirlwind.


so are we liberating or tightening up?

i like what you said & so agree "we are breaking down to breakthru"

it seems that we all need to have "stick-to-itness"
it seems there can be a lot of "holding patterns" & yet & whizzing by energetically on the subtle & not so subtle planes

this is a GREAT post

glad i saddle up to the ole corral & took a time @ "robert's cantina" lol



Definitely in new ways, realms out of mind and body, death does it exist? But that's an old explanation, I want to relieve this part which does not want that other thing.


Hi Michele - Looking forward to going live with you on New Year's Eve! Glad you like this article. I'll probably do more in the same vein.

Hi Damien - We are told by Higher Sources that "death" only affects the impermanent aggregates and our experience of all forms of death is conditioned by perception. Some deaths are welcome, some are not. I suspect that as we cultivate subtle perceptual tools we open to the infinity and eternity of Life in its countless forms that surround us all like water to a fish.


Hi Robert, as always, great answer, quite correct about feeling pluto's power. However; In your article you say "anyone with any planet in the first 5 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn will be going through radical changes and purifications in those departments of life in 2009-2010."
So in my case for a radical change it would be 2010-2011, or is it a minimum 3 degree orb eg. 3deg53?
How does pluto and saturn interact regarding the "present" state of the financial crisis and the realisation that financial model and policies rethink and restructure is required. and .. when do you think there will be an upturn in the world economies, financial markets and what planetary involvement would that require?


Hi Nicci - Anyone with planets in early Cardinal signs will be dealing with Plutonic energies for several years. "Exactness" is not relevant in this sense, except when an inner planet triggers the effect by transit. The degree of orb just indicates a more specialized quality of any aspect. I believe the present economic and financial meltdown is more indicated by Saturn opposition Uranus. As for long range predictions of systemic shifts, that is beyond a comment stream. I'll just say that Humpty Dumpty has fallen off the wall, and "all the king's horses and all the king's men won't put Humpty Dumpty back together again." We can no longer afford NOT to pay attention to the man behind the curtain. Long term global change is always incremental, and even as we speak there are people investing time, energy, and money in future technologies that will spread throughout the world. Some local economies are already turning better due to shifts in focus.


Once again Robert, you are a legend, thank you for the explanation.


Hi Nicci - You're most welcome. Enjoy the ride with the rest of us!

Ali Ugur

Great article, and if this is OK with you, I have included your article in my website, where I have a collection of articles about the topic.


Hi Ali - As you know by now, I definitely think your site is a good thing with many good things to offer. Since Pluto will be there for so many years, you're probably going to pick up visitors for quite a while!

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