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Thank you robert; So much love comes with pain and solitude.
I am on the sacred march and this day is dear to me too, as i remember my mum's departure. I spend this day in communion with all beings.
Love. Michelle


Every time I discover new and deeper layers of your wisdom, I am profoundly moved. My soul grows from your work. The souls of many grow from your work. You are aiding ascension in such a profound way for such a large segment of the collective and the planet as a whole. Did a little angel spur you to this wounded-healer work 21 years ago? Is that little angel now collaborating with you from the other side with archangelic power?? I think this is a team effort, and I see just the tip of the iceberg. I am new to this community, so I did not know about your special date until today, but having read back through your columns, I can only offer the *deepest* pranam to Blyth, which I also often offer to her father. With my father on the other side since 2/1/06, I can appreciate the power of this above-below father-daughter connection, and I am thankful, for myself and for the world, that you nurture it and it nurtures you.
With deepest compassion and gratitude,

Judy Fisher

Dear Robert Wilkinson, Having gone through the experience of the death of my daughter I went on a search for the meaning of life. So many tears, I felt so alone.
I found her spirit. Then the unthinkable happened, my precious oldest daughter passed away with Cancer. I went again to my knees.
I wrote a book "Heaven On Earth". Please visit my web site and read about my search.
Dear Robert my heart is with you. Judy Fisher

Susan Dahl

Dear Robert, This brings me back to almost 7 years ago when I lost my spouse. I am moved by your words.
We, who have lost dear ones share a common experience & understanding.
You give me cause to revisit.
thank you


Thank you Robert,
You are a beautiful Being!!


Brian Story

Thank you Robert,...our grief is still very new yet timeless in its essence...thank you for sharing, caring and walking your path of healing, many will see the tracks you've left and know that they are not alone on their path....bless you.
Be well, be loved and blessed be
-Brian S.


Thank you Robert
This is the first festive season since my Dad died (late August), reading these articles today has been poignant.
Love & light H


Thank you Robert - You're very kind to share so much with us, and I wish you all the peace and comfort this world has to offer.

Sheila Joyce

Extremely well written Mr. Wilkinson !
Extremely so.......!

Lost my Dad 35 yrs ago, my beloved Mom 6 yrs, & the worst trial of my dearest best-friend & hubby, 21 months ago........!

If it wasn't for the loving grace of God, I sincerely do not believe I'd have made it this far !

Please continue your outreach. You may not always hear from the beneficiary's, but that doesn't mean you haven't helped a multitude of grievers !

God Bless you Sir !!


Thank you so much for sharing your wise words and big heart with us. When the world seems to narrow down to a pinprick of light, reading these words written from the heart serves as a reminder that there is the possibility of a bigger, brighter world out there. If your grief brought this about, then it is not value, small comfort though that is. I hope every year brings you greater peace, and happiness, and more gentle friends to share time with.


Thank you, thank you, thank you Robert.
You are truly a rare and amazing soul. Wishing you a year blessed with love.



Thank you Robert for this beautiful, precious sacred sharing.


Thank you Robert for this poignant meditation on love, death and loss. Peace and blessings.


Hi all - Thank you for your very kind words.

Hi Lainie - I have found great peace as a result of embracing the healing process, and am now in a really good head and heart space about this, and ALL deaths.

Hi Michelle - Yes, there are special days when we can commune with the invisible world and it's not difficult. Remembering Sacred Moments are like that.

Hi Sheila - Thanks for your praise of the article. I'm glad I could assist your own healing process connected to the death of your husband and confirm some things you also have learned. Grace is certainly a force majure that is not to be underestimated!

Hi Layli - Well, I suppose it's made me a better astrologer for the experience, and since it is my direct experience, it bears the mark of authenticity. I believe we ALL are collaborating in "the Great Work," both our individual work and the work of healing the wounds of separateness that all of humanity suffers. I was full tilt into my spiritual work for many years before she came and went (and stayed!), and in my book I make it clear I am grateful for my previous Spiritual practice, since I cannot imagine how one who has no practice could make it through the process. Thanks for your blessing to Blyth on whatever planes of existence she's on, and my sincere hope that you will continue to find deeper wells of wisdom and love through your own timeless connection with the Being you were blessed to call "my father."

Hi Kelsta - There is definitely a greater way for our world than what truly at times has been "a pinprick of light." Each year does bring me a greater peace, as well as a stronger resolve to practice the greater love, wisdom, and compassion that I learned through the experience. and thanks for your affirmation for happiness and more gentle friends. Those are very good things indeed!

Hi Judy - My sincere condolences on losing your daughters so young. The death of a child, unless a person withdraws from life, always leads a parent to a greater quest than they ever imagined before then. And it sure doesn't seem to get easier with a subsequent death. My book speaks briefly of previous losses, but it was Blyth's death that really kicked me into the "heal or die" process. Again, my sincere condolences and heartfelt compassion from me to you as members of "the world's most reluctant club."

Hi Allesandra - Thank you for your kind words. I accept the blessing.

Hi Susan - It does bring us to an edge of our own evolutionary necessity, doesn't it. My condolences on losing your mate so young. For those who have persisted through a years-long process, I found that completing 7 years was a hopeful point, as it brought a measure of completion to the initial grief process. I could experience things differently after that point. Though it may or may not be true for everyone (and I believe it could be), this certainly marks a point of completion for you on some levels. Congratulations for making it this far.

Hi Mashubi - You're most welcome. May you find insights here that help you to help others who suffer.

Hi Wendy - A very nice thing to say. Thanks. I do believe her death helped me learn what's really valuable in this world.

Hi Brian - You're most welcome. I am sorry that anyone must suffer such deep losses, yet I also know that we can outlive and outlast the stinging acid of our sorrow, turning tears into jewels of a higher Love. We are never alone, as long as we open our hearts and minds to the mystery of redeeming the best we could be, one day at a time, out of the wreckage of our past.

Hi H - The first anniversary is always important, since it gives us a solid Solar benchmark for how far we've come, and what is ahead of us. May your second year be filled with remembrance, wisdom, and love.

Hi Daniel - I suppose it is a meditation of sorts. I do believe that by focusing on the timeless Eternal verities, we can move our consciousness out of the world of turmoil and suffering into a transcendent peace and Loving-Wisdom with which we can serve our world, however that's possible and appropriate on our journey back to life, love, and conscious living.

Leah Whitehorse

Beautiful words. I haven't lost a child but I have my own private great loss and losses that have given me moments of great despair and moments of great compassion.
I agree that you never 'get over it' and for me there are times when I can get on and live and others when I must simply stop and embrace what I feel inside. I cry more easily these days but I would rather cry tears with and for another than hold myself away from pain.
I wrote today that we are all wounded and these wounds are what can unite us. Grief is a terrible burden and it is visible in the eyes of those who carry it - but it shows how much we loved and love is a beautiful thing.
Peace with you.


Thinking of you during these sacred times.

Diane Scholten

Robert, blessings to you as your honor Blyth, honor fatherhood, and honor God on this day. May your depth, spirituality and heartfulness be a spring in your life that fills you even as you grieve. YOu are a blessing for all of us, Robert, and a role model. God bless,



Hi Leah - We all experience the death of a loved one at some point, and our grief is our testimony to the love we've shared. I agree with you that it is very important to take a moment from time to time when it presents itself to honor deep feelings. And yes, I made a point of noting in "Love Dad" that our wounds are what bind us to others across space and time, and the vehicles through which we can find a greater compassion and connectedness with All-That-Is. It seems to me that you have found a great wisdom from your human experience. Blessings on you.

Hi Terry - Yes, we do walk this walk together. You may appreciate the article that will post later today. Speak with you soon.

Hi Diane - Thanks for checking in, and thanks for your very kind words. I believe I can truly say that my grief work is done concerning my own personal experience with Blyth, and my work now is to share what I learned with others whose grief is more active. The tears I now shed are for all who grieve across space and time, as well as the sorrow that this plane of existence seems to be one of continually saying goodbye. Of course, I have no doubt that I shall see other loved ones predecease me, and again move into and through the grief process. Thanks for your blessings.

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