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dear robert,
two nights ago i dreamt of my parents. my father and mother were both in the nursing home, my dad with parkinson's and my mother with alzheimers (they both did actually succumb to these diseases). in the dream, the nursing home people kept telling me my mother needed to go home, that she didn't need the intense care my dad did. tortured, i kept trying to lift my father (6 feet, 220 lbs) out of his wheel chair so they could go home together. when i woke and realized that it was infact a dream and that they were still gone, the feel of the weight of my father
lingered in my body. i let them go. i miss them. i did the torture dance. thank you for your article. i know they are free now, and wouldn't choose those endings again. best, cheryl


Thank you so much Robert. I had to decide to let my beautiful dog go today, after 13 years together. It was hard struggling with feeling like I should let her choose her own time to die and then deciding whether by refusing euthanasia I was just not willing to let her go. In the end it just felt like the right time.

I can only imagine caring for a dying human family member it must be incredibly more painful. That guy in the article sounds like a true superhero.


Hi Robert.

I quote your first words here:

"It is a fact of life that we all have bodies that die, and with that our feelings and minds as well".

And what's supposed to be left there after a full lifetime inner/outer struggle?. Spiritual condition of some metaphysical essence that is "me" or "you", and not a soap-bubble of scattered energies?.

I know we should trascend Ego, but...should we expect some rewards -or something remaining- from our "individual" works here?.

I think it should be taught in schools, thought few people -or not so few- ask themselves this question when confronted with death.

I will appreciate a lot your opinion on this. In fact, when you do some kind of work, like Life itself being the greatest workplace, you do it for some reason.



Thank you for these insights- more synchronicity. Every week I go down and see my parents at the assisted living home. Dad just had a valve replaced and is heading eagerly back into his former contented retirement, eating all the crap they tell him not to. He says he doesn't want to live forever... probably since seeing my mother dying IN PIECES, which she is, from Parkinson's. She is a vegetable, gnarled up into a fetal position, has to be fed, diapered, etc. and it's very painful to watch. I keep wondering what is the reason for the prolonged agony of death, and can only come up with one thing. To learn patience. But that isn't good enough, and I pray I don't get what Mom got.

And I'm taking lipitor and blood pressure meds. Keeping my head in the sand and those pharmas in business.

A feel-good movie to watch that helps explain things a bit is "Little Buddha"... I think I have to buy it.

Call me one of the Sandwich Generation!

Peace and comfort to all.


Hi Cheryl - It sure would seem that your parents are very much alive in your subconscious! I figured this article would speak to those who have dealt with these issues, or are dealing with these issues, or will deal with these issues. Aging is a major part of every life, and how we deal with it (both our own and others we care for/about) determines quality of life in ways the young never think of. And yes, freedom from suffering is far better than being trapped in multiple constantly painful frequency zones. I'm glad your parents had you to care for and love them as they checked out. Regardless of what was or was not done, the love you shared is your beacon to unconditional Love, which is our Divine Nature.

Hi Michelle - My condolences on the death of your dog-friend. As someone owned by cats for decades, it's never easy to confront end-of-life issues regardless of the form a loved one inhabits. While I have been forced to bring an abrupt end to a being's suffering, it never sat well with me. I suppose anything that opens our hearts to a greater Love is good in an ultimate sense, though it be painful at the time. I don't know if caring for a dying human family member would be more difficult than caring for a dying beloved pet of many years. They both feel like they would be as painful as our attachment to the living form of our loved one. And I agree that the 'Nam vet who cared for his dad is one amazing man.

Hi Henry - The Love you take is equal to the Love you make. What's left after the Spirit drops the form is whatever conditionally "eternal" sentient Consciousness there may be, existant on one or more frequency zones of Atma-Buddhi non-separateness. The nature of "All-That-Is" is Loving Wise Intelligence, so we must assume that because we're a spark of "All-That-Is," then we also are those qualities to whatever degree we cultivated them in our lives here. I've written about this before.

What's left are the echoes of accumulated actions and non-actions, awarenesses and nonawarenesses we set into motion as thought forms while we apparently acted, felt, and thought throughout our duration in this 4 dimensional field of manifestation. These are karmas that will ripple through our awarenesses as we move through existence on whatever planes we're on. The rewards are the virtues, skills, and awarenesses we cultivate while we're here, since we are a Consciousness that persists throughout space and time. Mozart didn't learn what he demonstrated as a young child in his infancy. Ego may conceal our Truth of Being, but it also reveals our Higher Self by its attractions and repulsions.

Purpose is usually found as we walk the walk unless we deliberately ignore certain signals. That's why I always counsel that we should be making sure to examine where our heads and hearts are at so we have no regrets at whatever point we drop the body. One day we are sure to die, and so we should learn to be fully present here and now so that when the time comes to leave these frequencies of existence, we can experience the awareness of having lived a life full of Love. While our lesser "purposes" change with each lifetime, our greater "purpose" is to learn to BE unconditional Love in the infinite ways Love expresses itself.

Hi Valerie - Your father sounds like a very determined man. My condolences on your mom's travails. It's very sad when a body fails like that, and a being loses the dignity of autonomy. While you may be learning patience, you're also learning a radical compassion by not turning away. You probably won't turn out that way, since each being has their own cross to bear. I found when I took lipitor it made my joints hurt, and it seemed as though I was becoming painfully crippled by inches over months, so I stopped. Definitely will second "Little Buddha," since it's a great lesson on how to get beyond "either-or" thinking. I won't say more so as not to spoil the ending for those who haven't seen it.;-) Sometimes I think life itself is a sandwich, and we're the ones in the middle, surrounded by an apparent past and future, being eaten by time itself. Then I remember that time is the medium of perception by which our consciousness measures our spacial experience, and settle back into being an Eternal in the apparent here and Now. As we were told 55 years ago, "Sh-boom, sh-boom, life could be a dream sweetheart...."


Thanks for your answer, Robert.

I think that this is the matter beyond All-That-Is-Here-And-Now (my stellium in 9th House is always questioning the Final Purpose Here and so with the Afterlife remains, so your words are of great value for me, because my Scorpio Ascendant -I guess- values self-struggle and effort and does not accept easily a "mystical fusion with others", despite triyng to spread Love, that's not always the case in many souls).

And another question is the value of what we do here, because when you hear some atheistic minds they try to convince you that your future is the tomb. I don't feel so, seems that they do.

Thanks a lot for your reflections on this specific topic.

So much that is not yet least for so many people that don't ask themselves the main questions in life -in my opinion-.


Thanks for your kind words Robert... and omigod another synchronicity. That song has a special meaning for me!! :)

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