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Shehzaad Maroof Khan

i remember that article dear Robert! posted a quote that day and again if you dont mind :)

Those who have studied life and thought long enough about this subject, have arrived at the same point as the thinkers who lived as much as eight thousand years ago. Buddha has said and has realized the same things that a really wise man would realize and say today. This shows us that wisdom is the same in all ages. We may be evolving or going backward, but wisdom never changes and will always be the same. The same realization will come to all those who think deeply and try to realize what life is. In order to realize life it is not necessary for us to follow a certain religion. It is not necessary for us to be great or good, pious or spiritual. The first and most necessary thing is that we become observant. We should look at life more keenly than we do instead of living superficially. It would cost us nothing. It only takes us away from our everyday occupation for a few minutes. Life always gives an opportunity of thinking, however busy we may be.

thanks brother :)

good luck :)


Hi all - Am still on the road with almost no connectivity, so cannot respond to comments and questions. Please hang in there, as I'll be back in the Captain's chair on the flight deck by next Monday, and will catch up then.


Hi Robert and friends,
I came to this lifetime to strip away all delusion. Sounds simple enough but it's been nothing but HELL, so far.
Everything I was taught "here" to believe in is a lie.
White picket fence, family, the definition of "truth", the words "I love you" and all of the human conditions that is confined with, clothing (fashion), Gov't, the list goes thru everything I experience.
I am also in the process of learning that this place is made of sand. NOTHING lasts except Spiritual awakening and the karma I create out of ignorance be it good or bad.
Meditation is my only truth and the invisible force of the Divine that Guides (DRIVES) me Home.
Home is NOT here, although if my work was done I'd at least exist here on earth with Home brimming over in Bliss within. I'm not there yet.
I'm still trapped by past karmas and for me it is HELL.
I could write so much more deeply on each thing I mentioned but I'd have a book.
Helping others in some form, in my belief, is the only way to go if it is untainted with the need for name and fame, or power and control. Helping others help themselves is Truth.
I have also learned, since I have stopped running forward in life and became more of an "observer" just how terrible this place is.
Animal cruelty
Sweatshops for our glamourus delusions
The raping of the land
OVERpopulation yes here too in the modern world
this list goes on and on. But existing within all of the terror (and goodness) is simply the play of karma.
Truth is too hard for many people I personally know to hear. So I witness their insane delusions of self righteous self entitlements. And the entire time these people are radically heart broken, some get very sick with disease, and yet still maintain they are "just fine". Woundology(Caroline Myss) is the safe haven for many.
I'm not judging EVERYONE, just explaining myself and what I see in the people directly around me.

I WANT OFF OF THE FERRIS WHEEL OF MAYA! Round and round it goes 4-EVER..............

Being super brave and transcending delusion,



Hi Robert,
I agree with your writings about the Path of the Buddha and The Path of the Boddhisattva up to a point. It seems to me though, that the way towards developing the consciousness of the compassion of the Boddhisattva lies through the path of the Buddha and the inner journey.

In a way, the path of both the Buddha and the Boddhisattva is the same inner journey of mindfulness. It is only at the moment of enlightenment that the path divides and can lead either into absorption into the light of the Void or to the decision to be of service to the world as a Boddhisattva.

As to the question of how this translates into the everyday world of those of us striving to live with awareness in the world of maya - well, I think, it is necessary to take the inner journey first. It seems to me that it is through detachment from worldly concerns, meditation and contemplation the individual finds their own personal way of being in the world. Just how this manifests in each person is their dharma. For some contemplation and meditation are the path, for others contemplation and meditation lead back into the world of service - whether that is service through becoming a health care worker, a social worker, an astrologer, an artist, a musician or a myriad of other possible ways of seeking to help others.

Whichever path is ultimately chosen, taking time regularly to look within, to slow down, detach and meditate revitalises ones being and illuminates the way forward.


Hi Robert and others here...With much suffering and pain within the immediate emotional atmosphere of being in a disaster environment, I feel many sensitive beings have retreated temporarily to gain recognition of the large amount of confusion within the minds of their fellow human souls, those that have passed and souls left behind in grief, In Victoria, Australia, we pray and wait as the weather shifts...The cosmic and natural weather..and for me ..I gather strength as I am quite shaken by all I feel out there, yet my heart yearn for loving service..So at times retreat to transendence is the necessary holding of strenghth for the compassionate ones to enter the world again to emit fortitudes and wisdoms gained from the gateway of surrender.This is my present experiential being.
May the tears of Heaven release their pain
They have suffered enough
Blue Angels sanctify, annoint us with rain

and as you so simply have breathed out to us dear Robert.."The two Ways seem to mirror our breath - we breathe one in, we breathe it out, we take a different breath, we exhale that breath, in an unending sequence of helping our blood to circulate from and to our heart. Perhaps this is our task - to surrender all forms and merge into the Great Mystery, then remember enough of that transcendent Wisdom to bring forth flowers of Love and Intelligent activity in our world, each at the right time, so we long for nothing and do everything for its own sake in its own time."

And to other's who have posted here..thanking you kindly for soothing my soul with your words..xoxoxoxox

Thankyou Robert
Aum Shanti..Felita


Hi to everyone here,

Thankyou Felita for your words. I too live in Victoria - down in Gippsland near one of the major fires. I know people who have lost everything.

You are right about the need to retreat into the transcendent realms. At times like this, finding the way there can be difficult but you are right - it is the Way. Like you I feel the weight of the suffering around me and seek to release it into the Light. Like you I pray that their suffering will ease and that the Angels will bless us all.

Thank you for pointing out that this too is a way of serving. I've been feeling bad because I don't have much money to give and am too unwell physically to help on that level. All I can do is retreat, meditate and pray.

Peace to you - Sue


I am with you Sue..stay safe...:)

Light and Love
Aum Shanti


You can merge meditation/prayer with service by reading this beautiful Sutra of Golden Light. You don't have to be a Buddhist to read it! It brings blessings of peace and goodness to the earth. You can read about the benefits and download the sutra in pdf (it's free - you don't have to join anything to download it)


Dear Robert,Wendy and Sue! - You three made up a good trinity to ex-PLAIN the possibilities of Way(s). Bernard Shaw used this root in his famous "Pygmalion" (in search for beloved Galateja-live:), which was then performed by eternally\forever young and beautiful Audry Hepburn in "My Fair Lady": "Rains in Spain come mainly(manly:) in the PLAIN":):):)

I would like to add just a word of my own concerning
both inward transcendent-alism and outward compassionate-ism:) They are really like two wings(of 13 multiplied by 20 size:) for those who would like to get/be off the ferris wheel of Maya, or escape from this 3D,or even 4dim reality,or 4folded world(s) to the 7th or 9th heavens 4ever:):):)

Really you should have experience in trying everyward direction to be on the Way Home(ward-s)...
Hugs and Love on the Day of Love (towards Life, Astrology etc)!


Hi Shehzaad - That's the advantage of hanging out here. If you're here long enough, some eternal themes recycle! I agree that regardless of how the scenery has changed, the rules and requirements stay the same. I think that what the great Ones have taught us are the means to move through the eternal chaos of duality, and in fact may be the only things to cling to as we move through the current meltdown. And of course, what we call "spiritual practice" is merely the means to access the vast field of redemptive compassion that is the body of Divine Mother. You are right in that it all begins with observance, since without that it is impossible to realize much of any depth at all. Truly, be safe and well as you walk where you walk.

Hi Wendy - Stripping away ALL delusion is a life long task, or longer! There are lesser delusions, such as the delusion of "self," but then there are greater delusions, such as the idea of "ascension" or even the ideas of the existence of "evil" or that anything exists outside of Divine Love. Even that the process is "hellish" is a delusion, since that which suffers has no self-sustaining existence and therefore is inherently unreal. Even karmas are unreal to some extent, since they too fade into nothingness after being stilled. And remember that though many things are illusions, they to some degree reveal reality even as they conceal it. All is an expression of the Higher Law whereby each is the reality they ARE, and each can change the form of the conditions as they image forth new thoughtforms that magnetically gather chitta and become some form of "real." Perhaps the one thing you've mentioned that has any reality to it is the phrase "I love you." That is real, however perfectly or imperfectly it is expressed or lived. Love alone is real. All else, especially in our distorted reality, is unreal. And here I must offer you a comment on your statement that "Home is NOT here..." that I've offered to many students across the decades. If not here, where? If not now, when? And for all its apparent ugliness and suffering I perceive this Earth as a place of beauty, and one of the best places I could imagine to learn love. Unfortunately, we have been learning Love through experiencing "not-love," which is indeed painful. It's our job to break the link between pain and suffering. And yes, some do seem to love their disease more than the cure....

Hi Sue - It's not one or the other - it's both, each at the right time. Without the inward way, we're just rearranging the deck chairs as the boat sinks. Without the outer way, we lose ourselves in naval gazing and do not recognize our interrelatedness with other Eternals in our Sangha. We can develop our recognizance of the value of both through either and both paths. One cannot become a Boddhisattva without becoming Buddha and renouncing the renunciation. I found my way to the threshold of a form of transcendent enlightenment through the outward way, though all along that path I had to reflect each step of the way. There are many meditations - sitting meditations, walking meditations, lapping cat meditations, saving a life meditations, selfless service meditations, and so many, many more that can lead us from outer involvements to inner realizations. Otherwise, there could be no such thing as "karma yoga." In traditional schools of yoga, there are three inward and three outward. Each can lead to the supreme realization. For example, though the inward experience a musician feels is indescribable, their ability to translate that experience in outer ways offers a unifying vibration for all who are uplifted by that externalization. And of course, I agree that "daily self renewal" is the basis for continuing spiritual homeostasis.

Hi Felita - Retreat from the outer white noise is often the only way to get oriented when chaos is epidemic. May Australia come to a greater cooperative oneness as a result of this disaster. Definitely we are magnetic fields, and sometimes we need to regenerate if we are to put forth that magnetism in good works in our world. Hang in there. You are a power and light in your part of this fragile world.

Hi Sue - May a host of water angels come to bring solace to all who suffer from the fire angels. And those who witness and pray often do as great a service as those who act and speak. Again, it's all about magnetism.

Hi Elizabeth - Thanks for the sutra. Mantra Yoga is one of the outer paths that can lead to the inward way.

Hi Svetlana - Glad I could get this up for you. Interesting you would coin the word "everyward," since that's my own experience of what it's taken for me to find a well-rounded view of the various elements of unfolding self-realization. Everything serves a grist for the mill of Soul.

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