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Hi Robert, It looks like you know exactly what answers I am seeking and then post an article to give me the solution. Or maybe I am connected to a lot of people who are stuck in similar situations.

My 5th House is Aries(empty) and Ninth House is Leo (empty)
My 6th is empty and tenth has Pluto

I saw that I went into a wrong profession as a young man. I went to sea when based on what people around me were saying, I could have excelled in theatre (leo 9th) and stayed close to home (sun in 4th house)

I now work from home but need to supplement my income by doing a job. My Venus(ruler of taurus 6th House) is in the 3rd House(Aquarius).

Am I right in thinking that the way Mars(7th House) is placed I should be in a place where I meet a lot of people and work in beautiful surroundings, basically as a relationship manager in a fashion house, for example!

I want to make the right decision this time around.

Thank you for your reply.


As I am not a native-English speaker, please also ignore any possible mistakes in this area.
I started to "read you" few months ago, beng directed to this place on the net by some major chalanges that life has taken me into, without asking me.
I am still astonished reading your articles as they are often giving me some some light when pretty much all else is dark. Except God which I will never give up to.
I was told to look for another job as I have to set this first if I want my life to be better as a whole. I have no clue of where should I look for. I definately know I would want to help others more, but I still have to make a decent living for my family and these 2 do not always go toghether.
I have Aquarius on the cusp of 10th, with Sun in 10th and Mercury, Mars and Moon all conjunctng Middle Heaven at the beggining of 10th house.
I also have Pluto, North Node, Uranus and Junona in 6th, with the cusp of 6th in Libra.
It could be a more appropriate for a private session, I do not know, I felt the need of sharing with you and maybe if you will find it suitable you could also share a few thoughts on this. If you see it as not appropriate please just ignore my comment.
Some evolved being have told me I have a special relationship with God. Which I think it's true, but I only know this deep inside me. I would like to find a way to connect this with my current life (as there are some areas which I could clearly improve - like my marriage) and also I think I could do more in helping others if I would only just know how.
Irrespective of if you will answer or not, please be assured you have my deep respect and I know you also have a special relationship with God and you found a way to share this further into the world.
Hats off,


Robert, since you invited comments, here is one that seems to apply everywhere:

A friend told me this, and it changed the way I look at job descriptions online.

Men tend to look at a job description and see the things they CAN do. The things they can't, they don't worry about yet. They'll learn them.

Women tend to look at job descriptions more often and see the things for which they're not qualified or can't do within the text. They tend (more than men) to not apply, even if they could do the same number of things a man looking for a job would be able to do.

I tend to find jobs through people (as I said in my comment in your last article). But for women who look online, in the paper, and so on, it's something to think about if you haven't already.



Robert and friends,

Annette, your comment gave me a little chuckle, (so necessary at this time for me) and I must say that when I started looking for another career, I did look at the descriptions thinking, "I'm not qualified", but now I'm applying for many many positions and trying to portray my abilities honestly, which are more than I originally thought. :)

Adrian, if Robert answers your question, then he'll be answering mine too. It looks like we have very similar charts. My birthday is 3/23/60.

Thank you Robert for doing your part to encourage and be helpful to so many of us out there looking for what seems the impossible dream, a job we can love. I may have to take one, like all of my life, to make ends meet, but I'm holding out, putting myself in God's hands, listening to that still voice inside me, and staying persistent, positive and motivated.

Peace, love and light to all


Robert dear,

Both of your posts on this matter are excelent but I really LOVED this second one - maybe because there is such a lot of astrological hints in it, so it becomes more practical, more easy to understand in terms of what its application can be in our lives - and that's really what is so USEFUL in your articles, they CAN BE PUT TO USE and and a tremenduously POSITIVE IMPACT in our lives! Thanks for being there in such a wonderful way!

Now, thinking in terms of the meditations your second part of this post indices (in my case, about my tenth and sixth houses, but also other parts of my chart), I would like to ask a few questions:

For an empty sixth house which starts and ends in GEMINI, I guess you would then look at the sign and house where Mercury is?
And for a Tenth House in LIbra, with no planest in Libra but a Neptune in Scorpio still in the tenth (although approaching 11th) - I guess that, besides Neptune (as a different "flavour" profession, maybe not so visible as the Libra cusp, but still possible) you would still look at the sign and house of the Venus and Saturn - rulers of Libra?

What if all of these (Mercury, Venus and Saturn ) are in Aquarius in the secind hause???

You know, I find it tremenduously STRANGE that most astrologers only mention about the second house the material goods or even just MONEY.
Isn't there a different way to interpret the second house? I know it is supposed to correspond to all sorts of resources and resourcefullness - this would be true in my case. But I have a really clooged second house and I am not rich, not given to material possessions, although I am very resourcefull as a person and with lots of knowledge...

Well I will go on meditating about all this, and probably will come back soon for more comments...




Hi Robert,

The first article gives hope and the second one is educative. Timely ones too. "Be Open to opportunities" was the one that got stuck to my mind. I have been searching for a job seriously for quite few months and is not able to land in one yet. Sometimes, I wonder if location might affect my career astrologically. I get jobs easily in India unlike US.

I have Saturn (in early Leo) in the ninth house conjuncting the (Leo) MC and Venus at the last degrees of Leo in the 10th house. Jupiter(R) and Chiron(R) are in the 6th house (Aries).

Having Venus in the 10th might turn out good for Venusian jobs...but I am in the Tech field. Would it help me there ? Is it okay to have Saturn at the top of the chart ? Are there any possibilities to land in a job soon for librans? Please tell me. Thanks a lot, as always and its wonderful to have a discussion on this topic.


I am still pretending to be retired for a short while yet. But yet, I have never worked harder. My expenses are low, so generating dollars, if not in what I love, will be a barter to supply time and energy to continue to explore/do my love.

Kinduv funny all the energy we put into retirement funds, and now alot of us are retired by default.


Excellent timing Robert! 6th house Sagittarius, what career path should I take? I am very creative but wondering if astrology can pin it down to a variety of career choices.


Sorry for the spam, no planets in the 9th and 10th house.

Chistine E

Ah Robert, I love ya! I am having a horrible time trying to be a state worker (empty 6th, Taurus cusp) while really wanting to be an individual artist (Uranus in the 10th, Libra midheav, Pluto at the bottom of the 9th - 28+ Virgo). You once told me I had the capacity to make a %$&^load of cash and funnel it all into humanitarian causes and I am doing my best to accomplish that, but sometimes it is hard. :) Much love



I've just applied for a position that I am not fully qualified for. However, it is an apprenticeship, in a brand new field, and I'm ready to take it, and the rest of the world, on by storm!


Hi, Robert, well i am kind of lucky actually, my day job gives me (for the time being) enough time to pursue my dream. I like my day job its not too bad. Sometimes, it is fustrating but all in all I really have nothing to complain about. I have jupiter in taurus conjunct the mc in my tenth house but it is retrograde and opposes my venus which is on the ic.
I have always been doing something that has to do with art. I have trained in various forms of art, fashion design, visual arts, most of my training though has been in dance, music and or acting.
I have this perfect kite formation in my chart with the top of the kite has the jupiter, joining to mars/uranus in second house, then venus and neptune in the fourth and moon in the fifth house.
All earth signs. I had one astrologer comment on my venus at the bottom of my chart and she felt that this was the deepest part of me. I think she said that because of that oppostion to jupiter which retrograde making me more of the reserved artist that i am. Well, when i get the extra moula i will consult with you.


Dear Robert and all,
Actually, i was thinking on this topic as i have pluto transiting my 6th house, over my natal moon (cusp of 6th house is sagittarius).Jupiter conj.midheaven on my 10th house. Soon Uranus will move in Aries(my 10th cusp and saturn on libra, my 4th cusp)...i think there might come a new job for me after 2-3 years.
Pluto has to remove everything bad from my 6th house.
It is very interesting to study and share from our experiences, so looking forward to learning more from other persons and the same time to be aware to what happens in my chart.
Thank you for this lightning post.

Madeleine Chan

Hi Robert, thanks so much for this article - it's really helpful. I hope it's ok if I ask for a little bit more help, as I'm very confused about my career (am mid way through my Saturn return!)
I have no planets in the 6th, 9th or 10th but 6th is in Aquarius, 10th in Gemini, 9th in Gemini, I have Sun (Aquarius), Mercury (Aquarius) and Mars (Aquarius) all in the 5th house(Capricorn), and Venus (Sagittarius) in the 4th house. I also have Uranus in Scorpio in the 2nd house (money matters). I have always worked in creative jobs, in media industries but find I am too sensitive for the harsh environment (Moon in Pisces). Also my ascendant is Virgo, which might relate to the 6th house? Any insights you could give me would be much appreciated.


Hi Aditya - Many are in shift right now. If a house is empty, look to the sign on the cusp, and where the ruler is located by sign, decan, house, and aspect. We cannot go into a "wrong" profession, since we learn skills there AND learn what is not true for us after a certain level of development. If you could have excelled once, you could again, though of course some things are a young person's game, whereas other things can only be mastered by someone with maturity. The work you do for others will have a Taurus/Aquarius/3rd house emphasis, like writing, proofreading, media, etc. 7th house Mars may or may not mean what you say based in factors too numerous to discuss here. Keep cultivating skills, and eventually you'll find yourself in the right place.

Hi Adrian - Life is a series of challenges that direct us to our True Self and out of the suppositions that we've learned from others. Glad you'll never "give up on G*d," since "All-That-Is" NEVER "gives up" on us, who are parts of That. When you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there, to quote Saint George the Beatle. Stop fretting about what you don't know, and open to whatever will move you in any direction that is honorable and helps you cultivate skills and growth. If you are diligent, you will find something you can do for money, and something you can learn that you love. Eventually you will be offered good pay for doing what you love, and then you can move into that while doing the other part time. Eventually you'll be doing exactly what you love without distractions, and perhaps even doing a second thing you love so well that people will offer you opportunities to make even more money. It's happened to me more times than I can count this life. While you probably could use a private session, I also recommend that you learn all you can from texts about what possibilities Aquarius on the 10th could mean (but not be limited by what books say) as well as what planets in or near the 10th mean. What you have indicates something public, dealing with supply, or media, or writing, speaking, or other such planetary indicators. NN in Libra in 6th would make a great mediator, guidance counselor, interior designer, or similar things. Again, research!! We ALL have a special relationship with G*d, but that and a quarter will get us a phone call. You are already connected with "All-That-Is," so continue to open to the connection and step aside from your mind's judgments about that. Help yourself, and you'll learn how you can help others. Thanks for the respects.

Hi Annette - Great insight! Since we are on an eternal learning journey, then of course it's always good to keep learning! Most people could do things they never dream of, if only they'd get out of their own way and just try!

Hi Joanne - We are qualified for more than we imagine! That's why imagination is the prerequisite for anything we could grow into. Usually portraying our skills "honestly" is crimped by our own natural humility, and self-criticisms based in perceptions that may not be entirely fair or accurate. You're very welcome for what encouragement I can offer. Having done many things this life I can truly say that I've always pursued what I loved, whether it paid all the bills or not, and through sheer persistence I have triumphed in learning skills in a dozen areas so that even when one area has flagged there have been many more present themselves. The trick is not to believe that just because we're comfortable doing whatever that it means we will stop being challenged to learn and cultivate other skills, whether for love or money. And of course, putting ourselves in the hands of G*d is always a very good thing! Truly, positivity is one of the best tools for overcoming many forms of suffering.

Hi Isabel - You're most welcome. Yes as to Gemini, Venus, Neptune, and the ruler of Venus. Read the texts about possible professions associated with what you wrote re: Aquarius. 2nd house is what we draw on to support our 1st, but in fact it is specifically money, resources, values, etc. For ex, you'd make a great micro-loan officer to women in the 3rd world. Or manager of the wealth of a group.

Hi SB - Of course location affects us. We cannot catch trout in a bass pond. We cannot be a university professor if there is no university where we are. Venus could do well in tech jobs if you tend to the Venus function. Very good to have Saturn elevated, since it promises high recognition, honors, and authority over time.

Hi Victoria - Life is indeed a trade-off between time, energy, and money. And retirement from one thing is a challenge to learn another, whether for love or money.

Hi 81 - Please read the texts about Sag on the 6th. And of course, read Aries on the 10th if that's what you have.

Hi Christine - Persevere, and I'm sure you'll be directed into something perfect for you to embrace until it's time to embrace something even greater. Life is like that.

Hi WarriorLady - Good way to move into something that could bear good fruit down the road.

Hi Micheline - You've made an interesting set of insights into your chart situation. Venus opposition Jupiter forces us to hang in there, not settle for less than the best, and always put our best our there for the world to reward.

Hi suryamukhi - Sag is the work you do for others, Jupiter is how you will be recognized for the skills you show your world. This site is where many swap possibilities, so blessings on your quest.

Hi Madeleine - You're welcome. Media, group work, anything creative or dealing with children, sports, games, and progressive tech is good for you. Perhaps you need to detach, de-sensitize, and learn how to protect yourself instead of feeling too sensitive to deal with things. Be practical. Virgo rising makes for great attorneys, health professionals, teachers, writers, speakers, and many other useful jobs. As with so many others I've answered here, please consult the texts for possible functions of the signs on the houses.


Thanks Robert, for all your replies. Your positive responses and spiritual guidance makes me a child looking up to a healing person, full of wisdom.



Robert this is so helpful... i am forwarding the link... :-)


Oh! Robrt,

But I am MUCH MORE DRAWN to Spiritual Resources than material ones! I am even afraid of dealing with money...

I much prefer values that are INTANGIBLE and in fact what I excell at doing is lecturing, working with people, doing spiritualy related projects, psychology, councelling, and writing and art related activities... I am slo good at organizing events.

I would see myself as a lecturer, writer, artist, spiritualist or organizer of conferences, workshops or even as a Therapist - but not dealing with money... help?


Sorry for my typos... I guess it was the hurry in which i wrote...

Thanks anyway.



I cannot see my comments?


Well, a Mercury prnak, I guess... SORRY about my impatience... The Moon is exactly on my Ascendant now and I have been workinh at incredible speed...

Poor Robert, having to deal sometimes also with our mercury flings...

Sorry to all...

All the best

PS - Imagine my horror at your mentioning me working with money, that it provoked all these typos and faults - which are not so common with me, I am usually rather composed... or so I think!

Big hug,



Hi Robert,

Excellent article, and right on time for me. I have Pisces on the 6th, and Mars is in Pisces. I've found that this is ideal for doing energy or spiritual healing. Not great for working with co-workers though, as the Mars tends to find them aggravating, and the Pisces tends to act as a "psychic sponge," so constant clearing is needed. Clients are fine, because they move on. Right now I am working at a restaurant doing "psychic readings" - so, working for others (to a degree) with a group of other readers, which is draining.

I have Cancer on the MC, ruled by my first-house Moon in Libra, but I don't like professions that deal with the public, likely owing to my Uranus in Leo in the 10th. Second-house Sun is square Uranus, and I have been a part-time professional astrologer for 30+ years. Typical of Uranus here, I don't like working for others, or in the same job, so I started my own company and do technical writing contracts (Saturn in 2nd trine Uranus), and this has worked out well until now, with the state of the economy tanking. With Uranus in the 10th, square first-house Mercury, I absolutely must have my freedom to work as I choose, LOL!

Lately I have been feeling that I need to get back to my "profession" and away from the "job" (6th house), so I am exploring some new options. So now I am looking for a tech writing contract where I can work at home (Cancer) and do more astrology/readings from my home. This should blend everything nicely!


Hi SB - Sure. Sometimes we need another point of view to dispel the shadows. Then we can do that for others.

Hi Michele - If "pleasure shared is pleasure doubled," then I suppose information shared is information septupled.

Hi Isabel - Wouldn't spiritual and material resources dance with each other, since both are energy in a "resource" form? Please do not affirm you are "afraid of dealing with money" since that's not a helpful thing to affirm. The Lords of Karma take no note of jokes, but they do facilitate what we have affirmed. It sounds like we have similar interests, in which case you should have no trouble finding multiple gigs that help you know you are becoming unbound from old traps. Please accept the response-ability to know how to manage money wisely, so that you may receive a lot of it to further the work!

Hi Viki - Mars can also show us how to be gracious when we most want to flame on. Yes, any time Pisces is prominent the need for "psychic showers" is constant. Yes, psychic sessions are very draining. That's why I never recommend that as a profession or even avocation. Leaves us too open to random subtle forces if we neglect to have the shields up for even a moment. Better to have a "left brain" approach, even if it involves using tools some consider "psychic." Like Astrology. What I do has ZERO psychism to it, though some would believe differently. I have also known gifted card readers who aren't psychic as much as just skilled at the craft of interpretation. The I Ching is another of those tools that help us not have to be so open to the world of subconscious and unconscious energies. It's good that you've managed to combine many skills into a workable arrangement, and may you go forward into even more rewarding efforts!


Thank you, Robert, it does make sense.




Hi guys! I am an Aguarian, but know about the details of our Astrology very little. If you could help me out here with one question I would greatly appreciate it. Most of my life I have been in Admin Assisting field. However, at some point I got interested in Interior Design, even took a class in colledge. But that was it. Now I am thinking again about an Interior Design, but wonter if this career really suits me. I was born on Feb 1st, 1978 at around 9 am in a small town Kerch, Crimean Peninsula, Ukraine (Former USSR). What could you say about my choice of this career? Or should I think of something else? I read everywhere that we, Aguarians should be good at technology, but other than seeing myself as some product manager at some software company I cannot thinkg of any other way to "enjoy" the technology field...I would greatly appreciate your help in "figuring my career out". Thanks in advance!


Tatyana, I would say follow your passion. Just because Astrology, or anything else for that matter, says that you're better suited for a specific field, that doesn't mean you have to be in that field. You should do what you enjoy and will make you happy.


Hi Tatyana - This came in while I was out of town and disappeared before I could answer. My apologies. What you're asking for is a life-altering choice, and should not be made on the basis of a comment stream. There are many possible careers depending on more than your Sun sign. With Sag on the MC and Jupiter in Gemini, certainly information technology is one option, though I suspect you'll always have multiple functions regardless of whatever else you do.

Hi AllyM - Overall I agree with you, but doing only what you suggest will more than a few times lead to feeling like a square peg in a round hole. Just because our passion dictates a thing does NOT mean we should follow it beyond a certain point. We should do what we enjoy, but profession is a deeper and vaster subject than that. I do agree we should do something where we can make money and have fun, and finding that is a complex thing. A profession is about Dharma, pure and simple. And that is a very deep subject beyond both Astrology and passion. Astrology can point us in the right directions while passion is unreliable as a standard of measurement. Again, finding the right profession is way beyond comment streams and Sun sign astrology.

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