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Thank you, Robert. Makes for a wonderful meditation.


Ah yes, the body plays. This current vessel is proving to be quite a challenge. Fast mind, sensitive senses, delicate energy channels, lots of karma related to energy imput. The unpacking continues...


Taurus-bound. I understand that. I think it goes deeper. It is about our profound connection to Mother Earth and how we experience that.


Hi Robert,
Thank you.
I have a memory from before life. I was standing on a bridge, looking down into my future life with my Spiritual Guide. I remember I felt really terrible about what I had to face for the first half of my life. I was scared and didn't want to go thru it. I remembered that when I was a young child. So I had some harsh lessons to go thru to unfold more of my Divinity, that's for sure!! But it all lead to a Greater understanding and much more kindness from within.



Robert - not sure how you always know, but somehow you do. You added this post right about the time I got a very painful call that someone very close to me had passed. He would have appreciated the quote, and we spent many hours together discussing "nature of human life on Earth". He will be missed. But he is in a better place - one that will embrace him as he finally regains his inner peace. Thank you.

Richard Apollo Morlokk

We are born without a name, our parents give us a birth name and some of us are known by nick names given by our friends and family during our lifetime. When we finally do pass away we do leave our names behind in our shared histories. Spiritually no such thing as death, but there being fate far worse then death for those that ever just spirit organic human being lifetimes being human justify numbered life Act 1 is I in the big reality stage show it plays of LIFE & DEATH it upon the many playgrounds of GOD. It our reality is higher school of learning being University of the Divinity is for all who seeks DIVINE.


WOW! I felt prompted to visit this site... it haz been a while.

My Soul-Mate passed over last April. We both knew we'd been here several times before.

You have to ask yourself: "what did I intend?".

a quote which I'd cite the source of if i knew it:

life is a school
love is the lesson

BUT... there are those who say (conversations with God, book II, if memory serves) that we are not here to learn, but to REMEMBER.

My mentor often speaks of how we must embrace our humanity -- our experience of BEing human. When I 1st heard him say this I thought "that's funny, I thought I was supposed to embrace my divinity!", but now you tell me its the other way 'round?"...

I suppose the operative word in the quote is "latent" [?] ...what say ye, Robert? ...but I for 1 cannot escape the persistent, incessant (even nagging, it seems at times) "awareness" that most of us are here (in terms of EXPERIENCE, in the sense of what we desired when choosing to be here now) for the BIG EVANT, whatever it is, that experience of MANY lifetimes that (we hope) will make the suffering and pain all worth-while; the patient endurance of who knows how many incarnations, what we've anticipated for SO long... the alignment with the galactic center, the shift of the ages, everythging connected to or associated with "2012". is like a gong is struck that reverberates in the back of my cerebral cortex at regular intervals -- marking off the time, in, as it were, a "count down".

There is a verse in the Bible, in that so-called book of "Revelation" [ch 10, vs 6] which states that "time shall be no more". Lamsa translated it "there shall be no more reckoning of time". We simply will quit keeping track! (I kinda doubt we'll need Astrology after that either -- no longer a useful tool. It will have served its purpose.)

Realizing our divinity by the means of OWNING our life as a human. I think that is it (or at least an essential ingredient).


Dear Robert, a very wise comment and a good starting point for people who are learning about reincarnation. I've remembered twenty or more different lifetimes (in bits and pieces), starting at about the age of six. I'm still fuzzy about how they connect but each one is important to me in some way.

Edgar Cayce said the most important life is the one you are in now. This is a culmination of all that preceded it. Meditate on that!

Namaste my friends. :)


do you think this is the LAST Incarnation for a few?


sorry for the missed key-strokes

...s'pposed to be "BIG EVENT"

but Valerie kinda sed what i didn't ...RE: "culmination"

yes, indeed, there is that sense that a ALL lifetimes prior to this one were leading up to THIS (can i say?) climax... what some channels [the RA material] refer to as the time of HARVEST.

I know for a fact that MY soul really was looking forward to being here at this time. There is a great anticipation of things never b4 possible [so-far-as-we-know] on this planet.
How many thousands of years have we been incarnating here?
Cayce went back to Atlantis. There is this cycle of 26,000 years... and then we [apparently] start over.

I've held to the belief for several years now that we are a COMPOSITE of ALL Lifetimes here in 3D. Nothing I've read contradicts that.


Sure, Astrology assumes a belief in reincarnation. That is a stumbling block, an offence to many. If, however, one accepts it as "truth", a simple fact of life, then there is no paralyzing fear of death. It is a truth that was considered essential to suppress by the Church; and you dare not mention it -- even in the context of Astrology -- when conversing with devout Christians. We live in a culture that imposes certain beliefs on us that, as children we weren't capable of challenging, and as adults we simply conform to and adopt as our own, thus passing it on for successive generations. The goal becomes qualifying for Heaven after we die; since this one life-time is our one and only chance to get it right. Nietzsche had a belief that after we die there is a life review: you experience whatever pain you inflicted on others, literally feel what they felt. Since learning that (8-9 years back) the abiding presence of it in my mind has on several occasions caused me to be more compassionate, even though it is admittedly born of expediency. It has produced a very different and I think more authentic sense of reverence than any inculcated fear of hell that was ever learned via organized religion.

I know a few that have expressed a desire to "graduate", and never return to this planet... move on to something else. I've often wondered just what it is that is so appealing about the opportunities as an earth-ling. Like, maybe this is definitely preferable to the alternative else-where? The soul MUST "evolve" (for want of a better word for it) and be considered worthy of the trust vested IN, and responsibilities that come WITH god-hood. Think of the numerous Incarnations as TRAINING.

I had a few experiences of communication with my 'dearly departed' wife last year. She had a saying, "our friends in the other dimensions". It is difficult for us while in the body to conceptualize, so we call it a "place" ["heaven' er whatever] that we visit between Incarnations. Aristotle wrote of us choosing our parents, according to what would best facilitate the lessons we desired to learn. That certainly applies to one's mate as well. All I know is that it is absolutely ESSENTIAL that we keep our "appointments" in this life. My lady and I were "ordained" (again, for want of a better word for it) to be together for a season of time. Somehow I knew from the beginning that it wouldn't be quite so "permanent". There was much "karma" involved. We divorced after 3 1/2 years, but remained friends. But I never imagined being separated by death. Near as I can tell -- the impression I have -- she's taking classes now.

Will this be the LAST Incarnation on Planet Earth for those who've qualified?


Dear Robert,

The important part, as far as I am concerned, would be for each one to realise how better to express their real Individuality.
Since we are in life, how can one make the best of it - not in the "external" sense, but in terms of getting wiser and happier and making all others happy as well?

In this respect, the fact that you are trying to help people consider what would be the best professions for them is quite wonderful. How that readjustment could become a source of wisdom and happyness and fulfillement...

Wonderful post, this one.



Hi Pepper - I thought it might!

Hi Damien - If we skillfully utilize what we have, then much greater enlightenment is possible than we've ever dreamed of, regardless of what we think about the physical hand we've been dealt.

Hi AnneTexas - We are composed of the same minerals as the Earth Herself, so what you say is truly important if we are to ever get beyond our sense of separateness with the very Being on whom we live and breathe and have our Being. Merging inner and outer Nature can solve 10,000 ills and fears.

Hi Wendy - I believe we all can remember "dreams" from before our training began, and that our learning process is always difficult, since none of us were raised by Saints or Saddhus. Everything before 21 reflects past life karmas of one sort or another, and we must go through many things directly so that our experience is authentic. Then we can truly walk the walk of redemption.

Hi BLC - My condolences on the passing of your friend. May he find his way to Devachan as quickly as possible, and not get hung up in a bardo. As for what I post, I just try to be aware of our common experience, and post what I can to address possible concerns. Glad this one hit the mark!

Hi Richard - We are known by many mantras throughout our existences. We made an agreement with those we are born to when time was not, before incarnation. And you're right - God has many playgrounds.

Hi Dana - Welcome back to the cantina. Sorry you lost a friend, though of course your love will forever connect you to that Being. We are here to BE that which we always were, are, and will be. Every life spent demonstrating our Beingness expressing unconditional love is the "big event." Eventually we love beyond suffering, since we are totally identified with Love Absolute. 2012 is merely a point in observable time, but our chance to BE unconditional Love is always right here, right now. Time always exists for life forms who must measure experience as they move through apparent spacial reality. That won't change any time soon, given that's the nature of this petrie dish.

Hi Valerie - Well, they all connect in your learning how to BE unconditional Love. Cayce was spot on! Great meditation.

Hi Dana - No. We ALL will reincarnate forever, just in various forms on various frequencies. That said, we're not going anywhere for many thousands of years, since this life wave graduates together. There is no such thing as individuals leaving this evolutionary scheme. The harvest is compassion, and due to karma, we ALL have many lifetimes here TCB helping our loved ones and members of our "Soul group" to move beyond their suffering. Everything "starts over" after a complete cycle of the Great Ages, but there are even larger cycles we also live within known as "globes" and "rounds" of many hundreds of thousands of years. Not sure Astrology "assumes" a belief in reincarnation. That said, none of us can remember when we were not, or will not be. That's a pure impossibility. And yes, we do get to experience everything that happened in our experience here on Earth, first when we're here, then again when we're operating on the frequency of Devachan. No One - I mean NO ONE! ever moves beyond this planet until they have NO desire to do so. This is one of the supreme places where we can learn about Love. That's the blessing of being here. The Soul does not "evolve," but the personality does, as does its relationship to the Eternal Self. My condolences on the passing of your wife. No doubt you have grown in your experience of unconditional love since then. Again, to answer you last question, no, this is never the "last" incarnation, regardless of what we have learned or believe we have learned, as long as we are not Initiates of the 5th circle.

Hi Isabel - Many articles here are geared to helping others express their "real individuality." The internal growth process is individualized, and I've posted many things about how to achieve personality integration so we can express the Higher Self, and eventually the Light of the Soul/Spirit. I trust today's article, as well as tomorrow's, will shine a light on these things for you.


Wow, thanks for all the great answers, Robert. I certainly think that unconditional love has been my primary theme this lifetime- or perhaps I've just been more conscious of it. We forget so easily then some crazy thing happens to give us a repeat lesson. And yes, I think we are all coming back again and again. I LOVE being here. I remember thinking when I was very little, especially when outside on a summer morning- how great it is to be back! Also there are alot of fine people I know who have passed on who I'm hoping to see again.

(God I hope we don't mess it up too much for the next time around.)

Spring is almost here! :)


Hi Valerie - Of course, you're welcome. Glad I can do what I do. Love-Wisdom, being the 2nd Great Ray, is the main energy of our system. We ALL are moving into Unconditional Love, whether we know it or not. This is truly a great place to learn about Love, since there are many illusions about love that can be easily seen here. And yes, while it's good to be back, it is also a difficult place due to the inherent impermanence to the entire "reality." I also have lost countless friends over the past 20 years. I have no doubt I will commune with them again at some point in Eternity, but I must admit I'm probably going to feel sad at the numerous suicides who checked out way too young for some pretty stupid reasons.....


O K Robert ...I "get it" / understand -- reckon I miss-spoke when I sed the SOUL "evolves" ...right you aRe!, it is actually the PERSONALITY, and that too, (presumably) pertains to my asertion that "Astrology assumes a belief in reincarnation". To clarify on that point: It is more-often-than-not necessary to explain this to "Joe 6-pack", i.e one who's only knowledge of Astrology is the [Sun Sign] "horoscope" in the daily Newspaper or Yahoo!, etc., and therefore (in my experience) it is something best delt with up front [their resistance to accepting the reality of a "truth" which is contrary to what they were taught in Sunday School, or just "by osmosis", growing up] ... so that is more-or-less a reference to those who are generally-speaking "ignorant" of "Astrology" as we know it HERE.
I think of it interms of "everybody has to start somewhere"! I am one who is known to "open a can of worms" in conversation with a person in WalMart, for example, and offer them a free Natal Chart (IF they know what TIME they were born!) as a means of initiation. It is my HOPE that they will then take initiative, do their own study, research a bit on the www., and discover their purpose in this Incarnation. Usually what I get is "I don't understand it"; but that's OwKay, b/c I know thier consciousness has been aroused, however UNconsciously it may be. Hopefully, I've done a "good deed".

RE: The departure of my Soul Mate : Yes, it was intended to be life-lessons for BOTH of us in "unconditional love". Can't say as I agree with you though, about learning much since last April. Funny, I was just pondering, earlier today, that 2008 was so much about "death" for me -- metaphorically speaking -- as it is such an ESSENTIAL part of or learning experience. As the Master said, "except a kernel of wheat fall to the ground and DIE..."; so w/o death there can be no LIFE. Wouldn't you agree? But I honestly cannot say I've had very many opportunities to express "unconditional love" in the past few Months. Presently, I'm riding-out the Saturn Rx, which, as a Cpric. Sun presents no small challenge to how I'm living from day to day. Looking forward to those MAY flowers! And... with Venus ALSO Rx now, ...I'm not much "interested" in a romantic relationship.

One other thing I feel the need to explain: It was not my intention to imply that I'd ever AGREED w/ my friends who told me they were hoping that this would be their LAST Incarnation on this Planet!

RE: 2012 -- there is no small "buzz" about a shift from 3rd to 4th density. The idea being, (as i understand it) that it will be the END -- for those who have qualified -- of the limited consciousness that we have known throughout the Piscean Age. So there IS a sense of "graduation" expressed, but only in the METAphysical. Information that has been channeled from beings who are presently [as we know time] in other dimensions indicates that they were once where we are now -- in the process of "evolution" -- and while it is very difficult for them to communicate with us in THREE-D whilst they are in the 6th Dimension, they have (so to speak) gone out of their way to do so, b/c it is such a "critical time" in our "evolution".
It is written; "as a man THINKS, so IS he".


Jude, verse 21

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