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Thank you Felipe and Roberto. In these trying times voices of reason and sanity are always welcome. Our elders to the South are wise. Far too much glamour and illusion permeates our current culture. Aboriginal Elders of all continents are willing to teach and share. Are we willing to listen? Peace, Love, and Light dcu


"... the era of sensibility".

Gosh, I sure hope so.

Shehzaad Maroof Khan

“The Mayans do not talk about the end of the world, but rather, specifically say that all things will transform, that the only thing that is permanent is the spirit in its evolutionary journey to higher spiritual levels.”

amazing dear Robert!
thanks for article my friend :)
good luck


Robert & Felipe - thank you for this article. It seems that everyone, everywhere, is making that journey to find higher spirital levels. As recently as last night, I formally identified what may well be my one remaining "button" causing me an issue (again). On the path during my own spirital journey, I have found a wonderful partner with whom I now share my world. We chatted about this button, it's weirdness yet it's familiarity, where it might come from and what I can do about it since it no longer serves me. And I think we found our answers.

It seems that people are not only seeking answers in their lives right now, but are finding answers, too. More and more - almost in accelerated fashion. Some of them are what we want to hear, some not, but it does appear that we are all in some version of trying really hard to just listen to our inner voices. Prelude, I hope, to the world becoming a better place - one that we are able to take care of in a way that Mother Earth has taken care of us.

It's our turn to give back and it seems that people are making great strides to be readied for this monumental task. The current fluxes worldwide will ultimately, at the end of the day, create humbleness, kindness towards each other, and greatfulness for that which we have. While it may not appear to be such right now, humanity may well be on its way to a new level of evolution.

Thank you again!


Your Highness,

I would like to add, if I may, that last September 11, 2008, I attended a 3 day workshop with Maria Teresa Valenzuela, shamanic healer and curandera. She gave a public lecture on the subject and presented the 2012 date also as a "transformation" as opposed to "the end." She also mentioned that it is not a cut and dry date, but is taking place from 2009 to 2014. She asked us to stop functioning so separate and think in terms of community. Those of us that learn how to plant our food and grasp the idea of working together, pray and be humble, and cut down the TV tube time banging our brains, will most certainly be the survivors or perhaps a better term would be "recipiants" of the higher self on this planet earth!

Thank you, my friend!


And what are the seven prophecies???

To quote a recent Daniel Pinchbeck article in describing these times:

'Something seems to be happening that is beyond my capacity to understand or articulate. I can only assume other people are feeling this way as well. We are witnessing the collapse of the old, rigidified structures, while the new hasn't come into realization yet -- that is, if there is going to be a new anything. ....... Reality is becoming more improvisational and up-tempo.......A change seems to be happening at the level of logic, which is becoming less dualistic, less "either-or," and more binary, "both-and."

I'm sensing myself amidst a swirl of causality and unreality combined as i'm more and more open the an awareness of playing a part in a game, one that i'm a bigger part of than I had previously thought up until now. How does the ego handle this? Does it lie down in the gutter laughing at the stars amidst the dissolution of formative envy? Does one protect oneself from his or her own import playing a role that is contrary to their very nature? And when is 'Game Over'? If a particle of participant is suddenly aware of the lanes they travel upon becoming consciously self-refractive and memetic then when does the program suddenly...lie down in the gutter..? ;)



THANK GOD FOR CHANGE! I can't wait for an over all collapse of the old and a rebirth into a new and hopefully better way. The human ego condition is so stubborn. Messages of help from Beyond are coming to us EVERYDAY and yet so many ignore them or don't understand. So I guess it may be terribly dramatic and scary for many who place value only in the "I-me-my family-my belongings, my God not yours". Such a limited view will bring a so called death for sure.
I agree so much! The only thing left at the last breath is what you accomplished in the mind/Spirit. I prepare for death everyday by what I think about in the moment and the actions I choose to take.
I believe whether it is called "the end" or a transformation, they mean the same. I die all of the time, pretty much dailey. I die to old beliefs, ego garbage, thought patterns, choices, etc...
It hurts sometimes but it is only because of my blindness to the situation.
There is such a global blindness now, too bad we have to wait until 1012 for that part of the death/change/transformation.
Oh Maya the illusion, I want off of the ferris wheel.

Thanks Robert!


yes, end of the times as we know it..... a time of transition that we have come together for & assist/be in service.

robert, again another timely post...

just flowing into your site to get my transpersonal-astrology-metaphysical fix!!! LOL


Highness Damien,

Your line, "awareness of playing a part in a game, one that i'm a bigger part of than I had previously thought up until now," is so interesting and in sync with my current feelings. I've been in stuckness for such a long time. I have so many projects unfinished due to a slam dunk obstacle heavier than my ultimate load. They say, (whoever "they" are), that it is me who attracts the stoppers. That may be, however lately I'm feeling that there was a reason and that something very big and very new is headed my way that will gather and interconnect the works for a larger view. Is it scary? Just a little....Does it make sense? Yesterday, no...Today..YES it makes sense. Your ego?....not to will all fall into place..a good place..the program that is...where ever that may be...and we shall be...I mean our hearts will BE proud for the chance to participate!

Many Many thanks for the inspiring 1:11 :):)!!


^Thanks!!! :) Always good to know others are following similar paths.

Maya Earth Coffee

Hi all

I'm glad the post inspired some great comments. I, like many of you, welcome the transformations that are now enveloping our spirits.

There is nothing to fear about 2012; on the contrary, we should be thankful for having the opportunity to live on the cusp of such profound changes in our spirit, mind and heart.

I'll be writing the second post of the series this weekend.
Hasta luego

Maya Earth Coffee

Here's the second post of the series.

Where do the Mayan Prophecies Come From?

The historical and cultural identity of the Mayan civilization emerged in approximately 1500 BC en Mesoamerica, specifically in Mexico within a region extending to the current borders of the United States, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Their religion was so important that Mayan cities were authentic ceremonial centers.

All their mythological beliefs and knowledge were reflected in the daily scope of farming, ceremonial and public activities, and in their art. They developed an elaborate system of hieroglyphic writing composed of 800 pictorial glyphs, representations through drawings, graphics, representation of words through graphic signs and representation of sounds through phonetics. All these were utilized to transmit ideas, objects, beings or words.

The principal objective of their writing was, in part, to calculate the passage of time and record it in their calendar. It was used initially for the ajk’ij (timekeepers) to register all their knowledge and laws. The ajk’ij were responsible for preparing and reading the codices=hieroglyphics that were sacred texts which dealt with aspects of Mayan life, basically of venerable character.

Of one the most complete written accounts of Maya mythology is the Pop Wuj. The Books of Chilam Balam are also of special consideration and were written during the Spanish Conquest. The most important of these books is the Chilam Balam of Chumayel version, where fragments related the cosmological myths, rituals, the katunes (a unit of time in the Mayan calendar equal to 20 tuns or 7,200 days), symbolic formulas for initiation, historical and calendar texts, as well as writings related to the Mayan prophecies.

The most important and widely known texts are the Pop Wuj of the Quiche’s and the Solola Memorial (also known as the Annals of the Kakchiquel’s), the title of the Men from Totonicapan and the books of Chilam Balam.

“All the prophecies seek a change in the mind of man; the universe is generating all these processes so that humanity expands throughout the galaxy understanding la fundamental integrity of existence”.

Fundacion Centro Cultural and Asistencia Maya C.C.A.M.
Chichicastenango, El Quiche, Guatemala

Next post is "The Pop Wuj and the Mayan Prophecies"

Gregory Greene

Here's one way it could end: Walkabout: The History of a Brief Century. A free e-book; enjoy!


Hi all - Thanks for the input. Gregory - Fiction will pale next to reality.

Maya Earth Coffee


Here's the next post in the series. I spent last weekend getting my tax return prepared and I'm glad that's out of the way.

The Chilam Balam and the Mayan Prophecies

“And when their sensed their death, they gave advice to their children. They were not sick, they did not have no pain or agony when they left their recommendations to their children.”

“Our dear children we will be leaving but we will also be returning. But we’re leaving you good advice and recommendations. Remember us, don’t erase us from your memory and don’t forget us. We’ll return to see our homes and our mountains, we will be there, and that’s how it will be”.

Then Balam Quitze left a sign that he had lived. "This will be your power, the Pizom-Gagal (corn stalk)". And in this manner they said goodbye and then they disappeared into the summit of Mount Hacavitz . . . And the children immediately burned copal (incense) to remember their parents.

Humanity in this cyclic concert of creation and formation has its first mothers and fathers, but then there came a time when the generations starting losing their connection with the life of Mother Earth and the Cosmos . . . the dis-connection with their ancestors, nature and the cosmos led them to a form of self-sufficiency to the extent that they no longer recognized that these existed. This self-sufficiency then turned into pride and a slow self-destruction. And because of that, we are now living between flashes of light that our ancestors taught us and the darkness that past generations fed on.

But today we have a great opportunity to find clarity, which is the meaning of life between darkness and light. Humanity really needs to learn from darkness to strengthen their clarity (understanding) of light. Our descendants will live in plenitude or disequilibrium . . . this is a decision that we need to make today; between Light and Darkness.

"Like the fog, like the cloud and like the dust was the creation . . . when the heaven was in suspense and the earth was submerged in water”. Pop Wuj

Fundacion Centro Cultural and Asistencia Maya C.C.A.M.
Chichicastenango, El Quiche, Guatemala

Next Post is “The Books of Chilam Balam"

Paz y luz


Hi Felipe - This is exactly the information so many need at this time of the Great Transition during The Grand Irrationality. I look forward to whatever you post on/by the legendary Chilam Balam, since he was in fact the "Nostradamus" of the Maya. From what I've researched (and seen in "documentaries") those who think the world will end are severely deluded. We have a new era approaching, and many will not pass through the gate, as they cling to old ways. But that's history and evolution. And HPB definitively stated that with each new evolutionary turn of the wheel, there are major upheavals and Earth changes. But that also is history and evolution. Looking forward to the next post, and will assemble them in a coherent repackaged form after the next installment. It sure seems a lot are excited by what's happening!

Maya Earth Coffee

Hola Roberto,

I'm glad that these posts are useful and hope they help to inform readers about the profound spiritual significance of this cyclic event. I look forward to providing the next few posts that include information about Chilam Balam and the Mayan Prophecies.

I also like the idea of you assembling all the posts into a package and appreciate your efforts to make that happen.

Hasta la proxima.
Paz y amor

Maya Earth Coffee

“The Books of Chilam Balam”

Chilam means “that which comes from the mouth”, or in other words, one who is prophetic. The Chilams were spiritual leaders who interpreted the sacred books to learn about prophecies and to obtain knowledge about future events. The Maya believed that the art of prophecy was possible because they believed that time was a succession of cosmic cycles and that events, depending in the cycle, were repeated. So the Chilams were considered interpreters of cosmic messages. Balam means “jaguar”.

Chilam Balam was a spiritual leader of the pueblo Mani who lived before the (Spanish) conquest took place; he was widely known as a prophet. Together with other spiritual leaders named Nacputun, Aj Kauil Chel, Nahau Pech and Natzin Yubun Chan, they prophesized the arrival of a new religion. After the conquest this was interpreted as a sign of the arrival of the Spanish and Christianity.

The books of Chilam Balam have an important mythical-prophetic meaning; they are full of symbolism, which is so complex that they used one word for several ideas and they united concepts to form general ideas. In those concepts were presented the prophecies that were to take place in the future, as much for the Mayan people as for the whole world.

The texts of the Chilam Balam were complex because the Maya used metaphors when they communicated. They also used many terms from their own culture and so if the reader does not have knowledge of the culture or terms when reading the Chilam Balam it is almost incomprehensible, and consequently it is very difficult to understand the prophecies they spoke of.

The books known as Chilam Balam were written in Mayan language between the 17th and 18th centuries, and were also known as the books of the Prophet Balam. Chilam Balam ethnologically means Jaguar- Priest. They are also known as the “Books of the Prophet” or “Books of the Occult”.

Fundacion Centro Cultural and Asistencia Maya C.C.A.M.
Chichicastenango, El Quiche, Guatemala

Next Post is “The First Mayan Prophecy”

Maya Earth Coffee


Here's the next post in the series.

“The First Mayan Prophecy”

The first prophecy says that starting in 1999, there is only thirteen years left for us, or until 2012, to complete of the of 5125 year cycles, that forms part of the grand cycle of 25,625 years, to make changes in our conscience and attitudes that will open our consciousness and our minds for integrating ourselves with all that exists. And apparently if we do not succeed, then some type of catastrophe may happen, which is not defined in their ideograms. Nonetheless, a possibility of a shift in the earth’s rotation has been mentioned as a cataclysm manifested which could happen, based on observations that it happens every time a cycle of 5,125 years ends.

This first prophecy also talks about the TIME OF NO TIME”, a period of twenty years that started in 1992 and that ends at the same time as the 5125 year cycle in 2012, where humanity enters into the last period of learning and great changes. And that our own actions of depredation and contamination of the planet contributed so that these changes would happen. The first prophecy says that these changes are going to happen so that we can learn to understand how the universe functions and advance to higher levels leaving behind our materialism and liberating ourselves from suffering.

On December 22, 2012, humanity will have the opportunity to choose between disappearing as an intelligent species that threatens to destroy the planet or evolve towards a harmonic integration with all of the universe, understanding that all are conscious beings, and that we all are part of this consciousness and that we can live in a new era of light.

“At 13 Ahau, at the end of the last katun, itzá will overwhelm and tumble Tanka. There will be a time in which we will be sunk in darkness and then they will come bringing the future sign of the men of the sun. The Earth will be awakened from the north and the east, the itza will wake up”. (The Books of Chilam Balam).

Paz y luz.


I don't see the name of Jesus Christ on this "prophecy", so it should come from Satan, the Mayan's god.

Maya Earth Coffee

Querido Gato,

Not all prophets nor their prophecies originate from Christianity. Prophets come from many different cultures and many different beliefs scattered across this planet. Also, "Satan" has it's roots in Christianity, which is not Mayan. It comes from the Judeo-Christian belief, which was introduced in Mesoamerica, land of the Maya, in the 1500's. And despite the death and destruction that the Catholic (Christian) church caused upon the Maya, they are still very fervent about Master Jesus and his teachings, even to this date.


Hi Gato - I must second what MEC told you. I suspect you need more accurate knowledge of history, culture, and the words of St. Issa the Christ, since He seldom prophesied and was not accusatory except to bankers and rich selfish people. Whatever else He may or may not have said (given the inaccuracies in the various Bible translations) He certainly never accused prophets of any culture of being from "Satan."

Lizbeth Colin

To the who ever made a comment about Satan being the Maya"s God, may god bless your soul because you gonna need it my friend......

Marty Zamoe

The Mayan calendar and year 2012:
Astrology, science, religions and New Age have made us understand that the comet NEAT may hit planet Earth "late 2012", something experts "deny"! Will these meteors also finally judge "PIGS" actions in "PIGS" countries like in Italy? The Mayan calendar sais that a major happening will occur at 12.21.2012. That moment in time is victim to many mysterical predictions. 9.11.2001 is programmed into Mankind from the dawn of Man and 2012 may be an other major happening to Mankind. We face earthquakes, fornication, hunger and parties on Earth, but not many wars, also indicating a warning of The Father's Messiah to return to Earth, but the prophecies also speak of wars and rumours of wars several places in front of that. Will a world war start in 2012 with very hard pressures upon Mankind until "Cosmos" visit Mankind? A world war can put an end to a lot of hindrances against all Cosmic progress! Note: 12.21.2012 is the "end" of both the Mayan calendar and the I-Ching predictions and is the darkest period of the year exactly when darkness turns into brighter days on planet Earth. Can we say that Mankind awakes then? Will a business city be hit by a comet from space that lightens up the night and followed some later by a second part that ends in the ocean creating a tsunami that overflows towns later? Is that the interpretation of "Planet X"? This is an approximation by me, based on Revelation by John chapter 17-18. On 12.21.2012 Mankind and "alien" intelligences in outer space end priority rulership, for "Cosmos" to gain direct impact, making Mankind to wake up. Has Oslo, Norway, anything to do with this, that may matter Rome in Italy? Will a town be hit with many meteors the night until 12.22.2012, during 1 hour, and other meteors hitting the ocean later, damaging land areas and towns caused by tsunamis by meteors? 
NB! The Roman calendar has a huge gap where several years are missing. I assume that such a correction is done! That you may study by related books.
NB! The Maya Long Count is a cycle of 1,872,000 days until 12.21.2012. That is the date There is nothing in the Maya or Aztec or ancient Mesoamerican prophecy to suggest that they prophesied a sudden or major change of any sort in 2012. The notion of a "Great Cycle" coming to an end is completely a fake modern invention. It's not the end of the world what the ancient Maya tell us about 2012, but rather a start of a new cycle of 1,872,000 days. The Mayan Long Count calendar would not reset after, it would continue up past, to the six-digit The Maya Long Count calendar "started," not at zero, but at; and in late December 2012 (12.21) it will reach again for the first time in 5125 years, like a clock striking midnight. If you believe that the Maya regarded this recurrence as significant, rather than a coincidence, then perhaps they also believed coming day in 2012 might herald a new "Creation." The Lord's Day comes after the sun has become red. According to science that will not occure for many billion years! Before that there shall be 1000 years with peace, ruled by Cosmos on Planet Earth.
Please check this as my major source:

mke matera

To whom it may concern,

Recently I saw a TV special were they talked about the 2012 doomsday prophecies, in one segment the narrator described a type of basketball game were 2 teams were playing, one team eventually lost and one of the men was beheaded and (from his neck came 6 or7 snakes, not sure what this represented) . I know that literal decapitation would take place in ancient central and south American competitive events, but according to this particular game, it is supposed to have a significant meaning in the 2012 doomsday prophecies. Is this man supposed to be beheaded in 2012? or has it already happened ? and what do the snakes represent?

Thank you for your time

Mike Matera [email protected]

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