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dear Robert! Thanks for this again ... was a big help when you first posted it years ago :)

Good luck my friend :)


Your Highness,

I've read Jeffrey Wolf who wrote that one can take one step further from twin flame concept to "same soul," but the difference is that there are only 5% of the population that it exists. Supposedly the soul is highly evolved, but desires to move "faster" so it splits. When he/she meet in human form, there is a rhythm of "attraction and repulsion" that lessens overtime until they ultimately come together and stay together to integrate. I feel I've had this experience and wonder if you would be privey to this "specialty" group of "same soul" phenomena? I've read this many times but I have a difficult time "getting it."


Beautiful Robert!!
I believe our Twin Flame is the Divine. But maybe it's what we want out of life. For me it's liberation from Maya and complete memory of the Divine Light that I am, so for me my other half is God(not that we are even in 2 parts, I don't believe in seperateness on a Divine or energy level). And thru realizing that all kinds of "help mates" and Soul mates", as you so lovingly put it Robert, enter into my life in all ways to help me wake up and remember. Thru difficulties and thru sweetness awakenings happens and thru messages and intuition. Often thru an animal too. All of these Helpers are reflections of the areas I need growth in, like mirrors. I'm so thankful. Sometimes the lessons are brutal and it takes more time to be thankful though.



Highest Wendy,

Very well put!!.....though I am able to "keep in touch" with my light,it wasn't until I experienced the above "phenomenon" of same soul knowledge that there is my one missing link and I feel it's about to show itself. It's not about romance, it's about life work.

Once again, thanks for your brillian synopsis!



Robert, I was just listening to this song in my car yesterday and today, all day


THANK GOD... that you posted this.... (the God that is You- AUM) so many need to read this...

more links to send.

Robert, i know you are in the traveling hope that is going well.

when you are back love to have you back on Awakenings radio.


So have any of Robert's readers felt like they have met and are with their Twin Flame? I have had quite a few different soul mates along my journey, and I am blessed with a handful of amazing "help mates" - but no Twin Flame as of yet. I think my grand parents might be, but they are the only ones I have really come across that I believe are truly "Twin Flames". Would be nice to hear of more examples if people would like to share?

blessings x

Richard Apollo Morlokk

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Lisa Saliture


Do you think it is possible to look at natal charts of two people to find how they may be connected as Twin Flames? What do you think you would find in the chart aspects that would show two people are each other's other half, across space and time.

After reading your post, it sounds like Twin Flames may come together in this lifetime or not, and he or she is the one person without all the emotional baggage and ego issues, which most people bring with them into relationships. The emotional baggage and ego issues, which clash with our own is normally what causes relatioships to become dysfunctional or end.

So, it sounds like the Twin Flames have already been thru many life experiences or lives to adjust their karma, higher self, lower self to reflect perfectly for their other half, so when they do meet their Twin Flame they are instantly harmonious with each other, and able to give and receive in healthy ways.


Hi again!
Love this post...i don't know if it's possible not to bring emotional baggage and ego issues to any relationship, twin flame or not, since we are born of other humans with emotional baggage etc...I am lucky in a way that I have not had a partner these last years and have been able to think about myself a lot and get clear on these issues. Isn't it all about self work? And now coming to potential for relationship with this new awarness to share and find god through relationship with the other....
You have wished me luck with it Robert and I am holding out til May on it:)



Robert - this is so incredibly beautiful.


Hi there! What an incredible subject:) I love the idea of speaking our truths about this subject. I think that often times we discount these feelings or do not speak of them because of the many people we have seen and heard say "oh, they have finally found the one" when this is obviously not the case!! I think it causes the people who truly do feel this way to keep quiet for fear of not being taken seriously or disregarded completely. I have had the unique experience of meeting the person I completely recognized on a soul/cellular level the first time we meet. It was as if every cell in my body turned inside out and buzzed with electricity. There was a profound feeling of peace, warmth and calm. What was once this constant anxiety and feeling of searching vanished and was replaced with a deep core "knowing" that there was no other. I had always had this vision in my mind and that vision is where my mind always wondered, the vision was more of a feeling of what it would feel like if I experienced the love I knew was my soul. The moment I looked into his eyes I recognized my soul. That was the moment I "woke up" when my soul corrected course and I began the process of pointing to my true north. The journey since has been the most profound of my life. Total spiritual awakening and learning what true guidance is. Understanding divine timing and learning to let go of the struggle, to simply flow and trust and believe in the process of "doing our being" :)


I have experienced many helpmates and a few soulmates (both human and animal) on my path of unfolding, but have yet to encounter my "twin flame". Experience has taught me the potential for transformation in relationships and , being a Taurus I want to find myself in the best, most Dharmic union with the greatest long-range potential ;-) . Does anyone have any visualization or other techniques for calling out to our Twin Flame?
I know a life lived consciously with awareness will put me in the right place at the right time, but anything I can do to help this process is of interest :-) .



Perfect timing on reading this again, as always, just at the moment when this issue is "up" in my little microcosm. Thanks, again! I hope this year has been full of blessings and wonder for you...

Namaste, Shelley


I feel that we're all connected-- all mates. Those who anger us bring out the best forces in us. Those who motivate/inspire us maintain those forces.

I lucked out with a favorite mate-- my husband :).


I just want my husband...


Hi Robert I celebrate my solar return when the Sun reaches 0deg 44 in Aries, a few hours from now. Last year you wrote the following for me and thanks to your guidance I fared very well. Thank you so much for that.

Hi Aditya - May the next year bring even greater blessings and positive movement in your life. Even if the Cardinal T/Cross is active, you can find peace and security in multiple realms and do quite well.

Love and warmth to you.


Marie, you'll probably find one when you least expect it (like I did) ;).


Hi, Robert, I guess, what we each need to do to cultivate the personality for our Highest Self may differ somewhat from person to person, but could you give us some ideas....???


Thanks warrior Lady!
I have indeed "found" my Husband, or at least have been aware of the potentials fo quite some time but am still "waiting"....I thought if I declare my viewpoint, well saying things in words commits you to a different outcome and it reall doesn't matter to me if he is my soulmate, twinflame or Budgie!
March Madness ha!
Loved you sharing your story too:)


Hi AceStar - It has been awhile, and the material in this post is good so that we don't fall into illusions and attachments to unrealities. Reminders are always a good thing!

Hi Chickie - This is probably a semantics issue, since "same Soul" would BE the "Twin Flame." Remember - A Soul is inherently non-dual, since it exists beyond the Mental (Manasic) Plane. We split OurSelf at the beginning of time. There could be no split subsequent to that initial thing, as it would further fragment that which is eternal and seeking Oneness to no good purpose, that purpose having been fulfilled 3 million years ago. We need no "time" to integrate with our Twin Flame, other than working through personality quirks. We couldn't not love them for all the tea in India! Seeing how they embrace our life work and we theirs is a good marker.

Hi Wendy - Yes, "the other" is our Divine complement. While inner fulfillment is always a good thing for those of us in this reality, our Twin Flame is in human form, at least for us humans. Your Twin Flame will also want "liberation from Maya and complete memory of the Divine Light that I am," since even in our Wholeness we will want union with God. And of course, since God loves gratitude, appreciation of what we've been given and being given and will be given is always a very good thing.

Hi Larisa - Never heard Natasha before, but she's got a very beautiful voice! I guess this subject is on more minds and hearts than I suspected!!

Hi Michele - Yes, it occurred to me that clarifying some of these things could be helpful for those who seek. I'm sure we'll be in touch soon, now that I'm finally an off road vehicle.

Hi Lumiera - Most people believe they've found their Twin Flame until the breakup! I believe we may not fully realize that "the other" is our Divine Other until we find ourselves leaving the body, and recognize each other in Eternity. There are many traps, misunderstandings, and attachments in the physical that don't exist there. Then I would think that magnetic resonance working as it does, we'll reincarnate together, find each other again, and probably live our entire lives in relatively fulfilled happiness in the company of the other.

Hi Richard - We communicate what we can with the means we can. Even HPB realized that only the first two Chronicles were suitable for "modern" humanity.

Hi Lisa - In the chart we can see compatibility, but we'd need case histories of actual Twin Flames to see what markers could be important. I would think strong Sun, Moon and/or Asc contacts would be prominent, as would Saturn and transpersonal planet contacts. I'm sure that having also been in a body for 3 million years like us, they too would have plenty of emotional baggage and ego issues. But we hopefully could learn how to grow beyond our old limitations in a growing love, wisdom, and intelligence.

Hi Marie - I agree with your initial assertions, since we all have learned many things in our countless incarnations. Getting clear helps us open to higher attractions. And those attractions should ideally spur us to grow in ways that are perfect for us and them to come together, or recognize that we are not suited for each other. We can all find a husband/wife. The trick is to find someone who will feed our Soul for the rest of our days and beyond.

Hi Larisa - I do believe that if we strive for the Highest, we will eventually see the manifestation of a form of the Beloved.

Hi Stephanie - Yes, there is little encouragement to embrace the learning adventure that could attract our heart's ideal. There is so much glamor, illusion, and Maya that it's difficult to know ourselves, much less recognize another who may or may not appear in comfortable form, but who we will learn to recognize in a Higher Love if we give it a chance to grow over time and experience. It sounds like you got a real vision of what is possible, and it moved you into a vector of growth that changed your life for the good.

Hi Timothy - Well, at least you know what doesn't work for you, and so can open to all that has been good and true while eliminating all that wasn't in your intention and vision of who you might attract. I would think that if you demand a revelation, and are willing to improve yourself in whatever way Spirit shows you, that you would attract what you need and they would be attracted to you. Seek the Highest, and you'll receive the Highest.

Hi Shelley - This year has been, and the next one should be as well. I accept the Grace 24/7. Makes for a good life.

Hi WarriorLady - We are connected with others in our Soul Field. And yes, when we are challenged we are offered opportunities to correct our view and responses toward the higher. Glad you found a great mate. That's one of the best feelings in the world.

Hi Aditya - You're most welcome. I would think you're going to continue to do well, as you prepare for the grand adventure coming when Jupiter conjuncts your Sun for many months next year. Happy Solar Return!

Hi Micheline - In cultivating our Highest Self, we attract others who are also striving to be their Highest Self. Knowing the Higher Self is a lifetime work, and the form changes with each turn of the wheel. Look at all the virtues, blessings, and Spiritual qualities you hold dear, and do what you must to demonstrate and perfect these. Then you'll see even more virtuous patterns to cultivate.


Hi Robert - this subject is on mind of those who feel that unfulfilled potential inside, knowing that there is, there is more they can give to that beautiful person they have not met yet, or met, and want to be with that person. There is so much beauty inside of our hearts, but it only opnes up to the one.
Some would settle for anything, just to have a partner, they feel more secure that way. They live together, they argue, they are unhappy, but stay together out of convenience, therefore keeping a wrong person and thus breaking the chain, keep wrong person imprisoned, when there is probably someone is looking for this person, but won't find him. what are the chances of finding and realizing it is your Twin Flame?


Hi Robert, another note: it is just so much reserved love and warmth in some hearts, so many of us think that our Twin Flame has not arrived yet. How else
would you explain that silent expectation? I don't know and I give up. Honestly, I believe that only 1% of people meet their twin flame. I believe i met mine but we were separated by circumstances. it was the hardest thing ever


Hi Larisa - You'll only recognize the Twin Flame when your personality is ready to accept the adventure of a lifetime, without ego nonsense getting in the way. I believe we can meet our Twin Flame, but the trick is to be single, aware, alert, and ready to accept the dance. And if that person you met was your Twin Flame, they'd be thinking of you regularly and wondering what happened that you didn't get together. Or know why, and be kicking themselves ever since.



I just feel that about your Twin Flame you feel as if you suddenly are aboard a fast train and you can get very clear intuition and knowlwdge of the Other without using "normal means" for it. This is reciprocal and eveything seems to fit: from the physical way in which even your skins feel "familiar", to the harmonious emotions and thoughts that are quick as lighning, sentences that one starts and the other finishes, etc. All the areas will be rather harmonious and complement or adjust to each other as a symbolon (the greek symbol, something that was broken in two halfs and only the two persons who had each part could put it together forming a symbological totality).
On the other hand, in some area, one will be more developed than the other, and in another ares the second one will be more developed, but they complement each other.

From that moment nothing is ever the same and it is as if both have the feeling that you have always knon each other from ever and ever and that you will NEVER BE ALONE again in the universe, simply because NOW YOU KNOW THE OTHER EXISTS.




Whew! Heavy stuff... for me at least. Thank you Robert for clarifying. I understand now.


I love what you say about recognising the twin be single, aware, alert and ready, however all this in place I wonder is it necesary for both to be at the same level of development spiritually? Of course there can be no method to measure this but can one spur the other on and viceversa in times of darkness or doubt?
More food for thought!!!
Thanking you again Robert,
Much Love


"You'll only recognize the Twin Flame when your personality is ready to accept the adventure of a lifetime, without ego nonsense getting in the way. I believe we can meet our Twin Flame, but the trick is to be single, aware, alert, and ready to accept the dance. And if that person you met was your Twin Flame, they'd be thinking of you regularly and wondering what happened that you didn't get together. Or know why, and be kicking themselves ever since."

Wow. That describes my situation to a tee, Robert! I met my twin flame ten years ago. We "missed" each other, but forgetting is another matter entirely. We never did. She knows, as do I, that there is something very different and special about us. But it's such a long road towards awakening and unity. But such is life...


Robert, see I know who my Twin Flame is, I met him strangly unexpectedly in autumn of 2006. my heart was never jumping out of my chest like that. But we can not be together. and it sucks. He is not my soulmate, that would be easier, when here, this is basically IT. Affinity and telepathy is unbelievable, but ... I guess I arrived a bit late in my search for my Twin Flame, actually I wasn't even looking, I was happy and very happy, not expecting a thing, when we met, recognised each other in a blink, but it was hard to leave the room was holding... then I came back to my office, my heart was still jumping. I love him unconditionally, all other nonsense in this world does not exist and could not be in the way. It is not going to end.


I'm not sure if "soul mate" or "twin flame" would more accurately describe the person with whom I met twice in two weeks by "chance" in September 1999. I think it was a bit of both, and yet something much, much more. Our meeting was extremely powerful, overwhelming, and like nothing I have experienced before or since in my life. A jolt awake would be an understatement. I haven't been back to "sleep" since.

I've been told that this was the result of a massive series of eclipses in August and September that year. They clearly had an impact upon me, because ever since then, I have been on a more or less self-directed journey towards awareness and enlightenment, most of it driven by the intense personal pain and anguish I experienced in guilt of not asking this wonderful, beautiful soul out on a date. She and I were both single then, but by the time I worked up the courage to pursue her, whatever door that had been opened for our encounter closed shut again, and she had found someone else. Less than a year later, she married this man, and I was utterly devastated. Life moved on, but I couldn't forget.

Apparently, she didn't either. We met again 3 days before Christmas in 2005, again by "chance." I was single, and she was still married. But it didn't stop her from literally sneaking up behind me to initiate a new dialogue. It was very terse, for my part, being confronted suddenly with old feelings that had never truly died, but that I had no acceptable means of properly expressing to her. But as much as she had remained deeply imprinted in my heart and soul, apparently the bond made was indeed mutual. I figured then, that this was at least God/The Universe's chance to give me some sense of closure.

Four years later now, I am married, and I found out within a day of our first dating anniversary that my soul mate/twin flame is no longer with her husband. Imagine that.


This is being one of your most "responded to" posts!


I love this poem/song by Leonard Cohen:

"The Letters"

You never liked to get
The letters that I sent.
But now you've got the gist
Of what my letters meant.
You're reading them again,
The ones you didn't burn.
You press them to your lips,
My pages of concern.
I said there'd been a flood.
I said there's nothing left.
I hoped that you would come.
I gave you my address.
Your story was so long,
The plot was so intense,
It took you years to cross
The lines of self-defense.
The wounded forms appear:
The loss, the full extent;
And simple kindness here,
The solitude of strength.
You walk into my room.
You stand there at my desk,
Begin your letter to
The one who's coming next.

Search continues...


Hi Robert, I am sure you are familair with Albinoni Adagio. Strong. Please listen to this song, right on the subject,..."I don't know where to find you.
beautiful song Other should listen to.


Hi Isabel - Yes, I believe there is an instant recognition of "the other" that quickens everything in us. We may or may not finish each others' sentences, but we may dream the same dream at the same time, or remember "other lives" at the same time. As for complementary development in different areas, I suspect you're correct, as well as the feeling that you know another exists on a different level than all the other lovers, spouses, and everyone else you've ever known.

Hi Larisa - Sure. This is heavy stuff, but the most worthy learning effort we could ever take on. If you have indeed met your Twin Flame, then eventually you will again come together, on whatever plane, and then will make the karmic agreement next time to come together forever. Will check out the song you recommend. Another song with the same theme is "I know you're out there somewhere" by Justin Hayward and the Moody Blues, which I posted on his last birthday. And of course, I loved Leonard Cohen way back when I was in college and romancing my first wife, who was a big fan of his music.

Hi Marie - While I'm not sure anyone is "at the same level" of spirituality, since we're speaking of complementary energies, not identical, if one is spiritually oriented and the other isn't, there could only be a time before the more evolved one would realize it wasn't working, while the less evolved would no doubt revert to ego limitations. But if both were willing, their love would absolutely move both closer, with the less evolved willing to rise to the occasion of a greater love than they had ever experienced before.

Hi NEOBuckeye - Yes, the tragedy of life is sometimes we find ourselves unable to take advantage of our best chances due to circumstances set into motion before then. But the blessing of life is that if we are determined to grow into our Highest Self, allowing nothing and no one to block our intention, eventually we'll find ourselves in a somewhat enlightened state and surrounded by loving, wise, intelligent friends and group workers. Sometimes we meet Soul Mates we never forget, who awaken us forever. They may or may not be the Twin Flame, but they are certainly a path to higher awareness, since that sort of awakening never ends! And yes, August 1999 was one of the most important Solar Eclipses ever! Major Grand Fixed Cross that indicated the future wreckage of the world under the Neocons. I posted some things about that at the time on my old commercial website, but those articles are lost in the mists of time. Interesting use of the word "terse," since I'd probably get a little stiff as well if I met my Twin Flame and were single while they were married. Uncomfortable timing on expressing our hearts and all that. And it does seem that life is playing a trick on the both of you that one is always unavailable when the other is.

Hi Isabel - Yes, the issue of Twin Flames and Soul Mates is a very widespread concern!


Robert, thank you for everything you said! So nice



Thank you for your kind words of wisdom and insight. If only I had known then, back in 1999, what I now know. I definitely would have taken the initiative when and where I failed to do so. But you know, maybe the end result would have still been similar... Or perhaps not? I don't suppose I will ever truly have that answer, at least while I am still here on this plane, in my present incarnation. It used to be very painful for me to consider what I could have done then, and what might have been from that particular time forward. But recently, I have found a certain acceptance and release from this situation. It doesn't really change anything, and my feelings for her, which haven't diminished in all this time, I know now will never die; I am who I am now because of that experience then, and the experiences that followed. It was my destiny. However, where I am now is not the "final destination" by any strech of my imagination. My journey is ongoing, and who knows where it will lead from here into the infinite future? So I am optimistic as I look forward now into the future and beyond.

The song you mentioned, "I Know You're Out There Somewhere" by the Moody Blues perfectly describes this ongoing series of "misses" between my soul mate/twin flame and I. The music video, if you've seen it, is very well put together and perfectly captures the spirit and meaning of the song. I don't think there's any question now that we both have this enduring and powerful bond between us. But indeed, life does seem to have us running down paths that occasionally interesect, but never seem to merge.


Two Forms, One Soul

Happy is the moment, when we sit together,
With two forms, two faces, yet one soul,
you and I.

The flowers will bloom forever,
The birds will sing their eternal song,
The moment we enter the garden,
you and I.

The stars of heaven will come out to watch us,
And we will show them
the light of a full moon –
you and I.

No more thought of "you" and "I."
Just the bliss of union –
Joyous, alive, free of care, you and I.

All the bright-winged birds of heaven
Will swoop down to drink of our sweet water –
The tears of our laughter, you and I.

What a miracle of fate, us sitting here.
Even at the opposite ends of the earth
We would still be together, you and I.

We have one form in this world,
another in the next.

To us belongs an eternal heaven,
the endless delight of you and I.

by Rumi


Hi Robert - maybe I will connect with my Twin Flame tomorrow, on my B-day, March 30th! That would be the best gift the universe can give me. (don't call me naive, please, like my boss does) I am just optimistic and a constant dreamer! :)


Hi Larisa - While things seldom are served up on demand in our world, perhaps your deepest wish has already begun to move you and your world closer together. If you hold that intention, and refuse to put stipulations on it that would frustrate its manifestation, then you may find yourself in a whole different situation by this time next year, if not with your TF, then at least in shape to greet them when they show up.

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