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Nancy Hawkins

You are the man, I think I dig you!!! Hope all is well in your corner of the world. Peace and love, Nancy




Hi Robert:)
Once again you are amazing!! Thank you so much for such an amazing, insightful article.

lots of luv,



Great article and incredibly spot-on for this Aries! Thank you for indirectly, unintentionally reaffirm what I've been experiencing lately.



Hi,You are wonderfull!
I think, i will have a hard time with this RX Venera, because in my natal chart Venera is RX in 5 house in Aries.
I hope to renew my 8 years relationship and to return to old pattern.
Thank you for your wisdom!


This Venus RX is indeed hitting both me and my blossoming, very special relationship and partner spot on. And, equally, it seems that we both had been struck by the things you mention a few days early and had been discussing this stuff accordingly without fully realizing why that was necessarily the case. Your individual sign comments are uncanny, Robert. You never cease to amaze me with your analytics!

Hope you, your loved ones and the cat enjoy your hiatus!



Great story Robert! Thanks so much!


"When it makes its conjunction with Mars at 30 Pisces at the end of this retrograde period, we all begin a new life vision lasting for many months to come".

Interesting then the fact that this spot (30 º Pisces) makes a trine aspect with coming Solar Eclipse on 22th July (29/30 º Cancer).
Any correlations?.

Thanks, teacher!.


Hi Robert-

As always a good read...thank you! Thought I would share an interesting experience I had today. I spent the last 2 days at Kripalu (a yoga center in MA) and today I overheard not one but two conversations amongst the staff. The theme of both of these conversations was that it was a "weird day". I thought this was interesting because the voices in these conversations are part of a community of people who could be considered to be "extra sensitive" to the vibrations of the universe. I suppose the fact that I was given the opportunity to “overhear” these conversations was not an accident as well?.?.? It is certainly a wild, weird and wonderful time to be alive!

Om Shanti…


Whole lotta reflecting goin on. God Friday and your birthday is right around the corner. Great Stuff as always Robert! Mel


Robert and all,

My wife Chris is a home-centered midwife. Last night the mother had a uterine rupture, the baby had weak heart tones. They transported to a hospital 5 minutes away but the ER took 15 minutes to get to the baby who passed away. Chris is still at the hospital with the father, the mother is still recovering from surgery. We would appreciate your prayers for all.

Richard in Houston


Hi Robert - I have been having so much stress due to some weird events starting end of Feb. I am exhausted. Pray for me.


Hi Robert,

Just want to understand..what do you mean by, "find a compassionate group work..?" It's under gemini.

Thanks as always,


Hi Nancy - Thanks for the vote of confidence. Things go well, despite the general chaos! Am hoping for some time off soon to catch my breath.

Hi Amanda, Wendy, and Matt - Thanks.

Hi Rozaly - Stop expecting a hard time due to any RX. It's a great time for understanding things in relationships you didn't consider before, or seeing things clearly originating from other times.

Hi BLC - Glad what's going on is helping you see the dynamics in the process. As for the individual signs, well, it's not much more than any legit astrologer could see. I just have the ability to articulate it. Cat is missing his servant while I'm on the road. Will have to rectify that soon by accelerated petting meditation.

Hi Beth - You're most welcome.

Hi Henry - The trine yields understanding. It should show you a way to blow out tensions. As for solar eclipse, it works separately from that lunation. The lunation configures with the conjunction, not vise versa, since the conjunction falls first. You may expect some major new developments that should take you far.

Hi S - Well, due to the Grand Irrationality, every day is a weird day. Doesn't take much sensitivity to the universe to figure out we're living in major weirdness. And of course, Aum Namah Shivaya!

Hi Mel - Yes, memories.... Thanks for checking in, my Brother.

Hi Richard - Sorry to hear your wife had to deal with such an emergency. It sure seems like many are treading the razor's edge right now. And of course, "the greatest illusion of all is the death of a child," to quote a great one. Blessings to you both for being good angels to those shipwrecked in hell. Such a tragedy....

Hi Larisa - Already emailed you, but it came back as undeliverable.

Hi Elizabeth - Find something you can do with others as a cohesive collective goal that has compassion as a foundation, or a goal, or a method.


Hi Robert,

I am Pisces - born on the 15th (1982). I ended a relationship with a Scorpio man (oct. 27th, 1979) back in November. I am unsure of whether it is the retrograde or not, but I have been thinking a lot lately of different ways I could have communicated with him and things that I could have done differently. Is it likely that he is doing the same? Would it be a good idea for me to contact him at this time and see if I can open the dialogue between us, or is he trying to heal the wounds and move on?

Any insight would be much appreciated.

Thank you,



Thanks, just wanted to be sure. I've been looking for exactly that - notforprofit work that centers around a mission, compassion, and probably health. There's a lot to choose from, waiting for inspiration to strike. Perhaps venus retrograde '09 will help turn the lightbulb on.

Many thanks, Elizabeth
5/28/63, 6:50 pm, camden NJ


Hi Veena - You're going through your Saturn return, one of the most important points in our reality. Whatever ends is what you couldn't take with you into a greater way, Truth, and Dharma. Use your insights to further your wisdom, and move forward. If he is a potential mate, he'll contact you. If not, someone else more appropriate will show up. This is about you learning what you can and cannot live with, and what you can embrace for the long haul while letting go of immature ways, people, and patterns you learned from your elders and culture that are no longer good for your Higher Spiritual growth. Over the next few weeks visualize carefully what your highest ideal could be, and embrace that beginning late April. In any case, go to the archives and re-read my article on Seduction v Courtship from Feb 14, 2006.

Hi Elizabeth - You're welcome. Venus rx should prepare the seedbed for major activity in May. 45 is a "crisis of change." 46 will be a year of enjoying a vision if you did the right actions at 45.


Thank you Robert, your reply to my message is greatly appreciated. I found strength and comfort in the response you provided. I was worried that he may be thinking the same thing and waiting for me to contact him...However, I have faith that everything happens for a reason and that I will at least have a higher degree of conviction in making contact with him or that it will come together in some way if it is meant to be.

On a totally unrelated note - I was wondering how to determine whether I am in a career field that is astrologically suitable for me. I read an article stating that our most suitable careers are usually indicated by what planet our career sector is ruled by. Any insight?

Sorry for any silly or mundane questions. I consider myself to be a spiritual individual but am a novice with the understanding of astrology.




Hi P - Well, if it seems natural to extend an invitation to communicate, then do so, but without any expectations lumbering things down. As for careers, that's more than I can address in a comment stream. Look to your planets in your 10th house as well as Solar 10th house, and the rulers of those houses and the planets ruling the planets in the 10th. That will tell you a lot about potential careers.


I'm a feelin value differences. More of them than us. Ouch!!! However to breathe through all this.


No no not more of them, just more political clout.

The comments to this entry are closed.


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Terms of Viewing/Using Material Published or Sold on This Site

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