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Melody Dawn

Hi Robert and all,

This is an interesting post for you Robert. But seeing the other older post maybe not. I guess it's not what I expected :).

On this topic, well I believe above and beyond free will people have 3 schisms they can fall into .. They can choose to do right or they can fall into more darker viens which ends up through thier delusions becoming evil and then theres a strain of just the instinctual animalistic side. This is very much the side that comes out in such things like trauma, Post traumatic stress disorder, mental illness and the like. I think people can float through these 3 strains off and on through out thier lives as they evolve. Of course the bottom line being free will.

I don't ... normally I'm the first one to jump on this kind of band wagon but I guess I've gone beyond the need for it. I've taken up writing full time and put all my demons on paper which has manifested in strange and wonderful ways. Like in January, I suddenly found myself being sought out by people I knew in grammer school and the like. People I had spoken too in years !!! Heck no one even remembered to invite me to my high school reunion, not that I missed anything at all or wanted to go but still it was very strange.

And now during this mercury retrograde .. I feel that I have finally put someone very karmic and whom I consider to be evil to rest ... like TOTALLY. The ties have been completely severed on all levels ... I am moving forward positively and low and behold the universe has brought into my life born on the EXACT same day, in the same area but only 11 years older than the other person. This persons karmic connections to me are off the charts in suddenly a GOOD way ... so I don't know what to make of that .. Have I finally healed enough to gravitate home to find real sisters of my soul group ??? I am pondering this like crazy right now.

I have no question that there is true evil in the world ... I don't think it can be readily seen in a chart without using asteroids and black holes to boost the theory of what would overwhelm one's free will either positively or negatively. I do believe that splinters of past life personalities can come through in an evil manner with one person if they have the right energetic markers that connect with another. But that part of that person will not emerge with other people. So hence I think Evil can most certainly be seen in a chart but with great difficulty and only multidimensionally.

At least thats my thoughts :) For me these days .. I'm happy that my demons are where I can control them .. which is in my books. :)

Melody Dawn

Melody Dawn

Sorry .. must be the Mercury retrograde
don't know why the post came out so disjointed.



Thank you Robert. You have a lot of wisdom, and I love reading what you have to say.


I have the face of an angel... and the temper of a lion.

And I love both. Never will I go out of my way to be mean or "evil" to another human being. But I can defend myself as necessary.


To me, being "evil", or leaning towards darker behaviors, is easier than being kind and loving and patient and responsible for ourselves.

neil b

So, what IS the tipping point? Is it our education? What in us compels us to choose one direction over another? What is THAT which chooses?


You, Neil. You choose.

Donna L. Faber

When I think of "evil" people I first think of Hitler and Jim Jones of the People's Temple. Both individuals, as history shows, were either sick or using, and both were heinous criminals, murderers. Hitler suffered from advanced stages of syphillis, and Jones was a speed freak. Now, I haven't looked at the charts of either in any detail, but it looks to me like their decisions were what rendered them evil ... big time. Perhaps their charts, in shadow aspect, suggest the potential for evil.

But is any baby from the womb evil?



By no means am I describing it as evil, but I have an older sister and she swears that we are both like night and day. Her being the darker one, prone to impulsiveness and seeking self desruction where possible and I who struggle to understand and forgive and have peace, sometimes at too much cost, but have learned how not to be a doormat while still not offending. A difficult relationship for sure and she jokes how we could have come from the same womb ( me being the oddball in the scheme of things )...I try not to let it get to me anymore that the sisterly, loving relationship eludes me but it also reminds me of what Robert says about embracing Saturn, My sister is a capricorn.
Also I have had a recurring dream including two brothers one light and one dark.I researched a little about the light and dark twins in mythology,two sides of the same coin possibly. Does anyone know about these stories?



Bravo, Warrior lady!

"You choose!"

It's very simple, that's what free will is all about. Most of us are barely aware of this. No matter who our parents are or what the environment offers, we still have the final choice. If we make wrong choices, well, we learn from our mistakes. I can remember making some wrong choices as a child and feeling very guilty but not knowing why. Eventually I figured each one out. And besides I've known some wonderful, kind parents whose kids turned out to be evil s.o.b.'s. Life is complicated, some people go to the dark side with just a little push.

Robert is definitely right about the harmonious vs. frictional aspects. You have to have both or you don't develop. You can have mostly trines and be born into wealth and priviledge (I learned this from Grant Lewi), and turn right into a self absorbed slug or a drug addict.

You get what you get. Then you make the best of things and try to do good in the world. If you want to be selfish, greedy, lazy, violent, evil, etc. well, that's your choice! Eventually it comes back to bite you in the ass, then you learn!

I looked up Dolly Parton's birthday recently. She has some pretty harsh aspects, and started life in extreme poverty. But look how far she has come (typical of a Capricorn), and she's done great works with her money. And she has such a super upbeat attitude. From what I can see she sets a good example of overcoming great odds.

Blah blah, that's enough for now. Thanks Robert and Warrior lady... :)

Donna L. Faber

Are you kidding? Dolly Parton ROCKS! So funny you should bring her up. I just love her!


There is a saying amongst some of us witchy types... basically, "you can't heal if you can't hex."

Meaning that power, magic, is neutral. It's how you use it that counts. I broadly apply that principle to an astrological chart, too.

Nor do any aspects of a chart exist in a vacuum--an astro chart is really dynamic! Many factors and choices come into play to shape us into who we are.


Hi all - Only a few minutes to try to catch up on questions...

Hi Melody - All of those "schisms" involve free will, whether accepting our responsibility for our behavior or deliberately refusing responsibility for what we do or don't do. We are all a combo of animal and Divine. Which is stronger proves out whether we're willing to totally embrace Spirit or yield to that which dies. Evil and good can be seen in a chart. Which a being chooses cannot, since that's free will. Glad you've taken up writing. Reunions are in the air. And of course, that means severing that which is no longer real.

Hi Patty - You're most welcome. We're all wiser together than we are individually.

Hi WarriorLady - We all have that which nurtures and that which shreds. On a related note, to paraphrase Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, there are two kinds of anger. Righteous anger, and toxic anger. It's our Mars duality to learn how to turn "sin" ("missing the mark") into grace "right action." I don't know that it's "easier" per se to choose unfortunate behaviors, since it guarantees we'll have to go through more such experiences to learn not to go there. But the rewards of patience, responsibility, kindness and loving expressions are beyond measure.

Hi Neil - It's how much we learn to be mindful not to do that which will lead to suffering. Nothing "compels" us, though tendencies do become habits, for good or ill. Then we must use our Divine Free Will to change the course of the ship of personality. As for your question, the "chooser" is the ego, whether to align with the Higher Self or the desire mind. Usually it's the latter until ego recognizes just how much it is suffering from pursuing the lower and not the higher.

Hi Donna - I do believe that some beings are born with a truckload of "evil" tendencies. Others are born with a few. Others are born with slight tendencies that could become "evil" should they pursue manifesting them. All are then given hundreds of times where they must choose the higher rather than the lower, regardless of habits and tendencies. Again, some personalities are dysfunctional in the extreme based in both nature and nurture, just as some personalities are Divine in the extreme based in both nature and nurture. Even High Ones can fall, just as the lower could become a living Saint.

Hi Marie - Just because we're siblings does not mean we share certain traits. We all have been down in the gutter in some life, just as we have been or will be on the mountaintop. You may want to revisit the Janus myth, though what you describe is a far vaster myth than just that one. The concept of simultaneously occurring light and dark mirrors is an old one.

Hi Valerie - Yes, ultimately we do have the final choice, whether to do that which results in suffering or to do (or be) that which suffering cannot affect. Many choices seem disastrous at the time, but later on we realize it was a cheap and easy way to learn a much larger lesson. Sometimes we learn that giving up some money to get free of a bad situation is a great investment.... I also have know good parents of weird kids, and weird parents whose kids turned out great. If the tendency to manifest a "dark" behavior is there, usually it must be fulfilled in some life or another so the being knows through experience not to go there. Again, better to learn not to hurt animals when we're young so we don't fall into the delusion that it's okay to hurt any creature when we're older.

Hi Siri - Yes, absolutely spot on that ALL is energy. It's how we apply it that determines whether we've missed the mark or aimed with grace. Bitter, sweet, salty, sour, savory, and fat. All make up the flavors of the soup of life!

Melody Dawn

Dear Robert,

Thank you for what you wrote. This is an excellent article and thanks about the writing.

I am indeed having reunions of all kinds, some very old and some wonderfully new. My soul rejoices at being with real sisters again. The high is a choice as we all move beyond Thunderdome I guess .. and happily, joyfully so ... What was .. no longer exists and never was REAL to begin with.

Many blessing this holiday weekend .. as always Robert I am in awe of your astrological expertise and observations ... Thank you for all the work you do ... Happy Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter conjunctions ... :) I know mine are .. :)

Melody Dawn


Hi Melody - You're most welcome. I believe by viewing life from a certain angle, we can let go of perceptual traps. Or at least spend a life trying to attain the ideal! ;-) What's being set into motion now will help us find deeper, more authentic feelings.


Hi, Robert,

Just catching up with reading that I had no time for before today... Couple of busy weeks...

I guess this is the same as when you spoke about how developed Beings are no longer so limited by their own astrology aspect, but still become like "higher vehicles" of the same type energy, except at a higher awareness level. Meaning that, if a developed spirit has harsh aspects in his / her chart, they probably can use them for overcoming a lot of karma, transforming themselves and helping others... a sort of "Alchemy".




Hi Isabel - Am also catching up, since I have to be on the road in a few days and won't be able to answer comments. As for "harsh aspects," I would like to think that with all my oppositions (9) I've come to a few awarenesses, as well as the ability to see things from any view. Not always that I agree with that view, but I can see it. And of course, I often come into contact with people who have some sort of opposition going on in their lives. I offer what I can of a larger, more comprehensive view, and usually the other begins to see options. The squares are another thing entirely....

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