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what a cool article, i have been getting reaquainted with a pretty spiritual mathematician and we have been talking about all this stuff and i sent him this post
i love it
i wanted to do the meditation at common passion but i had not gotten the pic yet and now i have it
do you think i can still do it anyway ?

thanks Robert for a wonderful post


Lord Robert,
Do you have any comments on the "Indigo People?" They were suppose to have been sent to earth to help with the transition to the next dimension, the "NEW EARTH."
Do you feel that people are going to have to WAKE UP, and take this country (USA) back from the government? The government was never meant to have this kind of power, and take people's hard earned money away from them.
Do you feel that a revolution is in our future? There are a lot of books, talking about a "Middle Age Revolution."
I don't see the economy getting better, I see it getting.....different. This country can't keep supporting the rest of the world.
WHY does it seem that polution and everything else had fallen on our blame and make us pay for? China and Russia polute a lot more than we do. How can we polute, most of the industry has moved to other countries! WHY is everyhing that has happened for decades, our fault?
What say you, Oh Mighty One? Enlighten us!


Hi Micheline - Glad you like the post and can share it with a spiritual mathematician, since we are kindred souls, astrology being the ultimate symbolic spiritual mathematics. I believe that whatever meditations we do contribute to the greater thoughtforms. By all means add your voice to the Cosmic Choir.

Hi ScorpioSun - I tend not to play to glamorous titles that make some people "more special" and therefore set people apart from each other. ALL who volunteer are here to help with the transition to a "New Earth." As for "indigo people," there are several groups that have been given that title, from a class of Chinese youths born about 30 years ago to the kids born around the Harmonic Convergence to those of more recent vintage. To me, unless it plays in Biafra and Bangladesh as well as Beverly Hills then it's a local phenomenon and not a global development. Some vintages have very special qualities, but as "they" say, we all have our unique song to sing and gifts to give. ALL those who show up to do their Dharma are equally important in bringing in the new era. Community, Cooperation, and surrendering to a Higher Law of Being are signs of those who are here to do the work.

Some have already awakened, others will wake up, but many more won't, since they have chosen (by their actions and non-actions) to go to a different evolutionary scheme at the point of the "separation of the sheep and the goats," to use a well-known phrase. We approach the end of the era of separateness, which ultimately is to blame for all the ills that plague humanity at present. Those who want to stay selfish and clueless will no doubt move on to different frequencies of reality. Our fragile Earth needs those who will cooperate rather than exploit and destroy without conscience.

The governmental form here in the US isn't to blame, and it's actually a pretty good one given how messed up most if not all of the other systems seem to be. The problem is capitalism without conscience, and the unbridled power of the corporate state to steamroll individuals and the Earth Herself, implemented by the power of corrupt politicians and Supreme Court appointees who are blind to other more humane realities. This government has always had this sort of power over the individual from the beginning (see the Whiskey Rebellion.) Again, the problem is not "the government." It's the corrupt people in positions of power bought and sold by corporate interests. Capitalism without conscience is the problem.

When the people have little or nothing left to lose, and the state can no longer contain the collective frustration with bread and circuses (think cheap beer, plastic food, and American Idol) then things will change PDQ. I suspect the global economy, being unsustainable at core, will have to collapse so that we the people can remember the true sources of wealth, which has nothing to do with banks and the illusory "financial products" currently sold to us as things of value.

Actually, we're not supporting the rest of the world - China is, through the shell game the bankers are perpetuating on the entire world. While we play a part, everything is interconnected in a devil's game of spiraling debt perpetuated through an economic system that depends on ever-increasing consumption within a "buyer-seller" paradigm. End that and the game is busted.

Pollution began with the industrial revolution, accelerated through the 19th and 20th centuries through capitalism without conscience, and now we're reaping the results of blind stupidity. The fact that other countries now pollute more than us doesn't matter, except in the sense they are perpetuating an unsustainable system that is hastening the end of life on Earth as we know it. But we will survive, if we are to believe the ancient sources, and will go forth to restore the beauty of our Earth and right relations with each other and all of Life. Humanity has tens of thousands of years to go before another, greater transition will occur. Until then, we're on the path of collective return, and the coming era will be glorious compared to the widespread suffering of the old one now dying. Aum Namah Shivaya! This is the century of Divine Mother, and She is a protector of Her children. If you want to know more, site google "Divine Mother" or "21st Century" and enjoy what you read.


Hi Robert, are you aware of
they currently have a fabulous documentary that is very well done on the 2012. I highly recomend that you take the time to see it. I would like hear your views on it.









Hi Micheline - Will check it out. Thanks for the reference, and I'll see if there's something to say.

Hi Ishmael - As long term readers of this site know, I do not accept that major historical shifts occur at specific points, but instead are indicated by larger trends within which events happen that link together as major change, usually seen only in hindsight. Even if we consult the works of Dr. Calleman and other authorities on the Mayan Calendar, the end of this era is not a "now" as much as a time span lasting from the 90s through another dozen years at the very least. This year is no more or less important within the larger span than others, though I must admit we're still at the front end of the massive squares and oppositions that will shake our world from stem to stern. These will happen over the next 1500 days. This is the year to find allies and secure conditions that can be sustained over time. And of course, NOW is the only time there is.

Isabella Goosen

Please may I use this article in our local Astrology magazine for the Astrological Association of South Africa. We are a non-profit organization that wishes to expand our astrology horizons. Many thanks Isabella [email protected]


Hi Isabella - Of course you may re-post this article. Just please give authorship credit and a link to this site.

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