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Wow, I bet they regreted that decision..I mean really, what were they thinking?! Ah well, all in all the aid was given and that's what matters.

Interesting story. RIP Michael Jackson


How come I'm not surprised with this Bono-esque side to the Live Aid story.

Good of you to tell BTW. I know that some people would attribute it to a little ego-thing on your behalf. Myself I believe in the adagium The truth shall set you free, so in a sense you were obliged to have written his.

Time to listen again to We are the world. Touching to even the most sceptic ears!

leslie devries

To paraphrase Harry Truman, amazing things can be done when you don't mind who takes the credit!

Thanks for your service Mr. Wilkinson. I'm so grateful you moved into this venture with astrological knowledge too--you have brought much illumination and helped me understand "the music of the spheres" for many years!


Wow Robert amazing story. It must have brought it all back to you today.

Here's a great video of him recording that - so young and humble and a beautiful smile.

A message the world needs to hear, more now than ever... there's a choice we're making.


Dear Robert,

I find it very beautiful that you would share this with us, your group of Readers and Friends!

I also find it very easy to believe your words, having seen SO MANY TIMES, around me and even with me, the way in which some have the ideas and passionately work to make them true, while others "take" the whole product already made and then take credit for the whole package!

But I think you did the right thing and Life brings its own rewards.

I have been having such hectic days that for some time I have been unable to leave comments. I will try to make up for it!

Love and RIP for MJ but also for Farrah Fawcet.



Robert - thank you for sharing all this. It's funny to me how people can ride someone else's wave. I'm not sure how it all sits ultimately/cosmically but it has always been a pet peeve of mine to be sure...

And while MJ was a rather tormented soul, taking pleasure in remembering all the music, the dancing, and now it seems also Live Aid (I was in England for it!) is, I'm sure, what he would like us to be doing. RIP, MJ.

We will miss Farrah and Ed, too. It's been a STRANGE couple of weeks.




I think when people take credit for work they didn't actually do, it comes back to them eventually. Whether its karmic (wherein they experience the other end) or those people are simply haunted by their posturing.

Robert -

Thank you for sharing this. I don't think of any of us would think your life weird; in fact, from what I know, it is rich because of your varied experiences and the many worlds within which you have moved.


God Bless you YOUR HIGHNESS!


There are many people who never get the credit they deserve. Some live behind the curtain and never step in to the spotlight.

MJ will be missed, especially by the very media that wouldn't leave him alone. He served as distraction to what really should be news. Hopefully, people remember his legacy and not his actions. He was a product of this society that scrutinizes everything and rips people apart. He never got to be who he really was and many will judge him, but only he knew who he was and what he did.

May you shine like you never could here in this reality. Keep moonwalking across the universe and we'll keep on dancing in your honor.

Thank you for your music and talent.


An interesting entry on acknowlegment of service. I know this story. I just smile to know that the energy that I have contributed materialized. I feel acclaim ain't the story for everyone this lifetime.

Michael defied gravity in so many ways and with the power of the present lunar energy patterns discussed on this site, what finer time for a moon walk.

About weird, I think we could all admit that we have at one time or another, even if only in privacy, attempted those moon walk moves. It ain't weird, it's fun.


Oops, my error, it's "strange", not weird. My past often looks that way.


As a child, I danced to Jackson's music.

As an adult, I still dance. And those same tunes continue to uplift and energize me.

Isn't it amazing that, in spite of all the crappery in his life, Jackson continued to make music for all of us to enjoy? And he didn't complain so much, either. Just kept right on living. And singing. And dancing...


Oh, and, yes, I can do the moonwalk.

Ain't no shame in the game!


the minute I see or hear anyone bringing up something about 80's I always go

totally ballistic about 80's--- Listen man, the 80's sucked, and they sucked
big time !!! That whole decade is probably the worst time this Earth ever went
thru I compare it to the holocaust... America as dark a wasteland then as under
Bush and people thought it was normal.... I sure didn't... That music from then?
Sucks. I mean I really freak out about the 80's....
Enjoy Reagan as president did you? Great man wasn't he? Did so much for America... such a wonderful time for America .... "Greed works" - remember that?
Bigggest insult to the planet there ever was... 1980's.... I spit on the decade
really, someone should say something.... To hell with the 80's, the whole culture
then one of anti-christ seems to me... ptooie! Nothing against the beautiful
pisces gentleman but he was expressing that culture

Dancing zombies and vampires-- think for a minute for God's sake...
What was going on back then? Do you even know? - I do. Holocaust for the soul... that's what was going on...Somebody say something about the 80's or we
will regress and lose the progress we've made so far by grace of Aquarius--
God I shiver to think of the 80's I really do...anti-art... a deep black hole
we are trying to climb out of still... please do not celebrate the 80's oh god


Nice work you did. And thanks for giving us another positive thing to remember about Michael. I think he tried hard to be the best person he could be his whole life. Things just slid sideways for him at some point, which isn't hard I imagine, when you have pots of cash and live in the eye of the media like he did.

Still I wonder, what happened to all that money that was raised? Did it end poverty? Africa is still poor and her children are still dying every minute even today. I think I could stomach these events more if they were named more realistically- like 'this will help someone, if not everyone'. Doesn't exactly 'sell' though! Here's a little something from another 'end poverty' event that is more inspiring than I am:


Great vignette Robert, thanks for sharing. Now I have a better idea where some of that wisdom comes from! Thanks for the context.


Oh god, ishmael, yes, it's all my life, all i have seen...but there were lights... maybe we didn't listen to the always in time of any prophets! Why no think they have been here all along, if we can but open up to their message! That is what i want to do here and anywhere i go....please listen!!! i don't know,,why spend so much argueing over their supposed genuity....the message is VERY clear....


Sue Moon

Thanks for sharing your part in this history. All great beings work together for a common goal. I think many more will be passing..............I lost 4 people between 4/30 and 6/6. Interesting times and I feel like I'm riding the crest of a great time wave. What I find to be most beneficial is to be the Observer and to do the best humanitarian work I can that is mine to do. I'm staying out of judgment and working tolerance, compassion, acceptance and more. These times require very little effort to rise above negativity if we just move in the direction of the Light.


Hi Elizabeth - Well, UNICEF international still does good work, but the US Committee is so dysfunctional it even had to change its name. Yes, the aid was given, but unfortunately much of it was mismanaged due to being given to governments rather than relief orgs. But at least some of us tried....

Hi Dirk - I have never told this story publicly until now. However, my friend (no longer with UNICEF, but still raising millions for worthy causes) found out about wikipedia's attribution, and began insisting I find a way to tell the true story a few months ago, but I let it slide since it's ancient history. With MJ's demise, though, I got to thinking that regardless of whatever else the world says or thinks about him, his role in raising hundreds of millions needed to be told, since so many others took all kinds of credit for Live Aid but he really didn't.

Hi Leslie - Our old friend the I Ching states something to the fact that a superior Being sets forces in motion that will bear fruit later, and if necessary, lets the credit go to another. But I will say that I left the service of UNICEF after this (what else what there to do?) and tried one more major project to help bring clean water and quadruple food supplies to the third world. (I had more energy, inspiration, and faith back in the 80s!) Went to NY, pitched the project to appropriate UN agencies, and was told it would take 10 years to implement something that could have been done in a week or less. So I turned my energies to other things. I was an astrologer, metaphysician, writer and speaker long before these promotional efforts in the 80s, and have been since, so it could be said this is my true home, and the rest was just an effort at trying to lessen suffering to whatever extent it is possible. Still, I'm glad I created this blog, since it seems a great global community of truth seeking Souls hang out here - and that's a verrrrry good thang!

Hi Shell - Yes, MJ's death did get me to reminiscing... He was truly a beautiful, if troubled, young man. But what else can one expect if a childhood is stolen, people all want a piece of you all the time, and you wonder if there's any YOU behind all the facades of performing.

Hi Isabel - I don't think Bob Geldof ever claimed to do what wiki says. That's usually inserted by fans or friends who want to believe the legend. Besides, he got knighted for "Do They Know It's Christmas" - what more "royal" recognition could a guy like him want? It beats endless Boomtown Rats reunion tours doing the same music no one remembers from so long ago. I know I did the right thing by setting it into motion, and I know that I've moved into other things that also benefited at least some of humanity, like writing "Love Dad" about twelve hundred days after Live Aid. And most definitely, blessings to the lovely Farrah Fawcett, who got the short end of the publicity thanx to MJ. She did some very powerful work in the second half of her life, and offered the world a major service by bringing the issue of domestic violence to the fore.

Hi BritLitChik - Again, I don't believe BG deliberately misrepresented his part in the play. And he did mobilize to do "Do They Know It's Christmas," which if he did nothing else, earned him his wings in Heaven. No one else thought to mobilize and pull the Brits together but him, so all good blessings to him. And because of the lack of public US response up to that point, perhaps he is owed a debt of gratitude for getting MJ, Lionel, and Quincy in motion to do "We Are The World." Great effort by all concerned.

Hi Matt - As I hope I've made clear, I believe this was more of a passive situation where BG's friends did the wiki entry, and who is BG to contradict it? BG mobilized the Brits, which mobilized the Americans, and once everyone was mobilized, they kinda-sorta HAD to do some kind of show - and used the formula that I had given to MJ that already was circulating among producers and other heavyweights in the industry. Makes sense to me. As for people not thinking my life is weird, look, I think my life is very weird! Great in many ways, but very, very strange. And yes, it is in the variety of my experiences that I have learned many things about rich and poor, famous and obscure, powerful and invisible. It's all taught me a degree of detachment and dispassion toward fame, money, and all the other traps of ego.

Hi Chickie - May She bless all who serve to lessen suffering in our beautiful but twisted world!

Hi Guido - I've had the spotlight many times this life on national and international levels, and found it to be irrelevant to most efforts to do good. And publicity can be good, but not if it puffs up ego and results in the work getting jammed up. I agree that the media in many respects did MJ no good at all. Tabloid publicity is so lurid, and usually lies, destroying lives in the process of chasing the dragon. While MJ was a product of our desire for glamorous dancing and spectacular spectacles, I believe ultimately his lifestyle and the media machine stole his Soul. And yes, thanks to him for the moonwalk.

Hi Victoria - I agree that some are better off just doing what they do best, leaving the publicity to others. But I did want to acknowledge this "secret service" MJ did for Africa, even while he gave the publicity for the concerts to almost everyone else.

Hi WarriorLady - Yes, if the world danced more, I believe there would be less war. That's why I posted the amazing video of "Where the Hell is Matt?" not that long ago. Let the whole world dance!

Hi Ishmael - While I believe the 80s and the Reagan-Bush machine destroyed much that was decent and innocent, it could not have been so without the participation of the mass consciousness. Too many people were willing to participate in the greed, lies, and demon imagery. At least some of us outlived the times, and are here to tell the story that despite the widespread decay, we have survived, we will survive, and know that every silver lining's got a touch of gray. While the times were truly a distortion of everything I hold as good, and set the stage for the equally ugly period since then, it's only the dying gasp of an antiquated mindset that would have no substance except that humanity still doesn't want to grow beyond its pain and suffering. But the new era approaches like an express train, and the beat goes on....

Hi Kelsta - I agree with you that the money and publicity did him in. Even Quincy Jones says MJ could never be satisfied with what he did, wanting "Bad" to surpass "Thriller" in quality and sales, which of course was impossible. It's not just MJ, either. "You can't always get what you want" was written because Jimmy Miller wanted another "Beggar's Banquet," which was equally as impossible as MJ doing another "Thriller." But an artist never stops believing the next one will be bigger than the last one, until they decide to put it on autopilot.

As for the money that Live Aid raised, while a lot went to relief and created good results at the time, even more went to corrupt governments. We will not end poverty until we all awaken that we're all in this together, eschewing greed and profit as ultimate goals and promote the common good. However, to be honest, now only 30,000 die needlessly each day rather than 40,000, and that seems to imply we've made a little progress. While concerts don't end poverty, I was hoping the educational part of the package would create long term workers, but that didn't happen, since the artists took the idea and ran with what they knew. And thanks for the video - great song, and truly, may we "make poverty history."

Hi JP - Well, I've done a lot, seen a lot, thought a lot, shared a lot, and am still cruising, though with a few more dents than I used to have! ;-) Still, it's all helped tune my "glamor dispelling mechanism" (as it is termed) and I somehow feel the journey isn't over by a long shot.....

Hi Marie - While I despaired greatly in the 80s due to what happened and what didn't, I figured those times would pass and we'd all live to see better days. We're still dealing with the aftermath, but over time we will live to see a different world that will make what has been seem like a very bad dream.

Hi Sue Moon - Yes, in hindsight we often see how everything is somewhat of a group effort, even if we didn't know it at the time. The Hunger Project - a worthy entity if ever there was one - worked tirelessly throughout the early 80s to end hunger. While they didn't succeed to the degree they intended, I believe they succeeded in doing the best they could at the time and in fact did end some hunger, which is better than never trying at all. Glad you're cultivating the virtues in the middle of the current shifts and transitions. And the Light is everything.


While there is a lot that sucked about the 80's, there was also a great deal to celebrate. The parts that sucked have lead us to where we are now. It was the beginning of giving humanity a chance to redeem itself, face corruption head on, begin to really concentrate on cleaning up our beautiful planet and this world. While a perfect nirvana may not ever exist because we are only human, wouldn't it be great to remember our point of reference and where it all really, truly began? You have to allow things to be real crummy to see the light because you don't know what you don't know until the issues take shape and form and really tick people off. That's when change - REAL CHANGE - can begin. I am hopeful for our future.

I think that's good enough to celebrate the 80's. Besides, you have to admit, the music was amazing!


Hi Robert,

Thanks for your reply to my comments, It's really great that you always participate, and I agree with you, especially in regard to the "glamor dispelling mechanism". Seems like en masse, society is learning about this right now.

btw. I was wondering if you could speak about the upcoming full moon lunar eclipse at 15 Capricorn on July 7. I just learned with a little reference to my natal chart that it is falling exactly (and I mean exactly) on my "mean node" in my 3rd house.

Also, can you comment a little on the "mean node", I haven't been able to get clear on what this is exactly, and why it's important or even how it fits in with the other aspects/planets?

Best as always,


Robert, sei grande !!!
And you are still going on, helping all of us.

Thank you,



Hi Robert, Thank you for the insight into your own life and your being part of something as positive as Live Aid, as well as telling the tale of how instrumental Michael Jackson was to getting it off the ground.

His sudden passing has left me not only reflecting on the life of a great talent who carried a heavy load of inner demons, but on our societal need to create "stars" which we worship as demi-gods, let them make us feel as if they are higher than ourselves, and then get ego gratification by ripping them off that pedestal and into shreds. With glee. The giant machine that feeds us made a Michael Jackson and a Live Aid possible, yet as Michael suffered more and more from his personal torment the monster that gave him life chewed him up and spit him out. It's like Michael and others who reach the pinnacle of success really do sell their soul to the devil, and the devil is us.

Could he, with his upcoming tour, been able crawl out from under that "Wacko Jacko" label and been able to reinvent himself? We'll never know.

With his death, I am flabbergasted by the sheer amount of speculative and downright intrusive media stories, and the endless discussion.

While I enjoyed much of the 80's fun culture, I do believe that the shallow image making machine really came alive in that decade, to our current detriment. It lead to people being so caught up in the lives of "stars" that they lost complete touch, interest, or knowledge of what is going on in the country and the world. People didn't know what Habeas Corpus was exactly and why it was bad that they didn't have it anymore, but they were on "baby bump watch" 24-7 and living their love/hate relationship with Angelina Jolie.

But politics aside and while I feel compassion for Michael's mental illness (I believe he was mentally ill by some point), I would like to remember him for the great talent he possessed and shared with us all, and for the humanitarian side of him of which you were a part of with Live Aid. I think he was most beautiful with his solo coming out album "Off the Wall" from 1979, which shows a cover of a handsome young man coming into his own.

I went on too much here, sorry! And thanks for your story, Robert. I enjoyed hearing about it!

Christine K

Robert - I'm glad you shared this... it's an example of how one has to believe in things, despite the crazyness that emerges. I suspect you're able to tell it because you're not willing to harm anyone's reputation, despite any role they may have played in the outcome, and of course, the good of it all is then passed along to those of us who are reading. As predictable as weird behavior unfortunately is, I find your response most reassuring.

I am saddened by MJ's death, but feel too that he kinda left us, left himself, a long time ago, which is the saddest thing of all. I spent a good part of yesterday watching a run of his videos on v h1, not able to stop myself dancing to a few songs in my livingroom. I was so struck by the power of his talent, the power of his emotion as a human being. He was telling us things before we knew what he meant. Maybe some luckier souls understood this sooner.

Later, when I inevitably turned to c nn, I was struck by how different a being was presented in a news documentary, a completely different and limited feeling. I was glad I'd first spent the day just taking in his talent. The media will be all over it of course, but it's really not the point. My highest hope is that his death, at this time, will further spark a return to expression and creativity, and to honoring human, heartfelt journeys.


Dear Robert,

I have noticed something about when people die; it is as though one can suddenly see their soul; what their directive in life was - and their beauty. A comparison with MJ going would be the sudden understanding en masse of what Princess Diana's objective was in life. while people are alive, it is as though their life-force masks the intention - and that it is always up for debate, i suppose. could you clarify this hazy thought of mine. unless i am stating the obvious to everyone else.

I love your site. Thank you for sharing your MJ story. I am soo not surprised at the bandwaggon effect of a good idea. i've had a few ideas nicked off me, but if it produces the right outcome, then it's good it goes into the general melting pot, as said before by someone.

high regards


Dear Robert,

Coming in a little late on this since I was on the beach in Ocean City MD the last few days, but I have heard all the news. That is quite a story you had to tell- I think many have done good works such as this and remained unsung heroes, but God sees everything. I'm proud of you for pursuing a great notion. Hunger is tops on my charity list. I try to never miss a food drive.

It amazes me how such a high and mighty organization like UNICEF could blow an opportunity like that. Who knew?

And just a brief observation about the 80's- I personally went through some really bad patches during the 80's, but I consider it to be the most important growth period of my entire life.

As for Michael Jackson- a talented, yet troubled soul. May he rest in peace. I now go to play "Thriller" in his honor!

Namaste to everyone, and remember, not everything is as it seems...


Thanks for this. We all play our chosen part don't we?
As Ariens we get used to being "sacrificial lambs"-so hard sometimes,but maybe it's our work, that and seeding love and idealism into the world. You do it well.
Bless you and RIP to Michael,


Hi BritLitChik - I believe that every decade has its downside, as well as its light. We can go through every decade of the past 20 centuries and find both good and bad, in some cases far more extreme than the 80s. Like the widespread genocide of the 90s, for just one example. The overall problem is a failure of imagination by humanity in not choosing to take the Higher Road as a collective. That cuts across many centuries, but that dreadful separateness is ending bit by bit. You're right that cleaning up the joint will be the most important work of this century, and maybe even the next as well.

Hi JP - You're welcome. I participate as much as I can, though it cuts into the time I have to write articles and pet the cat. (He's forgiving, but it's hard to type with one hand!) I already posted on the Eclipse, and there are more articles coming in the next few days. The Mean Node is the average position of the True Node, which goes RX and Direct, RX and Direct on a constant basis. That's why the Mean Node always moves backwards and is never direct. To learn more about the Moon's Nodes, put some terms in the site google box and it'll take you to articles in the archives.

Hi alessandra - Glad I can offer things other than astrology, since we can all be benefited by each other's experience. Perhaps as things fall apart, we can find ways to serve that are perfect for the times.

Hi Jeri - Yes, MJ never took credit for being the one who originally saw the benefits of such a thing and set it in motion through his industry contacts. That would make for a worthy life regardless of anything else. When someone spends their whole life on stage it robs them of certain personality strengths and creates a false reality that has nothing to do with the Eternal state of Being. And with so many projections put upon them, it's a wonder any of the biggest stay sane. I believe people want exemplars to imitate, or at the least a means of vicarious experience. Anyone who strives for excellence in the area of their gifts will certainly find themselves admired by others. Then the press releases begin, the lies and legend become real as the human is forgotten as they try to live us to the legend. Take that to an extreme degree and you have the Elvis Presley model of self destruction. And yes, I agree that the 80s were when the machine refined itself into its present monolithic form.

Hi Christine - Well, his death precipitated me to remembering, and given my friend and colleague encouraged me to find a way to tell the true story about two months ago, it seemed like the right thing at the right time. But you can bet I'd never trust the bureaucratic apparatchiks again should our paths cross, however unlikely that would be. Glad you found my response reassuring. Not much else to do if I was going to take the high road. I believe MJ left the hall to become the impossible legend between the time Thriller hit and Big was released. But he did follow his dream, and is now a name of the ages.

Hi adele - I believe we never know our Dharma in its entirety until it's been written, and by then we've usually dropped the body. Spirit is always greater than the personality it lives in. I agree that however the "right idea" is translated into reality is a good thing, even if the credit gets misdirected.

Hi Valerie - Glad you got to visit with friend Ocean! Sometimes a bit of boldness at the right time articulates a huge need that cannot be resisted by time and tide. There is no need for hunger in our world. Again, a failure of human imagination, with a dose of pinched hearts. I won't revisit my opinion of the US Committee for UNICEF, since there's not much to say, given the facts. Corruption often blows good chances for any number of reasons.

Hi Morvah - Well, I figure Aries are "the tip of the spear," aka the spark that ignites. We may or may not be there down the road, but it seems we're often there at the beginning. Thanks for the blessings. We dedicated and continue to dedicate the merits of this effort to the enlightenment and healing of all sentient Beings. Aum Mani Padme Hum.

daz hastings

well well... strange that it took this long to get cleared up in my mind the chain of events... (I've been writing and thinking about Live Aid from the start)... even stranger that right here, all along, there was you! and cheers for speaking freely (it does help)....


Thanks for yous words.
I agree regarding Farah Fawcet...
But did not know about domestic violence. Did she take it up merely to help others, or was she a victim too? HOPE NOT!

Loved her.




Hi daz - Well, the event precipitated my memories, and along with my colleague's prodding, I figured I could write something that demonstrates what we might create if we allow our imagination to work, and if necessary, turn it over to a Higher Power, whatever that may look like.

Hi Isabel - Her work, "The Burning Bed," was very difficult to watch, given its frank brutality. I've no idea whether she had to endure elements of abuse in her life. However, I believe an actor can only play a part that resonates with some element of their hologram, since to be convincing you must to some degree embrace the experience. So if she wasn't abused in some way, then perhaps she knew someone who was. In any case, thank heaven she's not suffering with that particularly loathsome cancer any more.


Nice work Robert, it will come back to you if it hasn't already!

RIP Michael Jackson as well


So, Michael Jackson was born 1 day and 9 years before me...the interesting part is that (from the very basic astro software that I have) he was born at 6 degrees and 17 min of virgo; I was born 6 degrees and 18 minutes of virgo. I've always been a fan (and of Janet's) and my personal beliefs, besides being non-judgemental (walk a mile...), were that if you appreciated any part of him, you had to appreciate the whole of him. I do notice some similarities - I am a writer and prefer to break new ground than re-do the tried and true, I try to mostly work on projects and subjects that I am passionate about, and tend to also be a workaholic. I'm too much an amateur to know the astrological significance, but interesting just the same.

Mr Cash

Nice blog at Michael Jackson was a great pop star. I just read that the Texas Medical Board has restricted the doctor charged in Michael Jackson's death from administering the drug authorities say was responsible for killing the pop star.

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