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I've finally had a nice talk I've been meaning to have. Of course, by "nice", I refer to someting I've felt a little guilty about and perhaps should have brought to light sooner. However, the recipient made me realize that, all along, I've been worried about nothing-- that I did nothing wrong by fighting for something worth fighting for. And that we all know what is worth fighting for from within.

You see, my history dictates that I've tended to fight the "battles" of others. But even if my intentions have been good and pure while doing so, my best bet would have been to sometimes let it all go and allow others to fight their own battles. Thus, I felt guilty about interfering with "fate" or whatever was out of my control.

I feel a lot better now, though, knowing that what I've fought for these past couple of years has been worth it.



I'm loving this new moon. As I'm in my PLR (it's exact at about the first lunar eclipse this summer) and being a lunar Cancer, re-invigorating my "home" is the theme du jour. The short and long of it is that, after chatting with my roommate earlier this month, he and I are going our own separate ways (he's moving in with friends) when the lease is up on July 31. I've decided to find my own place (new moon strongly conjuncts my moon and obviously, my progressed moon) in order to create the home I haven't been able to over the past few years by having roommates. I'm looking forward to the changes.


Blessings Robert...

As always this is fascinating stuff! Personally I am 'feeling' both intellectually and spiritually a shift in my life and am witnessing the same in the people around me. I have Saturn at 7 Aries in the 10th and my sun at 27 Libra in the you have insights for me on things to come regarding spiritual realizations?

I am off to plant a sunflower along with my written "wishes" for manifestation in the next 30 days. All of my wishes concern love, family and financial abundance for myself and my family in the service of others. Wish me luck! ;)



I have Saturn on 1st degree cancer (conjuct my South node)in the 11th house, opposing my sun at 9 degree capricorn (5th house). When will I be able to focus on my work again ?????


Ciao Robert

Thank you for this wealth of information... I'm still learning to understand all of this, and I was wondering if you will write something about this summer upcomming eclipses...
Since they instigate change, (please all, do not laugh, I'm relatively new at all this, I've been reading along --on and off-- for the past two years) and since there will two of them in my sign ( I am a cancer born July 2nd 1967 in Montreal) I would like to know where (the « houses » I guess ) or how these changes will affect me.

Many many thanks, and many many blessings !!!



I was waiting for this one, Robert,It might just be a good one,, the last couple of new moons didn't get off to the start I would have liked, but maybe it is, as you say Robert, the third time that we are more familiar and know the route. I am resolving to step into my own shoes, embrace the roles that have been evolving and not be weighed down by fear patterns and unfortunate lack of supports. I have been toying with ideas for long enough so maybe it will be time to formulate a solid plan of action. But at last, I have realized, or rather, accepted that it is, in fact, up to me:)

Thanks Robert


OH what curiosities.

Most of the aspects conjunct in my natal chart somehow!
I got planets in Cancer, Leo, Taurus and Gemini.

Oh the myriad!


Hi Matt,
I'm having a PLR too, and my life is full of changes too (covered to the max on other streams, LOL) It's exciting isn't it- good luck with your next "home" and prepare yourself to begin a new cycle! :)

Robert, very nice article, now I'm off to the beach tomorrow- a Cancer lady's favorite place! Namaste everyone.


I love a good earth trine! It's those non-earth periods that make me nuts... Interested to hear more about July 7 (as I was born 1-7) your friend & eathling (for life) Jan


Hi Robert,

This New Moon is happening right on my Venus in my 7th house, close to my descendant. One part of me feels frozen: Love, Creativity, and 10th house affairs, and then the other part senses a big change coming it's way. Strangely I'm not feeling that afraid. It's as if I didn't want a very long and comfortable life anymore (like the one where I've been for so long,but where something was missing) , but instead something that is really alive in me, lived in it's fullest: passion or nothing else! What do you think?


Hi Valerie,

Thank you for the well wishes. I'm taking the PLR in stride - I hope you are too! And happy early birthday and solar return.

- Matt


Oh mama mia Your Highness!

My progressed ascendent is 2 cancer on my natal venus and I did a natal composite with a former colleague who has re-surfaced and we also have a composite ascendent 2 cancer. Here comes Mount Etna!!! Egos down, creativity should rule here...we'll see.

Thanks for such in depth scholarship and stellar intuitivness!

Micheline  Cloutier

Oh, boy...oh no....its been crazy Robert, my love life has been one huge drama!!! from one extreme to the next....i have jupiter in taurus at 16 degrees wich is almost right on my mc, then i have the moon at 18 degrees cap, my vertex at 17 degrees both these point s are in my 5th house, and my saturn is in aquarius at 29 degrees and this is my 7th house....
plus that full moon eclipse is going to fall into my fifth house and will conjunct both vertex...

this new moon of course falls into my 11th house
but my eleventh house is ruled by gemini

this should be interesting
i did finally start recording my music
and as i said my love life is crazy right now i have someone who is really obsessed with me


Just wondering aswell, Robert, how come things and people are coming back from 6 years ago, when I made my last decisions about my path. Those I left behind are now back in touch, now that I have forged a new self image/ identity. I don't have any planetary aspects at hand and confess I don't really understand the facts and figures but go strongly on intuition and how a thing i have anything to bring back to them now that my long spell of self improvement has taken shape and what about the new promises I have made? will they bear fruition this time...maybe the answers are in the questions!!!



Marie, i've had that same issue, but with people from farther back in my past. One was a grade school friend and another was a one night meeting of the minds that left a trail of flowers and postcards....

its beyond bizarre but relatively enlightening to know that people are out there and still think of you after all the years.



Hi WarriorLady - We never do wrong when fighting for something worth fighting for. The trick is to know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em. Picking our battles carefully and all that. And there's no point in fighting for someone who won't fight for themselves. Everyone must learn to do SOMETHING on their own behalf.

Hi Matt - Glad you're getting in motion and know what's of the past and what's of the present. PLR is good for figuring out what we care about and need or not.

Hi S - You will bring many things to surface over the next two years, and make needed adjustments relative to the decisions you made in the late 90s. I also suspect you'll see multiple ways of interpreting prior spiritual insights. I suspect your thought form will yield good results.

Hi Julie - When you purify your integration principle and let go of old rules and limitations.

Hi Allessandra - Eclipse articles coming soon. Old lights shut down, new lights on the way!

Hi Marie - Well, this New Moon should help put into play all that has been set forth the past 3 months, plus Saturn being direct will help us pull it all together. Great that you're getting beyond fear. Good plan of action! It does sound like you're making Saturn your friend. As for people returning from your past, so it is with me as well and others I know, so it must be some transit influence that is nothing personal.

Hi Robyn - Sounds like your life will be lit up like a pinball machine! Enjoy the emergent possibilities, and take time to breathe and smile as things develop along multiple lines. As I told Marie, reconnections with people from my past is also happening to me as well as others, so I suspect it's something in the generic transits that is triggering such things.

Hi Valerie - Glad you have the beach. It was my best friend when I was young, and I miss it now that I'm in the high desert.

Hi Jan - Will be composing on the July 7 Eclipse soon.

Hi Leana - Sounds like your Venus will come alive in multiple ways. Glad you're learning not to fear changes that will come. It has been said that passion brings suffering. That's why we learn a range of feelings, but don't get attached to any one of them. Eventually we can catch fire without suffering over the changes.

Hi Chickie - A new progressed self image is already in motion! Glad you're connecting to others in your tribe, and your creative self is beginning to renew itself. And the parallels between Jacko and your work are interesting....

Hi Micheline - Saturn should be stabilizing your Earth planets in long term ways. Glad you're recording, and that your love life is heating up. While crazy is not a good thing, I know the feeling of intense love at its core, so open your heart while keeping your head!


Thanks Robert...very interesting...1998 & 1999 were HUGE trasition years for me. I got divorced at age 30 after nearly 7 years of marriage, moved to Manhattan and was offered a very highly paid position which set the course for my career through 2005. In many ways I am starting over a matter of a fact I chatted with the guy who offered me that job back in 1999 on Tuesday...he is with a new company with HQ very near me...who knows...I am certainly due for an influx of cash. I love teaching yoga and hope to always, but a gals gotta make a livin... ;)


S was very interested to read your comment and Robert's reply as our Sun and Saturn in are exactly the same houses and signs. I feel as though the past six months has been a lesson for me to learn what was important to me, my family as opposed to my career. This full moon also trines my MC so I'm hoping that means I've learnt the lesson Saturn was teaching and it's now ending. My wishes focus on the same as yours, may ours both come to fruition.


Have to smile - lessons and trials of doing "the Great Work" for our 3rd and final time... so true, so literally 3rd time true in dealing with relationships with my father and the man I love. Of course, what I read here has always been particularly on point for me and those I love since I began reading a few years ago. First time I've posted, but simply could not resist the exactitude of truth here as happening for many in the circle of my life.
Gratzi, Robert!


This has been very informative and enlightening to read.
I have Saturn in Cap at 17 degrees in the 5th. I wonder if you could give more information on "the Great Battle". I want to be prepared for sure!


Hi S - I also realized you have a Sun quadranovile Saturn (160 degrees) which is a very spiritual aspect involving knowing who you must dance with due to spiritual similarities and who you must disentangle from due to spiritual dissimilarities. I suspect this life you must learn to craft a self-initiative while paying off karmic dues around reconstructing your light. I also had the Manhattan experience for 3 years beginning 30, resurrecting myself out of the wreckage of my first Saturn return. One thing to remember during this transitional era is that it's not teach yoga OR whatever - it's teach yoga AND whatever. Something to feed both wallet and heart which also allow a greater service to your sector of humanity.

Hi Loretta - You also will have many serious opportunities to come into your light and power as Saturn moves into Libra this Autumn. Taking responsibility will yield major long term results.

Hi Anna - Yes, Saturn in Virgo has certainly offered its share of "rigor" for our Virgo tendencies, wherever they fall. Saturn does show us how we relate to authority figures. Glad you posted. It's through sharing our stories that we come to know we're not as alone as we sometimes feel. Believe it or not, sometimes posting even once in a public forum can help a person overcome ego-fear and get clarity through self expression.

Hi Cindy - Glad you got some clarity. The "Great Battle" is a function of Mars in this Lunation, and as you have had a Grand Earth Trine going in your chart for a couple of weeks now, you should have been able to put some things together that are solid plans for your future. Through August keep identifying "the venerable standard" you're willing to embrace and live in the long term future. Your turning point will come in Nov-Dec and into early 2010.


Hi Robert-

Thanks so much for the the add'l info...I am not "attraction" to yoga and the teaching of it has been very gravitational...aka karmic. Gotta love NYC to stimulate and beat the crap out of you at the same time...there is nothing like it! I LOVED living there but got my "wake up call" on 9/11/2001. There is no going back for me...I will ALWAYS teach yoga(god willing) and hopefully will find a job to feed the that doesn't make me crazy!!!


hi Robert
is there an article somewhere on the all important July new moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer coming up shortly? the way the articles are laid out, it can sometimes be tricky to find items... unless I missed something...!

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