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beloved robert... so proud of you for writing this post. you are a treasure and must take care of yourself! Right on!
with love. blessings and gratitude.


blessings, robert. i broke my right arm the day of the eclipse. take care.

G, S

Robert, good for you! This year society as a whole is being asked to make some changes; old habits and methods of doing things must be revamped to meet not only your changing needs but also the needs of your supporters. You have to allow spirit to flow within you and that can’t happen if your vessels are blocked due to stress, injuries, etc. Like everything else in life we tussle with change but in the long run, it benefits us. You have sooooo much valuable information on your site, while you tend to Self and family, we can definitely be edified by reading through some of your prior posts. – Take care!


It's obvious you were doing a work that nobody did in the Internet when we combine the highest levels (quality) and generosity or abundance (quantity) at the same time with no financial gain (strange thing, sad, but it's a strange and wonderful thing).
So, having been greatly benefited by these qualities of yours in past years, I have nothing more to say than a big thanks and expressing my grateful admiration for what is already done and much appreciated as it is, as it was.
I'll keep reading here, of course.


Very cool of you to expound Robert.

Seems as if Saturn is forcing you to use technology (uranus) to expand the reach of your audience, which is a good thing. As an educator myself, I know full well that technology can be a powerful educational tool!

Go for it!


Boundaries Robert. Your posts in general are more helpful than you realize! Take care of yourself.


Robert, I am so glad to read your post. Enjoy your time, and good luck in your quest to revamp. I listen to our session regularly and look forward to your articles... Talk to you again next year! Peace.


Appreciate your sharing of what is going on in your life both from a general perspective and as an analogy as well. I have some referrals that might be helpful to you in the teleseminar work you mentionned you want to do. I'll send them in an email.

Air Gal

I have been reading your articles for 2 years now, and oddly enough, this is my first comment! Astrology has led me on a self-discovery mission that has resulted in more clarity for my life mission/purpose. Your articles have given great inspiration for my journey. Thank you so much for your generosity of knowledge and spirit. I look forward to the webinars. And BTW, I too have a fractured foot!

Janice Reese

Thanks Robert and I also am glad you will take time for your soul to recharge and refresh.
We are grateful and appreciative for all you share of yourself.
Namaste and safe travels


so glad u are doing books. Thought you should have done them sooner. please make sure they are distributed in India.We would love to pay for your knowledge through your books. May your writing have an auspicious outcome. You have quite a fan following here in India.


My dearest Robert,
situations seems to required more energy definitely too for me....
Love always...

marc ardissone

Hi Robert,

I am a relatively new reader and have thoroughly enjoyed everything that has come across my reader to date. I want to thank you for providing all of us with this fantastic knowledge and for sacrificing much of your personal time to do so. My thoughts are with you and yours regarding what Uranus is forcing you to face in your life. May it all work out for the best.


jane explanations needed. You are a generous source of information and caring.
Like they say on the airlines, you need to put your own airmask on FIRST before you help anyone else.


Robert, I so appreciate the way you illustrate the cosmic workings with examples from your own life and those around you. It helps all of us ground the effects of those principles. I didn't KNOW we are supposed to bow to uranus!!

Sue Moon

Love you and your honesty, we are all in the same boat! And what a ride it is!!

Christine E

You are the hardest working astrologer I've seen out there...and we all appreciate it. Take care of your biz and be well.


Hi Robert, just wanted to say thanks for all that you've offered over the years! I don't always comment, but your insight is much appreciated.


Robert you should keep your energy to give us the important news ! There are many astrologers reading this website who could answer the simple queries (and debate, that we laymen would understand the different ways to deal with this craft).

saturn's stepdaughter

Hi Robert, sorry to overwhelm you :) trust me i understand--saturn's favorite words seem to be "enough!" and "this... has got... to stop" lol! i hope you and your family will be well and happy to see each other in the days to come, and that you will recover physically and emotionally in due season. namaste


Dear Robert,
Resistance is futile! Take yourself back to Source, back to the Mother to be healed. Know you are loved, do the nurturing that you have to do.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
(P.S. No answer required!)


Dear Robert
You have inspired, nurtured & sustained me for years. Now, I know you will be sustained & nurtured by the universe and all your readers. Alice & the Tibetan are watching & helping.



I really do understand your situation. Being an astrologer, giving time to a limited client base locally, I'm finding I'm educating versus telling how things are progressing astrologically. So I can only imagine how you are coping with all the info coming at you. On top of it all, the stress of your own Saturn return, plus Uranus moving through the 8th, must be a little bit overwhelming especially with Saturn/Uranus aspects. I'm finding I have to take a break, simply because people really don't seem to grasp what I'm telling them. In any event, I hope you come through the other end with an added appreciation of all life has to bring. Perhaps life is throwing you into something new, as the old way diminishes. I've often found that when something is worn out, I encounter difficult situations, showing me I need to move onto something new. Wishing you the best, you've been enlightening.


Namaste Robert

The quality of the articles you create here are truly inspiring and indeed provide abundant insight to Understanding

With Grace(:


Hi Robert,

I've always really enjoyed your blog though have never posted here before, but was compelled to after seeing that you have a very similar transit situation going on to me. I am also having my saturn return (though this is my first) in the second house with uranus opposing in the 8th and your piece definitely resonates. I have also lost many friends, not as literally as you fortunately, but more they have died a death from my life and the ones that are still around I am having to assess whether they are a supportive influence in my life or not. My nervous system is in overdrive at the moment and i am having to take lots of baths, meditate and go back to basics leading a simple life. Old confidence issues have resurfaced, though my saturn is involved in a yod with mercury, and keeping my mental health in check and not allow worrying negative thoughts to get out of hand has become a priority. Slightly annoying as I thought I had addressed all this some time ago.

For me though I would say, this particular run up to the return / opposition, has seen me dealing more with the saturn end of the spectrum with basic security issues both inside and out high on the agenda. Although the period between xmas and March was more uranian and i did have some startling experiences that would best be described as kinds of spiritual awakenings, but I think that is also influenced by uranus conjuncting my natal pholus which is exactly opposite my saturn at 23 virgo. All in all it has been a hugely life changing time for me and I had hoped that this last leg of the saturn return would see me reaping the benefits, but sadly i'm just feeling the pressure at the moment ! More work to be done i guess...

I am sorry you are also feeling the pressure, but it has given me some comfort to know that even top astrologers such as yourself are not immune to the pressure. Please don't feel you need to reply, it has been nice to share my own experiences.

thanks and looking forward to being out the other side,



Dear Robert,
Thank you for sharing your story. My right knee blew out day before the eclipse, forcing me to deal with my own health NOW, which was preceded by a bout of cancer and caregiving to a parent, and I too am finding that my old ways of doing things no longer work. I really appreciate all you do (for free) and plan to have enough cash soon to hire you privately. I think you're the bestest!!!


Hello Robert,

Busy as a bee too, but I still extend the offer to assist you in any way you need with the webinars and site. E-mail me if/when you can and let me know what I can do to help you (it would be a drop in the ocean of what you give to the world).

Juliet :-)

Shehzaad Maroof

hi Robert! Love you brother :)
you r big help my friend :)

Love & Light

Bree Harris

Great idea to do seminars robert. always wondered how you did it - personally, i'm interested in the spiritual side mostly and will definitely look into doing the courses - ( unfort finding the info currently baffles at times...;) )

Although the christ consciousness and protection themes from June resonated...and comforted me to know i'm not necessarily going mad! Thanks-



Hi Robert,

I'm very excited about the classes you want to get going - I know this is something you've been planning on for quite some time: so happy it's nearing fruition. I wish you swift recovery and much revitalization. Thank you for generously sharing your wisdom and insight: two gifts that hold infinite value.

Love, blessings and peace -


I'm sending you much love and gratitude, Robert. Strength and Honor!

Donna L. Faber

Well, I can certainly relate. I have no idea off hand with my Uranus lies but there is definitely a need to slow down. My family and I just moved into a townhouse we purchased. I've been working full time and packing for two weeks. The actual move and clean up of the old place was intense and exhausting. My partner's knee went wonky over a week ago forcing her to slow down. Today in the shower, I actually pulled a muscle in my head. Can you a believe it? It wasn't a migraine. It felt like a pulled back muscle only on the crown of my head, leaving me with a whopper of a headache all day. So, I got the message, too ... SLOW DOWN!



Be well! May you have patience and guidance!
We thank u for everything!


Hi Robert (no reply needed :) ) Just want to wish you peace / health/ harmony & Thank You most kindly for ALL that you do. This community that you instigated & work so diligently for is of Great comfort. I'm glad you are re-structuring & working on getting some good ole rest & restoration (despite testing circumstances).
The silver linings manifest, Love & light to you & yours


Holy smoke, I'm at the end of a very long line aren't I?... Well if you get this far, here is my take on things. Sounds like you need two heads and four hands. Probably the foot injury was the first clue you had to slow down, recharge batteries, cut back on activities. We have gotten spoiled depending on you for so much. Your transits sound very interesting and I can relate to all of them. Saturn return on top of everything else brings much change. Take care of the foot and your family first!

Blessings to you and yours! :)


Rob-ert :)!

I hope that you know that when I posted here looking for you, it was all in good humor. I tend to worry about folks when I don't hear from them.

No explanations are necessary, ever. Take time out and prioritize accordingly without apologizing! Thank you for this website and for all of your work. And I wish you and your loved ones well!


P.S. This may or may not make you feel any better. But it will likely crack you up.

Our sewage pipe burst into a funk-nasty flood in my basement; the floor is covered with (no pun intended) a bunch of crap.

Seems to be a common theme, these days, for structural issues, no?

Oy vey.


dear robert:: this is the first time i've ever made a comment. i just want to applaud & thank you for your choice in taking gentle care of yourself. may you & yours be blessed in all ways, showered with divine love & grace...... THANK YOU for the knowledge & wisdom & inspiration your writings, time & effort bring to my life. namaste:))))

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