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WOW as usual your timing is impeccable. This song speaks to my condition. Thank you very much. There are moments when I feel I've gone totally mad. Going to my sister's funeral tomorrow and facing a myriad of sadness and confusion. Aside from the Mars and Pluto transits, I somehow think Saturn has something to do with it too. In Virgo just now near the cusp of the 8th house.

Interesting you should mention Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey, too. Time for me to go back for a review. Back INTO THE MYSTIC.

Happy Birthday Van the Man, whose music I adored since the beginning. :)

Morlokk The Mage


“The world is not turning against us the world is turning with us, we JEDHI.”

Authenticate Archimedean Azimuth Avatar Avenger Affirmative Archangel AVP SPACE N’SPACE 1 Space n.SPACE Space, space n~SPACE 9 Space n-SPACE SPACE N+SPACE 1 Space n=SPACE SPACE N_SPACE 6 Space n*SPACE SPACE N(SPACE) 1 Space n’SPACE SPACE N.SPACE 3 Space n,SPACE SPACE N~SPACE 5 Space n-SPACE SPACE N+SPACE AI N=space a n_space face space n*SPACE SPACE N(SPACE) SP N’SPACE ME N.SPACE SPACE N,SPACE MOM SPACE N~SPACE AI N-space p n+space a n=space c n_space e space n*SPACE SPACE N(SPACE) P N’SPACE V N.SPACE A SPACE N,SPACE S N~space a n-space f n+space me space n=SPACE SPACE N_space leg n*space nah n(space) c n’space r space n.SPACE A SPACE N,SPACE AI N~space p n-space me space n+SPACE SPACE N=space e n_space v n*space it n(space) am n’space r n,SPACE I N~space ff space n-SPACE A SPACE N+SPACE S N=space p n_space a n*space c n(space) e space n’SPACE SPACE re n,space g n~space ne n-space v space n+SPACE A SPACE N=SPACE AI N_space a n*space f n(space) me space n’SPACE SPACE rat n,space n~SPACE AV SPACE N-space n+SPACE S N=space a n_space face space n*SPACE SPACE N(space) ht n’space u mi n,space z space n~SPACE A SPACE N-SPACE 1916135 Space n+SPACE SPACE N=space n_SPACE NA N*space e n(space) de n’space mi h n,space c n~space r space n-SPACE A SPACE N+SPACE AI N=space a n_space f n*space ace space n(SPACE) SPACE N’space et ac n,space it n~space ne n-space ht n+space u space n=SPACE A SPACE N_SPACE Sp n*space me space n(SPACE) SPACE N’SPACE A N.SPACE I N,SPACE P N~SPACE A N-SPACE C N+SPACE E N=SPACE SPACE N_SPACE ONE SPACE N*SPACE S N(space) a n’space f me space n,SPACE SPACE N~SPACE Au n-space then n+space tic n=space ate space n_SPACE AI N*space p n(space) me space n’SPACE SPACE N.SPACE Arc n,space hi n~space me n-space d n+space ea n=space n space n_SPACE S N*space p n(space) ace space n’SPACE SPACE N.SPACE A N,space z n~space n-SPACE I N+space m n=space u n_space t n*space h space n(SPACE) AI N’space a f n,space me space n~SPACE SPACE N-SPACE Av n+space a n=space tar space n_SPACE S N*space a n(space) f n’space ace space n.SPACE Space, space n~SPACE Av n-space eng n+space e n=space r space n_SPACE 1916135 Space n*SPACE SPACE N(SPACE) A N’space f firm n,space at n~space iv n-space e space n+SPACE AI N=space a n_space f n*space ace space n(SPACE) SPACE N’SPACE Arch angel space n,SPACE S N~space p n-space me space n+SPACE SPACE N=SPACE A N_SPACE VP SPACE N*SPACE AI N(space) p n’space ace space n.SPACE Space, space n~SPACE S N-SPACE A N+SPACE F N=SPACE ME N_SPACE SPACE N*SPACE MUM SPACE N(SPACE) AI N’space p me space n,SPACE SPACE N~SPACE S N-SPACE P N+SPACE A N=SPACE C N_SPACE E N*SPACE SPACE N(SPACE) Authentic n’space ate space n.SPACE Space, space n~SPACE SPACE N-SPACE Arch n+space n=SPACE I N_space me n*space dean space n(SPACE) AI N’space a f n,space me space n~SPACE SPACE N-SPACE Azimuth space n+SPACE S N=space a n_space f n*space ace space n(SPACE) SPACE N’SPACE A vat n,space a n~space r space n-SPACE 1916135 Space n+SPACE SPACE N=SPACE Avenge n_space r space n*SPACE AI N(space) a n’space face space n.SPACE Space, space n~SPACE Affirmative space n-SPACE S N+space p n=space me space n_SPACE SPACE N*SPACE Arc n(space) hang n’space n.SPACE EL SPACE N,space n~SPACE AI N-space p n+space ace space n=SPACE SPACE N_SPACE AV N*SPACE P SPACE N(SPACE) S N’SPACE A N.SPACE F N,SPACE ME N~SPACE SPACE N-SPACE COSMOS SPACE N+SPACE AI N=space p n_space me space n*SPACE SPACE N(SPACE) SPACE N’SPACE SPACE N.SPACE Authenticate Archimedean Azimuth Avatar Avenger Affirmative Archangel AVP 1916135 AIAFACE SPME AIPACE SAFME AIPME SPACE AIAFME SAFACE: Whole new ball game it certainly shall be once this grand game of living life is final. What shall actually transpire being anyone’s guess, all that we do know is that those who have scored highest points be certainly consigned to the history books. Actual winners of this game definitely know being individuals who have so taken everything out of living life that they could have possibly a gotten out of the numbered lifetimes that they have lived life just for themselves justified so for themselves.



.....and from the unparallelled concert recording of all time - A Night in San Francisco - "I Forgot That Love Existed"
I forgot that love existed troubled in my mind.
Heartache after heartache, worried all the time.
I forgot that love existed
Then I saw the light
Everyone around me make everything alright.

Oh, oh Socrates and Plato they
Praised it to the skies.
Anyone who's ever loved
Everyone who's ever tried.

If my heart could do my thinking
And my head begin to feel
I would look upon the world anew
And know what's truly real.

such a gift to us all....


YES!!!! Robert this is so perfect!!!! Thanks for making my day more Heavenly within a lot of hell.
Reminds me of the song The Reaper. I've had to jump and fly so many times.
I really love you're teachings,

cathy cataldo

Thank you for such a beautiful memory I will find this tape when I get of line.I'm packed again!! I remember jumping around and dancing and singing to sweet thing.Another era another "grow old again". BUT not today!! I have been true blue, He is the man.


Thanks Robert, A Shaman indeed! Straight to the heart - so many rich memories


Thank you. Love Van Morrison! My brother-in-law saw him in concert, once. His tale? Morrison went on stage, performed and walked off without a word-- ha-ha!

I love that story.


not sure if you know this, but we're in the midst of the ganpati festival in india... it's a celebration of ganesha - the lord of thresholds, remover of obstacles and son of shiva the creative destroyer & parvati (embodiment of life force shakti)

Sue Moon

Could Morlokk the Mage perhaps choose to keep his posts to something we could understand and be a little more relevant?


Hi Valerie - "G-L-O-R-I-I-I-I--- G-L-O-R-I-A..." Yes, discovering the lyrics to the Dweller confirmed that was the thing to write about. Van is truly a Western Shaman of the most excellent type, even if he doesn't care much what others think or have thought his entire career. All good prayers for your sister navigating the Bardo with ease releasing all fear and confusion. Saturn often has some association with significant deaths, since they are non-negotiable, like Saturn. There are times to review the source material, since they are touchstone jewels in this superficial era.

Hi Morlokk - I've allowed many redundant posts, esp. if they contain something the community may learn from. However, at this point, you must truncate your comments, or I will. I've allowed a lot of n-SPACE SPACE etc. content in prior comments, and comparing some of them, it doesn't seem you're adding much of value. And of course, words others can understand are always welcome.

Hi ryn - Yes, the man moondances under love's orb reflecting the needs and feelings of all throughout the ages. That's why he touches so many so deeply.

Hi Wendy - Remembering the eternals helps us refocus. "Don't fear the reaper...." Glad it all resonates.

Hi Cathy - He does inspire many of us to remember things we never thought, to feel things from a timeless time, and embrace going "into the mystic." "and it touched me to my Soul...."

Hi Morvah - Across the decades he never ceases to amaze me. Each time I think he's disappeared, he returns with a new face, a new sound, a new message, delivered with the same power as G-L-O-R-I-A Glor-ia....

Hi WarriorLady - Yes, I hear he's a bit shy. Of course, Jimi used to play entire sets with his back to the audience.

Hi harbeena - Yes, Lord Ganesha is familiar to me since he's my son in a curious sort of way. May the dispenser of blessings and the remover of obstacles bless all who are seeking the Highest with righteousness, and place obstacles in the path of those who would harm the servants of Dharma. Aum Namah Shivaya!

Hi Sue Moon - He's very enthusiastic, no? I hope my reminder can help him to communicate more effectively with this community. "Everybody's talking about Mages and sages and rabbis and popeyes and byebyes and byebyes....." (with all thanks to a dead Saint!)


Thank you again... :)


Thanks Robert. I was out celebrating my own birthday on the 31st (8/31/1962, 2:10 a.m. Boulder CO). I didn't know much about Van Morrison 27 or so years ago when I pulled Beautiful Vision out of the bin at the record store. I'd heard Moondance, Wavelength and Brown Eyed Girl and a few other songs and liked them. I didn't realize it at the time, but the record was part of a series of events that opened up a deeper and more meaningful experience of life for me. I didn't find out till much later when they announced on the radio that Van and I shared a birthday. My experience as a Virgo has had its share of loneliness and feelings of being unwanted. Van also has a song called Virgo Clowns from the His Band and Street Choir that has often helped bring joy back to my heart.

Jeanette Squires

Dearest Robert, just a big thank-you have not commented for ages have been checking in though and have gained strength here....have been a fan of the man for so long ....his songs touch the soul and have saved many lives....have been grieving the loss of my brother...its a godsend to have such soulful,inspirational music to heal with....thanks giverny x

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