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I've been watching this unfold as well. Truthout had a great article titled:
Is the US on the Brink of Fascism?

We should be very aware of what is happening below the surface...


Hi Preston - Yes! I saw this a few weeks ago, and it's a very good piece on how easy it is for nations to slip into forms of fascism. Lots of signposts that show we need to turn our nation in a different direction. A very valuable source for those who are alarmed by the present trajectory.

Though it's always dicey to put political views forth in a public forum due to random trolls, I'll offer an addendum to both this article and the one you posted on American dancing on the brink of fascism.

In my view, America has never been all that "democratic" or in any way non-violent - think of the Native Americans alive at the time when "Manifest Destiny" was all the rage. The Federal Government as well as the citizenry have always claimed the right to shoot if they feels it necessary. Violent fringe groups have been with us for many centuries, and occasionally even had a politician or three in their pocket.

While not undervaluing widespread, extremely violent behavior toward select minorities in the US before and after WWII, it seems to me that things got much more heavy handed in the abusive exercise of Federal (and police) power in the 60s. Power expanded for good (civil rights enforcement) in the 50s and 60s, but with that came assumptions easily exploited by the authoritarians who came to power after that.

Humphrey ran on "peace and justice," while Nixon ran on "law and order." That empowered authoritarians and proto-fascists in America, including Reagan's abusive misuse of state police power in California along with increasing abuses in other states. That model carried over to the 80s, since it never really went away.

The Reagan presidential years were the incubator and experimental lab of our current form of Federally sanctioned righteous religious and political extremism. It coupled disdain for considering other opinions than one's own with extreme demagoguery, merged with the power of the state.

The current authoritarian model was perfected in the Bush era, culminating in a disdain for the rule of law itself through countless Constitutional violations by the Executive Branch. Many things were usurped, and powers claimed that never existed before. Elections were manipulated to ensure the sense of an "inevitability" to the authoritarian model.

Since the media doesn't focus on topics like these, most Americans cannot see how manipulators are using slogans to sell us a national disaster. Critical thinking is at a minimum, sloganeering has replaced dialogue, and as a nation we are at loggerheads, the irresistible force of evolution meeting the immovable object of fear-based minds haunted by an obsolete worldview.

That's why the next few years will see a building pressure and tremendous polarizations, with no real homeostasis until after 2014, for good or ill. And by 2020, we'll be dealing with an entirely new set of assumptions, since we'll be living in an utterly transformed world. In any case, the fascist models will disappear forever, since they are contrary to human evolution at this transition stage between the old 5th Root Race and the emerging 6th Root Race.


could not agree more with your insights. Thank you for lighting the way.



This is pretty much what we've been suspecting. I read the whole article, thanks for putting such a clear explanation our way, not so very different here, in fact I'd go so far as to say that 'Town Hall democracy' is a thing of the past. I know how busy you are but if you have a minute it might be of interest to have a look at this beauty coming in under the radar:
(scroll down to the videos is quickest)
This is still a commercially based set of proposals which cannot become law unless the whole concept is accepted by EU law.In the fine print it appears that the demands of the larger corporations 'can be over represented' to the extent that 'compromise packages' are liable to be agreed by the European Commission (ie. back-doored.) The proposed completion and acceptance of Codex Alimentarius by the European Parliament is set for December 2009.
Shanti? I don't think so


Dear Robert,

I feel we are going through a very dangerous time region, where almost everything is possible, and therefore the responsibility on our shoulders is almost as great as the one that laid on Ted Kennedy's... But being a VOICE demands clarity. My doubt here is about President Obama's role - we in Europe really love him for all his dreams represent. I cannot believe he would cooperate with such forces. On the contrary, I can believe that these forces would both try to infiltrate his camo and also activelly fight Obama's proposals - like the one about health care.

Please offer some guidance on this.

Love and viveka and shanti,



ROBERT - I took the small text I left as a comment on your hommage to Ted Kennedy and turned it into a post at my

Do check it if you will, I mention your wonderful site, too, and leave a link to this.

Love and Namaste



Robert I must say this post is largly dissapointing. This is america and its people deserve a voice.. a voice that is constantly being ignored and shut out. Its beginning to get urgent. This country is in huge trouble. And washington is sending us and our future generations rapidly to a scary place. Republican, Democrat, doesnt matter. We the people, what has happened to the America our forefathers gave their life for. How can we stay quiet and sheepishly trust washington? Tell future generations they will work to pay for the greed of those we elected put us into a debt that is ultimately going to take us down. You can't get out of debt by adding to your debt. And this healthcare plan. Where is the money going to come from for this??? We have nothing, China has bought a huge portion of our debt, we are printing money with NOTHING to back it up. Thats called counterfieting. Answers are what the people deserve. "gun toting white racist groups" .... what an ignorant comment. AMERICA, those who look towards their own hearts and the eyes of their children, who wake up in the morning to make ends meat for their family, those who have to be responsible with thier money because they know when you are not there are CONSEQUENCES. Those who do not blindly trust a government who constantly breaks its promises to the people. They ask for our support and to believe that they know best, when they have repeatedly shown their own incompitence. Its about time people began to question what is going on. In God we trust. Not the government. And we needed Kennedy like Mary Jo needed a drink of water.


I must agree with Isabel . . . individual responsibility. Deciding what part I play in all this and being good with that. There is dialogue and that is good. The changes will involve compromise and that involves difficult decisions. Money as a marker? I just don't know about that.

As far as health care goes, companies in my area are discontinuing health care benefits for employees. It just ain't working anymore. The change in the system is inevitable. Administration costs in the changes are a sad waste, but that's the cost of a large centralized system.

Had a discussion with some at a class reunion last nite: it's best to knuckle under to the powers that be, they said. Ye gads!!!

In the us, we are supposed to be the government. If we are personally manifesting more rapidly, we each have accelerated power to be part of the change. It comes from us. I am finding there is power in vision and aligning with that vision.

Peace love groovy.

Sophia Ulander

ahhh, eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil are we...judgement........check yourself....where is your perception coming from? vast right wing/left wing only needs to read for a minute or two to see what side this site clings to....there is only one tree...and that is to show yourself approved.


Apologies to other commenters, but I feel I must answer this one first.

Hi Sophia - While I sometimes accept clever statements as a testimony to imagination, when someone puts forth attitude I expect facts along with assertions. This scholarly article is about obvious authoritarian patterns. Are you asserting none exist? Are you asserting that authoritarian attitudes do not hinder free expression of Spirit? Do you think they do no harm?

As for judgment, we ALL judge every day, from what clothes we wear to what we choose to do or not do, what sites we visit, what physical and Spiritual foods we consume. We ALL judge, so why is that your issue? I know where perception comes from, and am somewhat familiar with the concept of dependent causation, both on abstract and practical levels.

While there is a "Tree of Life," it manifests in many ways, from the Faces of God through the Archangels, the Angelic groups, and the Planetary Host. It may be one, life itself, but it (and life) are dual in their many manifestations. Even Karma manifests in many ways, though it all serves the Great Work. Not sure what "approval" you speak of. Aum.


I never posted comments here til now. Mahalo nui loa, Robert, for the finest work.
I read a book of his, HG's, entitled, "Radical Evolution" based on research he'd done in the murky world of the DOD, our 'best & brightest', & 'GRIN'technologies (Genetix, Robotix, artificial Intelligence, & Nano-tek) in the context of apocalyptic scenarios held by very heavy hitters such as Bill Joy (internet grandpa). Scenarios are based on interpretations when theoretically reaching the tek-term 'singularity'. Great read- recommended reading for a look down deep into the Plutonian rabbit hole--or is it Dante's? Aloha. Sarva Mangalam/Tashi Shok


Hi Morvah - The Alliance for Natural Health looks good. (link is actually without the codex extender) Democratic speech began to erode with the courts giving the same rights to corporations as to human individuals. And of course, it is always in the elites' interest to make sure of the powerlessness of the individual.

Hi Isabel - Yes, this is a perilous time, but there have been others, and humanity keeps evolving despite itself. I won't get into what I believe is tying Obama's hands, but truly, the governments of our world are a collective rat's nest that needs fumigating, starting with corporations that are not acting in the public interest. There should be NO profit in healthcare, since it's a universal right to be free from suffering, and a lack of adequate healthcare certainly creates untold suffering. I saw what you did on your beautiful site. Thanks. And Act III in Obama's stage show is yet to be played....

Hi VMC53 - Yes, it's a disappointment that we're still dealing with fascism (state supported corporatism) along with the radical erosion of our civil liberties. Again, when the corporations got the same "rights" as individuals, we didn't stand a chance, since the corporations can spend more on their agendas than we can ours. I believe we must take ALL the money out of politics. Not that hard, but this reactionary Supreme Court (bought and sold, directly and indirectly, by corporate interests) will never let that happen.

We could have universal health care for free if we'd stop wasting money on two wars, propping up Halliburton, Blackwater, and the other war profiteering multinational corporations, and put a cap on insurance profits, lawyer's fees, and banker's bonuses. Though you may disagree, there are too many "gun toting white racist groups" who would rather shout, scream, and shoot if they feel like it than dialog, come together, and create something that works for all rather than separate selfish fear-based interests.

I would rather trust our socialist system of fire and public safety departments, sewage treatment, road repairs, the CDC, and consumer protection services than any private for profit system to deal with these. That said, many in Washington DC are corrupt, incompetent, bought and sold, and unworthy to be in government. Again, get rid of the lobbyists, take all the money out of campaigning, make it so our legislators cannot take a dime more than their salary, term limits for the Supreme Court, and impeachment and public disgrace for violating the Constitution (such as quite a few former people in power have done.)

As for your final comment on Teddy, are you saying one egregious mistake renders the FOIA, ADA, COBRA, OSHA, Meals on Wheels, Family Leave Act, his votes against wars, and all the other worthy human rights legislation he spearheaded irrelevant, or less worthy?

Hi caliban - There's already too much waste, corruption, and greed in our corporate model, and I am on record that I don't think certain areas of human necessity should be profit driven, or left to the tender mercies of an utterly corrupt marketplace with its gamers and manipulators.

Hi again Sophia - Well, since you never bothered to offer even the least contribution to the conversation, then I must assume you're a troll.

Hi Will - Mahalo to you as well! Giroux is quite a scholar, and very articulate. He has written about many things that threaten the well being of our world, including the failure of education to educate, the failure of the media to ask anything but pandering questions, and many other areas of concern. Thanks for offering that Giroux resource for those who want to know more from this amazing thinker. Namaskarams....

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