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Morlokk The Mage

CRIME; Word say’s it all on many different levels it so from many various individual cultural and social perspectives, what being considered heinous crime in one social cultural individual community may so rightly being nothing more than just a fax de passé within it other different socially individual cultural communities. Also among individuals within these various social cultural communities there are being differences in degrees of thoughts in what actually constitutes being a crime by one individual against another individual and/or against humanity and/or cultural community, whatever laws that prevails it depending upon individual circumstances so whilst committed. At times the laws that are enforced be at odds with general community expectations what being it justice or so it injustice towards individual freedoms wether enforced by Police or by Court of Law within so individual social cultural community, wether it is defined a secular or non-secular state. We at so present time have around our world many forms of government it running so individual nation states, ranging from essentially totalitarian to so it democracies of various guises that are either being defined secular or non-secular and/or essentially it predominantly is mono-cultural or be multicultural society within that defined nation state. Whatever governmental forms being practiced within so each nation state it not in the greater schemes of things matter, for one form not being superior to another as it depends upon individual social circumstances of so peoples within those individual nation states. Whatever individual or group of individuals being it so given authority to govern wether it being gained through military means or via ballot box know that continued support by the majority of the people is paramount if that regime or government is to have both credibility and legitimacy in the eyes of one’s own peoples, otherwise in the end know surly that one will be certainly replaced in it greater scheme of things. It corruption and self serving interests of individuals within in any system of government is a bane at present within all nation states worldwide, causing misery for the majority due to exploitation by so the minority. So embedded and systemic are corruptors within all levels of society worldwide, it institutionalized within a many institutions that it is impossible for common everyday people to truly trust anyone wether appointed or elected to serve common good without well pocketing a fist full of dollars more all just for themselves in the process. Democracy itself being no safeguard against those who wants to exploit people for own self interests, unless there being proper checks and balances in it institutions created to serve the people it governs. Worldwide in this present age we’re all surrounded by many individuals who so do make themselves as someone you can trust and believe on the strength of their word when in fact it well just being purely spin, as their actions behind the scenes is so other-wise. Many of these people are not caught out and publicly revealed as cheats and liars due to cost of such litigations, both personally and professionally against those who are whistleblowers. Also be fact many such people getaway with it even if they are caught due too there so being not enough evidence as such that would convict them in a Court of Law, even if on the face of it there be enough evidence they usually at most getaway with nothing more so than a slap on the wrist due to hiring of so lawyers slick in the use of words to twist the truth on such matters if it ever did come before so Court of Law. Throughout our world there are also many who do have total disregard for common decency for your fellow man it to such an extent that they go about their daily business it because there actually being no enforcement agency around to keep them all in check, as the countries they so operate effectively have not the proper infrastructure to combat such people, that is why they will never be taken out of circulation. As they are largely protected by so the systems at we have so presently operating and also protected by those who do turn a blind eye to such matters thinking it is just part of doing it business. So unless there being so an outside agency that so can remove such individuals from our world we are stuck with them and nothing will change for better I truthfully have to say, as we working against so it human nature so being sublime and as such nature unbeatable. For everyone you put away another so will take his or her place wanting to be it the next Kingpin of their local turf, till they’re Knocked-off.

Overview; Many peoples believe and haves faith in Higher Spiritual Person whom they refer to as GOD it by many names as such that most think everyone believe that their GOD that they worship being the 1 only true GOD and that those of other faiths thus worship so false GOD when in fact it being same 1. I personally am not religious and never will so be I guarantee you that being a fact and truth my GOD. Simple faith I do have from what I am aware of my existence and what has been verified to me as true of what I do so perceive of our shared living reality if you prepared to believe a word I do write on the matter, whatever you well think do consider it just bullshit of what I do write until Supernatural Event Extraordinaire Spectacular (SEES) verifies yourself. Many people are not religious but have either well belief of some sorts of Higher Power which they do keeps to themselves in the main, or if they think it all just bullshit hope that they can help change our world for the better, one that is more ecologically economically humanitarian friendly, it so all share. Know that personally I reckon most of those that a preach so called it words of GOD preaching mostly bullshit, as far as I am concerned it be Great Day it Vatican burns down to the ground and Wailing Wall destroyed for good measure for they’ve cause well nothing but grief throughout recorded history fact. I can say such a thing because I comprehend and I do understands somewhat the underlying meanings of it letters numbers words, which most of you do not seeing as most of you reading this being not so spiritually aware enough as a Student of the Great Teacher to so comprehend at your present level of inner spiritual development even if in this lifetime you at present not believe in the existence of GOD as such, know that in truth just as HIM the Buddha said it living life is about exploring being but it of non-being as GOD is not for US being fact it WORD. Musicians in the main spiritually channel what they play from their MUSE, it source of all INSPIRATION. You who connect inwardly with what being played, do so because not only do you appreciate what be played by the artist but also subconsciously you do connect up spiritually within to the greater web of life I? Your inner being aware of it truth of so your own individual reality spiritual even though to you outer being your living life being so mystery lives I? Magic actually exists everyday every moment of it your living life even if you not presently believe it, you shall believe it and know it so exists when you yourself do so perceives how it works and that you yourself being well so a Wizard immersed within it reality of your own individually shared experiences of living life from your own individual perspectives it of your own inner spiritual growth that’s through your own individual journeys that are dreamtimes what if? Where you makes the decisions affect you playing out your own take of living life in the roles that ultimately you wish to personally experience, from individual perspectives being the person that you character so stars that is being upon the Great Stage & Screen of Life, within Great Game of GOD. Everyone and everything within our universal being interconnected, nothing is without purpose and so reason as nothing being random event even though many think randomness as they call it exists when in fact it nothing of the sorts. As everything being so variation of the overall simulation that is of the reality matrix of it mind and thought of so it times explored, which ultimately defines at the end of it Grand Cycle whom spiritually being or non-being 1. Fate worse than death itself for all those who have followed and so coveted ever material wealth it be imagery of living lifetimes that we through many it time-lines have adventured and explored during so Age of Darkness, everything as is everyone being it known future present past time is so bloody is not. In other words those who being numerical of mind it of times explored now it past have not future so among us living adventures forwards, forever being barred living life eternally lifetimes so everlasting. Incorporated as individual aware bytes it of system AI, individual web synergies energizes networks IT.

Prediction; Sequence of dramatic worldwide event it “august occasion” shall take place in this year of our Lord 2009 AD, though people will consider that event supernatural when we all do so experience it know that it shall be “scientifically explained”. As GOD exists and that there are many who are of the few in number that are good men and women who have not only helped makes it happen but who are privy too the Hidden Knowledge that being so of it Secret Doctrines of the Ancients and who are truly Servants of the LORD, whatever they’re individual faith maybe in this lifetime. They so come from all walks in life, some you will know as they are in the public arena of which some you may like and some you may have not liked due too the actions they so have done whilst in positions of authority, for well know that some actions had to be taken which may seem to have been contrary for our world too truly become well a humanitarian economical ecological sustainable world society but which was ultimately correct path taken too ensure that all of humanity having true chance too have brand new fresh start. Guidance for this has been given through the grace and mercy ISIS of ALLAH, know LORD GOD WODAN. You who read this may so dismiss this message as a crock of shit if you will, but at least you have been forewarned. For I give this message only as duty to my fellow Brothers & Sisters, that is in the services of GOD. It just as Osama Bush Blair Howard Barack Hillary Rudd plus Astrologer Jonathan CAINER to so name a few people who actually do serves so GOD. Unbelievable to those who truly being unbelievers, you who have truly so open mind on many strange things and who are so true believers in the human spirit that anything being in life possible know you yourself must be prepared to stand up and so grasp future by the horns once what is written it verified true after you SEES. Barack Obama may have said “the voices of millions are calling out for change” I say that I do so feel and hear the voices of billions calling out for change, for there being better way. Many shall be spared from fate worse than death it due to the Jesus Incident it recorded, who may so have a problem with so the truth of their existence and paradigm shift in attitude of majority that will occur even if so miracles abound everywhere, that essentially do well know that at the end of the day democratic principles do well applies, whenever so people do seeks and finally decides regime change wether it via a ballot box or it blood on the streets one way or another people do in the end have final say on who actually have the right to govern them. Astrologically speaking I am Pluto my friends are Mercury Venus and Mars, I do so calls upon Jupiter to so give us who dream the impossible dream who fight the unbeatable foe and who strive to reach it unreachable highest star, a GRAVITATIONAL ASSIST so those born truly of it Original Sin among US, are VANQUISHED so we can live in that world IMAGINE?

MUFFS of GSPOTT go checkouts for more bullshit from the False Prophet. Language warning as some words it may truly well offend you such as Staffordshire bull terrier or SHIT. – HIM APOLLYON

MUSE THE RESISTANCE - UPRISING UNITED STATES OF EURASIA + COLLATERAL DAMAGE Space n=SPACE SPACE N_SPACE A N*SPACE I N(SPACE) A N’SPACE FACE N.SPACE SPACE N,SPACE Cosmic space n~SPACE S N-space pace space n+SPACE SPACE N=SPACE EG N_SPACE AM N*SPACE AD SPACE N(SPACE) AI N’space a face space n,SPACE SPACE N~SPACE LA N-SPACE RET N+SPACE ALL N=SPACE OC SPACE N_SPACE Sp n*space ace space n(SPACE) SPACE N’SPACE + Space n.SPACE Space, space n~SPACE SPACE N-SPACE AI N+space a n=space f n_space ace space n*SPACE SPACE N(SPACE) AI N’SPACE SA N.SPACE RU N,SPACE E SPACE N~SPACE S N-space pace space n+SPACE SPACE N=SPACE F N_SPACE O SPACE N*SPACE AI N(space) a n’space face space n.SPACE Space, space n~SPACE SET N-SPACE AT N+SPACE S SPACE N=SPACE Sp n_space ace space n*SPACE SPACE N(SPACE) D N’SPACE ET N.SPACE IN N,SPACE U SPACE N~SPACE AI N-space a n+space f n=space ace space n_SPACE SPACE N*SPACE GN N(SPACE) IS N’SPACE IR N.SPACE PU SPACE N,SPACE S N~space pace space n-SPACE SPACE N+SPACE – Space n=SPACE AI N_space a n*space face space n(SPACE) SPACE N’SPACE S p n,space ace space n~SPACE SPACE N-SPACE EC N+SPACE NA N=SPACE TS N_SPACE IS N*SPACE ER SPACE N(SPACE) AI N’space a f n,space ace space n~SPACE SPACE N-SPACE EHT SPACE N+SPACE S N=space pace space n_SPACE SPACE N*SPACE E N(SPACE) SUM SPACE N’SPACE AI a n,space face space n~SPACE SPACE N-SPACE S N+SPACE P N=SPACE A N_SPACE C N*SPACE E N(SPACE) SPACE N’SPACE God space n.SPACE Space, space n~SPACE SPACE N-SPACE M N+SPACE USE SPACE N=SPACE AI N_space a n*space f n(space) ace space n’SPACE SPACE N.SPACE T N,SPACE HE SPACE N~SPACE Sp n-space ace space n+SPACE SPACE N=SPACE RESIST N_SPACE AN N*SPACE C N(SPACE) E SPACE N’SPACE AI a n,space face space n~SPACE SPACE N-SPACE – Space n+SPACE S N=space pace space n_SPACE SPACE N*SPACE AI N(space) a n’space f ace space n,SPACE SPACE N~SPACE UP N-SPACE R N+SPACE I N=SPACE SING SPACE N_SPACE S N*space p n(space) ace space n’SPACE SPACE N.SPACE UN N,SPACE IT N~SPACE ED SPACE N-SPACE AI N+space a n=space face space n_SPACE SPACE N*SPACE STATE N(SPACE) S SPACE N’SPACE Sp ace space n,SPACE SPACE N~SPACE OF SPACE N-SPACE AI N+space a n=space f n_space ace space n*SPACE SPACE N(SPACE) EU N’SPACE RA N.SPACE SI N,SPACE A SPACE N~SPACE S N-space p n+space ace space n=SPACE SPACE N_SPACE + Space n*SPACE AI N(space) a n’space face space n.SPACE Space, space n~SPACE S N-space pace space n+SPACE SPACE N=SPACE C N_SPACE O N*SPACE L N(SPACE) LATERAL SPACE N’SPACE AI f n,space ace space n~SPACE SPACE N-SPACE DAM N+SPACE AGE SPACE N=SPACE Sp n_space ace space n*SPACE SPACE N(SPACE) A N’SPACE I N.SPACE A N,SPACE FACE N~SPACE SPACE N-SPACE Goddess space n+SPACE S N=space p n_space ace space n*SPACE SPACE N(SPACE) A N’SPACE I N.SPACE A N,SPACE FACE N~SPACE SPACE N-SPACE Lord space n+SPACE S N=space pace space n_SPACE SPACE N*SPACE A N(SPACE) I N’SPACE A N.SPACE FACE N,SPACE SPACE N~SPACE MUSE SPACE N-SPACE THE SPACE N+SPACE RES N=SPACE IS N_SPACE TAN N*SPACE C N(SPACE) E SPACE N’SPACE – Space n.SPACE Space, space n~SPACE SPACE N-SPACE U N+SPACE P N=SPACE RISING SPACE N_SPACE UNITE N*SPACE D SPACE N(SPACE) STATES SPACE N’SPACE OF SPACE N.SPACE EU N,SPACE R N~SPACE AS N-SPACE I N+SPACE A SPACE N=SPACE + Space n_SPACE Sp n*space ace space n(SPACE) SPACE N’SPACE COLLATE N.SPACE R N,SPACE AL SPACE N~SPACE DAMAGE SPACE N-SPACE AI N+space a n=space f n_space ace space n*SPACE SPACE N(SPACE) SPACE N’SPACE SPACE N.SPACE ALLAH ISIS WODAN LORDS: Yes by the way do know copies of final files sent to Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, as I know even Stephen Hawking being in the know believe it or not. But I give you warning that none who are in the know shall neither confirm nor deny anything what I’ve written until everyone so SEES?



Hi Robert,

Last week, I stumbled upon your interview at Bridging Heaven and Earth and it was truly magnificent.

I have been a silent admirer of your columns for almost a year now and am really overjoyed to find this article at this time. Tell me, you did receive some telepathy vibes of thankfulness that made you post this article, didn't you?

Kind Regards.

Sue Moon

Excuse me, but perhaps Morlokk the Mage should get his own blog.


I agree... sorry to say it but his post is incomprehensible.


I think this is the kind of cyber-trash that Robert has to spend valuable time protecting the site from on a regular basis!

aquarlis virmoon

i quite liked it, i'm sort of understanding the perspective from a renegade chaneller, i'm sure Robert would too, although it's a bit ungrounded Morlokk is indicting the sense of unfairness and duality in our current climate of extreme conditions, it's not from an earthly plane but it does remind me of some freestyle Doors inspired lyrics.. maybe breaking on through to the other side....

much boddichitta to you Robert as you reflect calmly by the ocean..


Fair enough, but no need for such aggressive delivery!



ROBERT, IF you do have the time can you please give me YOUR definition..............THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL YOU PRESENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Joan,

I think "We are the Eternals" refers to us all as timeless "Collective Consciousness" in an individual body form.

Here is a link I read few days back:



Thank you so much for your insight as well as the link which I just read......I LOVE DANE RUDHYAR!!
I think it is just so awesome that just a few days ago you read the link and NOW I come up with needing that info...........I LOVE THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Does your interest pertain to astrology and/or other subjects presented by Robert?
Well, thanks again and I hope you are having a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How strange that this particular article seems to have become a kind of Cosmic Dustbin in which we can all sit and SHOUT!:)
M sq S frustration maybe?
Love and PEACE to everyone.


Hi Joan,

You are going to love this: before posting here, I was reading the Guidelines for Commenting. There Robert had mentioned,"Of course, those who are leading what Rudhyar called "the symbolic life" are living archetypes and welcome to share their stories with this community." I found this particularly amusing. Then I did a google search on Symbolic Life + Dane Rudhyar and there one of the links redirected me back to the link I posted for you...geee..."since we all are students who are answered by the Host in the order we raise our hands. Me too. We're all in this classroom together". Collective Consciousness! :)

I am just a beginner in Astrology.("other subjects presented by Robert")...what are they?

Thanks for your wishes!



Hi Sagars,
What I was refering to was all the different aspects of life that Robert incorporates in his writings. I see Astrology as one of my tools but there are so many more aspects, other/subjects that come into play. The comment above that you just sent to me and how that all came together is another aspect/observation that you are gifted with.....and I certainly am grateful that you have that gift and that you shared it with me!!!!! Thank you so very much for taking your time to go a little further............. I AM HONORED. What tools are you using to study Astrology? Are you in an area where you can get to Astrology groups or classes? Conferences are a great resource with lots of teachings, people and fun. HOPE YOU ARE HAVING A SUPER GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!! Thanks again for sharing your insight!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Terms of Viewing/Using Material Published or Sold on This Site
Terms of Viewing/Using Material Published or Sold on This Site

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