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Jennifer Fraser

I have never written, but must say I really benefit from your messages of love and forgiveness. Thank you.


So many delicious points here Robert... but the most wonderful is knowing that you're back!


"Just keep breathing, riding the waves of intensifying and subsiding contractions until you see the form of what you've delivered. Then smile, since a whole new life begins!"........

That is beautiful and exactly what I needed to hear :-)
Thank you......


Welcome back Robert!
Again, my heartfelt gratitude and admiration.. I feel we are blessed to have your wisdom, your clear beacon , your authenticity and generosity.
Holding you in Light & Blessing
Thank you dear one.

Mary Anne

Ah, what a breath of fresh air today! These two last weeks of August 2009 do seem rather intense, yet the breath and light within are ever so near, so readily available, that when I simply touch there, I shift direction and open into a new flowering. Thank you for confirming just experience for so many people. It takes so much courage to dare the ineffable. Namaste, to all--

Robert Christopher

Thank you Robert, I've been reading your column for a few years now while studying astrology on my own and your wisdom and heart continue to improve my appreciation for the idea that all things in their right time. May your heart stay light and bright, peace and best wishes!
p.s. are you going to be speaking in Vancouver before the end of the year?


love and light, robert. be well.

Melody Dawn

Welcome back Robert ...

Peace be with you .. love and light
Melody Dawn


Thanks Robert.. Glad you're back..I'm 4/1/63 Fool baby same as you--Mars is packing a whollup right now...
So much energy right now-zooming eve which direction: that it feels like :stop/start, stop/start..
Can't get balanced...jsut want the energy to get a focus--but ahving trouble doing i feel whipped around by it.


Many good points here...and yes, intense end of August.

I find breathing to be the most helpful at times like this...when riding those waves. Breathe.

Welcome back!


Loved the parting thought...hadn't thought about it that way, but yes, this is how it's feeling. Many choices/waves to ride, but they are taking shape and form.

And though there are obstacles to overcome (the water may or may not have broken yet), the life inside that has been created feels just like a bundle of joy.

Thank you for the apt metaphor and surrounding, loving thoughts about what it means to live.


Thank you once again for your good work. Everyday I read your messages....and learn much from it. The eclipses, and now the mutable squares, the Cardinal squares and much much to come in the future. It will be a very wild ride for the years to come. It is up to us how we deal with these energies, and balance our lives......Thnx and Love and Light, Ilse (The Netherlands).


Robert, brilliant and spot-on, as always. Reconfirms the collective and transpersonal issues, too. A joy; a true and helpful reminder. Thank you and pleasekeep your own energy topped-up...

Ro, UK

Shehzaad Maroof

thanks Robert :)


Welcome back Robert. Like everyone else I have been dealing with lots of negativity from people around who arn't seeing past their personality and are whacked out by these T-Squares. Lots of gossip and false accusations. I was directed to read "Talks on At The Feet of the Master" by C.W. Ledbeater. That of course prompted me to read the gem itself- "At the Feet of the Master." It is very short and may be read in one sitting. It is important to remember that this little tomb is for aspirants who have voluntarily committed themself to the Spiritual Path. Here is the passage that really registered with me:
" You must bear your karma cherfully, whatever it may be, taking it as an honor that suffering comes to you, because it shows that the Lords of Karma think you worth helping. However hard it is, be thankful that it is no worse. Remember that you are but of little use to the Master until your evil karma is worked out, and you are free. By offering yourself to him, you have asked that your karma may be hurried, and so now in one or two lives you work through what otherwise might have been spread over a hundred. But in order to make the best out of it, you must bear it cheerfully, gladly."
Jai Guru Dev.


Hi Robert and as always thank you for your Grace and knowledge!!! Welcome back and I hope things quiet down in the ways you would like them to.
After reading this article I am thankful I have my 1941 Willys Jeep and my surfboards (I do surf) sounds like I'll need them!!!! They can be my materialistic symbols to remind myself to stay adventurous in the wild ride of change in these next couple of months.

Luv to you,


Thank you, Blessings and Welcome back!


Dear Robert,

OUCH ! As a November Lake Superior girl, we knows well what violent waves can do !
THANK YOU, as always, for your ongoing generosity, rigorous compassion and wisdom. You've been through alot, so it's time to chill, yes ?
Magenta's advice : comfy chair in front of fan, feet up, a cold microbrew, purring cat in lap, and if possible,
a nice view.
What else does really one need here ? For some, maybe good music. For others, like me, simple quiet.
Enjoy ! M


Thank you Robert.

So many are experiencing so much.

Someone sent me this today. I wanted to share it with you and all of the community. Very timely. I consider it a new moon in Leo musical gift. It brought me to tears of joy and gratitude for the gift of music to all of us.

It has so many Leo elements. The youth, (3 singers - 2 age 14 and one age 15) the playfulness of the song, the creativity and yes, the joy and exuberance. It's loud and powerful.

May it bring moments of joy to anyone who watches it as it reminds us that our lives are moments that we string together.



I am very grateful for your ability to listen to the universe and for the wonderful way you impart it to the rest of us.


Thank you for your insight.........right on time.....PERFECT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHEERFULNESS !!!

Vedic Astrology

The Dalai Lama is a lineage of religious leaders of the Gelug school of Tibetan Buddhism. The Dalai Lamas were also the political leaders of Lhasa-based Tibetan government between the 17th century and 1959. "Lama" is a general term referring to realized Tibetan Buddhist teachers. The current Dalai Lama is often called "His Holiness" (HH) by Westerners, although this does not translate to a Tibetan title. Tibetans may refer to him by epithets such as Gyalwa Rinpoche, meaning "Precious Victor", or Yishin Norbu, meaning "Wish-fulfilling Jewel."

Gayle Powell

Glad to hear about the allergy help! Loved everything you said! I was so happy to hear about you taking care of you! Sympathy regarding the deaths, what a blessing for them to have you nearby! Of all the people I know I would rather have you there than anyone at that time. What are the dates you will be in Los Angeles? Blessings my friend! Gayle


Hi Jennifer - That's a lovely thing to say. Thank you. Thanks for posting.

Hi Matt - Yes, well, occasionally I am forced by circumstances to do things I enjoy that are different than my routines that I enjoy....

Hi Neeta - Sure. Glad you connected with it.

Hi Shanita - Thanks. We'll figure something out re: talks etc. in a few weeks.

Hi Mary Ann - Yes, it's always intrigued me that when we change focus we are able to change pattern fairly easily. And the ocean is a great friend...

Hi Robert - You're welcome. Glad you've been visiting regularly and helped by the posts. Thanks for the blessings. I do love British Columbia. Very beautiful. Last time I was up there was a few years ago. My policy is to give talks and do charts wherever there is a demand for my services. Usually someone sets something up, and then I do my thing. So right now there's nothing set up in Vancouver, though I will be in Southern California in late Sep and early Oct, and NYC/Hamptons in late Nov or early Dec. Other trips are tentative, so I won't list them now, but will fill in readers as things gel.

Hi AnneTexas and Melody Dawn - Thanks.

Hi bethincary - Always good to know another April Fool!;-) Also Year of the Hare as well! Pretty strong energies active right now, so learn to be a good surfer as you ride the waves.

Hi Elizabeth - Yes, very intense, but productive. Breathing and loving and breathing and loving and ... will produce great results over time. Thanks!

Hi BritLitChik - As a student and devotee of Divine Mother, there are many analogies that can help us understand what we must learn and do. And of course, you're welcome.

Hi Ilse - Glad you find the posts meritorious. Usually if we have a heads up on frictional tides we can navigate them without getting jammed one way or another.

Hi Ro - Thanks. Am definitely finding new ways to do my Being so I'm not at odds.

Hi Shehzaad - You're welcome, and blessings to you.

Hi dcu - Have used that quote from "At the Feet" with several posters already. Thanks for the reminder. Chewing up karmas is a good thing since it demagnetises the denser causal bodies. At least we can ignore a lot of the white noise generated by chattering egos. Detachment is a good thing when the storm swirls....

Hi Wendy - Material symbols show us to the world as well as to ourselves. Yours sound great, and apt for what's up.

Hi Morvah - Good to be back. Thanks for the blessings.

Hi Magenta - Still re-healing the fracture due to unexpected 4-5 footer coming up from nowhere while standing in the shallows! Am still chilling, petting the cat, and relaxing the best I'm able.

Hi Jay - Thanks for the link to the great video! You're right in that we all are going through BIG shifts at present, and gratitude and appreciation are still major themes at this time in history.

Hi Solli - Well, I learned a long time ago, and have never neglected what opened. I believe we all have a gift we can offer to our world. I got clear about that early on, and never looked back!

Hi Joan - Yes, the Theosophical source material is very good for jumpstarting our focus into very profitable directions. That's why I put links to a bunch of stuff on the bottom left side of the page.

Hi Vedic - Again, I let this stay while deleting your more spammy "comments." Don't do it again unless you contact me first.

Hi Gayle - Looking forward to seeing you in Southern California the last days of Sept and first week of October. Yes, Jan Jensen of Tallahassee is a genius when it comes to homeopathy and other healing arts!


wonderful...wonderful & so on point (of course)..
the flow can be bumpy, still, graceful. grateful, choppy or smooth...all still a flow :-)

will have linda email again re: Awakenings :-)

we can catch up

hugs of light, love & wisdom




Your Highness,

NN/SN 0 Aries/Libra -- Venus-0 Cancer Sun 0 Leo


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