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i enjoyed this. it took me out of my life for a moment.


Much appreciation for all you do,...

Stirring the proverbial Inner Pot is something you do quite well.

Thank you for lending Light & Love exactly where it's needed.


thanks, robert.


Intention is always key.

Great post.


Thankyou Robert - I read, I learn, I take another little step along the Way!


Thank you for htis post Robert,
I appreciate the wisdom, which I will carry with me as I embark on a 7 day cleanse and fast, to begin the cycle of my 53 trip round the sun... I look forward to the release of the past years upheavals and challenges, intending to step foward with some Inner Peace, More Devotion and Clear Intention.
My heartfelt graitude to you for your guidane and kidness in helping me get through it all.
Love& Blessings




Shanita, happy birthday. I'm a travellin the big 53 now, too. This most excellent gift from Robert and friend has my smile extending off the sides of my face and into who knows where.


Thank you kindly.


Hi Robert,
Thank you. You really are in perfect sinc with the needs of your readers!
I've been on the path of endings for around 15 years. No new doors have opened. I do pray all the time for spiritual liberation from Maya, and I guess this is why so much is going away. At the same time so much bad karma is rearing it's ugly head I feel stunned 24-7. Even in sleep I feel it.
What you mentioned about dualties is so true. Everything on this realm has 2 sides. That realization alone has caused me to let go. But since I "feel" too wordly still I am sad and exhausted.
These are hard times. Let the door open!!!!!!!!!
Always appreciative of you guidance,


thanks caliban for the birthday wishes! When ever yours was, i extend them to you as well!!

I can see the smile... blessings for all of you.

I send a special prayer tonight for you Wendy.. may the full moon bring you illumination and Light.
this past year for me was like yours... seemingly impossible to navigate.
you can do it!



Thank you for this. There is no question that this radical shift is opening new vistas. I am grateful for your insights in lighting the path.



The timing for this article could not have been more perfect as I have been grappling with letting go of old goals, but finally made the decision to make a leap of faith and take a year to pause and be still, and allow serious time for meditation. No small feat given the whirlwind that is normal for my life. There seems to be a window of time, a spiritual gift of sorts, for me to devote myself to this, and this opportunity won't be there in this way a year, two years, or five years down the road - the time is now.

Thank you so very much for the support you give to all your readers.


Such a wonderful post, Robert. I find myself in this rapid fashion absorbing and releasing. Sometimes it happens so quickly, I scarcely notice it. The interesting part of this journey is realizing there are still some triggers and buttons that cause me to drop, briefly, into old unproductive ways of responding. The upside is realizing they are there, and allow me to see what self-cleansing needs to occur so I can move forward on this quest. It might involve forgiveness; it might involve explaining old wounds to someone who needs to hear them. I'm not sure yet. But having found peace in so many ways so quickly in the last 3 years, it makes working on the buttons less burdensome.


I wish I could give you a brownie for that (just baked some), but I'm going to have to settle for a thank you.


Namaste, Robert! You have so beautifully, and eloquently articulated with words--which can sometimes feel archaic-- exactly what must be done to make the shaking loose and the shifting a bit more bearable. I wish people understood pain and pleasure beyond the ego. It's so much better when you are looking at all of it, from a higher perspective. Once again, thank you--you're greatly appreciated.

Ace Star

Hi Robert! thanks for posting this beautiful article :)

Love & Light


Thank you Robert, this is something good to chew on for a lady who is floating towards a new horizon (i.e. unemployed and searching for a purpose.)

as Edgar Cayce once said, Fill the place better where ye are. :)


Hi robyn - Glad I could remind you of Eternal things. Sometimes it's just what our minds and hearts need.

Hi PeaceBEE - Stirring things is necessary if we are to become good chefs of life! Figured this might be useful to many right now.

Hi AnneTexas - Sure. You're welcome.

Hi WarriorLady - Yes, intention is a great thing to help us remember why we're doing what we're doing.

Hi Stephanie - As it was once said long ago, the journey of 100 miles begins with a single step.

Hi Shanita - Happy Solar Return and Birthday! I believe I recall you're going through accelerated lessons to clean up some things, preparing for a major Spiritual breakthrough. 53 will be less edgy than 52, far more illuminating, and just wait until Saturn's in Libra and off your Sun for a long time. Should help you see things from a more balanced perspective. And of course you're most welcome. We all get by (and other things) with a little help from our friends...

Hi Joan - You're most welcome. We all help each other here, one way and another. That's the blessing of this community. Fully Divine, fully human.

Hi caliban - Happy Solar Return and Birthday to you as well! You will also find more illumination and integration this coming year, and the fulfillment of the vision of 51 to the degree you "did the right thing" the past 12 months. And though it would take more analysis than I've done for you personally, you also could be on the threshold of a major Spiritual breakthrough.

Hi Tomer - You're most welcome.

Hi Wendy - Well, sometimes I just get to thinking, and ..... I believe doors have opened, just not where you've been looking. There are inner doors as well as outer doors. Not sure we're ever "free" from Maya, since that's the field of Spirit within which we live and breathe and have our Being. We just don't have to be suckered by the dualities. A long time ago I realized the wisdom of "At the Feet of the Master" when he reminds us that we should be grateful that the Lords of Karma believe us ready to transmute the negatives into positives, thereby hastening our Self-realization and freedom from ancient karmas. That which can become sad and exhausted is the impermanent self. That which observes the sadness and exhaustion remains triumphant!

Hi Preston - Glad you can find the insights useful. All together we light up the Way much better than any of us individually!

Hi Laura - Glad you're taking time to take care of what's truly important. As it has been written, "finding God first, I will find all other things in Thee. If we see God everywhere, God will never lose sight of us." Thanks for reminding us what's really important. When Spirit moves, matter inevitably follows!! And of course, you're most welcome.

Hi BritLitChik - Yes, the more we can consciously see ourselves participating in our own Self-realization, the quicker we can detach from that which doesn't serve our Higher Self. It's quite amazing how quickly we can break on through to the other side when we decide nothing will put us off the goal of living our Higher Self 24/7.

Hi Kelsta - Will celebrate a virtual brownie with you. Next time find a child who would enjoy such things and offer it to them. And of course, you're most welcome.

Hi SunDeevah - If we find the right point of view, miracles and wonder are possible! Though pleasure and pain are part of the fabric of human life, eventually we learn neither to seek nor avoid, but to observe and transmute. Thanks for your gratitude. I have heard God loves gratitude, and who am I to disagree? ;-)

Hi AceStar - You're most welcome. I trust it and other spiritual gems on this site can help be touchstones as you navigate the pushes and pulls of your environment. Aum and blessings to you as well.

Hi Valerie - Well, emptiness can be filled. The trick is not to grab at that which won't fulfill down the road, and magnetize that which will nourish your body, feelings, and mind for the long haul. As St. George the Beatle wrote to kick off his postumous cd, "and if you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there." ("Brainwashed" is an amazing cd using any measure one wants....) May the door to greater things swing open easily and obviously at the perfect time and perfect way to offer you a perfect vision of what you're to do next. Aum Namah Shivaya!


Thank you- I will definitely have to check out the George Harrison cd! And I also like your answer to Wendy... :)


i posted this on facebook


very good. thanks.

Account Deleted

Thank you for such helpful and reflective insight. I was inspired by so many of the thoughts you articulated so well.

Thanks again,


Hi Robert, I finally got "Brainwashed"- it was in the snail mail from Amazon. It's wonderful!!

Yes a re-post can't hurt. I hear a voice saying, go within, young woman... thank you for your wisdom. :)


Hi all - Last comments for 2 weeks. I'm off to see the Lama, the wonderful Dalai Lama of Earth.

Hi Valerie - "Brainwashed" is truly one of the best albums ever created IMHO, and a magnificent last offering of a Spiritual Man to those of us who loved him, his music, and his band mates "all those years ago..."

Hi AceStar - Yes, I've gotten lots of comments over there I haven't had time to answer. I actually spend relatively little time there, though I'll try to be more active once I get back off the road.

Hi Sheree - You're welcome.

Hi Aksel - Spirit is everything. As we blend Spirit and matter, we come into our Higher Self.

Bye all - see you in the aethers. I hear His Holiness calling.....

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