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Anita Kennedy

Hi Robert,
I can no longer resist my hearts wish to express a sincere gratitude for your pure compassion and intellectual genius ... your gifts abound in such wise choice of words and over the past several years you have been a brilliant guiding light on this mystical path we all travel ... so much closer to one another than we take the time to imagine.
From my open heart to yours ... many heart felt thanks to you & yours.
Best, Anita Kennedy


Hi Robert : D
I am a cancerian and all I have known for many many years is loss. No new doors opened-nothing but loss. Thank you for writing that this all had a purpose. I had no preparation for the last 15 or so years of everything being stripped away.
Wow : [ I'm deeply tired.

Ps, I love this/your teachings!! I read everything you write!!


Thanks, Robert!


Dear Robert, Yes, rapidly saying farewell to all the old business. Deeply sad but glad to be reminded of Jupiter's protection and rewards to come. It has always been so before in amazing ways after other closing chapters.


Dear Robert

Also a cancerian, I have to say that what you said about losses is so right... But it is also making space for what will come: it always does when you think about it, the universe seems to be made that way... And yes, the higher education suits me just fine !

Thank you for sharing all this knowledge with us.



Hi Anita - You've said some very nice things. Thank you. From all our hearts to all other hearts....

Hi Wendy - While I'm sure you've had to let go of many things over many years, that's a part of life for all of us. We need the space to embrace new possibilities. I cannot believe that "no new doors opened," since doors of one sort or another are always opening regardless of who we are or what seems to be happening (or not!) We just have to notice which ones are opening to whatever degree they do. Every day a new door opens for us all. It's called life in its infinite potential. But we must go to the door and greet the guest, or get out and mingle in the marketplace of life, ideas, and interpersonal exchanges!

Hi reefaroundme - You're most welcome.

Hi Morvah - This is the time of the year where we do see endings and know that the harvest is what it is, for good or ill. Sadness is an existential human condition, but we do not have to suffer it. Meditation helps the brain chemistry here, and allows us to manage even genetic predispositions. And every ending is followed by a new beginning, whether we know it or not. The journey of a thousand miles beginning with a single step, and all that.....

Hi alessandra - Every moment we lose our breath, only to renew it the next moment, until the last breath. Every moment we say goodbye to old patterns and embrace new ones, whether we know it or not. Every moment we lose old ideas and new ones come to the fore, even in our closest relationships. Usually we are more focused on holding on to whatever, which also is a bit of an illusion. But that's the dance of the ever-changing NOW.


Thank you Robert, Perhaps 'deeply sad' was a bit of an exaggeration:) and yes, meditation does help wash away sadness though I have read somewhere that people suffering from clinical depression or psychosis shouldn't meditate - have you heard that? I wouldn't know what to advise someone with either of these conditions in case it made them worse. Any thoughts?


Hi Morvah - I believe some time back I was in fact "suffering from a clinical depression" (since it's a genetic condition in my family going back several generations) but it was through meditation and strict diet that I got through that very difficult phase triggered by the death of my daughter. I'm not saying that it would work for everyone under all conditions, since biochemistry is a very personal thing and navel gazing is not the same thing as structured meditations. True psychosis could probably be helped by meditation and diet, but being such an extreme condition would have to be continually monitored by professionals who knew about traditional and alternative methods of treating such things. For example, I've read of studies where extreme schizophrenics were helped by LSD therapy, but I wouldn't advise it outside of fairly controlled clinical situations!! I believe Spiritual practices are the cure for most worldly problems, since certain types of meditation can change brain chemistry. But some of them, like kundalini yoga, can induce psychotic episodes due to overloading nerve function. So specific "cures" must be specific to the Being dealing with whatever.


Robert, thank you, that makes sense! I believe a time will come when spiritual health of individuals and communities will be seen as possible, desirable and vital to humanity. Blessings to you and all healers and teachers everywhere on Earth.


Meditation helps clear the mind from all the endless chatter that helps cause people's depression and sadness. Once in that perfect state of "Now",
one opens the self to synchronisities in ones life.
Thank you, Robert, for the guidances that assists us in becoming more fully aware..

Dixie Heart

Robert: I noticed none of the signs have loss to look forward to in 2010 except Leo. Leo hasn't had a good reading in a long time. When do you think things will get better for Leos? Thanks, Dixie


Hi Dixie - I wouldn't say no sign except Leo is dealing with loss. I've made that clear in countless other articles. In 2009, all the Cardinal signs have dealt with loss at one time or another as indicated by Mars, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. All the Fixed signs have dealt with loss at one time or another as indicated by Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto. All the Mutable signs have dealt with loss at one time or another as indicated by Saturn and Uranus. All these planets have also promised "gain" according to how we respond, since each loss in our lives opens the space to be filled more appropriately with who we are at present rather than who we used to be.

As for when things "will get better," they will as Leo finds purpose and focus toward a larger ideal, and use the coming Jupiter in Pisces to regenerate a deeper mercy and sense of adventure, preparing to open to radical new ways of living when Jupiter moves into Aries.

Dixie Heart

Hi Robert: Thanks for your reply. I appreciate the love and knowledge you impart. I've realized a personal reading would be most beneficial in these complex times. I'm looking forward to regaining my sense of adventure again and send lots of love and blessings for all the challenges everyone has had. When does Jupiter move into Aries? Happy Holidays, Dixie


Years ago, I saw kundalini yoga in a class list. Oh I wonder what that is. Curiosity on the way to killing the cat again. Three weeks in and I'm flying. Luckily, I had a firm hand to hold at the time. He kept my feet on the ground or at least a hold on the string of the helium balloon.

I put it away until I tanked out a few years ago and it became key to my survival. How fast I release stuff is key. I understand the power of intention now and ask that I receive only what I am ready to process.

When embarking on the yogic journey, it is good to have a teacher on hand for personal guidance and balance.


Hi Dixie - Sure. Glad you found your way here. Any time you want a personal session, email me. Just realize I'm usually booked 3-5 weeks in advance. Jupiter moves into Aries in early June, then retrogrades back into Pisces in September before re-entering Aries again January 2011.

Hi caliban - Glad you got such beneficial results from kundalini yoga. Definitely glad you had a good teacher! I have known many that it helped, and a few who got fried through over-stimulating the nerve centers. My time with Ammachi helped me at a critical point of transition in my life, as did almost constant meditation on releasing the pain of the separate self. Sometimes when things get overloaded there's nothing to do but release! (and breathe and love and breathe and love and breathe and...)

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